Stargazer 26

Chapter Chapter 26 There’s a Clue

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 Lucas sprawled out on the floor.

 The stone floor is cold and hard.

 A long time has already passed since Olga and Valerie left.

 Had they already left for the capital?

 By the way, she is still a bad liar.

 He can’t yell at her any more if she says she hates him with a face like that.

 ”This was… the right thing to do, wasn’t it?”

 Lucas mutters to himself as he watches the drops of water falling through the cracks in the stone wall.

 Yes, it is. If it is true, this is the way it should be.

 In the first place, it should have been painful for him to marry Valerie until a little while ago.

 But the more he think about it, the more his mind is filled with the memories of the days he spent with her in less than a month.

 Her pleasant face when she stroked his head.

 The mischievous smile on her face.

 Her defenseless sleeping face.

 Her unintentional emotional attachment to him has made him feel unbecoming feelings, say unbecoming things, and do unbecoming things.

 Lucas is aware of it.

 (But isn’t this what I wanted? I can be single again now…)

 He could forget everything and go to bed.

 That was his plan, but his eyes are still bright.

 He can’t sleep at all.

 Lucas has been talking to himself for several hours now.


 He turns over in frustration, and at about the same time, he hears a girl’s voice from the other side of the bars.

 ”Hey, Bon-bon, how are you?”


 Lucas turned around grumpily and saw the twin maids, Millie and Hilarie, peeping at him from behind the bars.

 ”Hahaha, what’s wrong with you? What’s that scowl on your face?”

 ”Really, you look so sour…”

 ”Oh? I’m not in the mood to deal with you guys. Go away.”

 Lucas brushes his hand away, and the twins make accusatory noises.

 ”Uwaa, you’re so terrible! Don’t be like that! Bon-bon may not have business with us, but we do!”

 ”Right! It’s a complaint! But we can’t do without a single complaint!”

 When Hilarie came at him from behind the bars, Lucas made fun of him.

 ”What, you wanted me to take care of you too?”

 ”No, I didn’t! I’ve failed in my mission because of Bon-bon! What are you doing?”

 ”…A mission?”

 ”That’s right! We have to escort Her Highness! I thought Bon-bon was by her side so I wouldn’t have to worry… and here is it! The eldest son of a noble family of assassins become a disgrace.”

 ”I see… so that’s why you guys followed Her Highness…I mean, you guys didn’t do anything! Don’t blame others, you Nikoichi!” (*Note: Nikoichi= Two person with his/her best friend.)

 ”Who the hell is Nikoichi?!”

 ”Ahh, even though I was trying to help you… But that’s a terrible thing to say… Bon-bon…”

 ”Help? I don’t need your help. This place is pretty cozy.”

 ”They took your wife, didn’t they? You’re not just going to stand here and watch, are you?”

 ”Shut up. Mind your own business, you fool. I’m staying right here. It’s not like she’s my wife anymore.”

 ”Whoa! What? Bon-bon, are you sulking?”

 ”Lame! You’re so lame! I’m sure… a guy this lame… I’d slap him down three and a half times…”

 Lucas’s voice is raised in annoyance at the twins’ deliberate frowns.

 ”Shut up! You guys should go back to the capital as soon as you have nothing more to ask for!”

 ”I wish I could. But this Olga… She said, ‘Outsiders can’t escort a convicted criminal. I’d appreciate it if you’d refrain from doing so,’ so we’re being left out, don’t you think that’s terrible?”

 ”Outsider…” At the mention of this word, the image of an outsider crossed Lucas’s mind.

 ”An outsider… you mean Stellanova? Is that maid still here too?”

 ”What are you talking about? That silver-haired girl left early this morning. She was carrying some kind of wooden box… by herself.”


 The crate probably contains the head of the princess.

 Did they send it ahead of time to deliver it to the capital before it rots?

 While Lucas is thinking about this, Hilarie puts her finger on her chin and looks up at him.

 ”But, it’s kind of strange, isn’t it?”


 ”Yes. Now that I think about it… it’s still strange. That silver-haired girl drove off in that big carriage of hers all by herself with no escort. Don’t you think it’s dangerous? She doesn’t seem to be a strong woman and there’s a story going around that farmers who were burned out during the war are being turned into bandits.”

 ”Yeah, that’s strange indeed.”

 ”That’s right. And besides, Her Highness isn’t here anymore, and they went to all the trouble of loading the wheelchair.”

 ”The wheelchair?”

 ”Yes, that heavy sofa-like thing. I wonder if that thing is valuable enough to be left here?”

 Immediately, something in Lucas’ chest screamed out.

 Here! This is the clue! Something is stirring in the back of his mind.

 (What is it? Something is stirring in the back of my mind. What did I notice?)

 ”The wheelchair can’t be left here…”

 As soon as Lucas said that, a vision came into his mind.

 It was a vivid memory. It was the scene he had seen when he had led the princess into the hidden room.

 A silver-haired maid leading the way with a cantera in her hand.

 The veiled princess.

 Olga is pushing the wheelchair in which she is sitting.

 Pushed by Olga?

 (Yes! Olga was pushing the wheelchair! That means…! No, don’t panic! If so, something… something! There must be some evidence to support this delusional idea of mine)

 Lucas tries hard to replay the memory of yesterday in his mind.

 The princess entered the hidden room and asked the maid to take off her underwear, and Valerie hurriedly closed the door.

 Olga, who came out first, called out into the room, and he heard the princess reply.

 Then he looked into the room and saw Stellanova pushing a wheelchair out of the room.

 Looking over her shoulder, he sees the princess sitting on the bed.

 ”Ah! There it is!”

 Lucas suddenly shouts and stands up. Millie and Hilarie both roll their eyes.

 ”W-What’s the matter! Bon-bon, you startled me with your loud voice all of a sudden!”

 ”Hey, Millie! Hilarie! Get me out of here! I’m going after Commander and Olga!”

 ”What’s the matter with you? That’s not what you said! Can you at least explain?”

 ”Yes, explain it!”

 ”Shut up! Get me out of here! I know what’s going on! Although I still don’t know where the rest of the body went, at least I know who did it!”

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