Returnee 26

Chapter 26 The God’s Name

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 Third Person Perspective

 The word “miracle” really struck a chord with Sayaka.

 It was the thing that Sayaka was waiting for the most. The disbelief that she had felt a little earlier. The frustration of being insulted by something she believes in is dissipated by the word “miracle”.

 ”Could Master really perform a miracle?”

 ”Sort of. Now I will show you a real miracle.”

 Saying that, her Master opens the attaché case he brought with him and takes out something from inside.

 It was a whip and a vial of some kind of cream.

 And the whip was called “Cat of Nine Tails,” a rose whip with multiple tips that Sayaka was familiar with it. The grip was covered with some kind of leather, but the tassel was pure white. And she thought what was in the vial was probably some kind of lubricant or something.

 To be honest, it is not false to say that Sayaka was a little disappointed.

 It was certainly the kind of play that Sayaka would have liked, but she never expected to see an SM tool.

 ”Is that a miracle…?”

 ”Well, you don’t seem to be satisfied. This is different from the stuff you can find anywhere. But, well, you are right. Maybe it would have been better for Sayaka to see things from a more obvious way. Anyway, it can’t be helped. So, watch what I’m going to do from now on with your eyes open.”

 Her Master says this roughly and then looks up as if he is looking up to the heavens. Then he turned his palms upward as if he was scooping up something and began to raise his arms high in the air.

 His eyes are downcast and his lips are trembling.

 Sayaka could tell that the trembling was caused by a mumbling, but she could not understand what he was mumbling.

 The unspoken sounds sounded like incantations or mantras. And together with his appearance, he looks as if he is praying to God.

 Soon, her Master’s head shakes as if he is in a trance. The atmosphere of the sacredness that had somehow drifted out gradually engulfed Sayaka.

 ”&%#)#%”&”~’#”(#”! $)’!” %’&”(!” &($#”!”!”

 Her Master’s voice rose higher and higher, and a tense atmosphere began to flow in the room.

 From the empty space above the palm of Master’s hand, Sayaka could hear a sound like a spark of electricity. And as if to prove that the sound was not her imagination, a long white object began to appear in front of Sayaka’s eyes little by little.


 Her eyes widen in shock.

 Sayaka was too shocked to speak.

 A white object suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

 It was hard to believe that there was a trick to it.

 If the phenomenon had appeared near her Master’s coat, or when he had his arms down, there was still a possibility that it was just a magic trick. However, this was not the case. From Sayaka’s point of view, it was nothing but a true phenomenon that had happened right in front of her eyes.

 And what appeared in his hand was a sword.

 To be honest, it was not the miracle that Sayaka had wished for deep in her heart, but it was still an event that was enough to make her believe her Master’s words. Her slight doubt about the word “miracle” disappears into thin air.

 ”Could it be a sword? Where did it come from?”

 ”Yes, a sword. But it’s not just a sword. It’s a sword made from the remains of a Saint. It’s a weapon to purge impurities. I summoned it from the spirit world.”

 ”A weapon to purge… impurity.”

 Sayaka’s color changed at her Master’s word… “Impurity”.

 It was as if he were talking about her. The word was vaguely familiar to her. Because for her, it was more like a curse than a stain.

 And it was the reason she got into religion in the first place.

 She lost her parents at a young age, her boyfriend she met after that, and even more…

 Many unfortunate things happen around Sayaka.

 And she feels uneasy that she herself might be the cause of the misfortunes. For Sayaka, it seems to be some kind of curse.

 Besides, the fact that people close to her were unhappy all the time aroused her desire to put her trust in someone else, and as a result, she became associated with religion.

 ”Try it out.”

 Sayaka fearfully holds out her right hand.

 When her Master gripped her wrist, a white blade was gently pressed against her palm.

 It just barely touches her palm.

 But then, the blade is quickly removed from her palm and is held a few centimeters in the air. Still, there was a bright red line on her palm, as if the sharpness of the blade was very sharp.

 And then, blood gushed out from the red line and floated into the air in a ball-like mass of blood.

 ”T-This is…”

 ”This is the sacred artifact that’s sucking the impure bad blood that’s lurking inside of you. But don’t worry. Humans are unclean to a greater or lesser degree. Even I’m no different.”

 ”Bad blood…”

 ”How is it? Does that make you believe me more or less?”

 ”Yes. Because this is happening. But who are you, Master? You could do such a thing.”

 ”Me. Let’s just say I used to be a priest of a cult. I’ve been declared a heretic and I’m not a priest anymore. So, I’m like a depraved priest. Now they don’t even allow me to talk about their teachings. Well, that’s just what the cult says, not that I was excommunicated by the God I believe in.”

 ”So, if I devote myself to their teachings, can I perform a miracle?”

 ”No, they are very secretive. They won’t show their secret miracles to ordinary believers. Unlike me.”

 Saying this, her Master put aside his sword, his sacred weapon, and now he holds the vial in his hand.

 He opened the lid of the vial, put a lot of the cream-like substance inside on his finger, and began to apply it to her palm.

 In the blink of an eye, the wounds on her palms were closed up, and they were back to their original clean state.

