Returnee 25

Chapter 25 Faith in Miracles

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 I got out of the cab and rushed to the meeting place.

 It was early evening in winter, and the round bluish moon was beginning to peek out from the valley of the clusters of buildings.

 Feeling a little chilly, I put my leather jacket back on and start to walk slowly, trying to shrug myself off.

 No one pays any attention to me, and the mask of a person who should not exist has completely blended into this world.

 Well, maybe I need some kind of transportation.

 This is what I think after renting a cab as I walk through the hustle and bustle of the city.

 It is true that, as a person who has once worked as a member of society, it is a little troublesome to have only one means of transportation, namely walking.

 However, it is not only because of the inconvenience. Even in the other world, the basic means of transportation was walking, just as it is now.

 And although there was no convenient car, it did not cause me that much pain.

 The reason why I thought it necessary to have a means of transportation is because of the risk of being recognized by people if I took a cab.

 James Masuda’s mask is a mask for criminals. Therefore, I do not want to leave any traces when I am in that mask. The driver of the cab I just got in was friendly and talked to me a lot, and I felt this way even more so.

 But in the cab where I got in, there would be some evidence such as my fingerprints. However, I could not wear gloves even in the middle of summer.

 So, I think that I should take other measures in case something happens to me.

 For the record, Yasunaga told me that driver’s licenses can also be purchased with money.

 Since the driver’s license of a real person is used for the driver’s license, it is said that the driver’s license will not be discovered in a rare case. Even so, it does not mean that it is absolutely safe. And considering that I don’t have a chance to drive that much, it is a difficult question whether I should take a risk or not.

 The point is that when I want to move somewhere, I just need to have a partner who knows the situation to some extent and whom I can call easily.

 And from my point of view, Sayaka seems to be the right person for the job.

 She is a trustworthy adult who can cover the disadvantages of my being a minor for the next few years until I become an adult. Whatever I do, I have been thinking for a while now that I need such a person who is almost like a collaborator.

 However, there is still the problem of how much of my secret I can tell Sayaka. Even if I keep the mask of James Masuda for the time being.

 So, it would be quite impossible for me to trust Sayaka.

 Of course, I am not willing to tell my secret honestly and frankly from the beginning. Considering the risk involved, I can’t tell her everything.

 However, it was inevitable that my secret would be revealed to some extent for the sake of corrupting Sayaka.

 So, I thought that there was no way I could manage to do so while making a good cover-up. But at least, I have an idea of how to do it.

 However, the way to do it depends on Sayaka. Even if my memory was correct, I was not so sure that it would really work.

 As I thought about it, I could see my destination.

 I see Sayaka standing quietly in front of the station building wearing a luxurious-looking coat. Her appearance made her stand out from the crowd. There was also a young man talking to Sayaka.

 ”Miss (お姉さん), are you a model by any chance? Maybe we can exchange RINE? I’m aiming to be an entertainer in the future, too. My father has some contacts with people in the industry, so I might be able to introduce you to some jobs or something.”

 ”Sigh… you’re so persistent, aren’t you? I’ve already told you I have a meeting with my boyfriend. Can’t you go somewhere else soon?”

 ”Don’t say that. I’m quite popular with women, but they’re all the same age as me. I’d like to get to know more mature women sometimes, you know? Please. Even if it’s just a Rine exchange.”

 Is he about the same age as I really am?

 No, he could be even younger than me, considering her thin and youngish body.

 His facial features are neutral and well-defined, and his height is a little shorter than Sayaka’s (about 160cm = 5,24934 ft tall). In any case, he and Sayaka are not the same in age.

 Besides, he is too disproportionate to Sayaka.

 Although they are indeed a combination of a beautiful man and a beautiful woman if I only look at their appearance. However, if asked how I should look at their relationship, they are at best like a sister and a brother.

 I found it funny to see such an immature boy trying hard to seduce Sayaka, a top hostess of a cabaret club, and it looked somehow interesting, so I decided to observe him for a while without saying a word.

 ”That’s enough, or this Miss will get angry with you. You should know that I don’t like persistent men and I’m not interested in you at all. Don’t you understand that?”

 ”But you never know if you’re interested in someone until you talk to them, right? Maybe you’ll find that we get along unexpectedly after talking with each other. Ah, maybe you’re the type of girl who rejects guys who have other women? If that’s the case, I can cut off all the women I’m dating now. If I get to know a beautiful woman like you, Miss.”

