Stargazer 33

Chapter Chapter 33 The Mystery of the Missing Body

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 A heavy silence fell over the silent forest.

 At the same time, a drop of water falls from the sky and trickles down on Lucas’s chin.

 Whatever the reason, the clouds are not looking good.

 The overcast sky is becoming darker and darker.

 It looks as if it will rain.

 Olga, who had been looking down, looked up quietly.

 She looked up quietly, and she had an expression of scorn mixed with dismay on her face.

 She then sighed, shrugged her shoulders, and said.

 ”…Are you suffering from some kind of brain disease or something? You can be delusional but don’t go that far.”

 ”You’ve got some real balls. You’re a good actor, you know that?”

 ”Let’s say I’m the ‘Headhunt’. But what will you do?”

 ”Hmm? I don’t care. It doesn’t really matter who’s the Headhunt.”

 ””You don’t care!?””

 Olga and Valerie shout in unison.

 They are indeed former friends. They are in perfect synch with each other.

 Lucas nodded his head, almost bursting into laughter.

 ”Yeah, it doesn’t matter. As long as I can talk on the premise that such a person was here, that’s all that matters. So, back to the main topic…”

 ”…Really, I don’t know what the main topic is anymore, Danna-sama”

 ”Her Highness, or rather, the body of Her Highness or something like Her Highness, has disappeared… To tell the truth, it hasn’t disappeared anywhere.”


 Valerie tilted her head involuntarily, and Lucas snapped his finger on the tip of her nose.


 ”Didn’t Commander say that? You swore no one’s been in or out of that room. So, nothing is missing from that room. Isn’t that right?”

 ”Well, in theory, yes, but…”

 ”Listen to me. The only thing in that room was the head of Her Highness, her bloody nightgown, and a lot of blood. Which means, if we think about it the other way around, a head is a head and a nightgown is a nightgown. If that’s the case, then it’s natural to think that the missing body should consist of that large amount of blood, don’t you think?”

 ”No, it’s not natural no matter how you think about it…”

 Olga also interjects with a straight face.

 The story is too far-fetched.

 And forgetting the relationship between friend and foe, Valerie nodded her head.

 ”T-That’s true, Danna-sama! And, where’s the flesh, where’s the bone?”

 ”Like! I! Said! I’ve been telling you all along nothing’s missing. There was no flesh and bone from the beginning. Though you don’t know it… ‘Headhunt’ has something special… That was ‘Glacier Crystal’, one of the missing treasures from the royal treasury. It is a jewel that can freeze anything. If someone has such a thing, and all you find there is a neck and blood, the answer is easy to find, isn’t it? It’s just that the head was on top of the frozen blood.”

 ”I-I see… no, no, no! That’s crazy!”

 Valerie almost agreed for a moment, then shook her head.

 ”That’s impossible! The last time I saw Her Highness was in human shape. She was mostly a silhouette, but even her finger was human-shaped. Are you saying that Olga made a human shape by scraping frozen blood? That would be impossible! She is so clumsy that even in her childhood school days, she couldn’t put back the hilt of her sword by herself when she took it off for maintenance! During night training, she also produced a mysterious black mass regardless of the ingredients, an unprecedentedly careless person!”

 ”Don’t tell anyone about that!”

 Olga is hit by an unexpected stray bullet, and she turns back to normal and covers her face.

 Lucas looked at Valerie, who was scratching the air with her fingers and shrugged his shoulders.

 ”There’s nothing to be concerned about even if she’s not so skillful, is there? It’s just a matter of pouring it into a mold.”


 ”That’s right. You know, there’s a perfect mold, right? From the neck down, from the tips of the fingers of the hands to the toes of the feet, it’s completely sealed. It fits snugly and completely envelops the wearer, sealing it up so tightly that no water can leak out. The very shape of Her Highness’ body itself.”

 ”What!? Is it that bondage suit?!”

 ”That’s right. Using the bondage suit as a mold, she’ll freeze the blood that’s poured into it to form Her Highness’ body. Then, put the nightgown on and the neck on top, and voila, we have a model of Her Highness the Princess. The head was probably brought in frozen. The white bones in the cross section are clearly visible, so I think this person was killed a long time ago.”

 Lucas’s mouth twists into a smile at Valerie’s stunned look.

 ”So, the blood that was sprayed in that room was the blood extracted from Ernesto and the others. They were hung next to Her Highness’ room simply because it was easier to work there. The area is guarded by Her Highness’s own knights too. So, no need to worry about people coming close to them while they were working. Now that I think about it, the reason why Her Highness showed off the bondage suit may have been to give an impression of its perverted use. In case anyone finds out about it, they will not be able to imagine any other use for it except for that.”

 Lucas then opened his hands and looked up at the sky in a theatrical tone.

 The rain was gradually increasing.

 ”For the locked room, of course Olga was only pretending. Because the blood will dissolve over time. No, it may be possible to unfreeze it, since there was nothing left to melt. And if the head fell on the bed, making a noise and reeking of blood, Commander would naturally try to confirm it. The fact that Commander slipped and fainted is, well… unexpected, I guess. I think Commander was supposed to come out of the door in a hurry. The reason I stayed there with Olga in front of the outer door was so that I could testify that there was no one else who could kill Her Highness besides the Commander.”

 At this moment, Olga stood there with her head down.

 The rain is getting heavier by the moment, and drops of water were dripping from her armor and beginning to puddle on the ground.

 ”Olga, what I wanted to ask you is why you did this, why Her Highness did this? It took a lot of time and effort. Why did you go to such lengths to deceive Commander? Maybe it’s to avenge Sir Amber, but if you’re so angry that you want to destroy all the nine families, you’re taking it too hard!”

 Olga slowly looked up and quietly opened her mouth.

 ”To be honest, I didn’t expect this. I didn’t expect you to be so smart.”

 ”Do you have any idea how much I usually use my head when I’m slacking off?

 It was raining. It was pouring down heavily, as if it was trying to squeeze everything into the silence.

 In the stunned silence,

 ”Bon-bon, why are you so proud of yourself…?”

 Hilarie couldn’t help but chuckle.

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