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Chapter 45 Bloody Lips

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 ”You finally woke up…”

 Yukari did not respond to my question as I sat on the edge of the bed

 I don’t expect a response from Yukari, either

 I guess she was in a state of confusion

 Yukari seemed to be looking around and trying desperately to understand her current situation

 This is a common symptom of becoming a lesser vampire

 In Yukari’s mind now, her memories of the past and the present are jumbled up, and she must be in the process of forming a new personality even in her unconsciousness. In such a confused state, she may not be able to hear my words well. Even if she recognized me properly, it was doubtful

 As I had expected from my past experiments, the effects of becoming servant on a person are inevitably causing changes in some parts of one’s personality. However, it does not mean that they lose their memories, rather, they become more violent and the feelings they had for their acquaintances change drastically

 In fact, this change has already begun to appear


 Yukari’s mouth emits a beastly roar as she rises from the bed

 The fact that she regained consciousness was proof that she had been successfully transformed into a servant

 However, it is difficult to say that the conversion is 100% successful

 If the person in front of Yukari was the Marquis Siena Verstadt ze Spencer himself, she would not be making such a roar. After all, a lesser vampire who has been transformed into a servant instantly understands who their master is

 Although I knew it, it seems that a fake can’t fool them

 And to solve this problem, I mixed my blood, but now her blood-sucking desire is stronger, and Yukari jumped out of bed and attacked me

 *Bit… a dull pain hits my neck

 Yukari bites my neck with her sharp teeth like a ferocious animal

 It is not so bad, but it does not hurt too much. Still, I am at Yukari’s mercy

 It’s no surprise when she becomes a vampire’s servant. The first time a lesser vampire learns the desire to suck blood, he or she tends not to be able to keep his or her reason

 Their minds may not be able to keep up with the unknown desire. As if to prove this point, Yukari bit my neck and was sucking blood with all her might

 For a while, I let Yukari do whatever she wanted as we embraced each other

 It would be easy to force Yukari to let go of my neck, but I was going to let her suck blood from the beginning until she was satisfied

 By doing so, it would be easier to make her listen to me

 Well, I guess Yukari is just looking at me as tasty food, regardless of whether or not becoming a servant is involved. Though I still don’t know for sure, I’m sure that it works

 In any case, I couldn’t let her feed on other people’s blood. It is not that she sucks so much blood by any means, but if such a person were to appear, it would be a big public incident. Besides, when I decided to help Yukari, I prepared myself to be the food for her

 As I thought so, I noticed a warm liquid leaking from between Yukari’s legs. Perhaps she was so comfortable that she became aroused

 What happens next is also predictable

 If the Lesser Vampire’s blood-sucking desire is calmed down a little, the s*xual urge should come after that. Apparently, the vampire species is inclined to have s*x with the person whose blood they have sucked

 In fact, they are so wild that they want to have s*x with their blood-sucking partners as if the act of blood-sucking is a preparatory step to have a good time with them

 There was even a lesser vampire who liked to have s*x with a person who put his dick in her cunt beforehand and then lick the blood off her cunt little by little. For vampires in the other world, blood-sucking and s*x may be inseparable

 The reason why I know that is because I have been turning many women into lesser vampires for my experiments

 When I was being asked to have s*x with them one after another and having my blood sucked by them every time, it became mentally hard for me even though I had the ability to regenerate myself. In the end, I was so troubled with them that I irresponsibly got rid of the Lesser Vampire-ized women

 Yukari will soon have uncontrollable s*xual urges, too

 Just as I was thinking of that, I heard her breathing heavily little by little with a vulgar sound

 The sensation I had felt on my neck had changed to a sweet licking sensation before I knew it

 ”You’re starting to lust, huh…?”

 Yukari herself must have realized that she was getting pleasure from sucking blood

 She may have been overwhelmed by the new feelings that were flooding in from somewhere, and she may not have known what to do with herself

 Suddenly seeing a stranger in front of her

 And she has just been almost killed

 But all that doesn’t matter, Yukari must be so eager to have s*x right now

 It was only a matter of time before Yukari’s hand reached between my legs

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