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Chapter Chapter 30 Approach

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 ”How are you feeling?”

 Valerie responded silently to Olga’s question.

 Inside the cabin, she looks somewhat disheveled and stares at the empty seat across from her, staring at the seams of the seat.

 Her hands are bound with shackles, and Olga, who is sitting next to her, looks at her with a satisfied expression on her face.

 ”Huh, are you thinking about that man again? Don’t tell me you think he’s coming to save you.”

 Her voice sounds more like a cat playing with a cornered mouse than an inquirer.

 Valerie closed her eyes quietly and let out a sigh of self-mockery.

 ”…There is no reason for him to come, is there? Even he had refused to marry me. Besides, as long as he stays quiet, he won’t be accused of killing Her Highness. Who would want to come to the rescue of such a woman?”

 ”Ha! You’re a stupid girl. It’s a shame, though. I’d be happy to slay him if he comes to steal back the prisoner we’re transporting.”

 ”…We had an agreement. You promised me that you would not touch him.”

 Valerie glares at Olga, who shrugs her shoulders in fright.

 ”As long as you obey meekly…”

 ”…I know.”

 Valerie bites her lower lip, and Olga smirks and thrusts her face at her.

 ”Do you really understand? Only that man will be saved. You know that the duke’s downfall is inevitable.”

 ”…I know that”

 Olga heard Valerie’s anger clinging to the corners of her words and grabbed her chin.

 ”No, you don’t understand with your attitude. I confess that I have never considered you a friend. Not once. I’ve been standing in your shoes for so long that it’s become a source of frustration. Do you know how my heart floats right now? You are so miserable!”

 Her voice becomes more and more harsh, and her fingers tighten around her jaw.

 ”If you want to help him, you must cling to me inhumanly, you must flatter me miserably!”

 ”I know…”

 ”What? What did you say? Say it ‘I understand’. I already told you!”

 Olga pressed her finger on Valerie’s chin, and Valerie’s voice escaped from the back of her throat.

 ”Please… Olga-sama…”

 Valerie drooped her head. Olga nodded her head in satisfaction and withdrew her finger from her chin.

 ”Ahaha, hahaha! Hahahahahahaha!”

 Ever since their childhood school days, Valerie had been aware of Olga’s rivalry with her.

 It was true that Valerie was superior to her in everything.

 However, she had not expected her to have such a strong inferiority complex.

 ”As I mentioned before we left the fortress, we will stop the carriage after passing through this black forest. As a prelude, we will send most of the knights to the capital, and then we will beat the rest of them to death… and then we will disappear. The world must think that Valerie the Human-eating Demon has killed the knights and escaped. But the truth remains. After selling you as a slave to a perverted nobleman from another country, I will return to the capital pretending to have escaped from the Human-eating demon.”

 ”…I hope you’ll keep your promise…”

 ”A knight never says twice. I don’t care about that maggot anymore. I’ll make sure the soldier ahead of you gets the letter to the king. I’d rather you mourn your misfortune. You’ll have to live as a comfort to the perverted nobility from now until the day you die.”

 ”…My fate. I accept it.”

 As soon as Valerie replied, Olga’s mouth twitched in dissatisfaction.

 ”Boring. You’re so in love with him that you’re willing to sacrifice yourself to save him. If I want to make you despair, should I kill him?”

 ”No, that’s not it! No! Stop it! Don’t… please…”

 Just as Valerie’s voice sounded weak and almost faded away, the small window between the driver and the cabin suddenly opened, and the knight who was acting as the driver peeked out.

 ”Olga-sama! A carriage is coming straight toward us from behind!”

 Olga, feeling that she was interrupted in a good moment, clicked her tongue, and peeked out the window into the back of the carriage.

 Then, she turned her face to Valerie again and said, with her mouth twisted in a nasty manner.

 ”Valerie… even if it is a promise, if that man comes to be killed by you, there is no reason to kill him.”

* * *

 ”Okay, let’s go as planned! Bon-bon, you’ll take the reins! I don’t care how much you can’t ride a horse, you can at least make it run straight!”

 Millie says as she looks ahead at the carriage and the knights.

 Meanwhile, Lucas in the back of the carriage stretched out his arms nervously and gripped the reins between the twins who were sitting on the driver’s stand.

 ”Hey, it is difficult to make it run straight, isn’t it!”

 The horse-drawn carriage in front of them shows no sign of slowing down.

 However, the knights running right behind it seem to have already noticed them.

 As a proof, they were gradually slowing down.

 ”It’s coming!”

 Almost at the same time as Hilarie shouts, the knights turn their heads and charge toward Lucas and the others.

 A cloud of dust rises in the distance. The sound of horses’ hooves rumbling like the earth’s thunder, and the shouts of the knights are getting closer and closer.


 ”Too loud! Not yet!”

 Milly shouts at Lucas, whose face is twitching.

 Thirty yards. Twenty yards. Finally they reach the ten yards disttance, and at the very moment when the leading knight raises his sword…

 ”I’m in!”

 Millie shouted.

 She had been waiting for this.

 She had waited until this moment.

 The distance was ten yards.

 That’s the distance that the twins must have been able to kill.

 They put their hands into their skirts and pulled something, and there were a sharp, thick iron needle between their ten fingers.

 ””Eat this! You motherfuckerrrr!”

 With a voice devoid of any refinement, the two girls swing their arms, and a sharp wind-slashing sound shreds the air.

 A total of sixteen needles were released from their hands, and they attacked the knights on horseback at once.

 Immediately, a shriek echoes through the air.

 Their blood sprays.

 And one by one, the knights are fall from their mounts.

 The twins’ needles shot out from their hands, piercing through the small gap between their helmets and armors, and crushing their throats and neckbones.

 ””One more time!””

 The horse carrying the following knights suddenly lurched to its feet and began to plunge into the trees on either side of the twins.

 This time, the twins pierced through the horses’ legs.

 One after another, the knights are thrown off.

 The horses fall forward and crushes the knights mercilessly with its huge body. In an instant, a screaming hell appeared.

 ”Uwaa… This is terrible!”

 Lucas shrugs as he runs through the tangle of knights and horses.

 Then, he remembers that his mother had bought the twins from a freak show where they had been kept like livestock.

 He remember her laughing and saying, “They look like they’ve been trained to do some interesting tricks, so if I train them a little they’ll be useful.”

 Back to the current situation, Millie looked back at the pile of dead horses and knights moving away behind her, and when she was sure that no one was following them, she snatched the reins from Lucas’s hands.

 ”It’s your turn from here on out! Bon-bon!”

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