Returnee 65

Chapter 65 The Woman Falling into a Trap

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 With her head resting on my knees, Mizuki’s lower body convulses violently.

 I haven’t put my fingers inside her v*gina yet.

 Using the hand that slipped between her underwear from behind, I only rubbed her v*gina and cl*toris.

 But Mizuki herself is already in a state where her pink of [Desire] is burning.

 Has her body already completely surrendered?

 Perhaps it’s because the effects of Warabbit’s ovaries have taken effect, or maybe it’s because she has already reached org*sm once and the switch has been flipped.

 Normally, after reaching cl*max, some s*xual desire should be released, but as long as the effects of Warabbit’s ovaries continue, that won’t happen.

 She will only be plagued by the persistent throbbing of her ut*rus, even after having multiple org*sms. To be honest, it was interesting to see how long Mizuki could endure it.

 ”It seems like you had built up quite a lot. To cl*max so easily…”

 ”Haa… I-it’s not like that…”

 ”Is that so? Don’t tell me it’s something else? You made your underwear soaking wet with such lewd juices. There’s no excuse for that. I can only interpret it as if you were expecting to be treated like this just from a little touch.”

 ”E-Expecting… That’s a misunderstanding, Masuda-san.”

 ”Whether it’s a misunderstanding or not, the fact remains that your v*gina is craving for it. And you seem to have cl*maxed quite spectacularly. Were you secretly enjoying sucking my p*nis?”

 ”Haa… haa… That’s just a physiological response…”

 ”If you insist, I don’t mind. Either way, it doesn’t change what we’re going to do. Instead of that, please resume giving me a f*llatio.”

 Mizuki, who seemed to have recovered from the pleasure of cl*maxing a little, moves in response to my words.

 Of course, one org*sm doesn’t change much.

 Well, the real thing is when my p*nis is inserted. Or rather, I don’t think there will be much change until Mizuki fully recognizes that my p*nis feels good. There is a possibility that Mizuki may not surrender for four or five days.

 Even though she has completely surrendered physically, there are women who stubbornly refuse to admit it. It’s difficult to say since it varies from person to person, but considering Mizuki’s personality so far, it wouldn’t be strange for her to surrender relatively easily. And if she doesn’t surrender, then I’ll just have to think of another plan.

 ”Yes. Serve me by making me cl*max with just a blowjob.”


 Just as I ordered, Mizuki takes my p*nis deep into her throat and then spits it out.

 With her mouth narrowed, shaking her hair, she vigorously performs a blowjob, showing that she has a considerable amount of experience compared to Kyouka.

 ”Also, while you’re at it, don’t stop touching your v*gina.”

 ”Huh. W-Wait a minute. But…”

 ”Listen here. Just by waiting one day for your debt, do you think I won’t suffer any losses? I’m saying that I’ll cancel the high interest, so endure it and let me enjoy myself.”

 ”But I just cl*maxed earlier…”

 ”Just cl*max as many times as you want. Your body seems to be unsatisfied yet.”

 ”But… Please, please have mercy…”

 ”But your v*gina has fully accepted it. Look, it’s tightly gripping my fingers.”

 ”Ah, that… No, it’s not good. Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah…”

 My two fingers that were inserted from behind penetrate into Mizuki’s insides.

 Her v*gina, which became wet and sloppy as if welcoming those fingers, tightened around them.

 Perhaps she was aware of that. Mizuki’s purple [Shame] swells up instantly.

 But it only lasted for a moment.

 The purple of [Shame] quickly turns into a pink of [Desire], and every time my fingers go in and out, lewd squelching sounds can be heard from her v*gina.

 ”Ah, ah, ah. No! If you do that, I’ll come again right away! Ah, ah, ah. Please, if that’s the case, please wait a little longer!”

 Mizuki’s hips bounce up in response to the movement of my fingers. However, this time she doesn’t completely release my p*nis from her mouth and manages to use her hands to handle it while also licking it with her tongue.

 ”I can’t wait. It feels so good to have this done inside your p*ssy, doesn’t it?”

