Returnee 47

Chapter 47 Violent Impulse

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 Main Character’s Perspective

 ”I don’t know what’s so hard to understand, but the bottom line is that these old guys are Sienna’s subordinates, so if I’m pissed off, don’t touch them, right?”

 Yukari resumed making love again, and in the end, she happily took it inside.

 I was not moving much, though, and just let Yukari do whatever she wanted to do.

 In this situation, I could not just sit back and savor Yukari’s body.

 Even so, Yukari was completely melted by the pleasure, and she had an out-of-sync expression on her face as if she were making love for the first time with a new lover.

 Well, I guess it was not only the pleasure but also the fact that I let her suck blood a little after that.

 However, I told her not to suck blood from anyone but me.

 But usually, vampires don’t change their partners too often if they like them. Even the women I experimented on never tried to take blood from anyone but me. I think it would have been fine if I had not said anything.

 The more serious problem is that becoming a lesser vampire changes her personality and makes her more ferocious.

 As they are such high-ranking monsters, they would be out of control once they start to act violently. Even though it is a lesser species, it would take five experienced adventurers from another world to win a fight with it.

 After all, the blood of vampires seems to change the structure of their bodies, giving them extraordinary physical abilities and even the ability to regenerate, though not completely, so they were beyond the control of ordinary people.

 The fact that such a dangerous being would be unleashed on a peaceful Japan is a source of anxiety for me.

 How long can I make her listen to me?

 Yukari’s aura is almost filled with green for [Joy], pink for [Love], and white for [Trust].

 From the color of her aura and her attitude, it seems that she will do as I say if I tell her strongly enough. However, the problem is that she is not really aware that she has become a lesser vampire.

 Or maybe she simply does not understand what it means to be a vampire.

 Even when I told her that she had become my family member (servant), she seemed to be aware that it was just a matter of relatives, and she did not seem to understand it very much.

 ”Now can you really listen properly? I can only see you as a cocky girl, you know?”

 ”Oh? Do you have a problem with that?”

 ”Of course, I have a problem with it. You call us old men! I’m in my 40s and Hirofumi’s in his 40s.”

 ”You’re old enough! Do you think you’re so young with your greasy face and middle-aged belly?

 Higuchi Yukari and Nishikuze Eishin start arguing right in front of me.

 I returned from the basement to the ground with Yukari, who had finally calmed down, and was once again facing Nishikuze, Higashikawa, and a woman named Miki in the guest room of the temple’s main sanctuary.

 ”Yukari-san, I told you to stay quiet. And Nishikuze-san. Don’t misunderstand me, but Yukari-san listens only to my words.”

 ”But looking at her current attitude, I don’t think she has come to listen to even Sienna-sama’s words.”

 ”At least, she promised not to tell anyone about Miki and what happened here today. Isn’t that right, Yukari-san?”

 ”Yes, Sienna asked me to do so. I’ll keep my promise. But you’re not asking me to do what these old men say, are you?”

 ”Yes, I’m not going to go that far. For now, I want you to pretend that today’s incident never happened, and the rest is Miki’s problem.”

 ”Well, Miko herself insists on doing so. Still, I’m disappointed about you, Miki, but I’m going to give up on it.”

 ”I’m sorry, Yukari-san, for being so selfish.”

 Yukari-san said that, but in fact, she must have already lost all her feelings for Miki. She is probably just fooling herself with the thought that she has finally given up to be consistent.

 The clothes Yukari is wearing now are torn in some places and half covered with blood, yet she does not seem to care about it at all. There was no doubt that her emotions had changed due to her transformation into a lesser vampire.

 ”Hmm. If that’s the case, I don’t mind. I’ll overlook this woman’s rude words. Is that all right with you too, Eishin?”

 ”You’ve really given up on Miki, haven’t you?”

 ”Yes. I heard you and Miki are dating. I didn’t think Miki liked the old man, but if that’s the case, do what you want.”

 ”Damn… I can’t help it. I’ll just have to put up with it and think of you as a foul-mouthed sister.”