 ”No, I won’t. I really wish you’d give up. And look, I know a lot of scary people here… and if you don’t give up now, they’re going to come to you.”

 ”Heh~, I see. But many of my seniors are also scary people. I don’t care about that kind of common threat.”

 ”Sigh… You should be a little less naive, no matter how much you are just a kid…”

 A little bit of [Angry] red color begins to appear in Sayaka’s emotion, which should have been calm.

 Seeing the red color, I decide to stop Sayaka, thinking that this is no time to stand by and watch.

 ”Well, well. Let’s stop there, Sayaka-san. He’s a kid. I’m sure this boy will come to understand the world in time.”

 ”Ah, Masuda-san…”

 ”Hey, who the hell are you? Don’t interrupt me just when things were getting good. And, you don’t mean to tell me that this old man is your boyfriend, do you? ?”

 I decided to ignore the boy’s words. Then, as I walk up to them, I speak to Sayaka only.

 ”I’m sorry to keep you waiting. Shall we go?”

 ”Yes. Okay, bye. I hope you’ll be good friends with those girls.”

 Sayaka crossed her arms as if she was showing off her big breasts to the boy.

 I don’t have to tell him what kind of relationship we had, but it must have been obvious from the way Sayaka was leaning against me while she was pressing her big breasts against my body. The word [Jealousy] was clearly black on the boy’s neutral face as Sayaka was sticking her tongue out and glaring at him.

 Regardless of how cocky the boy was, I couldn’t touch him in such a crowded place, and I started walking ignoring him completely as if he didn’t exist from the very beginning.

 The boy, too, was not able to do anything after being shown this, and he did not say anything more to me.

 ”Perhaps you have been watching us from the beginning?”

 ”No, no, no. Just for a short time. It was a very interesting show, though. Well, I thought that Sayaka-san would know how to handle such a situation. But, why didn’t you choose not to deal with him from the beginning?”

 ”I guess it’s a business thing. I always decline politely no matter who I am dealing with. I think it would have been fine for a normal person. However, in his case, he doesn’t understand common sense. Where does his confidence come from?”

 ”Well, he seemed to be quite good-looking. It is probably true that he is popular. Still, when he was young, good looks alone would not cause many failures in relationships with the opposite s*x, so I think that he became overconfident.”

 ”Even so, I think it’s terrible.”

 ”Well, that’s all right. It’s over now. What do you want to do now? You said you had a day off today and plenty of time. Shall we have dinner first?”

 ”If it’s all right with Masuda-san, we can have dinner there first. How about going out for a drink afterward?”

 ”Yes, that would be fine.”

 Sayaka’s face turns into a fascinated one.

 I could feel her ample breasts pressed tightly against my crossed arms. After that, the two of us were met with envious glances from passing men, and we disappeared into a dark and narrow alleyway.


 ”Why did you tell me that? I’m sure you never talked with them.”

 ”Of course, I know. I know they’re frauds. Have they ever shown you a real miracle?”

 ”That’s because I don’t have enough faith…”

 In a love hotel room.

 I sat on the edge of the bed and had a conversation with Sayaka before we started.

 ”It’s not necessarily just for Sayaka. I’m asking you if you’ve ever witnessed with your own eyes the miracles they perform.”

 ”No… I have not. But isn’t it a bit rude to assume they’re fakes just because they look like that, even if you’re my master?”

 ”Is that so? Although I know about real miracles?”

 ”A real miracle…?”

 From the previous talk, I knew that Sayaka was into religion.

 She seemed to have been a member for years, according to what I heard over drinks at that time. And thinking that it was not surprising that she was already into religion at that time, I decided to play a trick on her.

 I have no doubt that I would be talking about something crazy if I were talking about this to a normal person. However, when it comes to Sayaka, I thought that she would easily believe in such a mysterious phenomenon. It is because of such Sayaka that I have decided to take this method.

 Still, even if she is easy to believe, I am not going to tell her my secret unless I have to. The same can be said for Ayano and Kyouka at this moment, and in this case, I just thought it was necessary to do so to corrupt Sayaka.

 ”Ah, yes. It’s not a fake, it’s a real miracle. I’m going to show it to you now.”

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