Stargazer 27

Chapter Chapter 27 This is How We are

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 ”I don’t know what’s going on, but you must explain it to me later!”

 Fortunately, the key to the cell is easily found. It is on the desk at the entrance to the dungeon.

 Then, as soon as it was unlocked by Millie and the others, and Lucas stepped out of the cell into the passage, he stretched out very wide, despite the fact that the cell is not so small that he could stretch out his legs.

 Well, it was just a matter of mood.

 ”How long has it been since they left?”

 ”I don’t know…? Hilarie, how long?”

 ”Maybe, it’s been six hours.”

 ”Six hours…”

 It is no easy task to make up for six hours of delay.

 But it will take at least seven days to reach the capital, even on horseback.

 However, if he pursue them little by little at a faster pace than they do, he will surely catch up with them by the hairs on our backs.

 ”I have to hurry…”

 Lucas brushes his teeth against his lips, and the twins glance at each other.

 ”Well, Hilarie, we’d better get back to our room.”

 ”Right… Bon-bon, good luck. We’ll be cheering for you.”

 As soon as they turn their backs to each other and start to walk away, they scream “Hyaa!” like a dog bumped its head.

 Lucas kicked Hilarie’s ass.

 ”What the hell do you think you’re doing, kicking a girl’s ass!”

 ”Shut up! You’re coming with me!”

 ”I don’t want it! I’m not helping a man who’s going to save another girl!”

 ”Yes! Yes! Think about it. If you rescue her successfully… you’ll flirt in front of us… are you kidding me!?”

 ”Do you think I’m joking!”

 Lucas screamed, and the twins came at him simultaneously from both sides of his face.

 ”Noo! I still won’t do it!”

 ”Me too! I mean, Bon-bon said she’s not even your wife anymore. As far as saving Bon-bon in the first place… maybe… we’re indebted to your wife too… but we’re assassins… not so cheap that we’ll help strangers for free.”

 ”Okay, okay! I’ll got it! I’ll pay you! So, help me!”

 Lucas puts his hands together and the two girls both look at each other as if they have seen something unusual.

 ”What is it? Bon-bon, what’s wrong with you? Don’t tell me that the eldest son of the noble family of assassins, the Vandale Viscount, got scared?”

 ”…T-That’s not the case.”

 ”Then what is it?”

 The twins tilt their heads in doubt. Lucas looked away from them and made a face as if he bit down on a bitter bug.

 ”I can’t ride a horse…”


 ”It’s about a horse! A horse! I told you I can’t ride a horse! Those animals! They won’t even listen to me! Even though they’re animals, they’re stuck up!”

 Lucas shouted as he stomped his feet on the ground, and the twins looked at each other in dismay.

 ”Come to think of it, I’ve never seen Bon-bon riding a horse before.”

 ”That’s true.”

 Then they pointed their fingers at him in unison.

 ””Bon-bon, you’re not cool!”

 ”Shut up!”

 After some whispering, the twins looked at each other and twisted their mouths in a smile.

 ”Hey, Bon-bon. I can help you, but you’ll have to charge me a good price.”

 ”Okay. I’ll pay you. But I don’t want you to be my mistress! Hurry! Let’s go!”

 ”Eh! Wait a minute! I haven’t said anything yet!”

 After such an exchange, which to the casual observer seems like a joke, the twins run up the stairs after Lucas, who has run ahead of the twins.

 When they ran out into the entrance hall, Lucas found his fellow knights gathered there.

 When they saw Lucas, they looked at each other with a surprised look on their faces.

 ”Hey, Lucas! What’s with the jailbreak, you criminal? We’ve been told to keep an eye on you, don’t just come out here like that, it’s hard for us to turn a blind eye, isn’t it, idiot?”

 With this remark, Eudin, the spoiled son of the baron, walks up to him.

 He grinned and rested his elbow on Lucas’s shoulder.

 ”I heard that the Commander finally gave you three and a half strokes in the face.”

 ”Shut up, I’m going after her. Eudin. If you try to stop me I’ll show you no mercy.”

 ”That’s not what you’re supposed to say, you miserable little shit.”

 With that he flicked Lucas’s nose.

 ”You’re late, you idiot! We were just talking about taking the Commander to bed…”

 ”You guys can’t control her.”

 ”Well, that’s right… But there’s a carriage out front. Get the hell out of here. We will pretend that we didn’t see anything and the next thing we know one of the carriages has been stolen.”

 Eudin said and turned around. His colleagues laughed out loud.

 Lucas did not even turn around and ran outside without thanking them.

 In the square in front of the gate, there is a carriage.

 It’s a small one-horse carriage, though.

 But it had been pulled out so that it could be rushed out at a moment’s notice.

 Then, in a hurry, Lucas and the others jumped on it and Millie, who was on the driver’s stand, shouted, “Let’s go!” and she whipped the horse.

 Immediately the horses neigh loudly and galloped away, and the carriage dashed out of the open gate at once.

 ”Shouldn’t you thank your companion at least once?”

 The fortress is getting farther and farther away. And then, Hilarie muttered in a reproachful tone as Lucas watched the scene.

 ”It’s all right, this is how we are!”

 Lucas mutters happily, and Millie turns to him with a grin on her face.

 ”That Eudin is quite a nice guy, isn’t he?”

 ”Yeah, I can introduce you to him if you like. His family has a lot of money unlike ours.”

 ”I’d hit on him myself if I had to. I won’t lose a penny for that.”

 While they are talking lightly, the carriage is speeding up rapidly.

 The road is dark and unlit.

 Lucas puts a light in the cantera on the back of the carriage and hangs it on the back of the driver’s stand.

 Although the rain has stopped, the dull, cloudy sky has remained overcast since yesterday.

 Heavy black clouds hung in the sky. The moon occasionally peeks through the cracks.

 The horizon, which lies only as an outline in the blackness, is naturally not visible, but the shadow of the carriage ahead of them is nowhere to be seen.

 ”Can we catch up with them?” Lucas thought but he does not know.

 However, once they enter the capital, the difficulty of rescuing Valerie will increase dramatically.

 There is no choice but to do something.

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