Stargazer 35

Chapter Chapter 35 Don’t Flirt in front of People

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 ”Now… let’s hear all about it, Headhunt!”


 As Lucas readies his sword and takes a step forward, Olga grunts and reaches into the leather pouch at her waist, clutching something in her hand. Then she stomped her foot while shouting.

 ”Pierce it!”

 Immediately, something cold runs down Lucas’s spine.

 It was something like an animal instinct.

 Something inside his head told him that he mustn’t stay where he was.


 Just as Lucas tried to jump out of the way with a cluck of his tongue, something sharp and pointed came out of the ground.

 It is an icicle as tall as a human being.

 This made Lucas’s eyes widen.

 His face twitched and he twisted desperately to avoid it, but the icicle tore at his chest, gouging his flesh slightly and splattering blood.


 ”I’m all right!”

 Lucas stopped Valerie’s attempt to run toward him with his hand and turned to face Olga.

 ”So that’s what the glacier crystal is…”

 Olga does not answer. She only twists the edges of her mouth slightly.

 To be honest, this is bad. This is unexpected.

 He had thought it was just a tool to freeze people in place, but he had no idea it could be used in this way.

 If it can attack regardless of the distance, there is no time to hesitate anymore.

 The only way is to jump into the pocket at once and win the game. That is the only way.

 So, Lucas lower his body slightly and runs toward Olga at once.

 Valerie rolls her eyes at his speed.

 Of course she did. This man is not much more than a human being. A man who had thought so showed such quickness that it was difficult to follow him with the eyes.

 Olga stomped her foot again, following his figure with her eyes as he came at her with tremendous speed.

 ”Pierce it!”

 A tip of the iceberg approached.

 Sharp icicle was coming toward Lucas.

 He stared at the sharp white icicle growing larger in his vision, and desperately took a side step.

 However, no matter how fast he was, he could not avoid the icicle if the icicle had already started to rise from the ground.


 And the tip of the ice tip gouged out his shoulder, and the coldness and pain made him stagger.

 Of course, Olga would not let such an opportunity pass.

 ”This is the end!”

 As soon as Olga stamped her foot, a new icicle struck Lucas’s face.

 The weight of his own body is on the shaft of his foot.

 He is now completely out of position.

 He cannot dodge it.

 (Damn! I screwed up!)

 Just as Lucas’s cheeks contorted as he stared at the sharp tip coming toward him, someone pushed him away with force.


 A high-pitched, animal-like scream echoes through the air, followed by a blunt, guttural sound.

 It was the sound of ice shards scattered.

 And Lucas sees Valerie’s back.

 She pushes Lucas away and breaks the icicle by swinging the shackles that are still on her arm.

 But that was not the end of it.

 She bared her canine teeth and attacked Olga with all her might.

 ”You, youuu…!”

 Olga flinched and tried to stamp her foot again.

 But it’s too late, and Valerie jumped onto her torso and pushed her to the ground with all her might.


 A gasp escapes from Olga’s mouth.

 And the white jewel is thrown out of Olga’s hand and rolls down onto the dirt.

 ”You…. you slutttt!”

 Olga’s eyes flashed with blood as she tried to get rid of Valerie.

 But Lucas’s sword was already in front of her.

 ”It’s over, Headhunt!”

 As Lucas said this, Valerie looked up quietly and looked at Olga.

 ”Olga… please, give up now…”

 ”Damn, you…”

 Raindrops from the overcast sky slap Olga’s cheeks, and she sighs heavily, silently closing her eyes.

 ”…I’m not losing. It’s… not fair that there’s two of you…”

 Olga spits this out as if in a foul mood, and then lies down on her back.

 Meanwhile, Valerie’s red hair sticks to her forehead.

 Her face is covered with mud and she looks somewhat relieved.

 But Lucas does not lower his sword.

 He keeps his sword in front of Olga, who is lying on the ground.

 Judging from the look on her face, she probably won’t act up again.

 But that does not mean that he can stop worrying about her.

