Returnee 39

Chapter 39 Joy and Sadness

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 ”Well then, mother and father are going back to Hokkaido, but please take good care of your health. And if you can cook so well now, try to cook for yourself as much as possible. The food Shuu made for me was really delicious. Oh, that’s right. I thanked Ayano and her mother and asked them to take good care of Shuu. And then…”

 ”I already know that. You don’t have to keep nagging me, I’ll take care of it myself.”

 How selfish of me.

 When my parents came back from their new jobs and I met them again for the first time in a long time, I was almost moved to tears, but within a few weeks, I found myself feeling their presence bothering me.

 Even so, my mental age is still 33 years old.

 Moreover, I have been living in the other world for a long time, so I might be used to being alone. It is no wonder that I feel that I am unwilling to be taken care of by my mother in any way.

 Well, the fact that I was not able to dissipate my s*xual desire, which had become stronger than ever before, had some bearing on it.

 ”Shuu, I know that you can live well on your own, but as a mother, I am still worried about you. I don’t think I’ll be able to come home again for a while. So, I want to take this opportunity to nag you as much as I can, and I know I’m being a little bit annoying, but please be patient with me.”

 ”Okay, okay, I understand. Is that all you have to say?”

 ”Yes, that’s all I have to say. So, let me ask you, which girl do you really love more, Shuu?”


 ”Well, you introduced Kyouka as your girlfriend, but I was wondering if you’re also interested in Ayano.”

 ”Yes? What are you talking about? I’ve told you about Ayano many times, haven’t I? She’s been hanging out with some bad boys, so Auntie asked me to take care of her.”

 That’s how I explained Ayano.

 Sometimes I’d intersperse a lie or two, but more than half the time it was true.

 After high school, Ayano started hanging out with Sakaki and the other delinquents, and her mother was worried about it, so I warned her off on her behalf. This caused a rough patch between Ayano and me once, but we eventually returned to our previous relationship. As a result, she came to my house frequently to do housework for me, a story close to the truth.

 Besides, I had been having a surplus of s*xual desire since my parents came back from their job transfer, and I invited Ayano to my room when they were not home, but they came home unexpectedly early and she and Ayano ran into each other.

 It was even more difficult on Christmas Eve.

 I introduced Kyouka as my girlfriend, which was unintentionally revealing my relationship with Ayano.

 I had to show my parents how I was making out with Kyouka in an adolescent way while receiving a lot of surprised and worried looks from them about their child’s future.

 I am not the type of person who would be giddy about something like that.

 I even called Ayano right after I dropped Kyouka off near her house late at night. Since we were dressed in casual clothes on Christmas Eve, when many lovers were mingling, we went to a love hotel together, thinking that we would not be arrested.

 It is very inconvenient for me if I have to do something like that without my parents’ eyes on me. I should have asked Sayaka to rent a monthly apartment for me, but it was too late to regret it now.

 It was no wonder that I felt grateful for my parents’ existence, but at the same time, I felt that they were bothering me.

 ”Hmm. Is that all?”

 ”That’s all. What else is there?”

 ”Nothing. I was just a little surprised to see Ayano after a long time because she had become such a beautiful young lady. Kyouka is very pretty too.”

 ”That’s why. I told you Ayano is just a good friend of mine.”

 ”Heh, a girl friend. Well, I don’t think Shuu is completely oblivious to Ayano’s enchanting gaze, so I’m not going to say anything more. But make sure you use contraception.”

 ”Of course… And why don’t you get going already? There’s a cab waiting outside.”

 ”You don’t have to be so rude to me. You’ve grown so mature in a short time. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.”

 ”Mother, Shuu knows that too. But Shuu, just makes sure you lock up properly. We’re off then.”

 ”Sigh… father… you’re the same as ever… We’re leaving now but call us if anything happens.”

 ”Yes. See you later.”

 I said bluntly and looked at my parents’ backs at the front door.

 I see my mother waving at me as she gets into the cab with her arms full of luggage.

 I raised my hand lightly in response to her wave, and inwardly I felt relieved that I could finally move freely now.


 During the year-end and New Year’s holidays, I could hardly do anything.

 I was always under the watchful eyes of my parents. I only had intercourse with Ayano once in a while, or went on a date with Kyouka and made out with her. But as soon as my parents were gone, I started to work energetically.

 Now, I’m sitting in a chair diagonally next to Sayaka, quietly listening to an elderly doctor with a mixture of gray hair.

 ”Well, this should be no problem at all. From the results of Kaede-chan’s medical examinations over the past few days, I think it’s safe to say that she is in perfect health.”

 ”Doctor, is that true!?”

 ”Yes, Kaede-chan is completely healed. Perhaps the medication has finally taken effect here. However, as I told you before, there is no complete cure for this disease, and I thought it would be difficult to cure it completely, even if the medication could suppress the symptoms. With all due respect, I thought that remission was quite possible, but I honestly didn’t think that she would be completely cured.”

