Returnee 34

Chapter 34 Self-indulgent Boy

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 It was so cold that my breath turned white, and as usual, Kyouka and I were on our way home, huddling shoulder to shoulder. It is rare that we go straight home, mostly we make a detour somewhere before going home.

 It was now the middle of December, and there were only a few days left until the winter vacation.

 Perhaps such a euphoric mood at the end of the year is contagious, not only to me, who was unusually late but also to my classmates, who seemed to be in a somewhat cheerful mood.

 But I felt somewhat uneasy, maybe because of the approaching Christmas.

 I already have plans to spend Christmas Eve with Kyouka, but I also have an appointment with Ayano to meet her from midnight, so it looks like it will be a very busy day for me.

 Between me, who is playing the role of a lover only, and Kyouka, who is completely fooled by me, there is a sweet atmosphere that makes me shiver.

 ”What shall we do today, Shuu-kun? Do you have somewhere you want to go?”

 ”Hmm. As for me, any place where I can be alone with Kyouka is fine. For example, a love hotel would be nice sometimes, wouldn’t it?”

 ”Geez! Shuu-kun, you’re so eager to get into that kind of relationship. If we get into such a relationship now, we might not be able to concentrate on our studies. Besides, we talked about it last time, right?”

 ”I’m not saying that I agree with you on that. It was just Kyouka’s one-sided opinion.”

 ”Whattt! Since you didn’t say anything after that, I thought that Shuu-kun had already agreed to it. Do you want to hold my poor body so badly?”

 ”What’s the matter with you? I think it’s quite normal for a high school boy to want to have such a relationship with a girl he likes. And by the way, if you speak down to yourself about your poor body with Kyouka’s style, you might make enemies with all the girls in school, so don’t do it.”

 ”Ugh. Well, I can understand the feelings of boys like that, but…”

 ”Do you mean I have to endure for one more year? I’m not sure I can stand it that long!”

 ”Why are you so smug about such things? Geez, Shuu-kun…”

 Kyouka, who had been walking with her arms crossed, brings her puffy cheeks up to my face as if she is scolding me. Her expression was so cute that I couldn’t help but kiss her cheek.

 ”Oh, don’t do that! This miss will be mad at you right now.”

 ”Is that so? I thought you wanted me to kiss you.”

 ”Bleh! Bleh! Shuu-kun’s naughty boy!”

 ”Anyway, Kyouka, you said it’d distract me from my studies, but it’s just the opposite for me.”

 ”Hmm? What do you mean?”

 ”You know that I was late this morning, right? That has something to do with what I just said. Last night I was thinking about Kyouka and I did it over and over again. You know, that thing where I move a part of my body up and down.”

 ”Hahaha, I know what you mean. Even I don’t fall for your routine so many times. Shuu-kun is a Shuu-kun, so you’re probably just saying you did push-ups or sit-ups, right?”

 ”Tsk! You’re more perceptive than ever. Could it be that you are my twin sister or something?”

 There was no answer to my light talk, and what came back from a disappointed-looking Kyouka was a big sigh.

 Perhaps it’s because we have been exchanging the same kind of words over and over again, but it seems that Kyouka has already gotten a hold of my personality, and she read my thoughts before I did.

 However, what Kyouka said after that was a little surprising even for me.

 ”Hey, Shuu-kun, do you want to do it that badly?”

 ”Yeah, of course, I want to.”



 ”Really, really?”

 ”I said I really want to.”

 ”Really, really, really want to?”

 Suddenly her tone turns serious, and she asks these questions over and over again with a half-intimidating smile on her face.

 ”You’re so mean! If you don’t want to do it with me from the beginning, I don’t think I’ll force my hand on you. But that’s not what you mean, is it?”

 ”No, that’s not what I meant. I see… Well, you know, I’m not familiar with that kind of thing, or I don’t know what boys’ period is like. But to tell you the truth, I looked it up.”

 ”Really, Kyouka?”

 ”Yeah. And in the article, there is a kind of advice on how to deal with a boyfriend who wants to be with you.”

 ”Hmm, I see. That’s very reasonable advice. If you want, you can come over to my house now.”

 ”Ahaha… Is that going to be the case? Well, I had a feeling that I might be trying to force my request on Shuu-kun without considering his feelings. But, you can’t have a real one with me yet.”

 ”What? Are you serious? I’m only half joking.”

 ”But you’re serious about the other half, aren’t you? Okay, I’ll give you with my mouth. As you know, I’m not saying this at random. I’ve been thinking about it a lot, and I’ve come to this conclusion. Although I said so, I still want to do something for my boyfriend Shuu-kun.”

 The pink color of [Affection] caught my attention.

 My relationship with Kyouka is getting better than the last time we met, though it’s still a little bit.

 Needless to say, I don’t need to see the color of her aura. After all, this kind of event never happened before.

 Although I don’t remember the exact date, I remember that I started dating Kyouka before Christmas. Then, after the New Year, while it was still cold, she suddenly broke up with me without any reason.

 Such memories of the distant past are still dimly recalled in my mind.

