Stargazer 44

Chapter Chapter 44 Stargazer

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 The palace is quiet and still.

 The sun has set and there are no more lights on. But, in the darkened balcony, rocking chairs sway with a regular creaking sound.

 Princess Verneuil shudders slightly and pulls the cape around her shoulders to her chest.

 She has no intention of returning to the palace.

 Her mind is completely weakened. Her heart is so weak that it seems to be fading away.

 But, troublesome to say, her body is not yet at that level.

 Still, she hopes that if she stays here motionless, she will one day disappear as if in sleep.

 She hopes so.

 She has no regrets for this world without him.

 No, if there is one, it’s Stellanova.

 But she has entrusted her to her nephew who is a very serious man. So, everything should be fine.

 Now, in her rocking chair, she quietly looks up at the sky.

 The night sky is beautiful.

 Brilliant stars are twinkling as if they are trying to tell her something, and they are drawing rivers of light like a belt in the sky, creating a constant halation.

 Each star has a different color.

 One is the color of a yellow rose, one is the color of a blue agate, and one has a purple outline with a snow-white halo inside.

 Just like the night sky on that day when she looked up with him.

 Nothing had changed at all.

 The star twinkled without regard to human activity.

 They say that the light of the stars twinkles in the night sky after traveling for hundreds of millions of years.

 But for the stars in the night sky, a mere twenty years is as short as the twinkling of an eye.

 Still, the night sky is beautiful.

 The more she looked at it, the more beautiful it was.

 In the moonlight, the sky is decorated with countless sparkles like silver sands in various colors.

 Or so she thought.

 But she wonders why is she alone.

 Why is he not here beside her?

 Where did it go wrong, she wondered.

 However, she doesn’t have the energy left to examine them one by one. Therefore, it is useless.


 She said it aloud.

 If the last note is absorbed into the darkness, the silence that follows is even more chilling.

 The day when she would be her wife would never come.

 The day when they would be sitting on the sofa after dinner, smiling at each other with Stellanova between them, who knows, maybe there would have been such a future.

 At the moment when she looked up at the sky again with empty eyes, a shooting star fell down in the eastern sky.

 She saw it falling down beyond the mountains with an emerald green tail.

 With vacant eyes, Princess Verneuil looked at the area where the star had disappeared and quietly chanted

 ’I want to be a shooting star. I want to go down with you, my love, through the long night.’

 Her voice is full of emotion.

 Her voice grows wetter and wetter.

 Her wet, muddled, and ragged emotions start to moan and groan.

 ’I want to draw a trail of light in the night sky… and be engraved deep in your memory. Till the end of a billion nights, till the day when eternity breathes its last… until that day.’

 And tears trickle down her cheeks.

 But it’s good. There’s no one here. No one would see her pathetic crying face.

 She made a mess of her face and continued to sing with sobs while hiccupping her voice.

 ’Until the day… all the stars… in the night sky fall to the ground and I turn to dust. I’ll keep whispering my love to you… Ueeeeeeee…’

 Unable to bear it any longer. The Princess cried aloud.

 She sobbed as if her bowels were being squeezed out of her, and cried aloud like a child who had lost a parent.

 Her heart was wet with endless tears, and the stars were blurred in her blurred vision.

 It was at that moment.

 Like raindrops sliding down the surface of a glass, unable to bear the weight of the glass, stars began to fall everywhere.

 —A meteor shower.

 The stars are falling one after another, trailing their multicolored tails.

 Some are a cool blue, some a gorgeous yellow, falling in colorful lines across the canvas of the night sky.

 When she looked up, she saw a huge red shooting star blazing bright red in the night sky above her head, just beyond her line of sight.

 It was slowly falling toward her, gradually increasing in size.

 Its long, fluttering tail drew a bright red trail, sprinkling particles of light.

 ”A… Ah…”

 Princess Verneuil stands up and leans out from the balcony, letting out an inarticulate cry.

 (That’s the color of his hair…!)

 There is not a single artificial light on the ground, and the meteor is brighter and brighter.

 The surface of the lake reflects the light of the stars, and the lake is filled with light as if it were a blessing.

 The meteor is close at hand.

 The frictional heat turned the burning rocks into glass, glittering like jewels.

 The Princess Verneuil spreads her hands wide and waits for the moment.

 Tears of sorrow turned to tears of joy, and her heated cheeks grew wet.

 —I want to be a shooting star. The next time I am reborn, I want to be a shooting star and pour you my love.

 She hears his voice. No, it was like she could hear him.

 The next moment, a meteor fills her vision, and she sees nothing but white before her eyes.

 In the white light, she sees the image of the person she loves with her arms outstretched.

 And she puts a big smile on her tear-stained face.

 ”I have been waiting for you. At last, with you…”

 Her voice fades into the thunderous roar of a meteor hitting the ground.

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