 ”…!! This can’t be happening. The wound… healed…”

 ”I told you… it’s a miracle. I’ll use this potion later to remove all the scars left on your body. A woman’s body should be beautiful. I personally prefer it that way.”

 ”It’s a lie… Are you saying that you can heal all the ugly scars on my body with this potion? Even the scars from the past that are now completely closed and become part of my skin?”

 ”You just saw that, didn’t you? And it doesn’t matter if it’s an old scar or not. You’ll be as beautiful as ever. But don’t tell anyone about this. Never tell anyone about this.”

 ”I understand. I promise I won’t. So… does this potion cure any diseases or illnesses?”

 ”No. This healing potion is effective only for external wounds. It has no effect on diseases.”

 ”…I see.”

 This time Sayaka was really discouraged.

 But then, there was a look in her Master’s eyes as if he was probing Sayaka’s mind.

 ”Well, it’s different from healing potions, but there are some miracle medicines that can cure diseases and illnesses…”

 ”!!! Is that true?”

 ”Yes, it is true. But it’s not something that can be easily produced in this world. Of course, you can easily imagine how much trouble it would cause. And when you consider that there are only a limited number of them in existence. It’s an extremely valuable item.”

 ”Perhaps Master has this valuable item?”

 ”What? You seem awfully obsessed with it. Hmm. It seems you have a story to tell me. But I’m afraid I can’t tell you anything more. As I said before, this miracle will have a far greater effect on the world than this healing potion. I’m sorry, but I don’t trust you that much right now.”

 ”No, it can’t be! I, Houjou Sayaka, will serve Master with all my heart and soul. That’s why—”

 ”No, I still can’t do it. But that’s just for now. It’s a different story when I can really trust you. Anyway, I can’t do that unless you have at least some faith. Even if I’m sure of that now, it doesn’t mean that I’ll be sure of it forever. In fact, what was the name of the thing you believed until now? Well, your faith in the ‘Gospel of Love’ is wavering, isn’t it? Am I right?”


 Sayaka was at a loss for words.

 Her Master was right.

 Sayaka herself felt at this time that the object of her worship had already changed.

 She understood the logic that no matter how much Sayaka had pledged her devotion to her Master, he would not believe her words.

 ”Don’t be so disappointed. I’m going to carve physical proof of your loyalty now. I’ve gone to the trouble of preparing these tools for that purpose.”

 Her Master said, holding the rose whip in his hand.


 Main Character’s Perspective

 Sayaka’s eyes were dizzy with worship and pleasure.

 The emotions she had not shown so much before were filled with the white color of [Loyalty] and [Trust].

 —Nine Tails Pain.

 This weapon was made from the tail of the nine-tailed fox, a monster.

 It is an effective weapon against ghosts, whose physical attacks are completely ineffective, or against those whose skin is so hard that slashing attacks are almost ineffective.

 When the Ninth Tail’s Pain is used on a human, even an opponent who has an extraordinary tolerance to pain will scream and writhe in pain, eventually fainting. Yet it inflicts almost no physical damage.

 The material of the weapon was soft and very light. Such a weapon is a perfect match for a woman like Sayaka, who turns pain into pleasure.

 ”How was it? What did you think of the whip of atonement?”

 ”Haahh, hahh… it was amazing. I could feel the sins inside of me being washed away from deep inside. And…”

 Sayaka seemed to believe everything I said.

 My ridiculous lie that it was a tool for flogging the sins hidden in her had become an undeniable truth in Sayaka’s mind.

 With each stroke, Sayaka moaned in pain and bridged her beautiful limbs to the utmost limit, letting her obscene fluids gush out from her cunt. I also saw her naked white body trembling repeatedly while she was blindfolded and shackled.

 ”And did it feel good?”

 ”Yes. Incredibly good.”

 I take off Sayaka’s blindfold and put my dick close to her face.

 She looked at me adoringly and her eyes shifted to my dick, and before I knew it, her eyes had turned to a muddy look of lust.

 She was shackled and unable to move much, but only her tongue reached out toward me and started to lick my dick with delicious tongue. Her face had the same meltingly female expression as when she had been pleasured earlier.

 ”This might have been a reward for you. But it doesn’t matter. Agfis, my God, does not deny even such pleasures. He sees them as part of the natural life of humans.”

 ”Agfis… the true name of God is Agfis, eh?”

 Agfis is the name of the main deity worshipped in the other world.

 The general idea on the other world is that the world is in the middle of the conflict between the good God Agfis and the evil God Vepar.

 If it was Agfis who brought me to that world, then I think my words likening him to my god are not wrong. Even if I don’t believe in Agfis at all.

 ”Yes. And Sayaka, who received the miracle of God in her body, is now a servant of Agfis. Well, in this life you will serve me, the priest. Then your true wish will come true in time.”

 ”Yes. I will serve you with all my heart.”

 There was no hesitation on Sayaka’s face as she said this.

 But I don’t feel guilty at all for having corrupted this woman with my bullshit lies. Anyway, she would have fallen with another religion even if I had left her alone. And at least she would be happier with me than such a future.

 After all, the Sayaka I met before was a woman with a dark shadow that did not look so happy.

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