Returnee 35

Chapter 35 New Prey

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 Main Character’s Perspective

 In the dimly-lit secret room with the faint light of a flashlight illuminating the area.

 Even though my eyesight is quite good at night, I had to rely on the light of the flashlight in the pitch-dark secret room where even the moonlight did not reach.

 Even so, it was not an unfamiliar place. I know where things are placed in the room. The reason is that the place where I am now is a warehouse in the back of my house.

 It would be quite sizable for a household shed. It is said that my father bought such a big shed when I was still a child, as a place to keep antiques and old books, which could be said to be his only hobby.

 However, when I went inside, I found that the place was so crammed with his collected things that it was hard to find a place to step on.

 Now, pointing my flashlight at a place in the back of the room, I shine the light of my flashlight.

 What emerged in the darkness was a rectangular object completely covered by a black cloth. I know what it is, though. After all, I put it here myself about two months ago.

 ”I think it’s time to make the next step…”

 I let out a mumble as I flip the black cloth over.

 What appeared from under the cloth in front of me was a glass aquarium-like object with a golden frame. It was a slime incubator I had made before.

 The slime seemed to be unable to melt glass, which was originally an oxide, but it could dissolve iron and other materials over a long period of time. For this reason, the slime culture tank is made of gold, which has a very low ionization tendency and is resistant to acids.

 For the record, having experienced firsthand that the effect of the slime I had given Ayano before was beyond my imagination, I did not just stand by and do nothing after that. Although there has been only one alchemical slime before and after, it’s a little bit unrealistic to just say that there is a split that may or may not happen.

 So, I was trying to create something new that was close to that thing.

 Though, at this moment, I am not making alchemical slime to use against anyone. I was making it for Kyouka, of course.

 It may be because I have been seeking a strong spiritual connection only with Kyouka. But to be honest, I think it is easy to make her indulge in her carnal desires.

 But that’s all there is to it. Somewhere in my mind, I had the feeling that I would probably not be satisfied even if I held Kyouka in such a state.

 Thus, even if I had completed a new slime, I was going to use it for another woman. But so far, I haven’t found any woman whom I would like to use the slime on.

 As for the original slime, there were plenty of non-attribute slimes in the interdimensional storage.

 It was not so difficult to catch slimes, and as long as they were fed well, they would multiply on their own.

 Then, the reason why I have made only one incubus so far is that it was difficult to obtain the body fluid of the incubus needed for the third step, and the second step of feeding saliva, urine, semen, etc. to determine the attributes of the slime. This process takes a lot of time and effort.

 Besides, at the stage of making the first alchemical slime, its practicality had not yet been proven, and I thought that I should first check the effect of the alchemical slime.

 And now, when I make a new slime, if I put it back in the interdimensional storage after feeding it, the second process will not be able to proceed at all. On the other hand, I couldn’t easily put it inside the house in case my parents came home suddenly without any notice.

 That’s why I have kept it hidden in this place.

 ”It looks like the attribute has been well established. Now all I have to do is change it…”

 So far, so good.

 I had feared that the lack of mana in this world might have some adverse effect on the slime’s growth, but so far there is no sign of such an effect.

 Is it possible that the mana potion I have given to the slime is making up for the mana it needs? No, the alchemical slime in Ayano’s body can survive without mana.

 So, mana may not be a major factor in this case. At any rate, I can consider that the second stage has been successfully completed. But the problem was yet to come.

 ”Well, let’s see. Which should I take? Should I use the incubus’ bodily fluids as before even though the dosage is getting smaller, or should I try a new aphrodisiac?”

 I guess this is a habit that I have acquired through my solitary life in the other world. I can’t help but talk to myself while I’m working on the alchemy.

 Now, I was wondering whether I should use the body fluid of the incubus or the aphrodisiac of the other world in the third stage. The reason is that the remaining incubus fluids in the interdimensional storage were not enough for single use.

 And thinking in principle, there should be no problem to use an aphrodisiac.

 But then, in alchemy, it was considered undesirable to change the quantity of some parts. If I increase the quantity of the whole or substitute something else, it would not cause such a problem, but if I change the quantity of only a part of it, I might make a failure.

 So, it is better to use it as an aphrodisiac. However, the effect would be slightly different.

 Originally, this aphrodisiac is a concentration of the pleasure component in orc ‘essence’, and it is a drug that brings very strong pleasure and addiction.

