Stargazer 3

Chapter Chapter 3 The Twin Maids Want to Be Concubines

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 Under the dim light of the lamp, two tongues are wriggling.

 ”Mmm… Bon-bon is already so tense… You are so aroused. Lick, lick, lick, lick…” (*Note: Bon-bon => Bocchama?)

 ”Kiss, slurppp… you haven’t even met your wife yet and you’re cheating on her, that’s too crazy, slurp…”

 ”Shut up, you’re the ones who crawled here at night!”

 Late at night, in Lucas’s bedroom, two girls are lying on the bed with their tongues between his legs.

 They are two identical-looking girls with black hair tied up on either side of their heads.

 They had brownish skin with southern blood and wore short-skirted maid’s dresses, and they crawled lewdly between his legs with their tongues.

 These two maids are the servants of this mansion, and they are the talented assassins.

 The one with her bangs parted on the right is Millie. And the one with her bangs parted on the left is Hilarie.

 It is not the first time that these two women have been crawling on Lucas at night. Or rather, they have been sneaking into his beds on a daily basis.

 The reason is…

 ”Hey, Bon-bon, now that you’re getting married, it’s a good opportunity for you to make us your concubines.”

 ”Yes, yes, we’ve done so much for you, you should support us.”

 ”I didn’t even request it…”

 He’s a poor man, he can’t dream to be a rich man. So, Lucas couldn’t support them as a concubine.

 ”You say that but you’re already breathing hard. Mmm, lick… smooch…”

 ”Slurppp, mmm… we’ll make you feel so good you won’t be able to live without us.”

 When Millie licked the glans, Hilarie licked the back muscles, and when Millie licked the back muscles, Hilarie licked the glans, and so on.

 ”Hey, Millie, give me the tip.”

 ”Well, why don’t we both lick it off?”

 The twin maids hold the glans between their tongues from both sides. The sight is so immoral that even Lucas couldn’t help but let out a heated sigh.

 ”Ahaha, you look so comfortable, Bon-bon. But not yet, our service is far from this”

 ”Yes, yes, this is where we start the real work. I’ll make Bon-bon cry and beg us to be your concubine.”

 As soon as they said that, Millie took one testicle in her mouth.

 ”Ah, Bon-bon’s testicles, it smell so nice…. lick, lick, lick… Mmm, lick, lick…”

 Then Hilarie sucked on the other side.

 ”I’m getting so excited when I think of all the Bon-bon’s seed inside of me… Kiss, Smooch…”

 They licked and sucked the scrotum, reaching for each other. Then, Millie squeezed the glans in her palms and stroked it up, while Hilarie gently squeezed the trunk.

 ”Kuh, it’s about time…”

 Lucas’s hips lifted up in anticipation of the simultaneous stimulation of his rod and scrotum. The pleasure of this sensation sent a tingle down his spine.

 But then the two maids looked at each other and withdrew their hands and mouths from Lucas’s body at once, smiling wickedly.

 ”Hey, I almost had an orgasm!”

 ”Sorry, Bon-bon. You’ll have to pay from here on. Twenty silver coins, that’s not much for a nobleman, is it?”

 ”We want new clothes and good food… but if you make us concubines… we’ll do it for free.”

 ”You guys… you’re looking down on me”

 Lucas grumbles in frustration. But it’s hard to keep this pause.

 ”Okay, okay, I’ll pay you, I’ll pay you!”

 The twins look at each other and smile, then Millie gets up on her knees and straddles Lucas’s waist.

 ”Ahaha! Bon-bon’s so cute when honest. I’ll take good care of you here.”

 After saying so, Millie slipped Lucas’s underwear off with her finger, then she grabbed his swollen dick, turned it up, and put it on her secret hole, which was soaked.

 Lucas gulps down his throat. Meanwhile, Millie slowly lowers her hips, looking down at him.

 ”Mm, mmm… Ah, Bon-bon is coming inside me……”

 Millie lets out a moan of longing, and slowly the glans sinks down into her soft hole.

 Then, Millie, who had fully fallen to her knees, whispered to Lucas, her breath coming in ragged gasps.

 ”Mmm… Ahh, haah, haah, it’s thicker than usual, Bon-bon. Are you excited because you’re going to cheat with me today?”

 ”No, I’m not. I don’t even know what the other girl looks like… So, how can I cheat on her?”

 Lucas sharpen his mouth, and Milly smiles at him and presses her lips against his, saying +I guess so+.

 She bites Lucas’s lips with her whole mouth and kisses him hard. Her tongue parted his lips and entered into his mouth, licking and licking him thoroughly.

 ”Puha… hey, you can’t kiss a noblewoman like this, you know”

 Millie’s lips parted, and she turned her head back.

 Then Hilarie looked into Lucas’s face from behind Millie.

 ”Well, you should be gentle when you’re newlyweds. I’m sure she’ll get used to it soon enough.”

 ”Shut up, you’re getting on my nerves.”

 ”By the way, Bon-bon, you’re really getting hard today… I think I’m in trouble too.”

 In fact, Millie is inwardly surprised at the unexpectedly strong hardness in her vagina.

 Although there is no pain, it’s a bit painful to feel the pressure of the vagina expanding and squeezing the cervix.

 ”Well, Bon-bon, I’m going to make you come with my body, so if you want me to be your mistress, don’t hesitate to tell me.”

 ”Just get moving!”

 ”Yes, yes, you’re really impatient.”

 Millie shrugs her shoulders in exasperation and begins to slowly move her hips back and forth.

