Stargazer 45

Chapter Chapter 45 Epilogue The Stars Watch Over Us

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 On a continuous grassy plain.

 Lucas and Valerie walk along toward the capital, leaning against each other.

 The autumn is drawing in. The sound of insects among the leaves and grass. In the clear night sky, there is moonlight and starlight. The clear night sky was filled with the twinkling of countless stars.

 Valerie clings to Lucas’s arm and gently looks into his face.

 The number of days of the journey on foot is much longer than that of a horse-drawn carriage.

 Even if she looks closely, she can’t see any lights of the village ahead of her, and if things continue as they are, they will probably stay somewhere in the open somewhere tonight.

 But strangely enough, she does not find it hard.

 Her father died a few days ago, and with no word of the Princess’ whereabouts, there was no way to prove her innocence.

 But now, she felt somewhat buoyant, like a child waiting for the day of the feast.

 ’I’ll beat up any guy who will do anything to you! Let me take care of it! ‘

 Thinking of his words at that time, she can feel her cheeks heat up.

 What makes her heart so excited is that even if she has to abandon her country, it will be all right as long as he is by her side.

 ”Hey, Danna-sama…”

 ”Hmm? What is it?”

 ”I love you.”

 He doesn’t answer.

 But she knows he doesn’t hate her.

 It is an exchange that has been repeated many times before.

 After this, he usually says something deceptive.


 At this moment, he pointed to the sky, and Valerie smiled with a sigh.

 ”You’re… like that again.”

 ”I-It’s not like that. You see, that!”

 ”Hmm, what…?”

 Lucas points to a meteor shower.

 Among the falling meteors, one after another, a particularly big red meteor was falling in the northeast sky, trailing a bright red tail.

 The moment Valerie let out an exclamation, she suddenly stopped moving.

 ”What’s wrong?”

 ”No… it’s nothing. Don’t worry about it.”

 Valerie pulls his arms around her, holding him close to her chest. And then…

 ”It can’t be…”

 She mutters to herself, and her mouth relaxes into a wry smile.

 —Be happy.

 She felt as if she could hear her father’s voice… like that.

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