Returnee 36

Chapter 36 Red Eyes

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 Third Person Perspective

 ”Aaah!! I’ll stop. I’ll stop touching Miki. I wasn’t trying to disobey you. I just didn’t know Miki was Vepar-sama’s property. Here, as you can see… Look at the ring. I have no intention of betraying you at all.”

 The long, fluffy carpet is stained red by Nishikuze’s spilled wine.

 Nishikuze seemed to have been so frightened that he was trying desperately to back away from the carpet.

 On the other hand, Higashikawa looked as if he was biting a bitter bug, and seemed to be staring in the direction from which he heard the voice, waiting to see what would happen.

 Their reactions were different, but it was clear from both reactions that the visitor was an uninvited guest.

 ”You seem to have misunderstood something. This Miki woman has nothing to do with my god Vepar.”

 ”Huh? …She has nothing to do with my god Vepar?”

 ”Yes. If you want to hold her, you’re free to do so. I have nothing to do with it.”

 ”Really, I didn’t know that. I definitely thought… More importantly, what’s your purpose here today?”

 Nishikuze looks relieved when he realizes that the visitor was not here to criticize his behavior.

 However, there was a tinge of doubt on his face at the same time.

 ”What is my purpose for today? Well, maybe… Higashikawa-san, do you have any idea?”

 ”What…? What is it? I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

 ”Bahaha… You’ve dyed your ring so black, but you’re still trying to play dumb… Well, I don’t mind if you do. I’ll just get rid of the traitor.”

 Just as the two men heard such a voice, a suspicious figure suddenly appeared in the empty space. Or perhaps it would be more correct to say that the figure, which had been hidden until then, finally revealed itself.

 However, the identity was different from what they had imagined. His face did not look Japanese at all.

 On the other hand, it did not look white or black either.

 On the contrary, it seems to be different from Oriental, Latin, Polynesian, or any of them. In the first place, it was doubtful if he could even be called a human being, though he looked just like a human being.

 Despite this, they felt that he was different from them, perhaps because of their preconceived notions.

 —That was a monster with bright red eyes.

 In a word, such a description might have been appropriate.

 What Nishikuze and Higashikawa saw at this time was something extraordinary, something other than a human being with a beauty that was almost out of this world.

 The red eyes shining brightly stood out in the face of the demonic face that charmed others, and the magnificent silver hair gave the impression of being both young and old, with a suspiciously ageless appearance.

 Neither of them even suspected that the strange figure they saw for the first time was actually a disguise. It was because they felt only surprised and fearful at the appearance that was so vivid and a little too well-dressed for a human being.

 Even though they had doubts that it was impossible before, they finally had to admit that the other was really a devil, but the moment they actually saw the figure, they froze in place as if they were struck by lightning.


 ”P-Please wait! …I-I’m afraid there’s been a misunderstanding. To be suspected of something I don’t even know about is something I am very reluctant to do. I don’t even know on what basis you are accusing me of betrayal.”

 Higashikawa starts to make excuses in a flustered manner.

 Although he knew that the man was someone they could never defeat, Higashikawa, who had never tried to be unfriendly, either because of his natural arrogance or simply because of his strength, changed his tone to one of humility at this time.

 The reason was that the opponent suddenly showed up in his right hand, and he was holding a white sword in his hand, which looked somehow familiar to him.

 Not only that.

 He was carrying a burlap sack, which is rarely used in people’s daily life nowadays, in his left hand, and the reddish-black liquid dripping from the sack onto the carpet looked very unsettling and frightening to both of the man’s eyes.

 ”U-Uh… that thing you’re holding in your left hand… C-Could that be…?”

 Perhaps he thought it was better not to mention it, but he couldn’t help asking. Still, Nishikuze mentioned such a thing fearfully.

 ”Oh, is this it? It is probably what you just imagined.”

 ”Ha, haha, hahaha… no way.”

 ”Despite my appearance, I’m a lazy person. I have a habit of trying to get everything done at once. That’s why I’ve just finished another business just a few minutes ago.”

 The monster who said this throws the burlap sack that he is carrying with his left hand roughly to the floor.

 At the same moment, the opening of the burlap sack loosened, and the head in the sack was lying on the carpet.

 ”Aah! Aaaaaahhh!”


 ”This man, like all of you, once swore allegiance to Vepar and I did not wish for this to be the end. However, despite my repeated warnings to him, he did not seem to take it that seriously. As a result, Vepar’s anger came out. So, I could not protect him any longer.”

 The rolled head leaves a reddish-black mark on the carpet.

 Such a brand-new blood trail tells the two men that this man has just become like this a few moments ago.

 The monster in front of them must have rushed to this place immediately after doing such a thing. That’s exactly what it would have done, even as soon as its hands were stained with blood…

 At the thought of such a graphic and terrifying thought, their fear only increased.

 They could not imagine the horrific fate of this man who had been turned into a living head. Nor did they know if the man had suffered in the end. The reason was that the man’s face was so crushed that it was impossible to distinguish his face from the rest of his body.

 However, both of them knew something.

 The monster in front of them was deliberately showing them this head as a threat that this is what would happen to them if they betrayed him.

 ”N-No. It’s just a small mistake that led to this. I, like Eishin, have no intention of betraying Vepar-sama.”

 ”Then why is your ring so black?”

 ”T-That’s it. I was only trying to carry out your order to spread the rumor of the miracle drug. But I may have slipped up a bit in the exchange.”

 ”I see. So you’re saying it was negligence and not intent?”

