Stargazer 17

Chapter Chapter 17 Wife Substitute

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 ”Ah, hahaha… hahaha… s-somehow it’s become a very, very serious thing… hahaha…”

 Princess’s voice is rising and Valerie glances at Lucas with a blush on her cheeks.

 Then, after they left the princess’s room and came back to the room, there is a subtle and indescribable atmosphere between them.

 They are fidgety and restless. They are aware of each other.

 This feverish and unbearable atmosphere grew thicker and thicker as the night deepened.

 For Lucas, after having once frozen his heart, he is a murderous assassin at heart.

 But his heart is beating wildly as if he is about to confess his love to his first love, which is a very unbalanced state.

 He is afraid that if he holds Valerie in such a state, he might do something irreversible to her.

 (Damn… that old hag…)

 All his hard work has been ruined by that perverted princess.

 The reason why he has kept his hands off Valerie so far, ostensibly because of his promise to her father, is because he believed that there is something behind this marriage.

 In the first place, Valerie’s character cannot tolerate such a backbiting job as assassination, and she would be an unsuitable marriage partner for an assassin nobleman.

 And in his imagination, Lucas thinks that Valerie’s father, the Duke of Savignac, is the true target, and that Lucas’s father may have used Valerie to get close to her father and to assassinate him.

 If so, it will all be over by the time he returns from the war.

 And if it was done by the king’s order, there is no reason for him to unregister.

 Also, it’s already been a month since they have been registered.

 It is indeed unusual for a man and a woman to be working together without any such act.

 Still, although Lucas did not dislike her from the bottom of his heart in the beginning, after having spent time together for a while, he was even beginning to feel affection for her.

 Therefore, he thought that it would be a great relief for him to know that ‘fortunately they did not have a physical relationship’ and ‘Valerie’s chastity was safe’ when they broke up.

 But just when he was getting reasonably comfortable with her, without making any waves, not too close, not too far, he was shaken just a little and this is what happened.

 Valerie is a very beautiful woman, to say the least.

 With such a shy, maiden-like expression and moist eyes, there is no way Lucas can resist it.

 Moreover, she has not given him anything for almost a month since they entered the war zone.

 However, Lucas still struggled to hold back his groin, which was about to raise its head if he was not careful, and he said.

 ”…I’m going to go cool down a bit.”

 ”Eh? Wait, wait a minute, Danna-sama?”

 While feeling Valerie’s puzzled look behind him, Lucas left the room.

* * *

 He thought of the watchtower on the rooftop, hoping that the wind would cool his head, and walked down the passage toward it. But–

 (It is vain to do it by myself, but still, one shot will make me calm down…)

 He will comfort himself in a deserted place. It’s a chilling story just to imagine it, but it can’t be helped.

 Especially, it’s still early in the evening, and he can hear people gathering in the dining room from downstairs.

 However, they are allowed to open a few bottles of wine for today. And, Eudin and the others who stayed at the fort must be having a drink with the knights accompanying Her Highness.

 ”Oh, Bon-bon…”

 Suddenly, he heard a voice and looked up to see a small maid with her black hair tied in two.

 ”Millie… where’s Hilarie?”

 ”She’s drinking herself to sleep after being adored by the knights… by the way, please forgive me, I didn’t think the princess would be so angry…”

 Millie scratches her head and smiles bitterly. But by this time, Lucas had already been unable to take his eyes off of a certain point.

 Two small bulges pushing up the chest of her blouse.

 The body of this woman whom he had held many times, the feel of her body, the smell of her body, the pleasure of her body. These thoughts flooded his mind, and the blood rushed to his crotch.

 ”Hey, forgive me, don’t be so mad at me… Hyah!?”

 At the moment, Millie looks at him anxiously, Lucas takes her hand, opens a door near by, and pulls her in forcefully.

 ”B-Bon-bon! Hey, wait! What are you doing!”

 ”Shut up!”

 Lucas closes the door behind him, hugs her from behind, grabs her small breasts, and puts his hand between the legs of her skirt.

 ”N-No! Stop! Bon-bon, I don’t like this!”

 ”Be quiet! You’re the one who’s always asking me to hold you!”

 ”But you don’t have to… ah, ah, ah, ah!”

 As Lucas knows Millie’s weak points.

 He rubs her sensitive nipples with his finger on top of her clothes, and then he scratches her labia with the middle finger of his right hand and trace the groove, and immediately Millie’s voice begins to moisten up.

 ”Ah, ah, ah, ah, no, stop, ah, ah, stop…”

 His finger became wetter and wetter, and the slippery sensation of her honey is making Millie loses her strength to resist.

 Then, when he kneaded the constriction at the back of her secret opening with his fingertips, Millie’s eyes became bright and her small body started to tremble.

 ”Kuh, kuh…ahhh!”

 But Lucas did not have time to enjoy the foreplay anymore.

 He wanted to do it as soon as possible. He wants to devour her body.

 So, he hurriedly took out his own p*nis, slightly slipped off Millie’s panties, and thrust it into her secret opening without a second thought.


 Millie’s eyes flashed open, and she jerked herself up, as if she had been shot from the inside.

 She feels a hard object violently entered into her narrow space.

 ”Ow, it hurts! Bon-bon is stupid! Ahh, ah, ah!”

