Returnee 46

Chapter 46 New Personality

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 Third Person Perspective

 When Higuchi Yukari woke up, the world changed.

 It is difficult to explain what had changed.

 On the contrary, Yukari did not even know what she was feeling now.

 The only thing she knew was that she now had intense impulses inside her. Or perhaps she should say that it was an unbearably urgent desire.

 Whatever it was, there was no doubt that something like instinct was currently controlling her.

 Still, even Yukari could vaguely understand that she was inside a room. Not only that, she has been tucked in on the bed now.

 She also remembers her fall from the cliff just a few minutes ago.

 She even vaguely remembers that her body hit all over the place as she fell and that her left leg was shredded like a toy doll and flew off somewhere.

 However, these memories simply passed through the corner of her mind like flowing water. It was as if all of them had been covered over by a certain feeling in Yukari’s head.

 I want to suck blood.

 That was all.

 Yukari has no idea why.

 However, Yukari understood that her womb was tingling because of this desire.

 She felt her love juices seeping from deep inside her body.

 It was strange that she did not remember shame in such a state. Normally, it would have been humiliating for her to get her cunt wet like a light-ass bitch whom she despises so much.

 But now, all Yukari had in her was a craving for blood.

 Then, as her vision becomes clearer, she realizes that there is someone near her.

 It was a handsome man.

 His suspicious red eyes are so mysterious.

 But somehow she feels a sense of familiarity with his face.

 However, the man in front of her must be a complete stranger. So, how could she forget such an impressive man? Such thoughts flicker in Yukari’s mind for a moment.

 However, such doubts pass in an instant, and an unspeakable thirst comes over Yukari.

 The smell of this handsome man in front of her is unmistakably delicious.

 It was as if he had just served her favorite food after a long day of fasting.

 This smell made Yukari’s body jump naturally. And unknowingly swallowing her spit, Yukari bites the man’s neck as if it was a matter of course.

 As soon as she set her teeth on the man’s neck, she felt a tingling sensation in her brain.

 Yukari could clearly feel her teeth sinking deep into the man’s flesh. It was true that she had bitten harder than she had expected, but that was not the only reason. She did not know why, but her canine teeth were sharp like fangs.

 A red fluid slowly oozes out from the man’s neck.

 The moment she feels the fluid on the tip of her tongue, Yukari realizes that what she has just done is right.

 This is her true nature.

 She does not think that the act of sucking human blood is strange at all. For her now, it is just a natural act, just like eating or defecating.

 Why didn’t she notice it until now? Why didn’t she realize that such a sweet act existed?

 These thoughts float in and out of Yukari’s mind.

 Like a storm of pleasure.

 The feeling was so good that she leaked a lot from her crotch.

 And that’s not all. Her pussy was twitching all the time, and she was experiencing a profound climax, which she had never experienced in her masturbation before.

 This pleasure is so bad.

 She felt that such alarm bells were ringing in the corner of her brain, but such alarm bells were soon blown away from Yukari’s mind.

 She feels as if she had been given something strange to drink earlier. But at that time, Yukari still had time to think about it.

 This time is different. The first taste of other people’s blood was unimaginably delicious, and that was all she could think about now.

 Naturally, she lets out a sweet sigh.

 She opens her bitten jaw and runs her lips over the scar. What escaped from Yukari’s mouth was a female’s breath filled with flirtation for the man with red eyes.

 Every time she licks and sucks the blood, the tingling in her womb gets worse.

 At the same time, her arousal only increased. Yukari felt her body aroused by the feeling of her love juices flowing from the depths of her vagina. And—

 —She wants to have s*x.

 How good would it feel to have a cock in her pussy right now?

 It must feel so good that she might get over it just by being put in there. If a hard cock were to stir inside her cunt after that, she might feel so… Such desire runs through Yukari’s mind.

 Now, with only a little bit of her rationality left, Yukari’s mind was completely thrown up in the face of her overwhelming s*xual desire.

 No, even Yukari has already realized that it is somehow different from mere s*xual desire.

 This urge is more like an instinct.

 Because what Yukari wants now is nothing but a man’s dick with red eyes. It is an indisputable fact that the female part of Yukari is reacting to the stranger to whom she has never talked before.

 If Yukari had been in a state of normal judgment at that time, she would have realized that there was something wrong with her sensation.

 It is not that Yukari has never slept with a man before.

 However, she did not have a loving lover, nor did she like to have s*x with men.

 In fact, Yukari gave up her virginity when she was a teenager, just because she thought it was not cool to remain a virgin forever.

 Well, at that time, she did not dislike the person to whom she gave her virginity, and she does not regret it.

 However, it didn’t make her get into s*x. It was because she didn’t think s*x was such a pleasurable act. Another reason is that Yukari got fed up with the guy who gradually started to pretend to be her lover.

 She started to feel that it was too much of a hassle to have s*x with him.

 And it is something for pleasing a man. And once Yukari had such a thought, the act of s*x became troublesome for her, and she stopped sleeping with men at all.

 Masturbation is the only way to get rid of her s*xual desire. But if she ever has s*x again, it will be when she really likes the person she is having s*x with. Yukari had been thinking like that, but now, for some reason, she was craving for a stranger’s dick that she had never talked to before.

 ”You’re starting to lust, huh…?”

 She thought she heard such a voice out of nowhere.

 But for some reason, Yukari was licking the scar that had been closed up, as if she wanted to leave it behind.