 ”Ah, ah, mmm, ah…”

 Her black hair tied in two buns, her headdress, and the bottom of her maid’s uniform swayed faintly along with her movements.

 ”Mmm, nfu… ah, hey, Bon-bon. It feels good, doesn’t it? The way I use my hips, mmm…”

 ”Kuh… E-Even though you don’t look like you can afford it either.”

 Millie’s cheeks are slightly tinted, and Lucas raises his eyebrows and moans. Lucas reaches out and grabs Millie’s small breasts from the top of her blouse while he’s lying down.

 ”Ah, Bon-bon’s so cute. I can’t, my boobs are too weak, if you squeeze them like that, ah, ah… ah, uwahn…”

 Of course, Lucas knows that her breasts are weak because this is not the first time he had held her.

 ”Ah, fuah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, nnh…”

 As he tortured her breasts relentlessly, Millie’s breathing became more and more labored, and her breath began to melt into a sweet sound.

 ”Bon-bon, don’t do that, if you do that any more, I, I…”

 ”On the bed, it’s a maid’s duty to be disheveled.”

 Lucas says, bouncing his hips up and down,


 Millie arched her back.

 But Lucas continued to thrust hard, and Milly made a desperate cry.

 ”Ah, Bon-bon! T-This is so sudden, ah! So hard, so intense! Ah, hiii, even though you’re just Bon-bon… ah… coming againnnnn! Ah…”

 The petite maid’s body bounces wildly on top of Lucas’s body.

 Seeing Millie being pushed up hard from below, Hilarie laughs as if it were someone else’s problem, saying, “Ahaha, you’re really being pushed down!”

 ”Ah, ah, ah, stop, Bon-bon, I got it, already, if you do this to me any more I’ll go crazy!”

 Millie no longer had the time to pay attention to Hilarie’s teasing words because the pleasure of having the folds of her genitalia rubbed up and down is overwhelming.

 The pleasure of the hard rubbing of the folds of her nipples, and the continued thrusting of her cervix with such force, made Millie unable to remain calm.

 ”Ah, no, stop! Ah, ah, I’m going crazy, I’m going crazyyyy!”

 ”I will punish you for talking so much about me even though you’re just a small maid…”

 Lucas’s hips move wildly and Millie’s black hair tied up in two buns and the hem of her maid’s uniform fluttering wildly.

 ”Hiaaaa, ah, ah, don’t! Ah, Amazinggggg! Hiaaa, it’s coming, it’s comingggg! Mmm, Bon-bon~, Ah, it’s amazing!

 Millie cried out, bending over and clutching her head.

 (W-Why am I like this? Even though Bon-bon has never taken the lead before!)

 Lucas’s unexpected lead made Millie puzzled.

 But in fact, for Lucas, it is just an expression of his frustration that he has no place to complain about the marriage decision made without his permission. It is nothing more than an outburst of anger.

 ”Hiiii, Bon-bon is amazingg! I love you, I love youuu! Make me your mistress, make me your mistress, mmm! I’ll serve you, I’ll serve you, Bon-bonn…”

 ”I’m going to have to deal with a woman I don’t know, and I don’t want to have to deal with you guys.”

 As soon as the up-and-down motion stops, Lucas’s hips start to draw gentle circles.


 The tip of the dick crushes the innermost part of the shaft and Millie’s consciousness is broken by the pleasure of being rubbed up and down.

 ”Ahhhh, w-what is this…? Ah, amazing, it’s amazing…!”

 The extraordinary pleasure made Millie feel as if every pore in her body is opening. But her whole body become weak, and she fell down and clung to Lucas’s body.

 ”Bon-bon, kiss, please kiss me, mm, mmm…!”

 As soon as she says that, Millie roughly presses her own lips against Lucas’s lips, and their tongues begin to entwine passionately.

 ”Slurp, lick, hits hood, hits hery hood, kiss…”

 She kissed him passionately while her cervix was being tortured.

 Her eyes flicker and she loses the ability to think. As her tongue continued to linger on him, the voltage of her pleasure jumped up linearly toward the climax.

 ”Ah… B-Bon-bon, I already…”

 Their lips parted, and Millie’s eyes, moist with pleasure, turned to Lucas.

 ”Ah, come on, come on!”

 Lucas held her tightly and pushed her up even harder from the bottom.

 ”Ah, Ah, Bon-bo! Ah, come with me, inside me, give me your seed, Bon-Bon!”

 ”Yeah, take it properly, ugh!”

 Immediately, in the deepest part of one of the twin maids, a hot torrent of cum erupts furiously.

 ”Hyuiii!? Amazing, Bon-bon’s hot inside me! Ah, cumming! I’m cummming!”

 Millie screamed her climax loudly and clung to Lucas’s body tightly.

 ”Ugh, tight, tight!”

 Lucas’s face is distorted by the extreme tightness of his hard-on.

 Still, the pulsating tension released sperm intermittently, filling the tightness of Millie’s body.

 After a while, both of them jumped up and down without uttering a sound, and then both of them fell limp, holding each other’s body.

 (Ah, ahaha… today’s Bonbon is different, this is a bit embarrassing, I should probably run away…)

 While thought so, Hilarie’s face twitches as she looks down at the two who are loosening up.

 ”Well, Bon-bon is satisfied now, so good night~”

 She said and tried to run away in a hurry, but Lucas held her hand tightly.

 ”I won’t let you go, you idiot. I’ll put it in your ass. I’m going to make you so sore you won’t be able to stand on your legs!”


 That night, until almost morning, Lucas’s room was filled with the sound of their moaning.

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