 ”Umm… Is there anything wrong with her yet?”

 ”No, no. That’s not what I mean. It’s just that the results came as a bit of a surprise to me as well. There was also the case of Satou Yuuki-kun who was hospitalized next door, so I don’t want to put it this way, but honestly speaking, it was nothing short of a miracle…”

 ”A miracle…? Even if it is a miracle of God as you say, if Kaede can lead a normal life from now on, then I can only be thankful for that miracle. Of course, I also believe that it is because of your efforts that we have achieved this result. Thank you very much, Dr. Sawai.”

 ”No, no, it’s because Kaede-chan did her best. But she will have to stay in the hospital for observation for a while, and after that, she could be safely discharged from the hospital.”

 Sayaka bows her head deeply.

 Her head was bowed to the elderly doctor in front of her, but the color of her aura clearly showed that most of her gratitude was directed to me sitting next to her.

 Anyway, I was satisfied with the result.

 Not only because of Sayaka’s loyalty but also because now I have some prospect for the poison of Muldeur.

 There must be people in this world who are willing to pay any amount of money in exchange for the lives of themselves and their families. However, the problem was that I couldn’t disclose it openly to the world because it was so valuable. I needed to find such a person in secret so that even if anyone tried to trace the source, they would not be able to trace it back to me.

 Therefore, I turned to Nishikuze and the others. I’m going to let them gather their followers with rumors of healing potions, and then I’m going to talk to them about the poison of Muldeur.

 Well, this is a precious medicine of which there are only a few left. I’m not going to give it unless there’s a great advantage for me or someone offers me a lot of money.

 As I was listening to the doctor’s detailed instructions on how to proceed with Kaede, I was already thinking about something else.

 Speaking of Nishikuze and the others, not only the rumors of the healing potion but also the results of the aphrodisiac should be out by now. I have to go and check them out as well.

 I should let Ayano, who is probably waiting for my return in her room, know that I will be late today.

 Besides, I think I should finish this month’s business with Yasunaga before school starts.

 With so many things to do piling up in front of me, the doctor’s words spoken in front of my eyes were not catching my ears at all.

 While I was thinking about this, it seemed that the conversation was finally over, and Sayaka was about to leave the room.

 I sat down together with her, bowed to the elderly doctor, and left the doctor’s office.

 As soon as we leave the room, Sayaka bows deeply to me.

 Though I had my own reasons for doing what I did.

 I accept her gratitude with a nonchalant face, though there is no need for me to thank her. With such a good man’s calculation hidden behind, I returned with Sayaka to the hospital room where Kaede was waiting for me.


 ”So, Yuuki-kun isn’t coming back?”

 ”I’m sorry. Yuuki wanted to see Kaede very much, but he was transferred to a hospital far away from this town.”

 ”When Kaede is cured, will I be able to visit Yuuki-kun?”

 ”Umm, I don’t know. But I heard that the hospital Yuuki-kun was transferred to is located very far away from here, so it might be a little difficult for Kaede to visit there.”

 In the hospital room where Kaede was staying, there was a young couple who were Satou Yuuki’s parents beside me and Sayaka.

 According to what the couple told me, they had stopped by this hospital room on their way to greet the doctors in charge of Kaede.

 ”Kaede, will I be all alone in this room?”

 ”No, it’s not that. Dr.Sawai said Kaede’s cured and can go to elementary school from now on.”

 ”Really? No more bitter medicine?”

 ”Yes. Tomorrow, you’ll be discharged from this hospital and go home. Then you’ll be ready to go to elementary school.”

 ”Good for you, Kaede-chan.”

 Sayaka’s voice comes out in agreement with her words.

 Satou Yuuki’s mother, who looked as if she was fighting back tears, seemed to have heard the nurse’s words in advance and was able to keep the conversation going.

 ”Uhh. You see, Kaede is looking forward to going to elementary school in the spring to study. Do you think I’ll make lots of friends then?”

 ”Yes, I’m sure. I’m sure you will…”

 ”Kaede-chan, you have to make a lot of friends from now on. Still, I hope Yuuki-kun will get better soon and be able to come to see Kaede-chan.”

 A somber atmosphere passes through the room.

 The gray of [Sadness] mixed with the pink of [Love] and the green of [Joy] for Kaede. Not only Satou Yuuki’s parents but also Sayaka seems to be a bit sentimental.

 ”Well, mother is going to have a little talk with Yuuki-kun’s parents, so please be a good girl by yourself for a while, okay?”

 ”Yes. But Kaede wants pudding.”

 ”Okay, okay, I’ll get some later.”

 After Sayaka says this to Kaede, we all leave the hospital room together.

 I guess there are some things they can’t talk about in front of Kaede.

 To be honest, I have no feelings at all for Satou Yuuki or this young couple. But I heard that he and Sayaka had been good friends for a long time.

 Still, I thought I should at least offer a word of condolence, so I followed the three of them out of the hospital room.

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