 ”No, no. That’s not true. It’s not like that. No! Ah, ah, ah! That’s not good! I’ll come, I’ll come! Please, don’t move your fingers so vigorously!!!”

 Mizuki tightly closes her eyes and clings to my p*nis. While not only using her tongue but rubbing her whole face against it, she desperately tries to escape from pleasure. She starts shaking her head from side to side as if she’s reluctant.

 It seems that Mizuki hasn’t realized yet that she’s being overwhelmed by a level of pleasure she has never experienced before, thanks to the contraceptive pills she was given earlier. Of course, if we keep repeating the same things, she will eventually figure it out, but by the time she does, it will be too late to turn back.

 ”Ah, ah, ah, ahhh! No, I can’t anymore. I’m coming. I’m coming! My p*ssy is going to come again. Why? Why does it feel so good? Ah, ah, ah. Nooo, I’m going to sq*irt. I’m going to sq*irt that lewd juice!”

 ”Are you really not aware? You’ve already been sq*irting a lot.”

 ”Ahhh. N-no, that’s not it. This is different. Ah, ah, ah. I can’t hold it in anymore. If you keep moving your fingers so much, I’ll really come again. No, I’m going to… I’m coming! Ah, ah, ah, ahhh, ahhhh!!!”

 I start forcefully thrusting my finger in and out, which is now covered in her slippery juices, to match Mizuki’s timing. I move my finger against Mizuki’s softened inner walls, rubbing vigorously towards the final sprint.

 ”Ah, ah, ah. Am I coming again? Ah, ah, ah. No, that’s not true. I never expected to sq*irt so much. Ah, ah, ah. Why does it feel so good? It’s like it’s not my own body. N-no, that’s not it. I don’t usually… Haa, haa.”

 ”What do you mean it’s like it’s not your own body? It’s just that you were sexually frustrated, right? Or do you want to make so many excuses? ‘I’m not a pervert who comes just from being touched a little.’ Or ‘I’m just having sex reluctantly.’”

 ”Haa, haa. I didn’t mean it that way…”

 ”Just admit it already. Originally, you have a lewd body. If you haven’t felt much pleasure before, it’s just because your husband was terrible. No matter how much you deny it in your head, you can’t deceive your body.”

 ”That’s not… I’m not lewd…”

 ”Well, fine. You’ll eventually have no choice but to admit it. In fact, I’m about to insert my p*nis now.”

 ”Huh? W-wait, please. At least let me calm down a bit more. If you put it in now, I feel like I’ll really lose control.”

 ”Huh? What nonsense are you talking about? I’m already in the mood, so there’s no way I can wait. Now, just lie down on the sofa with your butt raised.”

 ”No, I don’t want to! W-wait. Masuda-san, please wait!”

 I move Mizuki’s face, which is still limp and convulsing, away from my knee. Standing up from the sofa, I go around to her butt. Mizuki notices my actions and tries to escape from me instinctively.

 However, it seems that she can’t gather any strength in her lower body, so she just futilely struggles while lying on the sofa. I grabbed Mizuki’s waist from behind with both hands and slid down her soaked underwear. Mizuki’s anus, in a position resembling crawling on all fours, twitched and dripped with a large amount of v*ginal fluid overflowing.

 I positioned my p*nis at Mizuki’s well-prepared v*gina and penetrated only the tip of the glans, completely ignoring Mizuki’s feeble resistance. However, I did not fully insert my p*nis and waited in that position for a little while.

 Despite quickly succumbing physically, Mizuki showed unexpected resistance. Perhaps I should change my approach here.

 ”Ah, ah, ah. No! If your p*nis goes any further into my v*gina, I…”

 ”Listen, Ma’am. Everything you’re doing is for your daughter. So, even if you end up feeling pleasure with my p*nis, there’s no helping it, right? Don’t you think so?”

 ”Ah, ah, ah. That’s a different matter…”

 ”It’s acting, acting. Ma’am, you have to pretend to feel even if it’s a lie. Because if you don’t satisfy me, someday your daughter might become a target. To prevent that, just think that you’re only pretending to feel pleasure right now.”

 ”Ha, ha… Pretending to feel pleasure?”

