Viola 10

Chapter 10 What Words Would Make My Feelings Reach You

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 December 20th

 I received a message from Kanon.

 It was information about Viola’s family, which I had been following their footsteps for a while.

 As I suspected, her father, Flat, was confirmed to have died in the war. He was captured by the kingdom’s forces during the defense of the capital and executed, regardless of the ongoing battle. The one who carried out the punishment was Scherzio, the highest-ranked Divine Princess of the Kingdom’s Salvation Army. She is known as the strongest Divine Maiden in the kingdom.

 As for her mother, her whereabouts are still unknown along with Viola’s brother, but Kanon’s report this time was able to determine the whereabouts of Viola’s sister, Alto.

 The Royal Knights.

 It has already been destroyed and, losing the symbol of Viola’s father, it has become an organization that has deviated from its original form.

 In other words, it is a resistance.

 Viola’s family is only famous for her father and Viola, but her sister, Alto, is also an excellent knight.

 …What should I do?

 Will contacting her put Viola in danger?

 …No, there is no need to hesitate.

 If Viola’s limbs were moving, she would go to meet Alto without hesitation.

 What she desires is what I should do.

* * *

 Anima Lute, the imperial court magician who works with the Empress of the Empire.

 Ritardando Kanon, Imperial Apoithakarah class magician, the Archbishop of the Holy Capital of the Imperial Orthodox Church.

 When a letter arrived listing the names of the two influential figures who were the driving force behind the downfall of the kingdom, I thought it was a joke.

 It was too obvious to be a trap, and too exaggerated to be true.

 ”The two of them are awaited in the kingdom.”

 The woman with a mysterious light in her eyes tilted her head with a smile, her purple ponytail swaying.

 ”For what purpose? To write such a dangerous letter…”

 ”To convey our sincerity to you.”

 I was interested.

 But at the same time, I felt fear.

 Why do I have to jump into the heart of enemy territory?

 If I were to be captured…

 ”Risoluto Viola-sama.”


 ”After Lute-sama found her in the slave market within the empire, she was hidden and is currently receiving treatment at Lute-sama’s residence.”

 Was she still alive?

 Didn’t she breathe her last in the corner of the underground dungeon?

 ”Viola-sama was captured during the siege of the royal capital, and her limbs are now immobile due to the subsequent torture.”

 Our father couldn’t even offer a strand of her hair as a tribute. Our mother and brother are still missing. But I had hoped, at the very least, to find Viola’s remains.

 ”But other than that, she is in good health. Lute-sama risked everything to protect Viola-sama after rescuing her from the slave market.”

 Can I meet that girl again?

 ”When I told her about Alto-sama, she said she wants to meet you.”

 I see, my dear Viola.


 ”So, what will you do?”

 ”I’m going to visit her. Will you take me there?”

 ”Understood. Well then.”

 With a clinking sound, the woman named Beth, who had two short swords at her waist, drew them.

 ”We must leave here safely, okay?”



 That day in the dungeon of Literato, a former kingdom city,

 ”Do I have my sword?”

 ”Outside the prison, it seems there are about five guards sleeping. I wonder if that person’s sword is lying around.”

 ”I understand.”

 A situation has occurred where the former kingdom knight and the third knight corps commander, Alto, escaped with the help of someone from the anti-empire faction.

 The one assigned to the task of tracking and investigating is the top-ranked Divine Princess, Forte, who was in the middle of a mission to eradicate the anti-empire forces.

 Among the Divine Princesses that the empire possesses, she is known as the most moderate.

* * *

 ”Frau, could you pass me that pepper shaker over there?”



 ”Hya!? Y-yes!!”

 ”What’s wrong?”

 ”Ah… n-no, I’m fine! Here you go!”

 This is tough. I can’t look directly at Lute-sama’s face. Since taking on the role of a mana pool, my condition has only worsened day by day, and I can’t get used to it.



 ”That’s a carrot, though…”


 It’s no use. When Lute-sama is nearby, I can’t help but think of what happened during Viola’s treatment, and I can’t think straight. I think I’m seriously ill.

 The injury is serious enough to grab the carrot when told to take the pepper.

 ”Are you okay? Are you feeling sick… By the way, your face seems a little red.”

 ”Huh!? Oh, n-no, it’s, it’s not, it’s just…”

 It was so serious that when he looked at me with a worried look on my face and put a hand on my forehead, I cried out, “Hyaaaa”

 Oh, no…

 Indeed, Lute-sama was originally cool, but now he seems even divine to me.

