Returnee 73

Chapter 73 The Source Of The Commotion, Part 1

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 Right now, there’s a woman who’s sucking on my p**is.

 It’s Mizuki, Kyouka’s mother.

 Despite the fact that our daughter went through such a terrible experience just last weekend, I found myself staring at Mizuki, who was busy sucking on my p**is in broad daylight, with mixed feelings.

 It’s undoubtedly my doing that Mizuki ended up like this.

 Even if she was an obviously hopeless mother, I have no place to say anything about Mizuki.

 But the fact that she doesn’t show much guilt for betraying her daughter makes me feel indescribable emotions.

 Due to repeated s*x and the consumption of Warabbit’s ovaries, Mizuki’s skin has become very radiant, looking about five years younger than when I first met her.

 There might be men attracted to a mature woman who looks tired from s*xual frustration, but Mizuki is emitting a strong and alluring aura, which, combined with her natural beauty, will surely not go unnoticed by the men around her.

 However, Mizuki herself is obsessed with my p**is, so she probably doesn’t pay any attention to other men.

 ”Slurp slurp. Ohhh, slurp. Master, would you like to taste the mouth of a worthless, lewd, and incompetent mother?”

 ”Yes, it’s quite satisfactory.”

 ”Oh, um… I’m desperately longing for Mizuki’s lewd p**sy. Would it be okay if I please your p**is with my p**sy?”

 ”I believe I asked you to service me with your mouth earlier, didn’t I?”

 ”I-I’m sorry. It’s just that I couldn’t resist the deliciousness of your p**is, Master. Slurp.”

 ”Haven’t you been getting your p**sy filled by your husband?”

 ”Slurp, slurp. Haah, haah… I haven’t been doing anything with him lately. Even when he comes home, he just goes straight to sleep.”

 ”Oh, I see. It’s such a waste to have such a delicious-looking female hole nearby. How about I make it my exclusive p**sy then?”

 Mizuki had a look of genuine happiness on her face as she listened to my words.

 The colors of [loyalty], represented by white, [happiness], represented by green, and [desire], represented by pink, immediately washed away the lingering gray of [agony].

 Mizuki had completely fallen under my mercy.

 Just a little while ago, as soon as I entered the Amazawa household, Mizuki hugged me and begged for a kiss.

 Her easily infatuated and obedient nature was convenient for me, but it posed a big problem for Kyouka.

 The issue at hand had little to do with the recurring memories.

 Even if that problem were resolved, Kyouka would still have to continue living with her dysfunctional parents, so it wouldn’t be fair to say that the problem was completely solved.

 Cutting ties with her father, Katsuji, was a possibility.

 Kyouka would probably agree to that.

 However, cutting ties with her mother would be impossible.

 She could stay with relatives or live with me, but it seemed that Kyouka couldn’t abandon her deep love for her family, especially her mother.

 After meeting Mizuki, Kyouka’s mother, it became clear to me that the essence of the problem lay within their family dynamics.

 So, if I were to separate Mizuki from Katsuji, would that solve everything? Well, it’s not that simple of a situation.

 Mizuki is the kind of woman who can’t live without relying on someone emotionally.

 Even if I were to separate her from Katsuji, she would quickly find a new man to depend on.

 Whether she remarries or just remains in a romantic relationship, it would be fine if the partner is decent, but a woman like Mizuki is likely to end up with an unsuitable man.

 To be extreme, it could be a man who gets drunk and becomes violent, or one who not only harms Mizuki but also sets his sights on Kyouka.

 In such a scenario, Mizuki would probably end up forgiving those actions.

 Even though she cares about Kyouka, she would obediently follow the orders of the dependent man.

 Otherwise, the scenes I remember would never have occurred, and it would be strange if she were not rejecting my words even now.

 Well, there’s no point in overthinking that now.

 At least until Kyouka becomes independent, I’ve decided to make Mizuki depend on me.

 The only thing left is to decide when to tell Mizuki and Kyouka about Katsuji’s affair.

 This is planned to make Mizuki decide to divorce Katsuji, but it also includes convincing Kyouka about her parents’ divorce.

 In this situation, if Katsuji was having an affair, Kyouka would surely be fed up.

 However, I’d prefer to deal with Kyouka’s issue first if possible. Given Kyouka’s current mental state, it would be really cruel to tell her about her father’s affair.

 When I saw Kyouka at school at the beginning of the week, she was desperately pretending that nothing had happened, but the gray of [agony] and the purple of [anxiety] and a negative aura were clearly visible.

 The most I can do for Kyouka right now is to pretend not to notice anything.

 ”I’m going to do it.”

 I said that shortly and firmly as I tightly grabbed Mizuki’s head.

 Then, I started moving my hips roughly as if I were using a s*x toy. Despite that, Mizuki accepted the act with a happy expression.

 Even when I eja**ated a large amount of s*men into Mizuki’s mouth, Mizuki swallowed it while making gulping sounds and then began to diligently suck up the remaining s*men in the urethra.

 Her face was filled with joy as a woman, radiating a green [Joy]. However, because her p*ssy was not used, she also had a slightly greedy expression.

 ”Did you want to have s*x that much?”

 ”Mmm. Mmm. Yes. Mizuki and Mizuki’s lewd v**ina really love Master’s p**is. Without this p**is, I… Please. Can I have Master’s p**is in my v**ina too?”

 ”Until now, I’ve let you use your body freely in exchange for waiting for interest repayment. Since Kyouka-san, your daughter, is working for me, there’s no need for you, ma’am, to be my partner.”


 ”Well, ma’am, if you really insists, I won’t refuse. But before that, have you already told Katsuji-san about the debt? Of course, it’s a one-year promise, so strictly speaking, it won’t be fully repaid until then.”

 ”Yes. I told him when my husband came back the other day.”

 ”And what did Katsuji-san say?”

 ”Well, nothing… He just apologized to our daughter.”

 ”Did you properly convey the conditions to him? If there is a prospect of Katsuji-san repaying the debt, it’s okay for your daughter to quit her current job. Although she may have to work for a while until a replacement is found.”

 ”I told my husband about it…”

 When I heard those words, I felt sad.

 It’s not just that Katsuji doesn’t treat her properly as if it’s someone else’s problem.

 Mizuki is also disappointed.

 However, despite having such a helpless father and mother, Kyouka is the one who won’t be abandoned.

 So I guess I have no choice but to forcefully intervene.

 I roughly hugged Mizuki’s body while sighing in my heart.

* * *

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