Stargazer 39

Chapter Chapter 39 I’ll Take Your Life

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 In a corner of the Black Sun forest.

 Among the broadleaf trees.

 There stood a forgotten, seemingly abandoned hunting shack.

 The sound of heavy rain pounding against the log walls can be heard. But inside the unlit hut, two beastly gasps echo through the air.

 Lucas and Valerie are just devouring each other’s lips while lovingly embracing each other’s naked bodies.

 ”Kiss! Slurppppp… Smooch, kiss, slurpp, slurpppp…”

 Their tongues intertwine with each other.

 The oral mucous membranes melt and mingle with each other in this deep kiss.

 They lick each other’s teeth as if they love each other, and suck each other’s saliva.

 ”Mmm… haah, haah, haah… D-Danna-sama…”

 When their lips parted, saliva threaded between their lips, and Valerie’s slit eyes narrowed bewitchingly.

 ”More, I want to kiss you more…”

 She could not resist this kind of kiss.

 She looked like that.

 The same goes for Lucas.

 ”Nfu, kiss, ah, kiss, smooch, slurppp…”

 As soon as their lips met again, Lucas inserted his tongue into Valerie’s mouth again.

 Valerie covered him from above.

 On the other hand, Lucas was on the bottom, as if trying to get to her from below.

 They devoured each other as if they were confirming each other’s existence, looking into each other’s eyes, even as saliva spilled out of the corners of their mouths.

 Their breath is hot, and their embracing bodies are burning hot.

 They felt comfortable against each other’s cold, rain-soaked bodies.

 Then, after a long, long kiss, their lips parted, and Valerie ruffled her glossy red hair and hugged his head to her chest.

 ”Ah… Danna-sama, I love you so much. Don’t ever let me go.”

 ”I won’t let you go…”

 Lucas’s ears are filled with the sound of rain, their breaths, and Valerie’s heartbeat.

 As if there were only two people in the world, and as if they regretted that one soul had been split into two, they simply embraced each other and let out hot breaths.

 Like predators, their bodies are supple and elegant.

 And as Lucas is not yet refined enough to stay in the warmth of the woman he loves, his erection is uncontrollable.

 He rubbed his hardened member against her waist again and again as he continued kissing her.

 His arousal was unbounded. It was uncontrollable.

 He wiggled his hips violently, as if he is pistoning. And as if in response, Valerie also pressed her hips against him.

 Lucas also unconsciously moves his hand and strokes his beloved wife’s body.

 The feel of her skin is like being sucked into his body. He traced her tight waist, abs and squeezed her soft butt again and again.


 When he stimulated her butt, Valerie raises her eyebrows and lets out a nasally sigh.

 And when he moved his hand to her breast and rubbed her soft flesh in a kneading manner, her sensitive body, which had never known the touch of a man’s hand, responded immediately.

 ”Mmm… Mmm, ah, ah, haah… Mmm!”

 As their lips are parted, the lovely moaning voice begins to echo.

 At the sight of the woman he loves moaning, there is no way he can hold back.

 He pushes her down on a pile of straw in the corner of the hut, and puts his lips on her neck while he speaks his feelings as they flow out of him.

 ”Valerie… I like you. I love you.”

 ”Me too. Danna-sama, I like you! I love you too!”

 Wishing to leave his mark here too, Lucas sucked her neck so hard that it was congested with blood.

 He rubs his saliva on her body, running his tongue from her neck to her shoulders.

 *Crack! Lightning flashes outside the window. The light illuminates her skin, and the lines drawn by his saliva appear vividly on her skin.

 Again and again, he pecked her breast and traced her areola with his outstretched tongue.

 ”…!? Hwah, ah, ah, ahhhh!”

 Immediately she let out a sweet breath and arched her back with a tingle of pleasure.

 Her erect nipples are pressed against Lucas’s lips, and when he rolled the nipples with the tip of his tongue, Valerie reacted more intensely than ever.

 ”Hwa, ah, ah, ah, ahhhh…”

 Whenever he poked her nipples with the tip of his tongue, she trembled like a fish on land.

 Her saliva-covered nipples were painfully hard and stiff and trembling.

 Nevertheless, as he continued to tickle her nipples with his tongue, Valerie opened her mouth as if she had reached her limit.

 ”Please don’t torture my breasts so much…”

 The look of the maiden in heat exposed in front of Lucas eyes. With her weak plea.

 However, Lucas felt more and more eager to suckle on her nipples.

 He set his teeth on the towering nipple, lightly biting it sweetly and rolling it around with the tip of his tongue, sucking it noisily as if it were a baby.

 ”Ah! Ahhhhh… ahhhhh!”

 Just like that, a lewd moan escaped from Valerie’s lips.

 Her arms, which wrapped around the back of his head, are more powerful now.

 ‘I’m making her feel. I am pleasuring her.’

 The thought of it was too much for Lucas. And not satisfied with just sucking, Lucas opened his mouth wide and bit her breast.

 ”Ahh, don’t bite it… ahh, I’m being eaten…! Danna-sama is eating me!”

 He lightly bites the soft flesh, and makes a vulgar sound.

