Returnee 44

Chapter 44 Red Blood

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 Main Character’s Perspective

 I descended to the bottom of the curving path and looked down at the dying Yukari without saying a word.

 The more I looked at her, the worse she looked.

 She must have hit the hard rock surface many times during her fall. Her left leg was shredded from the thigh and her arms were bent in strange directions by the impact.

 I have witnessed such a situation several times in the other world, and the bodies found as a result of slipping and falling are often in such a miserable state that it is hard to look at them. That is exactly what happened to Yukari.

 The only difference is that she was not dead yet, and she was still slightly conscious. She seemed to be emitting her aura, albeit a weak one.

 Maybe she was lucky that her femoral arteries were not severely damaged, or maybe she has survived so far because the crushed pieces of flesh have compressed the blood vessels, or maybe the bleeding is not so severe for a shredded left leg.

 But in any case, it feels as if it is only a matter of time.

 After all, she fell from such a high height.

 It is hard to know how and where she was hit besides her left leg and both arms. If her head, organs, or high up in spine were injured, it would be the end of her life.

 And having seen many deathbeds, I can say that such a patient would last at least 30 minutes. Even if an ambulance arrives within 30 minutes, the chance of survival seems to be slim.

 Even so, I can’t leave her to die.

 I took out a healing potion from the interdimensional storage and used a whole bottle on the shredded left leg first, and then took out another healing potion, and poured it on Yukari’s body little by little.

 This would prevent her from bleeding out. But that’s about all, to be honest. If her internal organs and other major organs were injured, the healing potion alone would not be enough.

 ”Ugh, ugh…”

 Yukari’s moaning voice reaches my ears faintly.

 Listening to her moaning, I wonder what I should do.

 But I had two ideas on how to save Yukari in such a situation.

 One is to turn her into a lesser vampire, which I had planned to do as my next move if the poison of Muldeur had failed on Kaede.

 In that world, vampires have extraordinary regenerative abilities.

 Especially the true ancestors, no matter how many times they are cut into pieces, they can come back to life again and again. Each piece of flesh has its own consciousness, or so they say, and they stick together to become one body again and again.

 As such, I must say that it is very difficult to deal with the true ancestor vampires unless someone can do a trick like me, which is to throw them into interdimensional storage after cutting them into pieces.

 And lesser vampires, they are the lower species of vampires, but their regenerative power is so great that they should be able to heal Yukari’s condition in a short time.

 However, the vampire’s unique blood-sucking impulse cannot be suppressed by the Lesser Vampire, and it may lead to a 180-degree change in the subject’s personality. The regenerative ability of Lesser Vampires is only a result of the process of becoming a vampire’s family in the first place.

 And there was another way.

 To feed her with the flesh of a mermaid.

 Even in this world, there is a legend that mermaid meat is a miracle medicine for immortality.

 Although it did not make people immortal as in the legend, it did have the effect of regenerating the body.

 However, by eating mermaid flesh, the person periodically loses his/her rationality, as if it were synchronized with the incoming tide. After all, mermaids are nothing but monsters. The effects of eating their flesh are not always good. As a result, the person who eats mermaids loses his/her reason and has an uncontrollable appetite, and will attack humans without any regard.

 Either way, there is a disadvantage. Still, is there a reason for me to save Yukari even if accepting the disadvantages?

 With this conflict in my mind, I looked down at Yukari silently.

 She must have been in a daze. Only a short moan escaped from Yukari’s mouth, which seemed to be inexpressible.

 At any moment, the god of death is about to take Yukari away. But is she worth protecting from the god of death?

 I could just throw her in the interdimensional storage and pretend it never happened. If the corpse is not found, there will be only one mysterious missing person.

 But when I started to think about such a thing, suddenly a memory came back to my mind.

 ’Hahaha… I’m such an idiot. I can’t believe I got in a motorcycle accident and ended up like this. I’m sorry, forget about me now and be happy with another woman.]

 It is a scene of Yukari, who has lost her left leg, talking to someone on a hospital bed.

 ”That’s… it’s a lie, right? Does it mean that she was my girl after all?”

 Now I know for sure.

 I’ve completely forgotten about my past girlfriends.

 But why?

 And how come I only remember Kyouka then?

 Well, technically speaking, I also remember that there is another woman I dated.

 The only woman in my life, the love of my life, whom I promised to marry. And the woman who betrayed me at the end of my life… I can’t help but think of my past with Fujisaki Hinata, whom I don’t even want to remember.

 According to my memory at the time I came back to this world, I had been with only two women in my 25 years of life, Kyouka and Hinata.

 Then I remembered Hojou Sayaka, and then to this Higuchi Yukari…

 Although I have not been in a relationship with Ayano in the past, I have been involved with a total of five women including Sayaka and Yukari.

 I wonder if I was that popular a guy, though my history with women is not that many.

 And when and where did I meet Yukari?

 Hmm… when I was in high school, the relationship with Kyouka was all I had in my youth.

 Then, when I started working, my relationship with Sayaka must have started. And finally, I was in a relationship with Fujisaki Hinata until just before I was transported to another world. If so, the most likely time would be when I was a university student.

