Stargazer 38

Chapter Chapter 38 I will be the One to Close the Curtain

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 ”Hilarie, what do you think? We can leave him here, right?”

 ”Surely. It’s not polite to talk to him when things like that happen.”

 When the twins returned after finishing the fleeing knight, they found Lucas and Valerie, who were seeking each other’s lips, on the other side of the pouring rain.

 They no longer see anything but each other.

 They forget everything and devour each other’s lips without a care in the world.

 The twins have no idea what happened to them, but they are not so brazen that they can just walk in on such a situation.

 So, they turn their horses around and ride off toward the capital.

 While at that, Hilarie takes out the white jewel from her pocket and looks at it.

 It said it was white, but a closer look reveals that there is a cold mist flowing back into the transparent pearl.

 ”I wonder how much this will sell for.”

 It is a royal treasure, after all.

 For a moment, she thought that it would be more profitable to sell it, but certainly that would make the assassin aristocrat threaten her life.

 Even if she keeps it without selling it, she can’t use it, and the most efficient way to use it would be to make up for the failure of this mission by getting it back.

 ”Anyway, I wonder what that princess was thinking when she did what she did.”

 When Hilarie tilts her head doubtfully, Millie shrugs her shoulders.

 ”Well, considering the fact that she’s a princess. It’s rumored that she became desperate after a guy she liked turned his back on her, and started to seek out men from one side to the other.”

 ”Hmmm. …But that’s kind of a strange story.”

 ”Really? Strange? What’s strange about it?”

 ”A princess, who’s supposed to be noble, gets betrayed by a man and goes out looking for a man. Is that possible? It’s like a story from a man’s point of view that women are like that, isn’t it? I don’t think the female mind is that simple…”

 ”Do you really talk like a woman’s heart?”

 When Millie looked at her with dismay, Hilarie waved her hand and said.

 ”O-Of course, big sis. I’m a girl at heart, too.”

* * *

 At the same time, in Vendale, Lucas’s mother, Bridget, was staring at the crown prince’s letter, which was spread on the table, and she was nodding her head.

 ”If we can show that Her Highness is safe and sound, the Dukes will not be accused of any crime, and there will be no consequences for us. As for the rest, if we can hide the fact that Her Highness was involved in the ‘Headhunt’, I don’t think it will be much of a problem, do you?”

 The Crown Prince’s distress deepened at her question.

 If the eldest son of the duke who brought this letter is right, the duke’s life has already ended.

 But the person who entrusted the Crown Prince with this letter is no longer anywhere to be found.

 However, knowing that he is dead, his aunt will no longer have any desire to do anything with the duke.


 ”How is it?”

 Bridget’s question made the Crown Prince look up quietly, and he spun his words bitterly.

 ”…I underestimated my aunt. That is what is left of a girl who fell in love. I underestimated that she was a mere shell of a girl who was carrying around her memories and living on.”

 ”Your Highness, there are many kinds of women. But a woman is a woman until she turns to ashes. Unfulfilled love becomes more beautiful with memories. I think I understand Her Highness feeling.”

 At Bridget’s somewhat comforting words, the Crown Prince quietly closes his eyes.

 He takes a deep breath in and lets it out long and thin, as if a silkworm were twisting a thread.

 ”…I pity her. I sympathize with her condition. But if word got out that a member of the royal family had led her subjects into a trap for her own personal gain, the trust between master and servant would be severely shaken. That must be avoided at this time of war. However, a person mouth cannot be closed, and as long as the aunt exists, the rumor will never disappear.”

 The sound of the Crown Prince clenching his teeth sounded.

 ”…The only thing I can do is to ask my aunt to leave immediately…”

 ”Your Highness, what His Majesty the King has protected at the cost of committing a mortal sin could come to nothing. Are you sure?”

 At Bridget’s question, the Crown Prince lets out a sigh of self-mockery.

 ”My father’s sin, huh…? Thanks to that, I will be guilty of the same sins…”

 As Bridget’s mouth relaxes in silence, the Crown Prince turns to her.

 ”…If possible, please do not let it be known that she was killed. Father… His Majesty the King will be deeply grieved. He ascended to a throne he never wanted, all because of my aunt. So please don’t let his anger and sorrow be directed to someone else. I hope that this chain of misfortune can be broken here, in a way that leaves no doubt in his mind that the death was an accident.”

 ”That’s a difficult thing to do.”

 On behalf of Lucas, the husband, Jonathan, is now in the middle of his misfortune.

 He does not show his face here because he is still in his room.

 He does not know what kind of misfortune will befall him if he makes a move.

 After all, he is not as accustomed to bad luck as Lucas.

 Making it look like an accident is not so difficult for him.

 But if he is stuck, it’s a different story.

 However, there is only one other person in the Vandale family who could do such a thing.

 Bridget turns to her youngest daughter, who is sitting on the sofa.


 She calls out her name and Charlotte, the youngest daughter who has been sitting quietly, stands up and walks over to the Crown Prince.

 Charlotte then looks up at him with her crippled eyes closed.

 ”Bastian-anisama, I will be the one to close the curtain.”

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