Returnee 33

Chapter 33 Bandit King

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 Third Person Perspective

 ”That Yuichi guy seems to have had a bad day, and he hasn’t come out of the house yet. He’s suddenly become afraid of what other people might think.”

 In a corner of the classroom, Sakaki Shintaro, who still has his arm in a cast, looks at his phone for a while and then suddenly says this to Nobuo Higuchi and Tominaga Kenji, who are standing nearby.

 ”What? Really? That Yuichi?”

 ”But actually, his face injury was not so serious, right? His face was swollen up so much that it was laughable. But there was nothing wrong with the bones.”

 ”Maybe it’s not like that. I think I know why Yuichi is so scared. His eyes at that time were really scared. After all, when he hit someone, he had such a happy look in his eyes. But at that time, Yuichi really thought he was going to be killed.”

 ”I see. If Shintaro said that much, it’s no wonder Yuichi is scared. But still… I didn’t expect Yuichi to be so confident…”

 ”Well, I was a bit stubborn at the time too, after all, I might have run away with my tail between my legs if I were alone. Besides, don’t you think it’s strange? Yuichi had been hit so hard. But then again, he didn’t get hurt too bad.”

 ”Hmm? What do you mean?”

 Kenji, who had been listening quietly for most of the conversation, interrupts their conversation.

 ”That psycho, he was holding back even then.”

 ”Eh, really? I didn’t see it that way. Maybe he’s just not that strong.”

 ”Kenji, are you kidding me? Are you going to tell me that this not-so-strong guy did that to you?”

 ”That’s not what I meant… No, I’m sorry.”

 Shintaro gives him a sharp glare, and Kenji falls silent. Is he regretting his unnecessary words?

 In terms of the power relationship between the three of them, Shintaro and Nobuo are almost equal, but Kenji is clearly a step below them.

 However, even Kenji is an object of awe to the other students. Although they knew Shintaro and his classmates well, few of them felt comfortable talking to these three notorious delinquents, and they stood out from the others as if they were isolated from the rest of the class.

 However, there was one curious student who was interested in the conversation among the three, perhaps because he heard Shintaro’s shouting.

 ”Hey, hey. What are you guys talking about, Sakaki-kun?”

 ”Oh, Kenmochi. It’s none of your business.”

 ”Don’t be so cold. Why don’t you tell me something too?”

 ”Shut up. Go away.”

 ”Oh, scary… By the way, don’t you think Katou-san has become s*xier lately? Sakaki-kun, did you do it?”

 The reason why Kenmochi Yuzuru can talk so openly with Shintaro and his friends is probably because he is a member of the “Riajuu group”.

 In a different sense from Shintaro and his friends, who are feared by the other students as delinquents, Kenmochi is someone who is looked up to by the other students.

 In other words, because of his good looks and good speaking ability, he was very popular among the girls.

 Even Shintaro and his friends did not want to make enemies with the girls in their class. So, because Kenmochi himself understood this, he was able to talk to them normally, not to say on equal terms with them.

 ”Oh? What are you talking about? I’m not doing anything with Ayano. On the contrary, I’ve cut off relations with her.”

 ”Heh~, I see. No wonder I haven’t seen you two talking lately. Then, you won’t get angry if I ask Katou-san out, will you?”

 ”Huh, to Ayano? I see what you mean. Well, you can do whatever you want. But don’t mention my name no matter what. If you make a mistake and tell anyone that you got my permission, I’ll kill you for real.”

 ”Eh? Are you sure about that? Of course, I won’t mention your name at all. That’s all I wanted to hear. Thanks.”

 After saying this, Kenmochi leaves the place in high spirits, while the remaining three look at him like he’s a fool. The reason is that Kenmochi looked like a clown to the three of them, who knew almost everything about the situation.

 ”Kenmochi, he usually talks like he’s popular with women, but actually he’s a virgin, isn’t he?”

 ”That’s right. I can’t believe he thinks there’s a chance for him to take advantage of Ayano’s recent behavior. I mean, she looks like the kind of girl who’s in love with a guy and already has a man.”

 ”But that’s going to be a little interesting in its own way. Shintaro, you’ve already nailed Kenmochi to the wall that you won’t get involved in any of this. Let’s just sit back and watch Kenmochi get beat to a pulp.”

 ”Well. As long as that doesn’t happen to us… he can do whatever he wants.”

 ”But that’s kinda unfair. This and that. I sometimes wonder what’s wrong with that guy when I see him hogging all the pretty girls in the school. Don’t you two think so?”

 ”No, I don’t think so at all. I guess it can’t be helped.”

 ”That’s because Shintaro and Nobuo can afford to be that way because women will come to him even if he doesn’t leave them alone.”

 ”Oh, isn’t that Kaburagi-kun?”

 ”Eh? Where is he?”

 Kenji starts to check his surroundings looking impatient at Nobuo’s words.

 However, Nobuo, who is the one who said it, is hiding his face and letting out a giggle.

 ”Hahaha. Kenji, don’t be in such a hurry. I’m just kidding.”

 ”Hey, Nobuo. Don’t do that. It’s bad for my heart.”

 ”Anyway, look at that. It’s going to be interesting.”

 ”Hmm? What’s wrong?”

 Both of them turn their heads while still seated and look in the direction where Shintaro points with his chin.

 In that direction was Ayano, who was sighing with her cheekbones resting on the desk.

 For the record, Ayano’s body was slowly absorbing the semen remaining in her anus, and she was trying hard to cover up the mild sensation she was experiencing right now.

 It was not only Shintaro and the other three who had never dreamed of such a situation. The same goes for Kenmochi who was trying hard to talk to Ayano from the side.

