Stargazer 16

Chapter Chapter 16 In a Sense, the Biggest Problem

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 A pain crept up in his chest.

 He felt someone whisper in his ear, “Are you sure you want to do this?”.

 But once he brushes it away, his mind goes cold. His emotions are frozen.

 Once he gets to this point, the “Assassination Aristocrat” can be as cool-headed as he wants to be. However, just as he was about to look up, the princess looked at Valerie and said.

 ”But I don’t think you are the murderer.”

 At these words, Lucas’s fingers, which had been extended to his sword, stopped moving.

 ”We already know where you were when Amber was killed.”

 ”Huh?! Y-Your Highness, you can’t be…”

 At that moment, Valerie showed an obvious sign of impatience.

 (What? What’s she panicking about?)

 ”Nfufu, there is no need to be in a hurry. It’s a very cute story”

 ”A cute story?”

 When Lucas tilts his head, the princess smiles at him with a meaningful smile.

 ”Yes. She was chasing a kitten around the backyard of the mansion while saying ‘meow meow meow’.”

 ”What? A kitten?”


 ”Meow meow? Commander?”


 ”Commander… after lecturing me so much… how can you?”

 When Lucas’s eyes fell to the freezing point, Valerie’s face turned red and she raised her voice.

 ”No! I wasn’t doing that! I wasn’t slacking off! I was just about to take a nap in my shift. I went out for some fresh air in the backyard before that and I saw a… a cute kitten…”

 ”But the meow… you know, the image…”


 Valerie covers her face while moaning. Then, her Highness smiles at her.

 ”You are not the murderer… but you are not unrelated. I can’t help but think that someone is trying to bring you down. That’s all I can think of. So, if you can think of anything, no matter how small. I want you to tell me.”

 Valerie’s brow wrinkles deeply as she looks up.

 Her cheeks are stained with shame and she looks doubtful.

 She talks in a puzzled manner, causing a funny collaboration on her face.

 ”I-I don’t have any idea…”

 This is a very strange turn of events. Because for Lucas, the brother of the murderer, he could not help but be amused by Her Highness’ story that she was plotting against Valerie.

 ”Your Highness, I have a question. Why are you getting involved in this?”


 Lucas must have felt that his question was insulting. Valerie hurriedly grabbed his shoulder.

 ”Why? Isn’t it natural to want to avenge a loved one? When he was young, Amber was one of my beloved one. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve been in each other’s arms. Naturally, I think it’s natural to have feelings for him.”

 Although it was unconscious, Valerie’s eyes were filled with a mixture of confusion and contempt at the mention of their skin-on-skin contact.

 But Lucas had heard bad rumors about this princess.

 They say that she invites men into her bedchamber and engages in debauchery to the fullest. Apparently, it was true.

 Looking at Valerie with a sideways glance, Lucas says clearly.

 ”My apologies, Your Highness. Neither the Commander nor I know anything about this”

 ”Eh, ah… uhh”

 Anyway, Lucas doesn’t intend to tell anything from the start, but this love affair is getting more and more troublesome.

 It would be better if the princess could just give up.

 ”I see…”

 Her Highness nodded her head. But the next moment…

 ”So, you’re Lucas… son of Vandale, you’re in charge of this evening’s entertainment.”

 Suddenly, the conversation went off the rails.


 Lucas and Valerie shout out.

 Looking at them, Princess Verneuil puts a wicked smile on her face.

 ”I don’t think you have told us everything you know. Especially Lucas, you seem to know something. If that’s the case. The best place to get you to talk is on the bed. You may be able to endure the pain… but will you be able to endure the pleasure? Let’s take our time until morning and let our bodies do the talking.”

 After she told them this, the princess gave them a slight frightened look.

 ”…Well, that’s it. If I may speak frankly, since I’m on a trip, and since I’m not bringing along my lovely children, I think it would be churlish to bring along local provisions for the evening meal as well. To tell you the truth, you are not my favorite, but you don’t seem to be inedible.”

 The princess looked at Lucas with licking eyes from the tips of her toes to the top of her head, and then licked her lips with the tip of her raw red tongue.

 Valerie came back to herself and hastily hid Lucas behind her back.

 ”Your Highness! I beg your pardon, but this man is my husband! but such unjust words in front of his wife…”

 Valerie would have been outraged by now, but her loyalty to the royal family would not allow it.

 Her tone of voice sounded like a plea.

 But unfortunately, in this case, it only had the opposite effect.

 ”Your husband? Very well, very well. It arouses my lust even more. That’s good. Let me have a little taste.”

