Stargazer 42

Chapter Chapter 42 A Suitable Day For Ending

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 After leaving the balcony, the Crown Prince went to the garden.

 He asked the nobles who were enjoying tea in the gazebo to leave. But the nobles complained.

 That’s obvious.

 After all, they had come all the way here without being allowed to say a single word of greeting to the Princess and were told to turn back in less than a moment, which is what they should have done.

 ”Her Highness is ill, and she is under medical treatment. I heard that she is still in poor health, and she doesn’t want to see anyone anymore, so she sent me away too…”

 The Crown Prince said so, and the nobles reluctantly turned back to their carriages.

 As they walked out of the garden, the Crown Prince told Stellanova, a silver-haired maid standing by the gazebo, that the Princess had instructed her to return with them to the capital.

 She was surprised and greatly perplexed.

 Of course she was.

 The princess and she were the only ones here.

 Once she left, there was no one to take care of Her Highness.

 But when being told that this was the princess’ wish, she reluctantly agreed to it, though she was puzzled.

 Leaving her to get into the carriage first, the Crown Prince asks Charlotte softly by the carriage.

 ”You have taken all of… my aunt’s fortune, right?”

 Her right eye, under her eyelid, is one of the three treasures. One that was supposed to have been lost years ago.

 It is called ‘The Destiny’.

 It is a dark jewel that brings good fortune to whoever possesses it.

 But it takes away the fortune of others.

 Since Charlotte was born, she has never had any good fortune.

 Rather, she was born with the karma of a family that has been killing people, and she was born without much.

 She was born without eyeballs, and her eye sockets are hollow. Perhaps some of her organs are missing as well.

 If she had been left as she was, she would have died before the next morning. That’s her.

 And on the day she was born. The Crown Prince waited the night and went to Vandale’s house with a gift to celebrate.

 But what he sees is Lucas sobbing in front of the room, clinging to Emilienne.

 After hearing Emilienne’s story, he heard Lucas’s prayer in his ears.

 ”God… I’ll give my life so help that child!”

 (Oh, I see. This is what an older brother is like.)

 For the Crown Prince Bastien, the house of Vandale is more than his own family. For him, the days spent there are happy memories of being his true self.

 (Then, as a brother, I will do what I can to help.)

 He reaches his hand to Lucas’s head and ruffles his quirky hair. Then he looked him in the eye and said

 ”Lucca-boy. I will give you what you want. In return, don’t regret anything.”

 ”Of course I won’t!”

 He looked back at Lucas, who was staring straight at him, and then returned to the palace.

 For the sake of his poor youngest sister, he took one of the three treasures, ‘The Destiny’, from the royal treasury and gave it to her.

 Since then, Charlotte has miraculously survived.

 No one knows why she is still alive.

 But she is miraculously alive.

 Every day she receives Lucas’s good fortune and keeps her fragile life alive. Miraculously.

 But what an irony that the jewel that saved the life of this little girl will now be used to take the life of his own aunt, his father’s sister, whom he risked his own life to save.

 ”You have taken all of… my aunt’s fortune, right?”

 His question might be called his weakness.

 He could not help but confirm the weight of his aunt’s murder, the crime he had committed.

 But Charlotte gave a small shake of her head and quietly responded.

 ”Bastian-anisama, there is not a single piece of luck left for her to take away.”

 Looking up at the crown prince, whose eyes widened involuntarily, she spun the words quietly.

 ”But… it doesn’t mean that Ani-sama killed her. There’s nothing to be worried about. She’ll die tonight even if we don’t do anything. I just… took pity on her so I left a little, just a little, bit of good luck for her. I hope that she can go peacefully in her last moments.”

 ”I didn’t take it all, and I left it a little,” that’s what she said.

 This young assassin had left her a little bit of good fortune, that’s what she had said.

 The Crown Prince looks silently up at the sky.

 The sky is clear, with sardine clouds in the distance.

 There are hints of autumn in the air.

 The end of summer. The end of a season. The end of the unhappy aunt’s love. And the end of her agonizing life.

 It was a fitting, peaceful day.

 ”…Thank you.”

 He straightens himself, hangs his head deeply, and tells the little girl.

* * *

 ”I have a strange feeling about this.”

 Mutters the old butler, Flovio, to himself.

 After delivering the letter and leaving the duke’s house, he takes a deserted mountain road to the northeast.

 There was no one waiting for him, but his feet were somehow leading him toward his hometown, Calcata.

 He had been born a slave, raised as an assassin, and served many lords until he reached his old age.

 To be honest, he does not know what to do when he is told to do as he pleases.

 The last lord, the Princess, was the most unusual one among all the lord he has served.

 Despite her privileged position as royalty, she did not look happy at all.

 However, she was eager to be happy.

 That’s why she was able to carry out her terrible and elaborate plan.

 And his role in the plan was a minor one.

 To take over Olga’s role and continue the headhunting.

 He feared that if the Headhunt disappeared as soon as the Princess left the capital, some might question Headhunt’s relationship with her.

 (I wonder if she was happy…)

 The old butler mutters in his heart.

 He hopes so. If so, he feels that his life will have a meaning.

 As he quietly lowers his eyes, he hears faint footsteps ahead of him.

 He looks up and sees sardine clouds floating in the blue sky with a hint of yellow.

 In the backlight of twilight, he saw the silhouette of a young woman with a parasol and a bustle silhouette dress on the hill.

 ”Hello, Headhunt-san!”

 With these words, he moved his finger to the dagger he carried in his pocket.

 The woman looked familiar.

 He had seen her twice at the ball.

 She was the eldest daughter of the Vendales.

 ”Well, well, if it isn’t Emilienne-jou. What a coincidence!”

 ”Oh, it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Headhunt-san. But it’s not a coincidence. I’m here to finish you off.”

 ”I see. Thank you for your trouble. But can you do it?”

 Emilienne giggles as she readies herself with the dagger in her hand.

 ”I’m afraid I’m no match for you.”

 He shivered.

 He heard a sudden rustling in the grass on either side of him.

 Looking around, he saw gleaming eyes and the breath of a beast. Before he knew it, countless packs of wolves were surrounding him with their fangs bared.

 ”Good day to you, then. Goodbye, Headhunt-san. I’m afraid I can’t leave you with a head.”

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