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Chapter 49 Some Misunderstandings

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 Main Character’s Perspective

 ”Yuichi (The horny big guy who shut in after being beaten by mc). It’s been a while since I’ve seen you. But what’s wrong with you?”

 ”What do you mean?”

 ”Your hair and your glasses.”

 ”Oh, this. How’s it going, don’t I look fresh and handsome? I’m planning to go this route from now on.”

 ”What? What line is that? You don’t look good at all. You look like a gorilla forced to wear glasses.”

 ”Kukuku. Gorilla, huh…? Well, if you ask me, you’re right.”

 ”Hmm? What the hell, Shintaro? There are things you’re allowed to say and things you’re not allowed to say.”

 A businessman-like customer who came out of the convenience store after shopping passed by the delinquents hanging around the entrance and gave them an annoyed look

 However, the delinquents did not care about such a glance. They were shouting and making a lot of noise without showing any sign of being offended

 But one of the delinquents, Sakaki Shintaro, glared at the customer, and the customer, who looked like a businessman, quickly turned his face away and ran away toward his car

 The clerk working at the cash register seemed to have noticed the situation outside. Even so, he seemed to have decided to keep quiet, as if he did not want to get tangled up with them

 ”It’s your fault for showing up like that after a long time, okay? Or did you want to hear some nonsense from my mind?”

 ”It’s not that… I mean, does it look that bad on me?”

 ”I don’t mind the hair, but those glasses…”

 ”Really? I think my hair is tackier than my glasses.”

 ”Seriously… Well, say what you want. Even so, it’s better than Kenji’s.”

 ”Hey, Yuichi! Why are you bringing me into this?”

 Tominaga Kenji complains, his mouth agape, as he is suddenly confronted with a situation that is directed at him

 Like Shintaro and the others, Kenji felt uncomfortable with Yuichi’s change but did not say anything unnecessary, so he probably wanted to complain about Yuichi’s words

 ”Well, Shintaro and Nobuo have good faces. Comparing them with you won’t help you in any way, though.”

 ”Hey, seriously, Yuichi. Still, what have you been doing for the past month or so? You hardly showed your face even during the New Year vacations.”

 ”Well… I’ve been playing games mostly. Once I started playing, I got really into it.”

 ”So you play games too, Yuichi. But why didn’t you just say so? We thought you were so scared of Kaburagi-kun that you couldn’t leave the house.”

 ”No, that’s…”

 ”That’s all right. We’ve already talked to Kaburagi anyway. As long as you don’t mess with his girl, he won’t try anything.”

 ”That’s right. Just like that Kenmochi.”

 As soon as Tominaga Kenji mentioned Kaburaki Shuu’s name, Yuichi’s expression turned grim

 Although Yuichi himself made an excuse that he was addicted to the game, it was obvious that Kaburaki Shuu was involved in the case

 Sakaki Shintaro and Higuchi Nobuo must have noticed this. So, they seemed to try to change the topic as soon as possible

 ”Who’s that guy? Who’s this Kenmochi?”

 ”Yuichi doesn’t know him because he doesn’t go to the same school as us. He’s just some nerdy guy in the same class as us. Kenmochi was always making a big show of himself at school just because he was popular with the girls for a little while.”

 ”I see, so he’s a creepy guy. So what’s this about him?”

 ”It’s about Ayano. You know how Ayano and I had been getting along so well but suddenly we stopped talking to each other after that incident? Kenmochi saw that and thought he had a chance to hit on Ayano. So, starting around the end of last year, he started following Ayano around. At first, Ayano ignored him, but Kenmochi was so insistent that Ayano finally lost her temper.”

 ”Ah, I sort of get it now. So that’s why Kaburagi beat him up?”

 ”No. There were no signs of a beating. But it’s possible that he hit him except his face so that it wouldn’t be noticed. I mean, we don’t really know what he did, since Kenmochi didn’t say anything. However, I’m sure that Kenmochi had calmed down a couple of days after Ayano lost her temper.”

 ”I see, I’m sure Kaburagi-kun did that to him.”

 As soon as Nobuo told him that he was probably not beaten, Kenji said that Kaburaki-kun had beaten him. Yuichi, who was at a loss to understand what was going on, opened his mouth and asked

 ”So? Which is it? He was beaten or he wasn’t?”

 ”No, I mean. I’m talking about the ass side.”

 ”Really? Is it possible that he’s into guys too?”

 ”Yuichi, you shouldn’t take him seriously. Kenji is just saying random things.”

 ”I’m not so sure about that. Kenmochi’s become very jumpy as soon as he sees Kaburagi.”

 ”That’s right. I almost lost my virginity in my ass too. And that look he’s giving you, Nobuo, you’re sure that’s what he meant, aren’t you?”

 ”Yes. It’s true that Kaburagi has been looking at Nobuo a lot lately. Besides, Nobuo, you are quite popular among that kind of guy too, so maybe he’s targeting you.”

 ”Stop that kind of joke! It’s not funny.”

 ”I see… That’s how it is. Don’t worry, Nobuo. Even if you become a girl, we’ll still be friends.”

 Yuichi’s words drew laughter from everyone around him

 The scene was repeated again and again as the customers in and out of the convenience store walked past the delinquents who were having a good time with their foolish talk that was neither true nor false while giving them annoyed glances


 In front of me, floating in front of my eyes, was firm and well-shaped buttocks

 She had her hands on the edge of the bed, her outstretched legs on the floor, and her ass facing me like an animal mating

 Her anus was wriggling hungrily in front of me

 Her cunt was already in a sloppy state, and Yukari’s love juice was dripping down her thighs like a stream. I had inserted my cock into this hole and was in the process of slowly and repeatedly extracting it

 ”Ah, ahhhh! Sienna’s gonna turn me into a bitch again. I wasn’t such a dirty bitch before. But just by sticking your dick in me, I’ve turned into a bitch who wags her tail for her master. Ah, ah, ah… No! If my body learns how good a dick feels like this, I won’t be able to go back to the way I was before. Ah, ah, ah, that’s good. Please, give me more.”

 Three weeks had already passed since I had turned Higuchi Yukari into a lesser vampire

 I had seen Yukari only on weekends since then, and I had not been to her apartment that often. The reason is that I had to deal with Ayano and Sayaka, and I could not leave Yukari all by herself

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