Stargazer 11

Chapter Chapter 11 The Obscene Princess

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 ”Princess… Please forgive me, ah, I’m already…”

 ”Mmm, don’t worry, cum as much as you want.”


 The boy’s immature manhood is rubbed up and down by the woman’s slender fingers, and he came with a soprano moan.

 Watching the white slime dripping on her white fingers, she licked it off with her tongue.

 It tastes fresh and young, and when she munches down the thickening with her tongue, a faint taste of marijuana lingers in the fishy bitterness.

 ”Princess… I-I’m already…”

 She looks at the boy who is thrusting his cock into her crotch.

 ”Heehee… does it really feel so good to have your cock in this princess’s private parts?”

 ”Y-Yes, it’s irresistible.”

 That was the sight of immorality because five boys were serving one woman.

 The boys are all silver-haired, good-looking, and feminine.

 The woman, on the other hand, looks like a teenager or a twenty-something, but her atmosphere is too calm.

 She is lewdly dressed only in a garter belt, and she is watching the boys sucking both of her nipples with satisfaction, while running her tongue over the boy’s thing who is using her thighs as pillows.

 ”Haah, haah… princess, I-I want to come, please let me come…”

 The boy who is penetrating her vagina lets out a desperate cry, and she whispers to him in a loving tone.

 ”No worries, you can spit it out into me as much as you like.”

 ”Ah, thank you very much…!”

 With these words, the boy spits out a cloud of white water and it hits the depth of her vagina. At the same time, the woman raises her eyebrows slightly and lets out a sweet, comforting moan.

 Just as she is soaking in the afterglow with an enraptured expression on her face, as if she had a sweet pastry on her tongue, she hears a young woman’s voice outside the door.

 ”Your Highness, the crown prince is on his way here.”

 She sighs. Then she looks around at the boys and opens her mouth.

 ”…Everyone, you are dismissed. I have a visitor.”

 ”Yes, Your Highness.”

 And then she calls out through the door.

 ”Olga, order Flovio to take Bastian. Then, you call Stellanova and wait together with this princess.”

* * *

 Far away in a war zone, just as Lucas’s wrist cramped up.

 In Saint-Togan, the crown prince Bastien is visiting his aunt, the Princess Verneuil, in the royal mansion to the east of the palace.

 Bastien’s expression is gloomy. To tell the truth, he is feeling a little anxious.

 Although she is his own aunt, he doesn’t want to see her if he can avoid seeing her. He himself is aware that his aunt does not like him, and he does not want her to like him.

 ”Your Highness, the crown prince is here.”

 The old butler, who had reported the crown prince’s arrival at the mansion, called out through the door, and from the other side came a melancholy voice in reply.

 ”…it is all right, let him enter.”

 The butler opens the door and bends down to urge the man to come in. As soon as Bastian, the crown prince, sees the scene on the other side of the open door, he raises his eyebrows.

 After all, in the center of the room is a lavish bed with a canopy, and on top of it is a woman laying on velvet bedding custom-made for her.

 She has a youthful beauty that makes it hard to believe that she is over forty years old.

 Her elegant Urizane-shaped contours and thick, fleshy lips are set off by the melancholy look in her blue eyes.

 Her blue eyes are narrowed melancholy, and she rakes up her golden hair, which is disheveled in her sleep.

 The woman is his aunt, Princess Verneuil.

 She is dressed in nothing but black shorts, a garter belt, and a see-through shawl.

 There is no man in the room, but her bosom is covered with beads of sweat, indicating that she has just had an affair.

 Still, Bastian stepped inside the door and opened his mouth without trying to hide his displeasure.

 ”You have not changed at all, Aunt”

 ”Yes, very much so. I know I’m dressed a little shabbily, but, well, you’re relative, so forgive me.”

 ”A little… shabby?”

 If Bastian had not known her, he would have thought she was a prostitute in a brothel, looking so vulgar.