 ”Hmm? Wasn’t that Kyouka-senpai?”

 Just as I was about to stop and hug Kyouka, I was interrupted by a voice from behind me.

 I turned my head toward the voice and saw a pair of young men and women. When I looked at the man, he looked familiar to me.

 ”I knew it. Is Kyouka-senpai coming home now?”

 ”Oh, so it is Tsuzuki-kun. I don’t remember if we have voluntary track practice today. But for the first-year students, I think it was mandatory.”

 ”Yeah, I wasn’t feeling well today, so I took a day off.”

 ”Ah, I see. Then please take care of yourself.”

 ”But when I saw Kyouka-senpai’s face, I suddenly felt energetic.”

 ”I see. I’m glad to hear that. Then, bye-bye.”

 ”But it’s a coincidence that we bumped into each other at such a place, isn’t it? Maybe you’d like to go out somewhere with me?”

 ”Listen, Tsuzuki-un. I’m not going to lecture you about not skipping club activities just because I’m your senior. But as you can see… I’m on a date with my boyfriend.”

 ”Ah, is that so? But I don’t mind at all. It’s just two against two.”

 The boy takes a glance at me as if he just noticed me for the first time.

 But then I think I see a slight sneer on his face. It’s just a small change. I doubt if Kyouka noticed it.

 His face is definitely good-looking. He was also somewhat neutral and had a petite body that could pass for a woman if he were dressed as a woman.

 Such a beautiful boy and his thinness of line remained clearly in my memory.

 No doubt he was the boy who approached Sayaka at the meeting place on the day when I first made love with Sayaka as James Masuda. At that time, I just thought he was a cocky little shit, but seeing him messing around with my girl, again and again, I wonder if he has some kind of a connection with me.

 However, I was more interested in the girl who was with him.

 ”Actually, I want you to refrain from doing that. Is that girl your girlfriend, Tsuzuki-kun? You know, she wouldn’t like it if there were suddenly a lot of strangers, right?”

 ”Oh, she’s not my girlfriend or anything, so don’t worry about her. She seems to like me and is just following me around. If she’s bothering you, I’ll let her go.”

 ”Tsuzuki-kun, you’re… Ah, forget it. Anyway, I want to be alone with my boyfriend as soon as possible. I don’t want to play with you at all, and it’s rather annoying to be approached outside of club activities. Well, I wonder if you won’t understand unless I tell you this much.”

 The boy’s expression turns into a puzzled look at the harsh tone of voice, which is not unlike usual Kyouka. And now she’s showing [Hate]’s black emotions.

 Anyway, as I felt when I met him before, he seems to have a problem with communication skills. In the best case, it could be said that he has a positive personality, but in the worst case, it is nothing but egotism.

 Although he doesn’t think so at all.

 ”Ah, I’m sorry. In this situation, I have no other choice but to say so. I should have thought a little more about it.”

 ”Haaah… this is no good. I’m sorry, Shuu-kun. Let’s leave him alone now.”

 ”Is that okay? He’s your junior in the club, right?”

 ”He’s always like this, you know. To be honest, everyone in the club is having a hard time dealing with him.”

 ”That’s tough. And uhh, Tsuzuki-kun, right? It’s all right to throw powder on other girls, but you should pay more attention to those close to you. You never know what kind of grudges they might have against you. One day you might get stabbed in the back.”

 ”Yes? What’s that? Don’t be so jealous that your girlfriend is befriending another guy just a little bit and say something incomprehensible.”

 ”Huff, I see. I’m sorry. I think I said something I shouldn’t have. Let’s go, Kyouka.”

 I put my arm around Kyouka’s waist and walked away from the pretty boy as if we were running away from the scene.

 It’s true that I thought that guy was pretty messed up, but I also don’t want to waste my time with such a trivial thing.

 Besides, I was just getting into a good mood with Kyouka. Maybe I was also a little bit angry at the fact that he had ruined it.

 ”I’m sorry. I guess I made you feel uncomfortable.”

 ”No. I don’t think Kyouka should be apologizing for that.”

 ”That’s true, but just in case. Even so, why is he like that when he has such a pretty girlfriend?”

 ”I don’t know. I just thought that there are a lot of people with a lot of different reasons.”

 ”Oh, Shuu-kun. You’re trying to cover it up by saying something deep. I knew it. You kept looking at that girl, didn’t you?”

 ”Oh, maybe you’re jealous. She was pretty cute, that’s for sure.”

 ”Geez! Maybe I should put off giving ‘that’ to you for the time being?”

 ”It’s not fair to break a promise.”

 ”No, no, no. We haven’t made a promise yet.”

 In the cold weather, we walk home together with a flirtatious air around us.

 I had not expected such a proposal from Kyouka, but either way, today was a bad day in more ways than one.

 There must still be traces of I made love to Ayano in the morning. So, I couldn’t invite Kyouka to my room now, because there were Ayano’s personal belongings and so on.

 So I decided to enjoy the rest of the date home with Kyouka, thinking how I could get Kyouka to give me a blow in the near future, while trying to deceive her.

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