 ”Yes. Even if you do feel good from s*x, it’s for the sake of your beloved daughter. It’s what you’re doing to protect your family. So it’s nonsense to feel guilty about it, no matter how you look at it. If you use your lewd body to keep me connected, everything will work out. Can’t you think like that?”

 I-is that really true?”

 ”Yes, there’s no doubt. Say it out loud once that you want my big p*nis inside Mizuki’s v*gina. But I’m not saying you have to say it sincerely. You’re only saying it to excite me.”

 ”P-please put your big p*nis inside Mizuki’s… N-No, it’s impossible!”

 ”Then I’ll ask the same thing of your daughter. Is that okay?”

 ”Just not that! Please, Masuda-san. Please don’t touch my daughter.”

 ”Then say it quickly. Before I change my mind.”

 ”Ugh… P-Please put your big… p*nis inside Mizuki’s v*gina!”

 With those words, I thrust my waist forward.

 ”Ahguuu! Your… p*nis is entering. It’s going inside my v*gina!”

 ”Even if it’s acting, say out loud that the p*nis feels good. That my p*nis feels good.”

 ”Ah, ah, ah. Ahhhhh. Y-your p*nis feels good! M-Masuda-san’s p*nis feels good! Ah, ah, ah. Ah, I can’t take it anymore. I’m going to… I’m going to c*m! I’m c*mming!”

 ”It’s not over yet, just because you came once. You should still have plenty of stamina, Ma’am. Come as many times as you want while screaming that the p*nis feels good.”

 ”Ahhh, ah, ah. I’m c*mming. I’ve c*m so many times already. Please, take out your p*nis! This feels too good! Ah, ah, ah. Masuda-san’s p*nis feels too good. Mizuki feels like she’s going crazy.”

 ”It’s okay if you go crazy. Your v*gina is getting a little loose. Put more strength into your v*gina and handle my p*nis. Say more obscene things to excite me. Unless I ejaculate, this won’t end no matter how much time passes.”

 ”Haa, haa, haa, yeess. Penis, p*nis. This p*nis feels incredibly good. I’ve never experienced anything like this. It feels so good…. Ah, ah, ah. I’m going to c*m again. Haa, haa… My v*gina has c*m so many times… It’s enjoying Masuda-san’s p*nis inside me! No, this is going to be bad. Ah, ah, ah. I’m c*mming, c*mming, c*mming, aahhh! Haa, haa… Ah, ah, ah. It’s… too much! The p*nis feels too good, I’m going crazy!”

 Mizuki might have been acting until this point. But well, she must have been trying to deceive herself with acting. Mizuki herself must have lost track of whether it was acting or her true feelings. As evidence of that, Mizuki’s hips were moving lewdly, as if seeking my p*nis.

 ”Did my p*nis feel that good to you?”

 ”Ah, ah, ah. Y-yes! Masuda-san’s p*nis feels incredibly good.”

 ”If that’s the case, would you like me to thrust more?”

 ”P-please thrust. More, more. Ah, ah, ah. It feels so good. When I’m penetrated by your p*nis, my v*gina feels incredibly good. P-please, use Mizuki’s lewd v*gina with your p*nis, aaahhh… Please, thrust more and more!”

 To be fair, Mizuki ending up like this is also because of Warabbit’s ovaries. Once it reaches this point, it’s impossible to make a rational judgment, even if it’s not Mizuki. Despite being overwhelmed by the pleasure of org*sm, only sexual desire keeps surging up one after another.

 However, I don’t think that everything is settled with this. When Mizuki regains her reason later, her initial emotions might be regret and shame. Rather, this might just be a momentary lapse of judgment.

 Regardless, I never planned to corrupt Mizuki just through this incident. Given Mizuki’s personality, I can fully believe that she would deceive herself into believing that she did this only for the sake of her daughter, Kyouka, and that she made herself feel good solely to please me.

 So, I intended to continue until Mizuki herself willingly seeks my p*nis. Well, I can’t skip school on a weekday morning. I didn’t have much time to pay attention to Mizuki either.

 While thinking about such things, I moved my hips vigorously, thrusting into Mizuki’s buttocks.

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