Returnee 38

Chapter 38 Disturbing Vision

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 Maybe after she broke up with me once, Kyouka and I got back together in some way?

 If I’ve lost all the memories of such a deep relationship, it makes sense. Needless to say, I am keenly aware of the absurdity of what I am saying. But I didn’t have enough confidence to laugh at such an absurd story.

 Whether it is really true or not, I try to find even the slightest clue in the traces of my memory.

 As a result, I remembered one thing.

 It was the memory of the despair I had been suffering for a while even after I had been accepted to the university.

 There is no doubt about it.

 At least until I graduated from high school, I must have been in the depths of depression. If that is the case, I don’t think it is likely to be a deja vu caused by a lack of memory.

 In those days, I even had a hard time holding hands with her.

 Such a timid me in the past would not have been able to develop a relationship with Kyouka in a few days.

 Even if Kyouka and I had developed such a relationship after that, it would have taken at least a few months. Such a long period of time would have been completely erased from my memory only in relation to Kyouka.

 Besides, even in the other world, I had several experiences with several women in my 25 years of life and I can’t even remember how many women I’ve had in my life of lewdness in the other world. So, it seems unreasonable to think that I have lost my memory just because I have a slight familiarity with her breasts.

 However, it was certain that there was a part of her that stuck in my mind like a shadow.

 ”If you stare at me like that, I would be embarrassed…”

 ”Well, even if you say so. Any high school boy would be like this, right?”

 ”Boys really like breasts, don’t they? Even though they already have.”

 ”No, no. It’s not right to compare them with men’s breasts. You have two such wonderful things.”

 While thinking about the vision that has been floating in the corner of my memory for a moment, I casually touch Kyouka’s breasts. My hand naturally traced the shape of Kyouka’s breast, as if I was checking if the illusion was real or not.


 ”Oops, my hand just moved by itself…”

 ”Geez! I didn’t expect you to touch me out of the blue, it made me make a funny noise.”

 ”I told you before that I’d touch you…”

 ”It’s true, but… I’m not saying you shouldn’t touch me so suddenly.”

 ”Then what’s the problem?”

 ”Well, if you touch me that much, it’ll make me feel… I mean… if I make a slutty sound, Shuu-kun will pull away.”

 ”Of course not. On the other hand, I might get overexcited and lose control. Well, if that happens, there should be no problem. Kyouka promised to do it to me orally.”

 ”Ahh… T-That’s not the point. It seems that my breasts are more sensitive than I thought.”

 Kyouka’s reaction was very good, and I could feel it immediately.

 She seemed to be especially sensitive around her nipples.

 Whenever my fingers brushed the tops of her breasts, her body bounced interestingly. Although I had touched her lightly over her clothes, it was different from the past when she was touched directly by me.

 ”Hee, that’s good news. I see, Kyouka’s nipples are the most pleasurable part of her body.”

 ”Geez, Shuu-kun… you don’t have to say so clearly.”

 ”There’s no difference between saying ‘breasts’ and ‘nipples’, is there? Besides, I’m happy that you’re sensitive.”

 ”Hmm, is that a compliment? I feel like Shuu-kun is trying to make me feel like he’s doing me a favor. Perhaps, you’re trying to get me to do lots of naughty things with you?”

 ”Like this, by any chance?”

 I playfully dive head-first into Kyouka’s cleavage.

 Kyouka’s breasts felt moist and sweaty against my skin, even though it was wintertime.

 I could feel how nervous Kyouka was, and I felt like I was enjoying the thrill of the moment with her.

 For someone like me, who had long since forgotten about the faint feeling of love, it was a moment that made me feel a little dazzled, a moment that made me feel like I could regain my sense of humanity.

 ”Ah, geez, Shuu-kun… If I let you do what you want, I’m afraid you’re going to get more and more sidetracked. I’m here today to make Shuu-kun feel good, right?”

 ”I know. So even if I touch you like this, I’m not forcing myself on you.”

 ”I trust Shuu-kun on that point, so I don’t doubt it. Although I’m not worried about that, I’m worried that you’re going to do lots of naughty things to me. Hmm? I didn’t know this place could get so hard.”

 Before I know it, Kyouka’s hand is gently resting on my jeans, and she is stroking my crotch gently in return.

 It was a different kind of the first touch from Ayano’s and Sayaka’s. It was a little less stimulating than the other two.

 Although the stimulation was a little insufficient, what occupied my mind at this time was the sense of accomplishment that I could finally have such a relationship with Kyouka.

 But another problem came to my mind. It was a new question whether I, who had already gotten used to Ayano’s deep-throat-sucking blowjob, would be able to ejaculate from the inexperienced act that I was about to receive from Kyouka.

 As I began to worry about such an unnecessary concern, I unintentionally uttered a few excusive words.

 ”Oh, right, let me tell you something first. I’m not proud of it, but mine is pretty big. If it’s too hard for you to do it orally, you can use your hand.”

 ”Hahaha… I see. I don’t know what the normal size is, so I don’t know what you mean when you say ‘big’. Well then, let’s see what Shuu-kun is proud of, shall we?”

 I know that Kyouka’s teasing words are nothing but an attempt to be strong.

