Stargazer 34

Chapter Chapter 34 Assassin Aristocrat

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 ”Bon-bon, why are you so proud of yourself…?”

 Hilarie couldn’t help but chuckle.

 However, a burst of cold air erupts from Olga’s body all of sudden.

 The raindrops freeze and tumble noisily to the ground.

 She seems to have lost all interest in hiding the fact that she is a ‘Headhunt’ at this point.

 She stared at Lucas with a cold air with her sword and quietly stepped forward.

 Her bangs are cut at an angle.

 Her dark eyes glowed beneath them.

 Her eyes are fierce and fierce, and she takes one step closer to Lucas, and then another.

 ”Stay back, Commander.”

 ”N-No, but your arms are not strong enough…”

 Lucas shielded the puzzled Valerie behind him and drew his sword, keeping his eyes on Olga.

 ”Do you think you can defeat me?”

 ”Of course, I do. Olga. You haven’t answered my question yet.”

 ”Ha! Are you trying to provoke me? It’s hilarious, isn’t it? I don’t know what you’re up to, but I don’t know what you three can do.”

 She relaxes her cheeks in a mocking manner, and lower her body slightly.

 It is a slow movement.

 It is a slow, natural movement, as if she were trying to pick up something she had dropped.

 The moment Lucas unconsciously follows her with his eyes, Olga’s body suddenly leaps into the air.

 Her whole body springs.

 She was as quick as a predator.

 Mud splashes on the ground, and a frozen droplet arcs in the air.

 Because his eyes were guided downward, there was a delay of one beat against the attack from the upper position.

 The distance between the two, which should have been sufficient, instantly changes to a dangerous distance, and Lucas’s cheeks twitch.

 (Damn! That was fast!)



 Valerie’s shrieking voice echoed behind, and Olga raised her sword with a yell.

 With a high-pitched wind-slashing sound, the cold blade of the sword comes at him.

 The sword is straight, as is typical of a knight.

 But the cold air around the blade froze the air and drew a pale arc.

 Still, Lucas holds up his sword and confronts the knight.

 And at the sight of him, a fierce smile appeared on Olga’s face.

 She pictured Lucas being cut in half in her mind with her sword.

 But it did not happen that way.


 Olga screamed in astonishment at the lack of response at the moment when the swords collided with each other.

 Like a falling leaf in the wind, Lucas raised his sword at an angle, and Olga’s slash simply slid down the sword.

 The impact is completely muffled, and the tip of the sword strikes the ground helplessly, as if guided.

 The water on the ground freezes.

 The broken icicles leap into the air.

 And beyond the white mist, Olga’s cheeks twitch and contort.

 But that was not the end.

 This time Lucas’s sword came toward her, tracing the blade of Olga’s sword.

 This is the secret sword that Lucas stole from his father — the ‘Fallen Firefly’.

 This is a sword technique that can parry even the hardest sword at will and lead to a counterattack with a combination of offense and defense.

 And now, in the dark, the sparks from the blade rubbing against the other blade make a path as if a firefly were falling, thus giving the sword its name.


 ”Damn! Damn it! Don’t you dareeee!”

 Although surprised, Olga is no ordinary knight.

 She screams like an animal, and without hesitation she throws down her sword and reaches for Lucas’s throat.

 If not with the sword, then with a hand.

 She will break his neck, and that would be the end.

 That was her plan.

 But Lucas grabbed her wrists and twisted them so easily that she was easily pulled down to the ground without any time to resist.

 Olga hurriedly shakes off the hand and jumps away.

 She looked at her hand curiously and then shouted at Lucas.

 ”Who are you?! Who the hell are you?!”

 Lucas’s eyes narrowed as he adjusted his disheveled collar.

 ”Assasin Aristocrat!”

 Valerie gasped at the word, and Olga raised one eyebrow.

 Of course, both of them were not unaware of the name.

 But neither of them had ever thought that they existed.

 It was as if a character from a fairy tale had appeared before their eyes.

 A fearsome assassin who would decapitate those who would harm the royal family.

 Once targeted, there is not a chance in hell of escape.

 The children of noble families must have been threatened by their parents at least once: “Be a good child or the assassin aristocrats will come for you”.

 ”Nonsense! Your bluff has gone so far that it’s nothing short of hilarious! A lazy man like you is an assassin aristocrat! Don’t be ridiculous!”

 ”I think it’s you who’s ridiculous. If you can’t even tell the difference now…”

 ”Shut up!”

 In fact, Olga was treated like a child.

 Despite her fierce tone, her eyes were shimmering with anxiety and confusion.

 ”Now… let’s hear all about it, Headhunt!”

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