Returnee 48

Chapter 48 Illusions of the Past

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 In the end, I sold two healing potions to Higashikawa. But it would be impossible to heal a defect with only those two potions.

 At first, Higashikawa seemed to be dissatisfied, but as soon as he realized that I had no intention to give him more, he changed his mind. Apparently, he changed his mind about how to make money with those two bottles.

 Compared to such a Higashikawa, Nishikuze is still easier to deal with.

 This is because Nishikuze started to grind sesame seeds a lot (flattering) when he found out that he could get an aphrodisiac as a reward.

 In the case of the healing potion, Nishikuze even warned Higashikawa against his insistence. If things continue like this, it is safe to say that Nishikuze will not betray me as long as there is an aphrodisiac present.

 Although Higashikawa is likely to be okay as long as he is given the bait of making money, I do not intend to give him anything other than the healing potion at this point.

 If I tell Higashikawa about the poison of Muldeur, I am sure he will jump at it, but it would be too foolish to give it to them so easily.

 The poison of Muldeur has immeasurable value. I may give a hint of its existence, but it would be a waste to use it as a mere means of making money.

 Besides, I had no intention to use it on my side too unless it was the most critical moment, whether or not Higashikawa’s group is trustworthy.

 Even if not, I have given them too much goods such as healing potions and aphrodisiacs.

 So, the poison of Muldeur can be sealed up for a while, I guess.

 Thus, after finishing my business at the Gospel of Love Cult, I got into the mini-van driven by Higuchi Yukari and came to the apartment where Yukari lived.

 I remembered that I had been thinking about Kusunoki Seiichiro, but now I had to confirm my relationship with Higuchi Yukari first.

 After all, all I remembered was the memory of the hospital room.

 I have no recollection of how and when I met Yukari and how we became lovers.

 But there are cases like Sayaka’s.

 It is possible that seeing something may trigger my memory.

 ”What would you like to drink? Well, I only have beer on hand right now. If you want something else, I can get it for you. It’s not like you can’t drink, right?”

 ”No. It’s not that I can’t drink, but I’d rather not right now. I’m here to talk about the future.”

 ”You’re talking about me being a vampire? I know it sounds crazy, but it’s not that I don’t believe you. It’s just that there’s a lot of crazy stuff that goes on. But first, can I go change my clothes? I’m still in my old raggedy clothes.”

 ”Go ahead. Why don’t you go wash up while you’re at it?”

 ”Sure. I’m going to take a quick shower. Meanwhile, Sienna, you just sit around and make yourself comfortable. You can go to the kitchen and go through the things in the refrigerator if you like.”

 With these words, Yukari disappears toward the bathroom and I watch her back.

 Being left alone, I sit on the edge of the L-shaped sofa, looking around the room as if I were searching for something.

 I was thinking that maybe I could remember something.

 If I was in love with Yukari Higuchi, I must have visited her apartment several times.

 If so, it would not be surprising if there is something that sticks in the corner of my memory.

 However, I could not be sure of this, except for a vague feeling of familiarity with the scenery of the apartment.

 Even so, it would be many years before I would be dating Yukari. It is quite possible that she had moved and was living in a different place at that time.

 After looking around the room like this for a while, Yukari comes back to the room early after she seems to have taken a light shower.

 Is she like this in front of her lover, or is it because she has been turned into a lesser vampire?

 Yukari was walking around wiping her wet hair with a bath towel, barely wearing a T-shirt and shorts, but not even underwear on her upper body.

 Although slightly muscular, her proportions were well-proportioned with feminine softness.

 Seeing Yukari like that, I feel as if I could see a vision of my past when I was crazy about her wonderful body. However, like with Sayaka, a series of memories do not come back to me, and I still can’t remember the fact that Yukari and I were dating.

 This makes me think that my memory of the hospital room may have been a hasty mistake.

 Perhaps, I mistakenly took it as something she said to me and she didn’t call me by my name clearly. And It just so happened that a colleague or an acquaintance of mine was dating Yukari, and I was just standing next to her watching the scene…?

 Such a coincidence is not impossible, but if I don’t remember anything other than the hospital room, I would think of it as a possibility.

 ”Would you like some tea? I’m sorry, I only have bottled tea.”

 ”No, this will be fine. Thank you very much.”

 Yukari sits down next to me in a T-shirt and shorts, offering me a plastic bottle without any sign of putting on a jacket.

 Seeing the mixture of the pink of [s*xual desire] and the pink of [affection], I didn’t need to ask how Yukari was feeling right now.

 She recognizes me as a kind of lover, not a dependent.

 If she listens to me, that’s fine. I am sure that she is my favorite woman in terms of appearance alone.

 Even if this is the result of a misunderstanding, there is nothing wrong with making her my girlfriend. But the question is whether this is really a mistake or not.

 Ever since I came back from the other world, I have felt some kind of fateful connection with the people I have met. If so, I think that there must be some fateful connection between Yukari and me, and that is why we have met again in this way.

 However, in my previous experience, I would have had almost no contact with her brother Nobuo. In fact, I barely know his face and I am sure about that. So, I had no idea where and when my connection with Yukari had been formed.

 ”Why don’t you touch this beautiful woman who’s looking so greedy right in front of you?”

 Yukari made such a sweet voice and leaned down with her face on my shoulder.