 Because the yellow color of [interest] that I saw for a moment was immediately painted over by the purple color of [Shame] and the red color of [Nervousness].

 In front of Kyouka, I slowly take off my jeans.

 I can’t expect her to take off my pants as happily as Ayano did, or suck on my dick as she did. So, I have to take the lead to some extent.

 ”I’m going to take off everything.”

 After saying this to Kyouka, I took off the last pair of pants.

 I had been with a lot of women.

 I was not so excited to show my dick to others, but my body was still the same as it was when I was seventeen years old. And having seen Kyouka’s fresh breasts and having been touched by the top of my jeans, what I saw under my pants was my cock, which was erect as hard as I could make it.


 I heard Kyouka gasp, too short to be heard as I took off my pants.

 Although I had half-understood it, her reaction was anything but virginal. If that’s the case, I guess I can rule out the possibility that her past unknown ex-boyfriend was the cause of the breakup.

 However, I didn’t think from the beginning that she would be so changeable that she would break up with me just a few months after we started dating because she found another guy she liked.

 But that was the only reason I could think of for the breakup.

 Of course, I asked her about the reason why she broke up with me before. But Kyouka kept her mouth shut. She just kept repeating her apology to me.

 Frankly, I think it’s not like me.

 Maybe, I’m worried about the gray color of [anguish], which I think is the cause of the breakup, but there’s a lot I can do if I just want to keep her for myself. I myself don’t understand why I am so cautious only about Kyouka.

 Even I don’t like to dwell on it like this.

 Still, I can’t help feeling that something intuitive is sounding an alarm that it’s not a good idea to take a chance. Then, I guess I have to open Kyouka’s heart little by little so that we can have a deeper relationship than before.

 ”Well, uh… maybe it was a little bit bigger than I imagined?”

 ”Hmm? Did you get scared when you saw my proud dick?”

 ”No… it’s not like that. It’s totally natural.”

 ”But you’ve been frozen for a while. Besides, aren’t your faces a little tense too?”

 Kyouka seemed to be more nervous than when she showed herself naked. And to ease her tension a little, I start my usual silly exchange with her.

 ”Isn’t it just Shuu-kun’s imagination? Look, I don’t have any problem stroking it like this. Though I didn’t know this place could move.”

 ”That’s right. At this age, if it doesn’t react when touched, it’s worse.”

 ”Heh, I didn’t know it was like that. But isn’t it surprisingly cute like this? It’s kind of twitching.”

 ”Yeah, that’s how good Kyouka’s hand feels.”

 ”Shuu-kun, you are getting comfortable right now, right? Let’s see, like this? I can just hold it gently like this, and move it up and down, right?”

 ”A little tighter grip would be better.”

 ”Hmm, like this?”

 ”Yeah, that’s good.”

 ”Okay. Then, I’m going to torture Shuu-kun with my mouth, too.”

 As if her previous nervousness had been a lie, Kyouka’s face was covered over my dick without any hesitation.

 I guess that her previous hesitation was cleared up by actually touching my dick. And from there, it was not long before Kyouka took action.

 I felt a lick on the tip of the glans. Shortly after that, I also felt my dick being swallowed into Kyouka’s mouth.

 At the same time, I could hear the sound of her sucking my cock.

 Kyouka’s soft lips stimulated my cock and the feeling was more than I expected.

 My worry that it might not be as stimulating as Ayano’s quickly flew away.

 Her movements were not like squeezing semen out of me like Ayano. And she was not even flatteringly good at it. Nor was she a very good performer. Instead, it was a dedicated and very passionate blowjob.

 I wondered if she had studied porn and other magazines about sucking and using her tongue, even though this was her first time.

 While she had a cock in her mouth, Kyouka’s hand was working hard on the rod part, and sometimes her hand reached to the testicles.

 I was feeling a different kind of pleasure from usual for a while, and suddenly Kyouka’s movements stopped, and she interrupted her blowjob and asked me.

 ”Did you feel okay like this? Is your p*nis feeling good?”

 ”Yes, I’m fine. I’m feeling good enough, so please keep doing that.”

 ”I see, I’m glad. So, do you want me to move faster like I just did?”

 ”Yes, you should. I’m almost halfway out, so if you could speed up the last part, that would be great.”

 ”Yeah, okay. You can cum all you want.”

 Now Kyouka’s blowjob turns into a hard one.

 To be honest, I had not expected her to go this far for the first time. This only made me more aroused, and the ejaculation came quickly.

 *Spurt! Spurt! Spurt!

 My ejaculation was so pleasant that it started as if I was spewing all of my cum into the air.

 My semen poured into Kyouka’s mouth with such force that it seemed to stain the inside of her mouth.

 Kyouka’s throat was also gulping down my semen as if it was going down the back of her throat.

 ”Hey, you didn’t have to drink that much.”

 ”No, I’m not forcing myself. It’s just that it’s Shuu-kun’s and I wanted to drink it myself.”


 ”So how did it go? Shuu-kun, did my mouth make you feel good?”

 ”Yes, it was very good.”

 ”I’m sorry, I really want to continue. But you’re going to have to endure this until we finish our exams….”

 I felt Kyouka’s lips gently touch my cheek.

 Her hand was still gently stroking my cock, and her hand was stained with my semen.

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