 As for how we got to know each other, it would be natural to assume that we got to know each other through Higuchi Nobuo who is Yukari’s little brother. However, I must not have known Nobuo very well in the past.

 While I was pondering like this for a while, I heard the sound of a car engine approaching from far away.

 Judging from the fact that the sound was coming from the top of the mountain, it must be the car in which Higashikawa and his friends were driving.

 The car’s lights illuminate the darkened road.

 And when it was illuminated for a moment, I found Yukari’s severed left leg at the edge of the road, and I walked toward it.


 ”Ugh… This is terrible.”

 ”But, she’s not dead yet, is she? Somehow the scar looks clean, too. Look, her chest is moving up and down. That means she’s still alive. If we call an ambulance right away—”

 ”Hold on, Eishin. We’ll call an ambulance later, but first, we have to keep our mouths shut. The police will probably ask us about the accident later, so what the hell are you going to say to them?”

 ”She slipped and fell off the cliff. That’s the only explanation. An undeniable fact.”

 ”But then why did this woman come all the way up here in the mountains?”

 ”Well, it may be the case… Ah, that’s right! What if we, as a third party, were discussing about Miki when this woman suddenly got excited and hit Miki? After that, we tried to calm her down, but she got so mad that she fell off her feet.”

 ”That’s a bit unreasonable, isn’t it? I don’t think the police would be convinced by such a story. Besides, if this woman’s life is saved, who knows what she’ll say. If she testifies that she was drugged with some crazy drug or something, you know how much suspicion they’ll throw at us?”

 ”That’s true. But according to what Miki told me, this Yukari woman was a delinquent who had been misbehaving for a long time. I think it would be a good idea to have Miki testify that she was involved in drugs.”

 The two begin to conspire in front of Yukari.

 Higashikawa seems to be considering in case Yukari survives, but I don’t think he actually expects her to survive.

 Well, things are going like this.

 After all, normally, there is nothing that can be done for her. Or maybe they thought that in such a state, a person cannot even hear well enough.

 As I was listening to their conversation from a distance, I took off my mirage coat on the spot and appeared in front of them.

 If I pick up Yukari’s left leg on the road, Higashikawa and others will know that I am hiding.

 However, I had a calculation in my mind that it would be more effective for them to see what I am going to do now.

 ”Seriously, you guys. Do you really think that’s going to work?”

 ”Wh-Who’s that?”

 Nishikuze was surprised by the unexpected voice.

 Although Higashikawa did not look that surprised, he had an indescribable expression on his face.

 ”Huh? S-Siena-sama. Why are you here?”

 ”I saw that you and the others had gotten into some trouble. I’m here to clean up your mess.”

 ”No, this is…”

 Nishikuze clammed up.

 He must have been impatient, thinking that I would blame him for the mistake he had made.

 ”Leave this woman to me. I think it’s a little too much for you.”

 I walked up to Yukari and put her shredded left leg on the ground so that her left thigh is aligned with her left thigh.

 I then took out a small bottle of red liquid from the interdimensional storage and poured it into Yukari’s mouth.


 ”Shut up and watch. Something interesting is about to happen.”

 A gurgling sound came from Yukari’s throat as she tried to take in oxygen.

 Immediately after that, a red liquid disappears from Yukari’s mouth to the back of her throat. However, it seems as if the red liquid has been flowing into Yukari’s body to eat away at her body.

 I don’t think this is a mistake.

 After all, it is a vampire’s blood.

 My blood is mixed in it, but it is only a supporting role. It would be more correct to say that the blood entered Yukari’s body rather than that Yukari drank the blood.

 Now, Yukari’s body starts to jump.

 I noticed a red string-like thing extending from the tip of her thigh toward her shredded left leg, which she had just put down.


 Nishikuze’s short scream echoed on the dark road illuminated by the car lights.

 Even from my eyes, which have witnessed this scene several times, it is a bit creepy. So it is inevitable that Nishikuze screams for the first time.

 Slowly, a red cord stretching from her thigh pulls her shredded left leg as if it were a hand reeling in.

 And when her thigh and the shredded left leg are attached to each other, Yukari’s leg is back to its original condition.

 That is not the only paranormal phenomenon.

 Yukari’s bent arm also returned to its normal state with a cracking sound.

 Although the visible changes are only in the left leg and the arm, all of Yukari’s body must be regenerating itself to return to the original normal state. That is because the blood of the true ancestor has such an effect.

 ”I guess it will be all right now.”

 I say and lift Yukari, who is still unconscious, up onto my shoulders as if she were a piece of luggage.

 ”U-Uhh… Did she survive?”

 ”You saw the whole thing, didn’t you? She’s back to her normal, healthy self.”


 ”But she may go berserk when she regains consciousness. So, I’ll have to lock her up somewhere for the time being.”

 ”How about the basement of the temple? It’s possible to lock her up there as long as the door is locked from the outside.”

 ”Then, I’ll do that for now.”

 With Yukari on my shoulder, I went to the car driven by Higashikawa.

 Then I pushed Yukari’s body into the back seat of the car and returned to the temple with Nishikuze and the others.

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