Returnee 66

Chapter 66 Each Weakness

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 Mizuki was leaning heavily on the sofa and visibly exhausted while her chest heaving up and down.

 Mizuki’s crotch was overflowing with the s*men I had ej***lated inside her, and she still seemed to be engulfed in a tremendous pleasure. However, there was also an expression on her face that seemed completely satisfied with the s*x.

 Although she initially resisted, towards the end, she willingly moved her hips. She must have memorized the shape of my p**nis from our recent s*xual encounter.

 But for now, I left Mizuki alone and quietly left the house.

 It wouldn’t be surprising if Mizuki were to fall.

 However, this is not just about Mizuki; if I inject Warabbit’s ovaries into most women, they would likely end up like this.

 It depends on how much love or guilt they have towards their husband or lover. Or rather, how long they can endure the insatiable s*xual desire that never settles.

 Of course, having s*x with their husband or lover would somewhat relieve that s*xual desire.

 However, the pleasure they experience at that time would be significantly inferior to the pleasure I gave them, leading to a sense of dissatisfaction later on.

 It was only a matter of time before Mizuki could no longer suppress her physical cravings.

 After that, it would be good to present Katsuji’s affair as a decisive blow in front of Mizuki. If I do that, Mizuki’s feelings should naturally lean towards James Masuda.

 However, that doesn’t mean I take any responsibility. At most, I’ll just be willing to be a s*xual partner when I feel like it.

 While being caught up in such selfish thoughts, I stopped by my own house once and changed into my school uniform before heading to school.

 If I hurry, I should be able to make it to the morning classes. Lately, I’ve been skipping school for various reasons, so I want to avoid being marked absent as much as possible.

 So, despite being bothered by the judgmental gazes of elderly people and housewives, I hurry to school. And somehow, I manage to arrive at the school before lunch break, so I decide to enter from the closed back gate.

 I thought it would attract attention if I entered from the main gate and be completely visible from the school building, especially from the students by the windows.

 Lightly jumping over the back gate, I try to sneak through the shortcut that leads to the front entrance while hiding. Then, at that moment, I notice that Tominaga is standing blankly at the corner of the school building, gazing at something.

 I didn’t approach that way to call out to Tomonaga just because we know each other, even though I happened to see Tomonaga at this time and place. I wouldn’t be surprised even if this guy skipped class, and I have no interest in what Tomonaga is doing.

 If I hadn’t heard a woman’s moaning from around the corner, I would have passed by without much interest. Sneaking up behind Tomonaga, who is showing a stupid grin, I saw Sakaki sitting on the buttocks of a woman who was on all fours on the other side of the blind spot, having s*x in broad daylight.

 ”Ugh, seriously. Fooling around in a place like this during class.”

 Even though I’ve been skipping class and having s*x with married women up until now, such muttering escapes from my mouth. It’s the usual group, Tominaga Kenji, Shintaro Sakaki, and Higuchi Nobuo.

 But I also vaguely recognize the woman’s face. While her upper body was still in a school uniform, her skirt was lifted up, and the underwear that should have been there was pulled down to below her knees. Ayano doesn’t seem to have much involvement with her lately, but she used to be close to Shiori, a girl who seemed to have a good relationship with Ayano until then.

 ”Oh no, Shintaro. It seems like someone found out.”

 ”Tch, Kenji! I told you to keep a close watch… wait, what, Kaburagi?”

 ”Huh? K-Kaburagi-kun?”

 Sakaki, who noticed that the person who found out was me, seemed relieved and let out a sigh of relief. However, it seems that he couldn’t continue having s*x as it was. Sakaki glanced at me and withdrew his p**nis from the woman’s buttocks, tucking it back into his pants.

 ”Oh, I was surprised. By the way, why are you here, Kaburagi-kun? Did the homeroom teacher ask you to find me?”

 ”Huh? There’s no way I would do something so troublesome. I was just running late and trying to pass through here.”

 ”Oh, I see. But now that I think about it, you weren’t in the classroom this morning.”

 ”If you already know, why ask in the first place, Tominaga? And why are you guys having s*x in a place like this? There are plenty of empty club rooms or unused classrooms if you look for them, right?”

 ”Well, you know. I was just showing Shiori her position. She’s a meat toilet where she has to open her legs wherever we want to have s*x. Isn’t that right, Shiori?”

 ”Yes, that’s right. Shiori is everyone’s toilet woman.”

 ”See, she’s saying the same thing. Why don’t you try using this woman once, Kaburagi-kun? She has a surprisingly tight v*gina, you know.”

 With a flashy face and makeup, when combined, she looks somewhat cute. Also, thanks to her reasonably large chest, this girl named Shiori should have attracted curious glances from male students.