 His excitement is unceasing. Maybe she is also being pleasured. Valerie repeatedly pressed her hips against Lucas’s groin.

 But eventually, Lucas had reached the end of his patience.

 ”Valerie… Valerie… Valerie…”

 Lucas called her name again and again as he let his feelings overflow, and he sent a rain of kisses.

 He kissed her breasts, her sides, her neck, her belly button, her thighs, and soon he saw her petals in front of him.

 The rain was coming down faster and harder, and in a flash of lightning, her secret crack was, which was closed tightly like a virgin’s, dripping with her love juices as if she sought her man.

 Now, while kneeling between Valerie’s legs, Lucas kissed the petal.


 Valerie seems to feel shame and tries to run away from him.

 But she could not escape.

 Lucas caught her waist with his hands and kissed her vulva again and again, as he did to her nipples.

 ”Haah, haah, haah, mmm, haah!? Don’t do that, Danna-sama, that place is dirty. It makes me crazy… Ah, ah, Ah…”

 His beloved wife is writhing while shaking her head from side to side.

 But the sight of her is unbearably lovely for him.

 He wants to make her go crazy.

 He wants to make her feel more.

 The desire that was growing stronger made Lucas even more daring.

 With his outstretched tongue, he carefully licks each and every fold of her flesh.

 He felt the taste of salty love juice spreading in his mouth, and violated the garden of the maiden Valeries had been protecting with the tip of his tongue.

 ”Ah, ah, ah, ahhh, so embarrasing, it’s so embarassing, ahhh… S-Such a thing….”

 Valerie’s voice sounded as if she had a nightmare from a fever. But, despite her shame, her fully erected pubic mound was trembling in front of Lucas’s eyes, begging him to humiliate her even more.

 So, with his fingertips, he peeled off the foreskin.


 Just by doing this, he could hear her voice as if something was stuffed in the back of her throat.

 But he does not relent. When he stimulates her by rolling his fingertips, she lets out an animalistic scream and bends backward.

 ”Aaaaahhh!? Oh, no! Nkuhi! T-The stimulation is too muchhh! Ah, ah, Danna-sama, p-please forgive me…”

 She screams painfully in his ears as she jumps and jerks around.

 And perhaps she had never touched this place by herself before, her hips trembled more violently than ever.

 ”Haah…. Hiiih! I’m scared, I’m scared, Danna-sama, I’m going crazy, p-please forgive me…”

 Lucas rolls his eyes.

 Valerie, the maiden of war, is ‘scared’?

 In fact, she’s holding out his hand, desperately trying to stop him. But is this some kind of pleasure to torture her? Lucas felt an electric current running through his back.

 ”It’s okay to go crazy,”

 Lucas said and took her clitoris in his lips.

 ”Mmm! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!”

 Valerie’s shrieking and charming voice came out immediately.

 Lucas’s heart was excited by the sound of her urgent voice, and he licked up and down her pubic nucleus with his tongue.

 At the same time, he forcefully pushed her tightly-closed cleft open and started to push his fingers into it little by little.

 ”Ah!? No… stop it, D-Danna-sama, ah, ah, ahhh, nhiii…”

 Valerie wriggles violently.

 Still, with the wetness on his finger, he rubbed her vaginal wall feeling the tightness, and stimulated it with his fingertips. In response, her hips jumped.

 ”Ah, uuu, i-it hurts… but… it feels strange. D-Danna-sama… p-please stop it… this makes me crazy…”

 Her voice is raspy and her breath is ragged, but it’s definitely not all pain. It’s obvious that Valerie is starting to feel it inside her vagina.

 At this, Lucas want to make her feel more. So, he caressed her repeatedly, following his instinct.

 ”Ahhh, nhhhhh, ah, ah, ah… nnhhhhh, ah, ah, it’s hot, ah, ah, ahh! S-Stop it, Danna-sama, I don’t want your finger…”

 Lucas stopped the movement of his fingers at her words, and Valerie narrowed her eyes and let out a sigh of pleasure.

 Then, while breathing heavily, she smiled softly.

 ”Haah, haah… C-Come here… Danna-sama. Make me your woman and I will devote the rest of my life to you… Lucas Vandale. Please love me for the rest of the life. Will you accept me for who I am?”

 ”Yes, Valerie… I love you.”

 Immediately, a feeling of love overflowed from the depths of Lucas’s chest.

 He sat up, kissed his beloved wife, and covered her.

 He opens her legs to the left and right and presses the tip of his p*nis against her vulva.


 Valerie frowns, her brow well-shaped. On the other hand, Lucas feels wet sensation at the tip of his flesh, and the fire coming from the petals tells him her arousal.

 ”I’m going to take what’s left of you… Valerie.”

 At Lucas’s words, Valerie’s eyes moisten and she flicks her tongue against his. At the same time, Lucas thrust his hips forward.

 His p*nis, which had been tightly pressed against her vulva, pushes the wall of her vagina open from side to side, and sinks into the sea of lustful flesh. Lucas felt the p*nis forcefully tearing the flesh.

 ”Gghh! Ggh.. Ggh.. S-So big… O-Ouch… ahhh.”

