Stargazer 12

Chapter Chapter 12 The Hubbed Female Knight

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 ”There may be remnants lurking around! Don’t be careless!”

 Valerie was shouting in frustration, and Lucas turned his sleepy eyes out of the window.

 On the horizon, the sky is ablaze.

 It is early in the morning, two days after the visit of the crown prince, Bastian, to his aunt, which Lucas had no way of knowing.

 The siege, which had begun a little after noon yesterday, had lasted surprisingly long, beyond the night, until nearly morning.

 However, just as the dawn star was shining in the sky, the enemy’s counterattack suddenly halted.

 They broke through the gate and entered the fortress, only to find that it was already deserted. The soldiers of Ternoir had already escaped through the back gate.

 While the fierce siege was being waged, the fourth army led by Valerie stayed behind in the name of logistical support.

 Unlike the other troops who had fought all day and all night, they had slept well and eaten three meals in a row. They are full of energy.


 ”Then, we’ll go after them!”

 Valerie said triumphantly.

 ”No, we have to capture the fort first. We’ll let the soldiers who attacked the fort rest, and you take care of the rest.”

 The commanders of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd armies replied in a nonchalant manner.

 Thus, the Fourth Army led by Valerie is busily cleaning up the aftermath of the war, carrying out the dead bodies, bringing in materials, and so on, in the name of postwar processing and occupation work.

 ”There is a possibility that there are remnants lurking in the area! No, they must be lurking! They might attack us. If they do, we can kill them”

 Valerie mumbled something noisy with her crazy eyes while biting her finger nail.

 Her frustration had reached its limit, and she talked like a murderer.

 (Hahaha… Look, that’s my wife, right? I’d better run away soon)

 Just as Lucas averted his eyes from the sight of his wife, whom he honestly didn’t like to see, a wrinkled man’s voice came from the other side of the hallway, “Sir Savignac, may I have a word?”.

 In contrast to Valerie’s golden armor, this man armor is not at all shining. He is an old bearded man with a bald head.

 His name is Dan Throwers.

 He is the commander of the Order of the Black Phoenix and the commander-in-chief of the entire expeditionary force.

 Although he had been appointed as the commander-in-chief by virtue of his seniority, he ranked equal to Valerie in terms of knightly rank.

 Still, in terms of family rank, he is far below Valerie.

 Moreover, Valerie is superior to him in terms of popularity and ability by all accounts.

 Therefore, to him, although Valerie is only a commander of her own army, he can’t give her orders without his head in the sand, and he seems to have difficulty in doing so.

 ”Sir Throwers, what is it?”

 Valerie asked him, and he nodded his head and stroked his beard.

 ”Just a few minutes ago, I received a ‘dove’ from His Highness the Crown Prince via the garrison at the border.”

 ”From His Highness the Crown Prince?”

 ”Yes, Her Highness Princess Verneuil is coming soon to visit the soldiers to comfort us.”

 ”A visit? Why? The war hasn’t moved much and it hasn’t been long enough for the soldiers to be exhausted…”

 A royal family, especially the second in line of succession, should have a good reason for visiting the battlefield.

 ”I don’t know. His Highness the Crown Prince also seemed to be troubled as far as I could see from his letter. I’m sure it’s just a whim of Her Highness the Virgin Princess, as usual. As you know, Her Highness is a very uninhibited person.”

 ”I’ve never seen her before, but I’ve heard rumors…”

 ”However, we need to hurry to meet up with Mirabel and Goa’s army ahead of us, and we can’t have the whole army waiting for Her Highness. Therefore, I would like to lead the garrison and ask you to stay here in the fortress.”


 Valerie immediately attacked Throwers with her sword.

 ”I haven’t even crossed swords with the enemy since I came here… and you want me to stay here!”

 “I-It can’t be helped. His Highness the Crown Prince has appointed you…”

 Valerie’s sword fight made Throwers recoil.

 ”Whattttt!? Appointment? Why! I’ve never seen Her Highness the Princess before”

 ”I don’t know. And even if you hadn’t been nominated, only you could have met her. I’m not at liberty to say it out loud, but as a man there are certain restrictions…”

 ”Damn… no!”

 Valerie didn’t seem to be able to reply and she is completely out of her mind. It seems as if she is just barely keeping her composure.

 ”I understand, I will gladly accept your order.”

 Lucas, who was standing right next to Valerie, interrupted the conversation.

 ”Hmm? Who are you?”

 ”I’m Lucas Vandale, deputy under the Commander.”

 ”Well, you were the one I’ve heard so much about…”

 Immediately, a scornful look came into Throwers’ eyes.

 He was probably the spoiled son who had dandled the naive duchess.

 Even if not, the rumors must be lame.

 ”The garrison will consist of fifteen members of the Order of the Golden Eagle. The rest will be transferred to other units! Her Highness will leave the capital in three days. No one is on foot. She will probably arrive here in about ten days. Please be careful!”

 Throwers turned to Lucas and said this in a high-handed tone, which was different from the tone he used to Valerie, and then he walked quickly away.

 Valerie seemed to be very angry at this sight.

 (I can’t believe the look in his eyes. He should be locked up somewhere, really).

 Lucas lets out a deep sigh, wondering how much he will have to pat Valerie’s head this evening.

 The day when his fingerprints will disappear from his hands does not seem so far away.

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