Stargazer 10

Chapter Chapter 10 The Married Couple in the War

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 Three days after Lucas’s visit to Savignac, the Froinvale army left the capital and started marching toward Ternoir.

 They marched southward along the continental road, and after several small battles, they finally arrived at the Kilfe fortress, a strategic point in the north of Ternoir, which could be called the first gateway.

 It is a sturdy stone fortress without a shred of elegance.

 And at dawn, a fierce siege begins.

 The Froinvale generals fought valiantly against the holed-up Ternoir soldiers.

 And as the battle that had been going on for hours during the day came to an end, and the dusk, which seemed to reflect the blood that had flowed on the earth, melted away into darkness, the high-pitched shout of a woman echoed inside the tent of the expeditionary force, which was the largest tent for the commander of the troops.

 ”Aaa! Damn you! Those bastards! They underestimate a woman like me!”

 Valerie’s beautiful face was filled with anger, but Lucas, in his usual unenthusiastic manner, calmed her down.

 ”Commander, please calm down. Don’t you think you should be thankful? After all we don’t have to fight.”

 The commander of the fourth army of the expeditionary force, a total of 250 soldiers, is Valerie, the commander of the Golden Eagle Knights.

 She is a woman of great character, even called a “war maiden”, and in fact, she is much more popular among the soldiers than Commander Throwers of the Black Phoenix, who is the commander-in-chief of the expeditionary force due to his seniority.

 For Throwers, it must be very difficult.

 It is because he knows this that Valerie took over the 4th Army, the smallest unit, without a single complaint.

 However, Valerie’s dissatisfaction finally exploded here.

 Fort Kilfe is on the verge of falling after today’s battle, so it is inevitable that tomorrow’s attack on the fort will be a battle for glory.

 Nevertheless, the 4th Army led by Valerie has been unceremoniously assigned to provide logistical support in tomorrow’s attack on the fortress.

 In other words, they were told to ‘just sit back and watch as they take the credit’.

 In other words, they were told that they were out of the war.

 ”Aaaaa! Damn!”

 Valerie scratches her red hair and kicks off her scattered armor and helmet.

 Then she looks at Lucas, who is sitting on the mat with a tense expression on his face.

 ”Sheesh… While I am feeling so frustrated, you are so easygoing, Danna-sama”

 ”That’s not true!”

 Lucas’s words are true. He is not easygoing. His heart is in turmoil. In a completely different sense from Valerie’s, he is desperate in his own way.

 Since his visit to the duke’s house, Valerie has been calling Lucas “Danna-sama” and referring to himself as his wife on every occasion.

 She must have been self-conscious about it. After all, she rarely speaks down to Lucas anymore, and even tries to see the good in him.

 Moreover, thanks to their overly attentive companions, they have been forced to sleep huddled together in one tent, one blanket, since their departure from the capital.

 To begin with, she is a very beautiful woman if she doesn’t open her mouth. To have such a woman breathing in her sleep right next to him is unbearable.

 Lucas also not a stone. He is a boy of age.

 It is a miracle that he has been able to endure for more than 20 days without touching her, reminding himself over and over again that he is in a war zone.

 In addition, Valerie herself is so defenseless.

 She is indeed a daughter of a great noble family.

 She believes in the words of Lucas who declared to her father that she would not do such a thing until he comes back from the battlefield.

 So, she is wearing only a thin short coat and short hakama, which are not military attire.

 His eyes were drawn to the curves of her body, which were hidden by the armor.

 He wonders how much patience he has to endure this situation.

 Valerie, who is unaware of such a situation, puffed up her cheeks in dissatisfaction and lay down on Lucas’s lap with a pillow.

 ”…I’m tired.”

 ”Umm… Commander, you’re heavy…”

 ”Shut up. I said I’m tired. You could at least give me a little help…”

 ”Okay, okay, thanks for your hard work.”

 ”Yes, yes. I am tired. I just… need extra care and attention, Danna-sama”

 ”Saying this again…”

 ”Your wife says she’s tired. You’ve something to do as a son-in-law!”

 ”Yes, yes… I understand…”

 Lucas shrugs and pats Valerie’s head.

 Silky red hair. A shapely head. He pats it gently with his hand, as if he is admiring it.

 Immediately, a pleasant sound of “Hmm…” escapes from her well-shaped lips.

 When he looked into her face, she looked happy, her eyes were closed, and her mouth was wriggling.

 Valerie is like this sometimes when they are alone.

 At first, she looked like she was going through a hard time and tried to act like a wife, but in the end she didn’t know what to do, and in the end she lost her temper and asked Lucas recklessly.

 ”Hey, Danna-sama! Try to do something like a son-in-law!”


 Lucas was at a loss for what to do.

 But then, he patted her hair like he did to his sister.

 The only way he knew how to treat a woman was this or fighting with his sister.

 But it seemed to be surprisingly pleasant for Valerie, and from then on, whenever they were alone, he started to give her a headpat.

 Is such a thing OK? Still, when he saw her lying down with a face like a cat in the sun, it made him smile.

 I wish he would have done so on a regular basis so that men would have admired her more, I think, but I also don’t like the idea of other men seeing her face like this.

 Before he knew it, he realized that he was feeling possessive,

 (Well, after being together for almost a month, I guess you can get attached to each other…)

 Lucas’s mouth relaxes involuntarily.

 For now, their life as a couple is just like a playing house, still he’s really thankful that he can pat her head.

 In fact, he can’t imagine how she will react when he tells her who he is.

 Considering her strong sense of justice, they might even end up killing each other, so the idea of further developing the relationship is a bit confusing to him.

 (I don’t know what the hell my father is thinking…this is bound to fail someday…)

 While Lucas was thinking about this, Valerie looked up at him with sleepy eyes.

 ”…hey, Danna-sama”

 ”Hmm? What is it?”

 ”Well, what did you and my father talk about in the bath that day?”

 Lucas stopped running his fingers through her hair at the sudden question.

 ”I can’t tell you that. It’s a promise between men.”

 Immediately, her cheeks puffed out.

 ”Sheesh… you treat me like a woman too?”

 ”Treat you like a woman… I guess so. But I also treat you like a relative”

 ”I see… then good.”

 ”By the way, Commander. Can you please give me a break? My hands are getting tired.”

 ”No. I’m still tired. If it’s no good, it’s no good.”

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