 He looks around with a furrowed brow, revealing his displeasure.

 He sees a maid and a female knight. In the corner of the room, he sees two women standing.

 He remembers that the dark-haired woman in a knight’s outfit was Olga, the commander of his aunt’s direct knighthood, and the silver-haired maid was Stellanova, or something like that.

 They had no facial expression at all, and he can only say that he felt pity for them because they must have been exposed to this kind of thing on a daily basis.

 ”What is it? You look unhappy. Even if you look like that I can’t take care of you. You share my blood.”

 She twisted herself coquettishly and looked up at Bastian gloomily.

 ”I never thought I’d be thanking God that I’m related to you, aunt…”

 ”Haa! I’ll say it.”

 Princess Verneuil laughs with a throaty laugh.

 However, Bastien narrows his eyes suspiciously at the sight of her legs.

 He saw that her right leg, from the knee down, is tightly bandaged with a brace.

 ”By the way, what happened to your leg?”

 She pursed her lips in displeasure.

 ”I’ve gotten a little too carried away. I fell off the bed. The pain is gone, but it’s broken, and it’s quite inconvenient.”

 She deserved what she got, Bastian thinks to himself. Then, he shrugs his shoulders.

 ”Then, it may have been a waste of time to come here. You can’t go to the war with such a leg.”

 ”What are you talking about? Of course I’m going. Tomorrow I’ll receive the wheelchair that is made for this princess and a carriage specially made to carry the wheelchair on its back.”

 ”What? There’s no need for you to go out of your way under such circumstances.”

 ”Are you stupid? The soldiers are fighting for their lives! I can’t just sit back and take it easy. Besides, if I don’t do my duty as royalty once in a while, my brother might kick me out.”

 With these words, she laughs comically, and Bastian distorts his cheeks with bitterness.

 (For the soldiers who are fighting for their lives? How can she talk such nonsense so openly?)

 It is probably not the real purpose of the visit.

 In fact, it is possible that this aunt of him just has a whim, but there is also a possibility that she is up to something sinister.

 However, it may be something as trivial as trying to find a good-looking man among the soldiers or prisoners of war.

 ”Is the war calming down?”

 ”The Kilfe fort expected to fall in a few days. I’d appreciate it if you could stay at the fort for a few days if you want to visit.”

 ”Huff, I have no intention of bothering my knights by coming to the front line.”

 ”Then when the arrangements had been made, you’ll come back here again.”


 ”Well then… I’ll leave”

 As he turns away, Princess Verneuil, as if remembering, calls out to him.

 ”Hey, I heard that a knight named Valerie is participating in the expedition…”

 ”Valerie? Is something wrong?”

 When Bastian turned around, his aunt said with a smile on her face.

 ”I’ve heard this person is quite good looking. I assume you have someone in this Fort Kilfe, right?”

 ”Well then, I’ll instruct her to entertain you.”

 ”Her? Is this person a woman? I thought…”

 ”I’m sorry I can’t meet your expectations.”

 There are indeed man named Valerie.

 But, if her reason for going to the battlefield is because she heard a rumor about Valerie, it would be a very funny story.

 Anyway, Bastien leaves the room with a wry smile on his face, seeing Princess Verneuil’s lips pouting with boredom.

 However, as soon as he is out of the room, Princess Verneuil turns her head toward the two people standing by the wall with a wicked smile on her face.

 ”That’s better.”

 Her plan is already in motion and it can be said to be working.

 ”Olga. What do you think? Can you get what I want?”

 ”Yes! No problem. It’s hard to find just the right time, but I’ll find it before departure.”

 ”Okay. Then, Olga, you may leave. Stellanova, you stay with me.”

 ”As you wish.”


 Olga kneels down, and Stellanova replies like an infant. After looking at them with satisfaction, Princess Verneuil turns her eyes toward the window.

 She spots a red star in the night sky, and her mouth twists slightly as she says, “It’s a beautiful night”.

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