 Then, her hand was reaching for the lower half of the man’s body, as if to confirm the words she had just heard.

 Her hand starts to move to trace the shape of his dick at the tip of her hand as if something was guiding her.

 In her foggy mind, Yukari could not understand why she did such a thing. After all, for Yukari, s*x is something she has no choice but to do, not something she would seek out on her own.

 However, for now, the feeling of his cock getting harder and harder made her feel joyful inside.

 If she gets this cock inserted now, she might become s*x-crazed. Although she had never experienced a good feeling from s*x before, she had such a certain feeling in her mind now.

 In the meantime, the man did not show any sign of rejection of her actions, but only smiled faintly at her. He did not even moan when she bit him on the neck.

 Yukari knows that the man has no intention to resist. It must be because the other man agrees with what she is doing.

 Thinking this, Yukari could not stop.

 She takes off the man’s pants, and then she herself takes off her lower-body clothes.

 After both of them were naked, Yukari put his hardened cock against her tingling pussy.

 Yukari, who had taken a position facing the man and was on his lap, supported his cock with one hand and slowly lowered her hips.

 *Squelch! Yukari’s pussy swallowed the man’s cock.

 She felt as if she was being conquered by the man who was penetrating her pussy forcibly, even though she was voluntarily inserting his cock into her. It was as if the man in front of her was controlling her and making her do this…

 But even so, Yukari was happy. Now, all that is running through Yukari’s body is tremendous pleasure and delight.

 At this time, Yukari was already convinced.

 She knew that she had become a blood-sucking vampire.

 And that she is beginning to love the man in front of her, even if she does not know why.


 Main Character’s Perspective

 Her long, slender legs are entwined with mine as if she is a predator.

 I was enjoying relaxed s*x with Yukari in my arms.

 I was not doing anything, but just letting Yukari’s actions take control of me. I was on my knees, lightly supporting Yukari with my arms as she was swinging her hips frantically.

 Even so, Yukari had a very tight pussy, and I was about to ejaculate as well. Since we were having s*x raw, I was going to cum inside of her, but I knew that it would be useless to stop Yukari from cumming, considering the way she was now.

 It is also possible that she can’t get pregnant because of the change in her race.

 And originally I couldn’t have children with women in the other world, so I didn’t know what would be the effect of making her a Lesser Vampire.

 ”Ah, ah, ah… it feels so good. I didn’t know it. I didn’t know a p*nis could feel so good. Ah, ah, ah… there! It feels so good deep inside my pussy. Oh, shit, oh, shit. My cunt is making this dirty sound. This is all your fault. If I knew how good it felt, I’d fall in love with it.”

 When Yukari finally uttered a word, it was a dirty word.

 The provocative and condescending expression she had shown to Nishikuze and the others earlier had disappeared completely, and all that appeared on Yukari’s face was that of an enraptured female.

 Her language was a little rough, but there was a glimpse of sweetness toward a lover in it.

 The color of Yukari’s aura was pink of [Sexual desire][Affection], and green of [Joy].

 I guess this means that Yukari has changed in such a way that she thinks that I am her beloved lover whom she just met.

 I had expected this kind of change in Yukari, but it was also expected that the effect of becoming a servant would manifest itself in this way.

 ”You are being very selfish. It was you who attacked me, wasn’t it?”

 ”Haah, haah… Because I suddenly had a s*x craving.”

 ”Then it’s not my fault, right?”

 ”I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that. I mean, maybe it just loves at first sight. And this p*nis is bad. So, let’s just say I’m in love with you. Hey, hey. What’s your name? My name is Higuchi Yukari.”

 Yukari seemed to have come several times already.

 This must have calmed down her s*xual desire that followed the bloodsucking desire to some extent.

 Yukari, who had once stopped moving her hips, asked me my name after all this time.

 ”I am Sienna. Sienna Verstadt ze Spencer.”

 ”Sienna? Hmm, Sienna, huh? Hehehe… If your Japanese is so good, are you half-Japanese by any chance?”

 ”Well, in a way I’m half. Half human and half devil.”

 ”What? What are you talking about? And of all people a devil. Don’t make jokes.”

 ”Even you must understand that you’ve become something other than human.”

 ”No, that’s… But, still, a devil…”

 This is a strange thing, it seems that when one becomes a lesser vampire, he/she somehow understands that he/she has become a different kind of being. However, I’m not sure how much she really understands it, since I have never been a vampire myself.

 And I wonder if she can accept the fact or not.

 Well, the woman in the other world seemed to accept the Lesser Vampire rather easily, perhaps because she knew about it, but Yukari may be having a hard time accepting it because of her conventional wisdom.

 She seemed to think that my words were a joke or something, even though she was aware that she herself was an alien existence.

 ”Don’t you remember that you fell off the cliff earlier and almost died?”

 ”What? Uh, yeah. T-That’s right. Yes, yes. I fell off a cliff… But, wait a minute. Wasn’t that a dream?”

 My words must have brought back all the memories of the past at once.

 Yukari had a little bit of [anger] red in her eyes. However, such feelings of anger were soon replaced by the pink color of [Love].

 Among all the women who have been turned into Lesser Vampires, I think that Yukari’s change is the most remarkable. I have never seen such an outburst of [affection] in any other woman so far.

 The change is only convenient for me, but it’s not completely without its problems.

 So, is it possible that this whole sequence of events was necessary to make Yukari my woman?

 I had a chilly feeling that I was being manipulated by something.

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