Stargazer 4

Chapter Chapter 4 Why did It Turn Out Like This(Ask)

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 The next day, after the ‘full night’s sleep’, on afternoon.

 Lucas is forced to wear a neat formal attire, and he is lying on the sofa, feeling heavier and heavier with the passage of time.

 ”I want to run away…”

 Emilienne shrugged her shoulders in disbelief as she looked down at her brother, who buried his head while sitting on the sofa and lamented with eyes like a dead fish.

 ”You’re really not a manly man, little boy. You’d better make up your mind.”

 ”Really, you always talk about it comfortably as if it’s someone else’s problem. You know how unlucky I am. I’m sure a very ugly and bad-looking girl will come.”

 ”Ahaha… I can’t deny it, that’s what’s so special about you.”

 At about the same time Emilienne let out a thirsty laugh, they heard the sound of a carriage stopping at the yard.

 ”Sir, madam, they have arrived.”

 ”Yes, let’s go to welcome them.”

 As my parents and the head maid leave in a hurry, Charlotte, who is sitting on the sofa across from me, smiles at me with her crippled eyes closed.

 ”What kind of person is she? I hope she is a kind person.”

 But Lucas, who does not want to get married, is at a loss to answer his little sister’s innocent question.

 Anyway, he sat up and changed the subject.

 ”Char, by the way, how are you feeling?”

 ”Yes, Onii-sama. I’m still fine.”

 ”Don’t be shy. I don’t mind.”

 Then she nodded her head with an apologetic expression on her face.

 ”Thank you… Onii-sama”

 Soon after, the head maid came to call Lucas.

 ”Bocchama, madam has been waiting for you. I hope you like her. She’s very beautiful person.”

 But Lucas spat bluntly, “I don’t trust a woman’s opinion of women,” and slumped down.

 With a sigh, Lucas steps into the parlor and sees an elderly man and a young woman facing each other across the table from his parents.

 The man is probably in his late forties.

 He has a large, stout build. His face is square and masculine, and he is a man with too much muscle, who might be more appropriately described as a chief of a barbarian tribe.

 Perhaps this is the father.

 (The daughter of this father… Oh no, it might really be a female gorilla…)

 When the father saw Lucas, he stood up and walked toward him with a good-tempered smile on his face.

 ”So, you’re Lucas-kun! Hmm, thank you for accepting the sudden offer. I’m sure you’ll be able to start living with my daughter after you return from the war, please take good care of her.”


 Lucas glanced at his daughter who was sitting on the chair behind her father with a languid reply.

 Like her father, she had fiery red hair and white flowers in her hair. Despite her neat appearance in a white dress, she kept her face down with an air of sullenness.

 It seems that she is not happy about this marriage proposal either.

 Just as Lucas began to wonder if they could break up the marriage by complaining to each other, the girl looked up.

 At that moment…



 Lucas and she, both of them, stiffened.

 And then…


 —They both screamed like mad.

 ”C-C-C-C-C-Commanderrr!? W-What are you doing here?!”

 ”Y-You too! Why are you here!?”

 What Lucas saw is Valerie.

 She is the Knight Commander, Lucas’ boss, who gave him a lecture yesterday.

 ”You bastard father! What the hell’s going on?”

 ”F-Father, this must be some kind of mistake!”

 Lucas and Valerie attacked their respective fathers, but their fathers looked at them with a blank stare.

 Apparently, they ignored them,

 ”Well then, Duke-sama. Now that they’ve met each other, it’s just the two young people…”

 ”Yes, Sir Vandale. That will be good.”

 They nodded at each other and quickly left the room, leaving the two protesting.

 ”Hey, hey, hey… What’s this?”

 The remaining two stood there in a daze.

 In the stunned silence, as soon as Lucas’s shoulders drooped, Valerie screamed out and twisting Lucas’s chest.

 ”Why you, of all people, why you?!”

 ”I don’t know! You too, Commander! Please refuse!”

 ”I can’t do that! You don’t know the horror of my father! And by the time I heard about it, I’d already registered!”

 ”It’s the same as me!”

 It can only be said that both of them were set up by their respective parents.

 Valerie’s cheeks twisted in disapproval as she released her hand from Luca’s chest as if to throw it away, and her back teeth clenched.

 ”Damn… I can only hope that you will be killed in this expedition. No, praying won’t help. I’ll make up my mind. Yes, I’ll have to kill you.”

 ”Hey! Don’t be so sure about that!”

 Even though the expedition is dangerous enough… his chances of survival are greatly reduced by the marriage.

 Bad luck, here and now.

 Then Valerie pointed her finger at the tip of Lucas’s nose and spoke.

 ”Damn… Even though we’re registered, don’t get the wrong idea…! Ah! That’s right! If I demand his Majesty to annul the marriage as a reward for my distinguished war service, he may approve it! But now keep the other members from noticing! They’ll surely find this amusing! Do you understand!?”

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