 ”Well, Nishikuze-san, it’s for your own good. If Yukari-san attacked you now… she’d easily bite you to death…”

 ”By this woman? No way… Of course, she’s a somewhat violent woman, but I wouldn’t be attacked by a mischievous woman of this caliber. Even though I look like this, I used to be a judo player when I was a student.”

 ”With a normal woman, that might be true. But I told you this woman is no longer human. Her appearance hasn’t changed, but you should consider that she’s a completely different being inside.”

 ”Are you talking about the devil you mentioned earlier?”

 Higashikawa asks me with a suspicious look on his face.

 Hearing Higashikawa’s skeptical look, I was almost taken aback by the fact that he still doubted my words, even though he had witnessed so many supernatural phenomena and had just seen Yukari’s shredded body being put back together in front of his eyes.

 ”If you don’t believe me, that’s fine, but I don’t care what happens to you as a result.”

 ”I’m not doubting Sienna-sama’s words by any means, but…”

 ”Also, there may be times in the future when I may need Yukari-san to negotiate with you, so please be prepared for that.”

 ”This woman?”

 ”Yes. I can’t be the one to visit you all the time. Is there a problem?”

 ”No, well… I’m just wondering if I can trust this woman that much.”

 ”It’s no problem.”

 Even I, who said so, did not fully believe in Yukari.

 It is because I don’t believe in her that I am trying to test her against these people.

 Even if Yukari were to get out my control and go out of control, it would be better for the bad guys to be sacrificed than for the innocent people to be harmed.

 ”However, Yukari-san, please take care of yourself so that you don’t lose your cool. You must have realized earlier that you have a monster-like power. If you display that power in your usual way, you might kill a person.”

 ”Hmm, I know. I think I understand that part of it, Sienna.”

 To make Yukari understand what she has become, some of the furniture and furnishings in the basement are torn apart by Yukari’s hands.

 However, it does not mean that she cannot control her power at all, and as long as she is aware of it to some extent, it should not interfere with her daily life. Also, as long as she doesn’t lose her mind and go berserk, I think she should be fine…

 ”Well, Higashikawa-san. How are the rumors of the miracle drug progressing?”

 ”Yes. Everything is going well. We have allowed our followers to see the effects of the miracle several times. Of course, we’ve been very careful as Sienna-sama requested. No one would dare to doubt the great God after witnessing such a miracle of God.”

 ”I see.”

 ”And as Sienna-sama told me, the prayer to Vepar-sama is also offered during the worship service. However, I’ve already used up the medicine that Sienna-sama gave me before. I was hoping to get some more if possible.”

 What I gave them was the leftover of what I used to heal Nishikuze’s wounds. There was not much left, to be sure.

 However, there is a bit of a discrepancy between what they said they were doing carefully and what they said they had used up all of it.

 Well, that’s OK.

 I don’t give them away for free. If it’s in small quantities, there’s no problem.

 ”I’ll sell you a bottle of that for 3 million yen.”

 ”What? You’re going to charge us money?”

 ”Of course. What are you talking nonsense? Do you think I am cooperating with you as a charity?”

 I don’t know if the price of 3 million yen per bottle is fair or not.

 However, healing potions are unnecessary for me, and unlike the poison of Muldeur, I have enough of them lying around in the interdimensional storage.

 Frankly speaking, there should be enough of them that I can sell them for a couple of bucks. Since they will only end up as garbage in the storage if I keep them for a long time, I’m going to sell them to them.

 It is unlikely to be used for stab wounds and cuts like in the other world, but there should be a demand for it if it is used for regenerating a defective part. And the visual performance as a miracle of God will be very effective. It will be very useful to gain believers.

 However, it was necessary to use many healing potions for the regeneration of the missing parts.

 In the end, it is not so much the value of the healing potion as the price that makes it unaffordable to all but the rich. The fact that the potions were so readily available was also a result that I did not want.

 ”I thought that the 8 million yen that Sienna-sama took out of the temple before was the payment for that?”