 When Her Highness seemed more excited, Valerie raised her voice frantically.

 ”N-No! Even me, I’m not done it yet…!”

 ”Hmm? What do you mean, not yet?”

 ”Well, I haven’t…. done anything like that yet.”


 Her Highness widened her eyes in astonishment, and Valerie turned red and looked down. A delicate silence filled the inside of the guest room.

 ”…How long have you been together?”

 ”A-About a month,”

 ”A month? Don’t tell me you’re… incapable?”

 ”No, that’s not it… maybe.”

 Valerie glances toward Lucas.

 (Don’t worry about me!)

 Then, for some reason, the princess lets out a big sigh and drops her shoulders.

 ”Ah, it’s so boring. It’s dull. What… boring…”

 Lucas and Valerie both tilted their heads at the sudden change of attitude.

 They don’t know what had changed in the princess’s mind, but she spoke to the maid behind her in a somewhat sullen tone.

 ”Stellanova… bring me that…”

 ”No. Stella’s strength is not enough to lift it.”

 ”Ah, I see. Olga! Then I’ll leave it to you.”


 Olga brings in a large wooden box from the next room with a somewhat reluctant look on her face. She then knelt beside the princess and held up the box.

 ”It is a big problem for married couples to have a bad night life. Fortunately, you and I are of similar stature, so we should be fine. Give this to your husband.”

 The princess beckoned Valerie to come closer and took a thin, fluttery cloth from a wooden box and held it out to her.

 It was a gift from the royal family, which is a great honor by nature.

 Valerie accepted it reverently, though puzzled. But as soon as she did so…


 She choked out.

 It was natural. When she picks it up with her fingertips and unfolds it, she finds it is a light purple transparent underwear.

 The embroidery and sewing are first-rate, as expected of a royalty’s possession. However, the most important part of the underwear was thoroughly transparent.

 ”Most men would be charmed if they saw you wearing it.”

 ”Y-Your Highness, with all due respect, this doesn’t hide anything.”

 ”I think that’s the point”

 She’s grinning happily. Valerie blushes, her face twitching. Maybe she’s imagined it. Lucas, on the other hand, is leaning forward a little.

 ”I can’t! No, I can’t! P-Please forgive me, Your Highness!”

 Then, the princess made a slight gesture as if she was thinking about it, and then she gave a snap of her hand.

 ”Ah, I see, you prefer it that way. Then, let me give you this.”

 Saying this, she pulls out a thick black leather folded up this time.

 And Lucas has a bad feeling about this.

 Valerie unfolds it with a completely frightened hand, and finds that it is a kind of a tight-fitting suit, which is shaped as if it were a woman from the neck down.

 It had metal clasps in some places and looked like a leather straitjacket to anyone who saw it.

 ”That one is a little more for experts. It is completely sealed from the neck down, from the fingertips of the hands to the toes of the feet. It fits snugly and completely covers you. The lines of your body are clearly visible, but you cannot move at all. It’s so tightly sealed that no liquid can leak out, and it’s very uncomfortable. Since you can’t breathe through your skin while wearing the suit, it gradually becomes hard to breathe. It’s titillating, isn’t it? You can’t move, and he will play with you as you roll around on the floor, and when he gets into the swing of things, he can undo the clasp and pull it to the left or right. The thin layer of skin in the middle will tear, and in an instant, you will be completely naked. You won’t be distracted while he’s taking it off.”

 (She’s a perverttttt!?)

 This is indeed a shock.

 Lucas surely had heard rumors that this princess was a very crazy person, but he had not expected her to be this crazy.

 As for Valerie, she is no longer breathing.

 ”Hmm, this is not so good either… then…”

 Valerie couldn’t help but shouted to Her Highness the Princess who was trying to search the crate again.

 ”Your Highness! It’s all right, it’s all right! No need for such a thing…”

 ”I see…”

 Her Highness nods somewhat regretfully and looks at them again.

 Then I command you once again. On the last night before I leave here, Lucas… I order you to keep me company. I will not say tonight because of the thing between you and your wife. Of course my departure is not tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, but Valerie, if you don’t want to lose your husband’s first time! You’d better do it! Just make sure you do it right by then. Do you understand?”

 It was an absurd order, but Valerie could not resist it. She turns red and looks down, and steals a glance at Lucas with moist eyes.

 (Don’t look at me with such sad eyes! You’ll make me feel strange!)

 But still, they’re in trouble. A big trouble.

 Unexpectedly, in a sense, the biggest trouble has come.

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