 Yukari’s hair, which is still half-dried, touches my cheek, and it feels cold and itchy.

 I saw the pink of s*xual desire in my eyes as I looked at Yukari’s figure.

 Yukari’s face is close to mine, and her breathing becomes rougher and rougher. I also noticed that Yukari’s nipples were hard and pointed, pushing up the white T-shirt from the inside.

 The reason why Yukari is so aroused must be that she is still under the influence of the bloodsucking. I knew that having done so only twice in the basement of the temple would not cure the effects of the bloodsucking.

 ”Maybe you want to do it again? I thought you already had done it.”

 ”Is it not good?”

 ”No, not necessarily, but we’re here to talk.”

 ”We don’t need to discuss it. I’m willing to do whatever Sienna says.”

 Yukari’s sweet voice as she looks up at me with her face on my shoulder gradually makes me want to go along with her.

 Though I was originally planning to have s*x with her, too.

 So, It would be a lie if I said that I did not have a desire to savor the wonderful treat in front of me, and I did not feel the need to hold back in any way from Yukari.

 I am just more concerned about my relationship with Yukari.

 However, since I cannot recall anything at this point, it does not necessarily mean that I will remember anything just because I have heard Yukari’s story.

 The relationship with Yukari is only an event that is expected to happen in the future. It is not likely that the present Yukari would know anything.

 However, there are other problems.

 I had turned her into a Lesser Vampire by an unexpected chance, but I could not be sure that Yukari would never betray me.

 ”Still, I’m even surprised at myself. I’ve been wanting Sienna so badly that my lower half of my body has been aching. I never thought I was such a dirty woman.”

 Yukari gently rubs my crotch as she says this.

 I let myself be stimulated by her, but I kept talking.

 ”It’s not surprising, you know. It is because of the influence of becoming my family member.”

 ”Is that so?”

 ”Yes. The bloodsucking is one thing, but the point is that you need me now.”

 ”Hmm, I kind of understand that.”

 In reality, there is not such a deep connection between me and Yukari.

 What is currently rooted in Yukari is her bond with the Marquis Sienna Verstadt ze Spencer, the True Ancestor, and not with me.

 If it were the Marquis himself, he could order her to do something, but in my case, it is not possible.

 I was planning to make Yukari dependent on me through bloodsucking and s*x, but I felt that it was not enough.

 In the other world, when someone becomes a Lesser Vampire, he or she is clearly in conflict with Agfis. But since there is no will of the individual, he/she has no choice but to live as a servant of the darkness, no matter what.

 Because they were aware of this, they could not rely on others, and it was easier for me to guide their thoughts.

 ”Anyway, I needed your cooperation as well.”

 ”Hmm, what do you mean by that?”

 ”What if I told you that what happened to you today was no coincidence?”

 ”Coincidence? It’s what those old guys did, isn’t it? Or are you saying Sienna was behind it?”

 ”That’s not what I meant. It may be hard to believe, but it was fate from the very beginning that Yukari-san would suffer from this.”

 ”Fate? Does that mean that a bad fate was attached to me?”

 ”Yes, it does. In other words, Higashikawa and the others were just caught up in your fate. Even if you didn’t have a trouble with the Higashikawas at that time, you would have had a motorcycle accident or something similar later on.”

 ”Hmm? How did you know that I also ride a motorcycle?”

 ”Because I saw the possibility of such a future.”

 ”Hmm, future possibility, huh? But still, it’s fate…. Hmm…”

 Yukari snickered at my words.

 I know I sounded like some phony fortune teller, but I could only think it was the truth.

 ”No, I’m sorry. But I didn’t mean to make fun of you. I didn’t expect to hear such romantic words from Sienna.”


 ”Yes, it is, isn’t it? Then it’s also true that I was destined to meet Sienna after all, isn’t it?”

 ”Well, you could say that. But that fate may be a curse.”

 ”I don’t care about that. After all, it was Sienna who saved me from such a terrible fate.”

 ”I only did it for my own reasons. You see, I told you in the beginning. I needed you.”

 ”I’m glad to hear that.”

 ”Why don’t you ask me why?”

 ”Hmm. I don’t know… all this talk about family and destiny and fate is too complicated for me to understand. If Sienna is like that, then I guess I’m like that.”

 ”I see…”

 I felt as if someone had just shrugged me off.

 Even though I had decided that it was safe to tell her, she gave me such a thin reaction even though I had told her a part of my secret.

 However, there was a small result. It was that Yukari was actually riding a motorcycle. This is consistent with what I remember from the hospital room.

 ”Hey. Look… I know you have a lot more to tell me, but let’s leave it at that for now. I’m… you know… I’ve been having these tingles down there for a while now. Can I suck your p*nis?”

 ”Sigh… I don’t have a choice. I have to take responsibility for making Yukari-san my servant.”

 ”Ah. I remember you told me that my s*xual desire has increased since I’ve become your servant, didn’t you? Then this is necessary too, isn’t it?”

 ”Well, yes. But please don’t misunderstand me. I have other women to be with, so I can’t just be with Yukari-san.”

 ”I know that. I’m not such a Jealousy-minded woman.”

 Yukari says that and starts to take off my pants happily.

 Then, I felt Yukari’s head sinking down immediately, and I felt her tongue entwining with my crotch.

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