 From this point of view, it does not seem to be so different from the bodily fluids of an incubus. However, the aphrodisiac is said to give a strong pleasure for a moment and leaves the user with a feeling of fatigue afterward, and a sense of loss for a while after the effect wears off.

 Even the prostitutes who are experienced in the other world say so. I was also worried about what would happen to ordinary women in this world if I used this aphrodisiac.

 ”Should I try the aphrodisiac itself on someone first?”

 Such a thought occurs to me.

 Unlike the bodily fluids of an incubus, they are not that valuable. I had been creating a large amount of them myself, not only for my own hobby but also to sell them to earn some money. So taking samples seemed to be a good idea.

 However, I am still wondering what to do with them. The effect is too dramatic.

 If I use the drug on girls around here without hesitation, they would suspect me of having illegal drugs such as narcotics. Even if they don’t, it’s not so good to have them looking for me because of their strong addiction.

 ”Just let them do it…”

 I put the slime in front of me into the interdimensional storage with its culture tank.

 All that’s left is the third step, the transformation. I assume that it won’t come into play until I check the effect of the aphrodisiac on this world.

 And after this, after returning the inside of the storeroom to its previous state, I go outside, lock the door tightly, and get ready to go out, even though it is late at night.


 Third Person Perspective

 ”D*mn! I can’t remove it no matter how I try. I’m almost tempted to cut off my fingers.”

 ”Don’t be so impatient, Hirofumi. You’ll only get punished again.”

 In a room of the building that the followers of the Gospel of Love call the Sacred Temple.

 There was Hirofumi Higashikawa, who was expressing his discontent and blaming everything around him, and Nishikuze Eishin, who was sitting on the sofa and gulping down a bottle of expensive wine without a care in the world.

 ”It’s all right. I’ve tested it out on myself enough to know that a little bit of complaining is not a problem. More importantly, what’s the punishment? He’s the devil’s messenger.”

 ”It’s the same whether he’s God or the devil. We can’t go against him anyway. I mean, how are you! You scream like a woman every time the punishment happens.”

 ”After all, it really is a death-defying pain. Eishin should try it once. In a way, I’d like to learn from your ease of mind that you can keep this thing on your finger… but I guess you just don’t really think about it.”

 ”I’m just accepting reality as it is. And you don’t seem to have a problem with that. It’s not like I’m cursed or anything. I’m sure Hirofumi witnessed the effects of the potion with your own eyes. With more of it, Hirofumi can make all the money he wants, can’t he?”

 ”What are you talking about, Eishin? This ring is the curse itself. It’s true that I thought at one time that I could make money with it. But now that I think about it, he took 8 million yen out of our hard-earned money. And when I thought about how much more he was going to take from us, I got really angry.”

 ”But we can just take a lot of money from the believers so that it will benefit us in the end, can’t we? Even Hirofumi admitted that it was worth it, didn’t he? But more than that, I have a little favor to ask of Hirofumi.”

 ”Oh, you want money again?”

 ”Well, just a little. I went to a cabaret club the other night and met a woman named Miki. She’s got the kind of body men like. Her face is not so good, but I’d like to have a taste of her body. But she’s a woman who’s very greedy for money, and she’s willing to do anything for a million yen a night if I insist.”

 ”Hey, Eishin. How can a million yen be just a little? Well, if it’s just for one time, I can think about it, but I can’t help but see a future where you’ll be spending all your money on that woman. You do realize that our church isn’t so profitable that money can just flow out of us without limit, don’t you?”

 ”Please, it’s just for one night. I promise it’ll be one time only. So, it’s okay, right?”

 ”I can’t believe your word when it comes to women. So, is she gonna have any money?”

 ”Well, I don’t know. But she must have a lot of money saved up since she works in the water business, don’t you think? The store itself is not very expensive.”

 ”Well, all right…”

 Higashikawa Hirofumi was silent after saying that and looked like he was thinking about something with his arms crossed.

 Nishikuze Eishin was also looking up at Higashikawa with an expectant look.

 This is the way it always is.

 He was hoping that Higashikawa, who was always so lenient toward him, would come up with the money after all. His eyes were filled with such expectations.

 ”You seem to be in high spirits as usual. Even so, after all that happened to you, you are still indulging in womanizing right away. Is it that you are unexpectedly reckless in appearance?”

 Such a voice suddenly broke the silence that had formed between the two of them.

 Nishikuze was so startled by the voice that he dropped the wine glass in his right hand on the floor.

 Inside the sacred temple at midnight. The voice of the person whom they do not want to see very much at this moment was echoing from the space where no one was supposed to be.

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