 Valerie arches her back and clenches her teeth with her eyes wide open.

 A secret garden where no one is allowed to enter. The innermost depths of the War Maiden. This is where she is about to lay waste.

 The thought of this fills Lucas with such excitement that he feels as if he would ejaculate at any moment. Still, he held back and thrust his hips harder and harder, following his rising passion.

 ”Ahhhh! Nnhh, I-I can’t do it anymore, ahh, it’s impossible, to insert it more than that…”

 ”It’s not yet! I’m going to make you my own deep inside!”

 Because of her well-trained body, Lucas felt the tremendous tightness of Valerie’s vaginal walls.

 The deeper he went, the more the narrow vaginal canal, and it squeezed Lucas’s cock tightly.

 However, he still pushes the narrow vaginal passage further with his cock.

 ”Hiii! Higyuuu!”

 After passing through the narrower passage, the rod entered into the base of the vagina at once. And he felt something being torn off.

 At that moment…

 ”Gghhhhhhhh, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! !”

 Valerie’s mouth was filled with more screams than ever before.

 Lucas stops moving and looks down at her as she stiffens in pain.

 ”Is it painful…?”

 Lucas says, and Valerie reaches out and cradles his head against her chest.

 ”Yeah, it hurts. Even when I was stabbed in the thigh by an enemy, I didn’t think it would hurt as much as this. But that may be just as well, for you have given me a scar that will never fade. I feel you in my belly. I can clearly see the shape of you… even though it hurts so much… I am happy.”

 Lucas’s heart skips a beat when he sees her smiling at him although her brow furrowed in pain.

 ”I love her, I love her, I love her so much that my heart aches,” Lucas thought to himself.

 ”I’m sorry… because you said such a cute thing, I couldn’t hold back any longer…”


 Lucas forcefully takes her lips, and starts to move his hips violently.

 ”Mmm, mmm, mmm! Mmm, puha! D-Don’t mind it, I still can do it, but, please, be gentle…”

 Even though he wants to be gentle, he can’t hold back any longer. Even though he loves her, he can’t help but make her suffer.

 ”I-It hurts, it hurts, hiii, gggkkk, s-stop it! Please!”

 Valerie said.

 Even though she had been hurt many times on the battlefield, this is something different. She can’t stop the scream that comes out of her mouth, and tears start to well up in her eyes.

 She also digs her fingernails into Lucas’s back in pain.

 But that does not stop Lucas from moving.

 ”Gghh, gghh, gghh, gghh, ah, ah, ahhhhhh!”

 As she gritted her teeth, Valerie felt the pain begin to lessen.

 Instead, the flood of her love juices made the extraction smooth.

 ”Mmm… kuh, ah, ah, ah, D-Danna-sama, I feel strange, ah, ah…”

 ”Are you getting comfortable?”

 ”No, I don’t want to say it. I-I don’t want to…”

 ”But, I want to make you feel even better.”

 ”Ah, ah, ah, mmm, mmm… that’s… feels good… ah, ah… I think…”

 Saying this, Valerie hides her flushed face with her hand. The sight of Valerie’s shameful face made Lucas’s excitement rise to a peak.

 ”Aaah! Aaah! I-It’s so intense! Ah, Danna-sama, ah, ah, ah…!”

 His movement of his hips accelerated at once.

 And Valerie clutches at him with a gasp while her honey pot contracts tightly

 . She could feel her womb descending in search of his seed.

 ”Nnghhh! Ow! It’s hitting me, it’s hitting me deep inside!”

 Valerie screamed as she was pushed hard in the deepest part of her body. Then Lucas looked her in the eye and shouted at her.

 ”Valerie! You’ll conceive my child! Give birth to my child!”

 ”Ah, ahh, I want to conceive! Let me have the baby! Danna-sama! Give me your seed!”

 Valerie howled in response, her shame shattered.

 With another hard thrust, Lucas crushed her womb as if he was going to gouge it out.

 ”Ahh! Aaahh, aaahh, aaahh, aaahh! D-Danna-sama, I’m cumming, I’m cummmming!”

 Valerie screams in desperation. But Lucas, too, had reached his limit. At the moment when he thrusts again, the hot magma finally breaks through the dam and overflows.

 *Spurt! Spurttt! Spurttttt!

 ”Nhiiiii! It’s out, ah, it’s hot, I’m cummmmmmming…~~~!”

 Valerie climaxes while shaking her head violently.

 But Lucas doesn’t stop moving even though he is spewing out his cum.

 He wants to screw her more, and more. He wants to make her more crazy. He wants to see her in her most lewd state.

 The desire was insatiable.

 He was insane.

 ”Aaah! I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming again!”

 While he fucked her in the normal position, he grabbed her big swinging breasts, and bit the soft flesh. He also sucks it and shoots new sperm into her vagina.

 ”Aaah! I-I’m going crazy, I-I’m gwoing really crazwyyy, it fweels swo gwooooodddd! Danna-samaaaa, I likwe ywouuuu, I lovwe ywouuuu!”

 Valerie’s charming voice echoed through the room, drowning out the sound of the rain. After that, their night went on, with multiple climaxes on top of climaxes.

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