Returnee 73-2

Chapter 73 The Source Of The Commotion, Part 2

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 The moment I opened the door, I heard a roar coming from inside, which didn’t match the normally calm atmosphere.

 The story takes place at the cabaret club “L’OASI” run by Yasunaga.

 When Sayaka contacted me, I rushed over and found the situation like this.

 It was usually a busy time of the day with customers, but the store was empty, as if all the customers had left because of one annoying man.

 The person causing the commotion is a guy called Akuzawa.

 He was in the back seat, drunk and making some noise.

 But Yasunaga was there too.

 However, it doesn’t seem like Yasunaga and Akuzawa are having trouble.

 It was only natural that the guests would run away if they made such a fuss, but there seemed to be a reason why Yasunaga wasn’t paying attention.

 I caught sight of Akuzawa and Yasunaga in the corner of my eye as I was guided to a seat relatively close to the entrance.

 ”Welcome, Masuda-sama!”

 When I took my seat, Ayaka quickly came over, noticing me right away.

 And then, Yasunaga, after being informed by his guy in black, seemed to notice my presence and started to get up from his seat to come over here.

 But that’s nothing new.

 It seems like Ayaka has permission from Yasunaga to prioritize me, unless she’s with an important client. Yasunaga, on the other hand, seems to have just come over to greet me, as usual.

 As soon as Yasunaga came over to the table, he greeted me while bowing his head.

 ”Sorry, Masuda-san. It’s noisy inside. Do you need anything from me today?”

 ”No, no. I just happened to stop by for a drink. By the way, Akuzawa-san, is something the matter?”

 ”No, not really. Just a little trouble. Well, it’s not a big deal, so don’t worry and take your time.”

 ”But you seem quite agitated for ‘not a big deal.’ Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to pry, but it’s the first time I’ve seen Akuzawa-san like this.”

 ”He made a little mistake in business. I just went to apologize to the other party with him. It’s already resolved, so there’s no problem. I also gave back the commission fee and included an apology fee as well.”

 ”It’s 10 million yen. That’s quite…”

 ”Well, not everything goes smoothly, so it can’t be helped. But Akuzawa’s brothers don’t seem satisfied. Even though I didn’t completely mess up, they’ve decided to hand it over to another organization. There’s nothing I can do about it once they’ve said that.”

 The way Yasunaga talks so casually really surprised me, but I guess I thought if Akuzawa was making such a fuss, he wouldn’t be able to keep it hidden.

 I also only heard from Ayaka beforehand about what Akuzawa was saying.

 Well, because I have a general idea of the situation, I could guess why Akuzawa was making a fuss.

 Normally, I wouldn’t have been able to understand anything detailed from Anenaga’s words alone.

 He probably told Kusunoki Seiichiro that Sato Hanae had run away.

 Of course, they must have searched high and low before doing that.

 But no matter where he looked, it’s unlikely he would have found Sato Hanae, and he must have reluctantly reported to Kusunoki Seiichiro.

 In this situation, thankfully, Sato Hanae’s husband probably hasn’t been found either.

 There’s no possibility that the husband’s whereabouts would lead to Sato Hanae, but it’s truly unbearable for an unrelated husband to be involved in Akuzawa’s violence.

 Even if that were to happen, it would just mean more charges of arrest, confinement, and assault for Akuzawa, which would work out for us.

 ”Really? That’s how it was. I guess that’s just how work is sometimes. I can understand how Akuzawa-san feels, especially since I just messed up recently too.”

 Saying that, I dodge the question.

 I wanted to know which organization got the job, but Yasunaga probably doesn’t know either.

 If I get too involved in this conversation, I’ll just raise suspicions.

 No, why do I even need to know that?

 I’m not doing this to help Sato Hanae, so it shouldn’t matter how Kusunoki Seiichiro moves in the first place.

 ”Oh, you mean that thing from the other day. Did you manage to make up for that mistake?”

 ”Yes, thanks to that. It’s not really a thank-you, but maybe I can increase the number of transactions in the future.”

 ”Oh, I see. That’s great news for me too.”

 A smile appears on Yasunaga’s face.

 I still have a ton of money in stock. There’s no point in keeping it locked up in the Interdimensional storage, so it’s better to sell it to Yasunaga quickly.

 With that thought, I return a smile to Yasunaga.

 And in the midst of all this, I see Akuzawa staggering towards us.

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