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Chapter 49 Some Misunderstandings

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 Even so, Yukari never complained to me and seemed to be obedient

 Even though becoming a lesser vampire changes her feelings toward others, it does not mean that her personality also changes. It is evident that Yukari’s temperament, which she should have originally had, still remains strong in her

 Perhaps it is because of such a calm personality, Yukari does not make any unreasonable demands, and I am glad that I do not have to bother her so much

 ”Ah no! I like this angle. It feels so good against the back of my cunt! Sienna, Sienna. I’ve already come so many times. Ah, ah, ah… Is Sienna ready to come? I want you to come deep inside me, with Sienna’s cum in my cunt. Please, pour your cum on my womb, Sienna.”

 If there is a slight problem, it is that Yukari has an uncontrollable urge for violence

 It seems that Yukari herself does not really understand this aspect of her life, and she seems to be too irritated by her own irrationality

 She does not understand at all what the cause of her irritation is. Well, in the first place, I don’t understand the instinctive desire as a monster, though it is impossible for the people of this world to understand it

 I can say that there is no problem since she is relieved from her frustration by having s*x with me, but it is too late for her to get over it after some accident

 However, it’s too late for her to learn how to reduce the amount of s*x before Yukari overdoes it and hurts her partner too much. But it would not make much sense for me, who is almost immortal, to be his training partner. The question of how to deal with that was on my mind

 ”Cumming! Ahhhhh, I’m going to be a bitch. I’ll become a dirty bitch who only thinks about her master’s cock. Ah, ah, ah, cummmming!”

 And there’s more to the problem

 I still can’t remember anything about Yukari

 There is nothing wrong with having Yukari as my woman, no matter what our past relationship was. Even if she were not, I would have liked her, and she is a woman whose personality is not to be faulted, even though she has become my servant

 However, I was sure that I was feeling a little bit uncomfortable because I could not remember what had happened between me and Yukari

 Furthermore, I still can’t find any connection with Yukari’s brother, Nobuo. In the past, if there had been a relationship between me and Yukari, it would have had to do with Nobuo. I thought so and went to see Nobuo’s face many times, but no such memory came to my mind

 ”Haah, hahh… I’m sorry, I came first. I’ll suck your cock and make you feel good in a minute.”

 ”No. I think we can take it easy today, so we can do it after we have a short rest. I’m sure Yukari-san won’t be satisfied yet.”

 ”Really? If Sienna says it’s all right, I’m always open to it. You can use my cunt as much as you like.”

 I was supposed to meet Kyouka after this, but Kyouka suddenly had a scheduling conflict, and I had just received a text message on my phone apologizing for not meeting her

 In addition, I was going to meet with Sayaka late at night, and Ayano was staying over at my place frequently, so I didn’t have to rush back home

 So I decided to stay longer and sat down on the bed and hugged Yukari when I heard the chime from the front door

 ”Someone is here, do you have an appointment?”

 ”Hmm? No, I don’t have an appointment. I think it’s probably a solicitation for newspapers or something, so I’m told to leave it alone. Anyway, would you like to have something to eat? I can make something simple in no time.”

 ”Yes, okay. Shall we eat?”

 ”Yeah, just wait a minute then. I’ll cook it right away. But still, it’s too noisy. They keep ringing the doorbell. I’m going to get rid of them.”

 Yukari leaves my arms regretfully, and then she hurriedly puts on only a T-shirt and underwear and disappears toward the front door

 As I wait there for a while, looking at my cell phone idly, I hear a voice from the bedroom that sounds like some kind of a struggle at the front door

 It seems to be a woman from the tone of her voice, but I couldn’t make out what she was talking about. However, from the tone of Yukari’s voice that I heard her say a couple of words, it sounded as if she was an acquaintance of Yukari’s. As soon as I realized this, the conversation started to get more heated

 I quickly cleaned up after the affair, put on my own clothes, and went toward the front door where Yukari was


 ”That scumbag is the one who’s cheating Yukari-san, isn’t he?”

 ”Naoko… you’ve got to stop this! I’m sorry, Sienna. She’s called Naoko. She’s like a little sister to me. But she’s got a big mouth…”

 ”Yukari-san, please be quiet for a moment. Yukari-san is just a girl who has fallen for a bad man and lost herself.”

 ”That’s not true. I told you that I’m in love with a guy, didn’t I?”

 ”Yes, you did. You went to a religious group called something about Miki and you almost got into trouble there, but he saved you, didn’t he?”

 ”Yes. So, you know what I’m talking about, right?”

 ”I know what you mean? Yukari-san, what’s wrong with you? That’s absurd. I’m sure he’s in on it too.”

 ”I told you that’s not true!”

 ”Then why did you leave Miki at the religious group? And Yukari-san, you said so many times that we don’t need a man.”

 ”That’s just human nature. I’m just saying that I respected Miki’s decision.”

 ”Sigh… You’re not making any sense. You know, you can’t fool me, Yukari-san. So, I’ll make sure you know that I, the former suicide squad leader of Maihime, am always on the lookout for you.”

 When I stepped out to the front door, a short woman who looked as if she were a junior high school or high school student stared at me provocatively

 However, she has a certain amount of body, so she does not lack the appearance of an adult woman at all

 Naoko, a woman I met for the first time today, was a woman with a well-shaped small face and a shortcut that suited her very well

 ”Seriously, Naoko… Go back to your house before I lose my temper. I mean, you’re just in my way.”

 ”No, I’m not leaving. I won’t move even if I have to until Yukari-san comes to herself.”


 ”Well, well… What is wrong? I think it’s better if you come inside and we can talk calmly. It seems there’s been a misunderstanding. So, we should clear it up.”

 ”Sienna… I’m so sorry. Even though Sienna came all the way here… I’m so sorry…”


 Yukari, who looked really sorry, leaned closer to me and gently put her hand on my shoulder

 Seeing this, Naoko’s tongue was clicking as if she didn’t like it

 But I watched her with interest

 She was a woman whom I had no recollection of, but I guessed that there might be some connection between us if she had been involved in my life

 It is hard to believe that all the people I meet have had relations with me in the past, but it is hard to say that I had never met her before

 When I looked at her with such an impudent gaze, she gave off a black aura of [Hate]

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