 ”I told you that it was a kind of nuisance fee for Nishikuze-san’s involvement in the Vepar sacrifice. Higashikawa-san, you know that too, and you’re just being foolish, aren’t you?”

 ”That’s absurd. But still, 3 million yen for a bottle. It’s a small price to pay if it can work a miracle of God…”

 ”As I told you before, one of those is not enough to fix a physical defect, okay?”

 ”Yes, I know that. You said that the bigger the defect, the more medicines are needed, right?”

 ”Yes, that’s right. And that it will take a long time to fully heal.”

 ”I’m sorry, Sienna-sama. What about the other medicine?”

 Nishikuze is no doubt asking about the aphrodisiac.

 I can’t help but feel that the role of the devil is gone and I’m already a trafficker, but I can’t bring myself to sell it.

 ”I gave it to you as a reward for your good service to Vepar. If you want it, you must remain a faithful servant of Vepar.”

 ”Yes, of course. As you can see from this ring, I’ve been faithful to Vepar. So, when can I expect…”

 ”I told you it would be a reward. When you’ve proven yourself useful.”

 Nishikuze reaches out his hand to give me a better view of the pledge ring, even though it is now a mere ring that has lost its effect.

 Yukari, who was sitting next to me and listening to our conversation without seeming to be interested, reacted to this action, but it was only for a moment. It seems that she is interested in me, but not so much in what we are talking about.

 Well, I’d appreciate it if she would keep her mouth shut for now since I’m planning to tell Yukari some things after we’re alone together.

 ”I understand. I’ll have Takagi prepare the cash immediately, so would it be possible for you to give me about 10 bottles of the miracle drug?”

 ”Ten bottles all of a sudden? Two or three bottles would be enough for a performance for believers. I can guess that it’s for the treatment of a deficiency, but who are you going to use them for?”

 ”Well, the other day I happened to have a chance to make a small connection with a prominent politician. I heard that his daughter is crippled.”

 ”I see. You’re going to use it against his daughter? It may be important to have connections with politicians and police agencies, but what will you do if you show a miracle to a non-believer and there is an uproar?”

 ”Yes, I am very careful about that point. The other party member is Kusunoki Seiichiro of the XX party, who is a member of the prefectural assembly.”

 I stop moving for a moment because I hear the name again in an unexpected place.

 I had just heard his name the other day at the hospital where Sayaka’s daughter, Ede, was hospitalized.

 ”Kusunoki Seiichiro…?”

 ”Yes. To tell the truth, there is a little situation over there. He would never tell anyone about it. So I thought he might be a good person to whom I could give the miracle drug in secret. In the end, it would be a form of gain of favor.”

 ”What’s the reason?”

 ”The other day, his brother had an accident. By chance, one of our believers happened to be at the scene of the accident, and later his representative contacted the believer to tell the police about what he had witnessed. I was consulted by the believer on various matters. In the end, I acted as a go-between and put the matter in order.”

 ”From what you have just told me, it sounds like you had him perjure himself. If the believer had only told the police what he had seen, he wouldn’t have asked you for advice, would he?”

 ”I am a servant of God. I will not force them to perjure themselves. But misunderstandings happen to everyone. So, a believer can misunderstand which way the green light was, because of the shock of witnessing a tragic accident. Besides, the believer was not so sure about his memory at that time, so I just tried to persuade him to remember well.”

 When I heard this story, I felt anger welling up from the bottom of my heart.

 But I am not so good-natured as to be driven by righteous indignation for the sake of others. I myself had no idea why such a dark feeling had emerged.

 ”I see. I see your point.”


 ”No. From what you’ve just told me, I don’t think we should take any action.”

 ”What is the reason for that? I’m acting following Sienna-sama’s words.”

 ”Hirofumi, stop it. Sienna-sama told you to stop. There are many other ways to make money, aren’t there?”

 ”That’s true, but…”

 Higashikawa seemed to be quite dissatisfied and wanted to say something to me.

 He was still stifled in mid-sentence, probably because he saw the grim expression on my face.

 However, I could not explain at all where this sudden anger came from.

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