Stargazer 31

Chapter Chapter 31 The Worst Confession in History

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 ”It’s your turn from here on out! Bon-bon!”

 ”Yes, I know!”

 Ahead of them is the big horse-drawn carriage that drove by the maid from the fort.

 Their weight is different.

 Compared to Lucas’ carriage, theirs is a classy one.

 And in less than a few minutes, the two carriages catch up with each other and start to run side by side on a straight road through the forest.

 ”Millie! Keep it close!”


 Trees stretch their branches into the sky.

 The sunlight shining through the leaves is sparse.

 The shadows of the branches create a mesh pattern on the road, and the two carriages rub against each other, their rattling sounds echoing through the forest.

 Lucas stretched out his hand on the back of the big carriage and shouted to the window of the big carriage.


 At the end of his outstretched arm, behind the window. He saw Valerie’s eyes roll back in surprise.

 ”What are you doing here, you fool! You and I have nothing to do with each other anymore. Please! I beg you! Please turn back!”

 She shouted from the window, and Lucas, with his arm outstretched in the back of the carriage, twisted his mouth in annoyance.

 ”Don’t be ridiculous, you high-handed woman! You’ve made up your mind to be my wife, and now you’re asking me to leave you! Don’t you dare make fun of me!”

 ”That’s not it! That’s not what I mean!”

 ”What do you mean then! You gorilla! Even if you’re not my type, I can’t return it! Don’t you dare stop talking so high and mighty! You muscle-head bitch! I was going to settle for a suitable partner, but you decided you couldn’t stand it anymore!”

 ”What!? What the hell!”

 This is exactly the meaning of the word for a word.

 Her face, which should have been heavy-hearted until a few minutes ago, is gradually turning red with anger at the abusive words thrown at her.

 ”How dare you! You call a girl a gorilla! What the hell do you think you’re doing! You talk all you want without knowing my feelings! That’s right! I hate you! I really hate you! I never want to see your face again!”

 On the driver’s stand, Millie covered her eyes and exclaimed, “Are you kidding me?” and Hilarie looked back toward them as if she had just seen the biggest fool she had ever seen.

 Meanwhile, in the back of the cabin, Olga puts a mocking smile on her mouth, saying, “You see, that’s what men are like after all.”

 But Lucas and Valerie, who are glaring at each other, no longer care about the others.

 ”I don’t care! I don’t give a shit what you think! You bitch! All right, all right! So, you hate me! You don’t even want to look at me, huh!?”

 ”… Y-Yes! I hate you! I hate youuuuu!”

 Valerie’s scream echoed through the trees. At that moment Lucas bared his canine teeth and grinned.

 ”But I like you, then!”

 Everyone who was present looked at Lucas twice at once.

 ”H… Huh?”

 Lucas pointed his finger at Valerie, who was dumbfounded.

 ”I’m an evil person, you know! If you say you hate me, I like you. If you chase me, I run. If you try to run, I chase you. If you don’t like me, I’ll follow you until I die!”

 ”W-W-What kind of logic is that!”

 Lucas stared at the panicked Valerie and shouted decisively.

 ”Shut up! I don’t care about your logic! You’re my woman!”


 Valerie’s face immediately turns red.

 It is so red that it looks as if steam is coming out of her head.

 Millie on the driver’s bench sighs and giggles, “What a hassle…” Hilarie, on the other hand, looks up at the sky, saying, “I just saw the worst confession in the history of the world.”

 Meanwhile, through the window of the carriage, Olga glared at Lucas in disgust and shouted at him while grabbing Valerie’s shoulders.

 ”You disgraceful scum, chasing after the woman’s butt who doesn’t want to be chased. Get the hell out of here! Or I’ll kill you!”

 But he no longer cares about Olga. Lucas looks only at Valerie and shouts even louder.

 ”You’re going to force everything on yourself and live on?! Don’t be stupid! I’m not going to live with that kind of guilt, bitch! Say so if you want my help! Say it! I’ll beat up anyone you want! I’ll take care of it! I’ll only say it once! And I won’t say it again! I’ve fallen in love with you! You understand?!”

 ”Whether Bon-bon is cursing her or hitting on her, either way is true… really…”

 ”Bon-bon is so twisted…really.”

 When Millie is stunned, Hilarie shrugged her shoulders.

 But without regard to the two of them, Lucas extended his hand toward the big carriage again and exclaimed.

 ”Come on! Valerie!”

 The next moment…

 ”Valerie! What are you doing? No! Stop it!”

 Olga’s panicked voice rang out, and the big carriage doors burst open.

 Valerie shook off Olga’s hand, slammed herself against the door, and jump out of the carriage.

 Valerie’s tears reflected the sunlight and glistened as they arched in the air.


 Lucas desperately reaches out and catches her body.

 However, the carriage is still moving..

 So, he cannot hold her in his arms like a prince in a fairy tale or a hero in a heroic tale.

 Thus, the two of them fell onto the back of the carriage, and Lucas was pinned under her and screamed, “Gghak,” like a crushed frog.

 ”I’m sorry! Are you all right! Danna-sama!”

 As Valerie tried to raise herself up in a panic, Lucas held her tightly with both arms.

 ”…I’ve got you back at last. Don’t you dare leave me.”

 A smile appeared on Valerie’s face, and she quietly closed her eyes and laid her cheek against his chest.

 ”Danna-sama… even though I know I shouldn’t. I know I’m going to get you into this, but when you said such a sweet word, I just… forgot myself…”

 Then Lucas pats her head and whispered to her.

 ”Don’t worry. You don’t have to die. Her Highness is not dead.”

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