 ”Surely! Ayano is ignoring him. Not only that, she doesn’t even make eye contact with him…”

 ”Pew, I’d be so embarrassed if she acted like that.”

 ”That’s pathetic.”

 As soon as these conversations were exchanged, there was a round of laughter in the place where Shintaro and the others were present.

 But that was short-lived.

 The laughter stops in an instant when a man’s voice is heard from the other side of the classroom door. Ayano also notices the voice and instantly almost sits up. However, she stopped just before she did and seemed to hold something back.

 ”Yikes, Kaburaki-kun is really here this time. I thought he was off today.”

 ”Hey, isn’t that guy looking at us and beckoning us to come over?”

 ”Kenji, you’re in the same class as him, aren’t you? Doesn’t that mean he wants Kenji to come?”

 ”No, it’s not me. Kaburagi-kun, didn’t he say Higuchi?”

 ”Yes, it seems so. Nobuo seems to be the one who wants to see you.”

 ”Really? Why me? I haven’t done anything.”

 ”Who knows… But you’d better get going before he gets mad.”

 At Shintaro’s words, Nobuo finally gets up from his heavy chair, though his face turns pale.

 After a few words with Kaburagi Shuu, Nobuo comes back to the entrance of the classroom with his head down.

 ”Huff, it scared me.”

 ”So, what did he say? I-Is it woman-related trouble or something?”

 ”No, no, no. But if I say it’s a girl, then it’s a girl. It seems my sister’s at school. And Kaburagi-kun bumped into her at the gate. She asked him to call me.”

 ”What? That’s it? I’m so worried about you.”

 ”Nobuo’s sister, that Yukari-san?”

 ”Does Shintaro know?”

 ”I used to go to Nobuo’s house a lot. Well, I think it was when we were both in elementary school and Yukari-san was in high school when I used to visit his house that often. She was famous for her beauty even then.”

 ”Really, I envy you, Nobuo. I wish I had a beautiful sister like that.”

 ”It’s just a face. If you knew her personality, you would run away from her barefoot. Anyway, I’m going to go see her.”


 Nobuo leaves the scene, saying only this to both of them.

 Kenmochi, who had been confidently talking to Ayano, realized the impossibility of the situation when she clearly showed her attitude and returned to her seat at that time. After that, Kenmochi was seen shaking his shoulders whenever Shintaro and the others laughed at him.


 ”So, what did Yukari-san say?”

 ”Well, it’s just that… An old relative of mine just died. She told me to come home straight after school without making any detours because she was going to the funeral wake. But, no way, I’m not going to that.”

 ”Yukari-san, I’m sure she’ll get mad as a demon.”

 ”That’s why I’m not going home today. I’m going to lock myself in with some girl. And I don’t think even she’ll be able to do anything once she’s back at her apartment.”

 ”Hey, hey… Is your beautiful sister really that violent, Nobuo?”

 ”Kenji, have you ever heard of a gang called Maihime? The women-only gang. Yukari-san is the third boss of that gang.”

 ”Oh, I’ve heard of that. But is that so?”

 ”Hmm, now that you mention, Shintaro… Yukari-sis met a professional named Sawai Yasushi-san at that time, right?”

 ”Oh, yes, he was there.”

 ”I heard that he was a very dangerous guy a long time ago. He seems to be the same age as Yukari-sis, and of course, she knew his name. She said that he was a very famous person in the gang circles. He was even nicknamed the bandit king.”

 ”Pfft! What’s that? Nobuo, don’t make me laugh. A bandit king is just a myth.”

 Kenji, who had been listening quietly until then, suddenly bursts out laughing.

 It seems that Kenji does not believe the story at all, and thinks that Nobuo is making it up or something.

 ”Well, it seems that the story is true as if it were a lie. He said that he would rip off anyone with whom he had a fight. And when he says “strip them,” it doesn’t mean their wallets and other money things. Rather, the victims are stripped of all their clothes and even their underpants.”

 ”What is he going to do with those things? Nobuo, why don’t you tell a better lie?”

 ”I’m not lying. I can’t say for sure because I heard it from Yukari-sis. After all, she’s always hated lying.”

 ”Well, it’s not like he’s going to do anything about what he took. I think he probably did it so that the person he fought with would suffer psychological damage and never cross him again, right?”

 ”Yeah, I think you’re right too, Shintaro.”

 ”Yikes, that’s outrageous.”

 ”I guess that’s the kind of dangerous person who’s supposed to be the real deal. I wonder if Kaburagi-kun is going that way too.”

 Nobuo suddenly lowered the tone of his voice and the conversation among the three turned to whisper.

 ”But Kaburagi-kun has always been an honor student in the class. Maybe he’s hiding his true identity like that because he doesn’t want to be.”

 ”If that’s the case, that’s fine. I’m so scared that Kaburagi-kun might be on to me because of Yukari-sis. What if he threatens me even after he becomes a yakuza?”

 ”Why don’t you just give Yukari-san to Kaburagi? Nobuo, she used to lament that she’d never get a man because of her personality, even though she has a nice face, right?”

 ”No way. I don’t want to call Kaburagi-kun “Big brother” or something. Then our relatives will be full of crazy people.”

 The classroom was once again filled with laughter from Shintaro and the others.

 Some of the students around the classroom were also glancing at Shintaro and the others as if they were curious about the sound of laughter even though they could not hear what Shintaro and the others were saying.

 Ayano, who does not even realize that Kenmochi is talking to her, is already absorbed in thinking about the text message to send to Shuu with her phone in her hand.

 After that, the classroom is filled with the same daily routine as usual.

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