 On the other side, Hilarie jumps down from the driver seat, picks up a white jewel from the mud, and nods to Lucas.

 The white jewel must be the glacier crystal.

 It was a close call, though.

 If Valerie hadn’t jumped in, he would have been killed. It seems that things are going well for now.

 As soon as Lucas let out an exhale…


 Valerie looked up at him and opened her mouth.

 ”I’m sorry to bother you at a time like this, but…”

 ”Yes, what is it? Commander?”



 ”Why do you call the person you just told was your girl a Commander? I appreciate your politeness, but your language is too formal. Rather, the way you speak to Olga is more natural than me! Are you trying to distance yourself from the distance that you have just gained!”

 ”But Commander is Commander…”

 ”How about putting yourself in the shoes of someone who’s kept at a distance by the person you love?”

 ”What? Fall in love?”

 ”That, I thought… you know… you are really cool… No, even before that… so please, call me Valerie like you did before…”

 Lucas’s cheeks flushed as soon as he saw her blush bright red and her face fell.

 ”Don’t flirt in front of people.”

 Olga’s lips twitched with a resentful look.

 Raindrops swayed the twigs in the forest.

 The atmosphere is shy, and Lucas and Valerie look in the direction of the day after tomorrow, smiling shyly at each other.

 As soon as Olga sees them, she clicks her tongue and says, “Damn it!”. Just then, at the sight of this, a horse stamps its hooves, and a big carriage suddenly starts to move.

 The movement is slow and sluggish, as if a big beast is twisting and turning.

 The wheels, which had been buried in the mud, began to turn with a creaking sound.

 It seems that the knight, seeing Olga’s defeat, had become frightened and started to flee.

 It is not clear whether the knight had heard the conversation until now, but there was no way to miss the person who might have found out his identity. Lucas thought. So…

 ”Millie! Hilarie! After him!”

 ”Oh, well…”

 ”He’s a real hard man to please.”

 The twins whip the horse while complaining, and start chasing after the big carriage.

 The one running away is probably desperate, and it is moving away from them as fast as it can.

 But the weight of the carriage is too much different.

 So, there is no way the knight can escape. It should be safe to leave the other side to them.

 Now, Valerie kept Olga in her arms, looking at her face and whispering quietly to her.

 ”…Tell me, Olga. Why did Her Highness do this?”

 When she spoke in a gentle voice, the loser could not help but be at a loss for words.

 Olga looked away from Valerie again with a weak expression on her face and answered in a muffled voice.

 ”I don’t know the details. After all, I have not heard it directly from Her Highness, but I believe it is an act of revenge against the man she loved taken by a noble woman who has been reduced to nothing more than a whore.”


 It’s a strange turn of phrase.

 Lucas guessed that it was the revenge of the princess who thought that Valerie was the murderer of Sir Amber.

 ”Valerie. Her Highness said she didn’t care about you. That it was just a means of getting what she wanted. She wants to wipe out the Duke’s family from the world.”

 Lucas looked at Valerie.

 She looked shocked, but at the same time she did not seem to understand what Olga was talking about.

 However, everything makes sense if what she just said is true.

 In other words, the man whom the princess loved is among the nine members of the duke’s family who will be put to death for Valerie’s crime of killing the royal family.

 That’s what it means.

 ”Her Highness was ruined by a man. Men are nothing more than ugly creatures with arms and legs full of vile desires. A man’s love is just another name for lust. You may be in high spirits about love and romance, but you will suffer a terrible fate because of a man.”

 Just as Valerie’s cheeks twisted in disapproval at Olga’s words, the sound of horses’ hooves could be heard in the distance.

 The direction itself was north, the same direction as Millie and the others had headed.

 However, the sound of wheels could not be heard at all.

 It was probably a single horseman, and the sound of its hoof beats.



 Lucas stared at the direction where the sound of hooves was coming from, and he saw a black-horse galloping toward him through a white haze of smoke, behind a silver thread-like haze.

 A big man in golden armor straddles the horse’s back. On his back he carried a great sword as tall as he was.

 ”That is…”

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