 The wetness is not enough. The resistance of the skin being pulled is clear.

 Still, the spear of flesh forcibly scrapes through the narrow hole, violating the undulating vaginal flesh that tries to push back, and penetrates deeper and deeper into the vagina.

 It breaks through the narrowest gate, and the spear penetrates deeper and deeper, piercing through her center at once.

 ”Gh!? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”

 Then, Millie’s elastic buttocks and Lucas’s lower belly were in close contact with each other, and the sound of popping echoed in the dark room.

 Immediately, Millie’s upper body bounces like a spring-loaded toy, and she bends over so much that her chin touches the ceiling.

 Their shadowy prey shadows are painted on the wall by the moonlight coming in through the small window of the light.

 ”Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!”

 Lucas pulled his hips back with his animal lust and thrust his hips into the deepest part of the hole with all his might.

 ”Hiii!? Ah, ah, ah, terrible, ah, ah!”

 Millie struggled to escape. But, Lucas twists her body down and moved his hips with all his strength.

 As he repeatedly extracted her, the folds of her vagina moistened regardless of Millie’s will, and the extraction and withdrawal became smoother and smoother.

 The quivering vaginal flesh clamped tightly against Lucas’s cock, and a hot pleasure resonated from the core.

 ”Haa, so intense, ah, ah, ah, ahhh!”

 Her body almost collapses in pleasure.

 Still, Lucas pushed her against the wall, crushing her between himself and the wall, and devoured the pleasure like an animal.

 With each thrust of his hips, he felt the supple elasticity in his lower belly. Perhaps it was because he had been celibate for more than a month, but he felt more comfortable with the sensation than usual.

 On the other side, Millie showed no sign of resistance already, her eyes were melting and her voice sounded like a sweet voice.

 ”Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, mmm, Bon-bon, I love you, I love you…”

 ”I don’t like you, though.”

 ”Ahhh, you’re terrible! Even though you did this to me, mmm, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!”

 Millie looks angry, but when Lucas thrusts into her even harder, her face is instantly filled with pleasure.

 ”No way, your cock feels too good… ah, today’s Bon-bon is amazing, amazinggg, ah, ah!”

 As the obscene word “cock” spills out from her young lips, Lucas naturally accelerate his thrusting movements due to his arousal.

 ”Come on! What’s that thing inside of you!”

 ”Cockkk! It’s a cockkkk! Hiiii!?”

 ”Does it feel that good, you whore?”

 While saying this, he moves his hands from her waist to her breasts, squeezing her small tits and yell in her ear.

 ”Ah, ah, i-it feels so good…! Ahhhhhh!”

 Without waiting for Millie’s reply, Lucas thrusts the tip of his cock deeply and wiggles his hips.

 ”Hyaaa! Hiiiiiiiii! It’s so greatttttt! Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah…”

 ”I can stop if you don’t want to.”

 Immediately, Millie shakes her head, her two knotted tresses of hair in disarray, and shakes her head no.

 ”Noo, don’t stop, I’m going crazy, please poke me more, give moreeeee”

 ”Really, you dirty slut!”

 Lucas let go of the breasts, raised Millie’s upper body, and gripped her waist tightly with both hands again, thrusting his hips out desperately.

 ”Aaahhhh, aaahhhh, aaahhhh, nnnnnn, hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Ahiiiiiiii, cumming, it’s so intense, I’ll come, cumming, cummmming…”

 Millie, whose speech had finally become erratic, drooled, and screamed out.

 In this excitement, Lucas grabbed her head with one hand and held her against the wall.

 Her cheeks are crushed, her face is twisted into an ugly mess, and the drooling drool and tears at the corners of her eyes make Lucas feel sorry for her. But the sight of her made Lucas even more aroused.

 ”Come on! Cum like a bitch! I’m going to cum all over you! Come on!”

 Lucas shouted, and at the same time, he thrust his hips out with a force that shattered her pelvis, deep inside her vagina.

 *Spurt! Spurtttt! Spurttttt!

 He shoots a seething mass of passion deep inside Millie.


 Immediately, Millie eyes rolled up and her body stiffened, her ugly face pressed against the wall became even more distorted, and she screamed like a beast.

 Like a wave, semen spurts twice, thrice, and again into her depths.

 Each this spurt, Millie shuddered violently.

 The sound of her breathing also became more and more disorganized in the dark room.

 Eventually, as Lucas let it out all into the maid, Millie slumped down, leaning against the wall.

 ”Haah, haah, aheh, aha…”

 A slurred sound of amusement mingled with her disordered breathing.

 She then sits on the cold stone floor. Like a boneless creature, she leans against the wall weakly, her eyes glazed over with the afterglow of her climax, her rationality blown away.


 Lucas tries to hold her by the hair, forcing her to look up.

 But, Millie, who is in ecstasy, still unable to fix her gaze on him. Looking down at her, Lucas tells her heartlessly.

 ”It’s not enough, not enough at all…”

 He fumbled in his trouser pocket and put one of the gold coins in Millie’s limp hand.

 ”No way, it’s a lie… I can’t do it again, please forgive me…”

 ”Don’t be shy. A gold coin is enough to buy a ‘merchant girl’ ten times over. You don’t have to bring the change, but you’ll have to spend the rest of the day with me.”

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