 ”That’s right. Please believe me. I was in no way trying to blabber secrets. I may have been at fault, but I swear to God… Vepar-sama… that I have no intention of betraying.”

 ”Well, I want to believe all of your excuses from the top of my head. But I’m afraid that’s impossible. Still, you’re right. I guess I’ll take it easy on you this time since it’s your first time.”

 ”Phew… T-Thank you very much.”

 ”But I think it’s a little bad if I don’t do anything about you.”

 Higashikawa lets out a sigh of relief when he realizes that he will not be beheaded.

 However, the next moment he hears another word that reverses his previous statement, and Higashikawa begins to panic again.

 ”What? What do you mean, it’s a little bad? What in the world is wrong with it?”

 ”It seems that Higashikawa-san is exceptionally sensitive to pain. Normally, once you know the pain of a ring, you would have learned from it and would not repeat the same mistake. In your case, it seems that this ring doesn’t mean much to you.”

 ”No, well… Maybe you’re right, but what do you want me to do then?”

 ”Give me your hand so I can remove the ring. If it’s not effective, there’s no point in keeping it on forever.”

 Higashikawa was inwardly smiling at how things had worked out.

 It was a little different from what he had expected, but he thought that it would be better if the ring was removed as a result.

 But it was only for a short time. He realized that the monster in front of him had dared to put him at ease and then thrust him into a state of anxiety again, and was enjoying torturing him.

 After all, after removing Higashikawa’s ring, the monster held Higashikawa’s wrist and muttered some kind of incantation.

 ”Wh-What was that?”

 ”It’s a new contract. Just like this ring. However, the price is not pain as before, but a part of Higashikawa-san’s life span will be offered to Vepar.”

 ”L-Life span means… Wait! Such a one-sided contract—”

 ”So, do you want to become a severed head like this man right now?”


 ”Don’t worry. It won’t take years off your life at a time unless you commit some terrible treachery against Vepar. If it is negligence as Higashikawa-san says, it will be a month or so at most. However, if you continue to be carefree as before, your life span will decrease rapidly. You should be careful not to die suddenly before you know it.”

 Hearing the words of the monster who seemed to have a problem with him, Higashikawa’s face showed a hint of dissatisfaction.

 But when he was asked whether he would rather die right now or not, he could not say anything more.

 If this was just a threat, it would have been fine, but the living head in front of him denied it. Besides, this is the same person who stabbed Nishikuze, his friend, in the thigh without hesitation. So, maybe he has no hesitation at all in killing a human being.

 Still, his face showed that he was trying hard to suppress his anger.

 But the monster’s focus shifted to Nishikuze, who was watching him silently as if he did not care about Higashikawa’s situation.

 ”Nishikuze-san, you seem to have no problem so far, don’t you?”

 ”Y-Yes. Of course. As you can see from this ring, I serve Vepar-sama from the bottom of my heart. And please understand that Hirofumi did not do this with bad intentions.”

 ”I don’t know about that. But, I don’t intend to do anything to Higashikawa-san immediately anyway, so you can rest assured of that. For the time being, at least.”

 ”Thank you very much.”

 ”However, it is not so good to give him only scolding. You’re both sworn to Vepar-sama, after all. So, Nishikuze-san, take this…”

 After the monster said these words, he held out a vial that he had taken out from somewhere toward Nishikuze.

 ”What’s this? It looks a little different in color from the last miracle potion, doesn’t it?”

 ”Yes. It is different from the one I gave you before. Put a drop in your palm and lick it. Don’t worry, it’s not poison.”

 Nishikuze was not sure whether he should lick it or not.

 However, there was no way to offend the other party here and now.

 So Nishikuze decided to do as he was told and put a drop of the liquid from the vial on his palm and licked it.


 ”It’s a genuine aphrodisiac that can’t be compared to those counterfeit ones that are available in the market. You mentioned earlier that you want to hold a woman named Miki, didn’t you? Then you should try this. No matter how faithful she is, I’m sure she’ll get into a crazy s*xual frenzy.”

 ”Whoa, whoa, whoaaa! My son is… Does this mean that it works on men too?”

 Nishikuze shows his delight at the sight of the thing between his legs, which has stiffened up more than usual.

 And his eyes turned to a look as if he was worshipping the monster in front of him as if the fear he had been feeling had flown away.

 ”That’s right. It has a remarkable effect on impotent men and men who don’t seem to get hard. However, if you want to take your time and enjoy it, it is recommended that you only lick a drop. If taken in excess, it will cause ejaculation on its own.”

 ”So, you basically use it by making a woman drink it?”

 ”Yes, that’s right. However, only a few drops of the aphrodisiac will be enough. This aphrodisiac has a very strong dependence, so you should not give her too much at a time. Just a few drops given a few times a day, that’s all it takes for an average person to commit a crime for the love of this aphrodisiac.”

 ”T-Thank you very much. If I had this, that woman would…”

 ”You should be thankful to Vepar-sama. It’s all because of Vepar-sama’s mercy.”

 ”Y-Yes. Thank you very much, Vepar-sama.”

 ”Well, I’m afraid I’ve stayed longer than I expected. I think I’ll leave now.”

 ”U-Um… by the way… what should I call you?”

 By that time, the monster had already disappeared along with the fresh head on the carpet.

 Once again, only the two figures of Higashikawa and Nishikuze were visible in the sacred temple, and only a heavy voice echoed in the hall.

 ”My name is Marquis Sienna Verstadt ze Spencer. It is a long name, so you can call me Sienna.”

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