 However, compared to Ayano, she’s significantly below. Becoming a member of the Sakaki and the others is a matter from before, and she’s not a girl I’d want to bother with.

 But at this moment, I must have had a rather serious expression.

 From what Nobuo said earlier, it seems like Shiori doesn’t understand her position. It doesn’t seem like Shiori willingly offered her body to the Sakaki and the others. She probably ended up like this because they had some leverage over her.

 Noticing my state, Tomoniga nervously asks,

 ”Uh, um… Kaburagi-kun, you’re not after this girl, are you?”

 ”Huh? Why would you even bring that up? And besides, when did you guys get involved with this girl in the first place? It didn’t seem like you had this kind of relationship with her before.”

 ”Huh? Well, yeah. It’s only been since the beginning of this year. But if you ask Shiori, she says there’s no relationship with Kaburagi-kun…”

 ”I see. So, in other words, you’re targeting this girl as a replacement for Ayano. But if it’s by force, that’s a bit of a problem.”

 I have no intention of complaining to these guys myself.

 Even if Shiori were targeted instead of Ayano, I don’t have a moral obligation to take responsibility for that. Besides, even if this had something to do with the force of destiny, there was nothing I could do about it. It is possible that the original Sakaki and the others used not only Ayano but also Shiori as bait.

 If I were to worry about the secondary effects, it would only make it more difficult to change Ayano and the others’ fate. I have no choice but to choose not to worry about it.

 ”Kaburagi. I haven’t laid a finger on your woman, so don’t start saying unreasonable things like not touching acquaintances of your woman.”

 ”Well, what are you going to say then? If I don’t like her, I’ll just make sure she doesn’t get involved with anyone. You guys have imposed unreasonable things on others in the same way before, haven’t you? Are you planning to start complaining when you find yourself on the receiving end of unfair treatment?”

 ”Tch… You’re kidding, you bastard!”

 ”Hey, wait a minute, Kaburagi-kun. Shiori, despite her appearance, really loves s*x. Shiori and we are just enjoying each other, so there’s no problem. Right, Shiori?”

 ”Ah… Yes, that’s right.”

 Shiori’s response could easily be seen as being forced by Nobuo. As for what I think when Ayano realizes Shiori’s current situation, I don’t know.

 It is possible that this could lead to a situation where I have to intervene and stop Sakaki and the others. However, if Shiori herself is satisfied with it, I currently have no intention of saying anything more.

 ”Hmm, well, whatever. Do as you please. For now, I have no intention of getting involved with this woman. At least for now.”

 After glancing at Shiori, I leave the place with only those words. Shiori always has an expression that flatters and fawns over Sakaki and the others.

 However, I didn’t miss the momentary yellow color of “expectation” towards me that appeared within that, quickly changing to the gray color of “disappointment.” It overlapped with Ayano’s face in my memory, and I was feeling indescribable.

* * *

 Currently, I am drinking alcohol inside L’OASI, a cabaret run by Yasunaga, while worrying. Despite being busy with various things, the reason I am drinking at Yasunaga’s place is to observe Akuzawa, who occasionally comes to this establishment.

 I can’t feel at ease if I don’t somehow deal with Akuzawa. I couldn’t be sure if Kyouka’s problem was really resolved with just that. However, the problem was how to handle it and how far to go.

 Honestly, I haven’t really considered crossing that line. If I were to kill Akuzawa, this problem would be resolved in one fell swoop, and although I, who have already stained my hands with blood many times, may now think about it, I thought that it was nothing more than an event in a different world.

 I’m not trying to escape from reality by just having a bad dream, but once the taboo of murder is broken in this world, there should be no stopping it.

 Moreover, there was just a commotion between Akuzawa and I due to the incident with Kyouka. In the end, we both reached an understanding and settled the matter peacefully.

 However, if Akuzawa were to suddenly disappear, it wouldn’t be strange for the people around us to connect that with our previous exchange and his disappearance.

 If there is no apparent reason for Akuzawa’s disappearance, it would be an unavoidable story for others to cast suspicious glances at me.

 That being said, I don’t believe that resorting to violence or threats would solve anything with Akuzawa, just like with Sakaki and the others. If I were to beat up Akuzawa, it would have been done already if that were the solution to the problem.

 If the result is just him holding grudges against me and seeking revenge, it would still be fine. However, there is a possibility that it could backfire and affect Kyouka.

 So, if it’s better than stimulating Akuzawa in a bad way, it would be better to completely erase him from this world. That’s why I’m sticking around, hoping to find some weakness or something.

 And, though it may not have met my expectations, I hear a familiar deep voice from the entrance of the store. And there, Akuzawa, who seems to have noticed me as soon as he entered the store, was walking towards me with the prefectural assembly member, Kusunoki Seiichiro, by his side, appearing at the edge of my field of vision.

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