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Chapter 45 Bloody Lips

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 Main Character’s Perspective

 ”The red liquid you just gave this woman seems to be much more effective than the divine medicine. May I have that medicine?”

 Perhaps because he ran out of the temple barefoot, Higashikawa left the driving for the return trip to Nishikuze, who was riding in the front passenger seat

 But what came out of his mouth was a request for the drugs that I had just used

 It was very typical of Higashikawa to be greedy and say such a thing as soon as he thought he could make money from it

 ”If you say you are willing to die, I am willing to give it to you.”

 ”I’m going to die, you say? That’s a very strange story. I don’t drink the liquid myself. What makes you think I would do that?”

 ”Hmm, that’s true. Well, let’s not get your hopes up, so I’ll tell you. What I gave her. It’s not a drug, it’s a substance that turns people into devils.”

 ”What? You’re saying you turned her into a devil?”

 Of course, I’m not going to tell them everything

 The only reason I was motivated to help Yukari was because of a faint trace of a memory I had inside me. But I decided that it would be better to show them what I had done

 This way, the story that I am the devil will be more plausible

 I don’t think that Higashikawa and the others would betray me after all this time, but it is true that they still seem to be somewhat dissatisfied with me. Perhaps, they are not following the truth from the bottom of their hearts

 However, if I can gain their loyalty even a little from this case, I will be satisfied

 Nevertheless, the reason why I did not mention vampires clearly is because I wanted to keep the vampire’s desire hidden from the public

 As in the story in this world, it will not happen that a person whose blood is sucked by a vampire turns into a vampire again

 Besides, it is unlikely that a vampire will suck blood without limit if he/she does not intend to kill the victim, but if he/she does, he/she will just die

 However, some vampires could live without sucking blood for more than a year once they got used to the desire to suck blood, so it is not necessarily necessary for their life activities. It is just a physiological urge that can be suppressed by reason

 In any case, I was worried about how the two people in front of me would react if I told them about the vampire

 I thought it was necessary to suppress them by fear to some extent, but excessive fear can have a negative effect, especially in the case of Nishikuze’s cowardice. So I decided that it would be wiser to keep quiet

 And cover it up with a lie mixed with some truth

 ”Yes. You saw the red string when this woman’s legs connected, didn’t you? Didn’t that look alive to you?”

 ”Well, it did look like something creepy was moving around. Are you saying that it was a living thing?”

 ”Strictly speaking, it is not a living thing. But it is true that it has a will like a living thing. I told you that this woman is going to go on a rampage. Because she’s no longer human, she’s a devil. If you get close to her, you will only be bitten to death.”

 ”That’s a hard story to believe. So if you’ve turned her into such a dangerous creature… what do you intend to do with her?”

 ”I won’t do anything. I think she will be temporarily confused, but I am a higher devil and I can convince her. Well, some newborn devils rarely go out of control, so it will probably not be a problem.”

 The reason why I have included a few escape clauses is because, to be honest, the effect was not so subtle

 In the other world, I had tried the same thing, but the lesser vampires did not listen to me 100% of the time

 Now, even though I wear the mask of the Marquis Siena Verstadt ze Spencer, the true ancestor of vampires, I am still a fake. The mixing of my own blood with the mask was a result of my various efforts to mislead the lesser vampires to listen to my commands, but even so, I could not fully achieve the desired effect

 However, it is true that I can make them listen to me to some extent as if there is some kind of connection. Though it is not the strong loyalty like a true ancestor get, it is enough to make them listen to me

 ”So, you can cover up everything that just happened?”

 ”I have decided that it would be better for me to do so. Or would you have preferred to let her die?”

 ”No, that’s not true. I know it would have saved us a lot of trouble. Eishin, you should thank him as well. It’s your fault for what you did.”

 ”Ah, yeah… I know that. Sienna-sama, I’m really sorry for bothering you.”

 While we were having such a conversation, we seemed to have arrived at the temple

 The lights of the entrance hall illuminated the darkened premises

 I immediately got out of the car and took Yukari in my arms, who was still lying limp in the back seat and followed Nishikuze who was leading the way as we entered the hall


 The basement is so luxurious that it is hard to believe that this is a basement

 The place was fully equipped with all the necessary facilities for daily life, including a toilet and a bath, not to mention a kitchen and a refrigerator

 According to Higashikawa, the building is also designed to function as an underground shelter in case of emergency, with thick exterior walls and ceilings, and soundproofing

 I have already sent away Higashikawa and Nishikuze from the basement as if they are no longer of any use to me

 After all, they will only be an obstacle to what is about to happen

 Now, when I returned to bed after checking all the facilities, Yukari had just regained consciousness


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