 Kind black eyes, black hair with a slight bedhead, dignified eyebrows.

 I can’t help but wonder why such a cool person doesn’t attract other women.

 Well, it’s true that his gaze might be a little intimidating, he might seem a little unfriendly, and there might be some mysterious aspect to him, but don’t people realize that those are Lute-sama’s charms?

 …No, it would be troublesome if someone were to pursue him.

 If I were to see Lute-sama being approached by other women, it would be quite a shock.

 I might even have a heart attack.

 ”L-Lute, you shouldn’t casually touch a girl’s face. Pervert.”


 ”……I-it’s not like I mind!”

 On the other hand, does Viola-sama seem to be getting irritated lately? Even though Beth said, “I don’t need you,” I still might not be able to help Viola-sama properly.

 Well, that’s true.

 Every time during treatment, I lose consciousness and haven’t been of any use to Viola-sama even once. Beth said that just receiving mana would help with the treatment, but… after I lose consciousness, are the two of them still continuing the treatment?

 ”It seems like you don’t have a fever, but maybe you should rest?”

 ”Yes, Frau. It would be better for you to rest today. Go sleep in your room.”

 ”No, no! I’m fine, really, I’m perfectly fine!”

 ”Even so, Frau, you tend to push yourself too hard…”

 ”You absolutely need to rest. You have to go to your room. Come on, go to your room on the second floor. Don’t overexert yourself.”

 I wonder why. Viola-sama seems to be fiercely trying to drive me into my room.

 Am I being avoided by Viola-sama?

 But even so….

 I don’t want to go to the room.

 Even though today I’m preparing for a meal with Lute-sama.

 ”I’m fine! Look at me!”


 As I raised my arm to show, for some reason the carrot that I was holding slipped out of my clumsy hand and flew away.


 I panicked and reached out my arm to grab it, but…


 With a thunk, it ended up flying into Lute-sama’s chest.

 I wish I could have praised Lute-sama for catching the carrot with a “Nice catch!” or something, but my lungs, contrary to my will, sucked in a sharp breath and stiffened.

 ”Are you okay, Frau?”

 ”Ah… daa… daa…”

 Ah, ah, it’s warm… in Lute-sama’s arms… it’s warm….

 And also, somehow, Lute-sama smells nice… What is this fragrance… It’s comforting.

 Was Lute-sama’s smell always like this?

 ”Suu… haa… suuu…”


 Ah, wait, why are you pulling away, Lute-sama… stop… just a little more…

 ”Suuu… e, ehe… Lute-sama…”

 Before, he used to hold me for much longer, so why? He doesn’t even stroke my head anymore.

 ”Hey… Frau… this is getting too close… if someone sees us like this…”

 It’s fine if someone sees us. It’s not a misunderstanding. I don’t care what others think, except for Lute-sama.

 Ah… but still, he’s so charming…

 ”Are you saying that I don’t care about it?”

 Oh? Viola-sama?

 ”Hah!? N-no!! It’s… not like that!!”

 Lute-sama stammered in response, clearly flustered.

 ”Hmph. That’s right. I’m just a useless person who can’t even move. Oh well, lucky you, being all sticky with a blonde beauty. Alright then, thanks for the meal. Sorry for intruding. I’ll be sleeping in my room.”

 ”No, it’s not like that!! Viola, w-wait!!”

 Ah, wait… Lute-sama!!

 ”…What do you want?”

 ”I-it’s a misunderstanding!”

 ”What misunderstanding?”

 ”No, I’m sorry… It’s just that Viola knows about me and Frau’s relationship, so I didn’t want any misunderstandings to arise…”


 I wonder what this atmosphere is…

 ”Huh? Misunderstandings? Are you saying that I misunderstood? I haven’t misunderstood anything. Frau is cute. Lute would be happy if he got close to Frau. And I’m just a bothersome third wheel. Where is the misunderstanding? I only recognize the facts. Wasn’t it obvious that you were happy with Frau clinging to you?”

 This atmosphere is like a husband being accused of cheating by his wife…

 ”Uh, not happy, but… you see, I’ve known Frau for a long time…”

 ”What does knowing her for a long time have to do with anything? In reality, Frau is that cute. There isn’t a man who wouldn’t feel uncomfortable, of course.”

 So, am I the mistress and Viola-sama is the main wife in this situation?


 Wait a minute…

 Isn’t this bad?


 ”No, um… I’m sorry…”

 ”Why are you apologizing? There’s no need to apologize, right? I’m not your girlfriend or wife, Lute. Or is it something else? Are you saying I’m jealous?”

 ”N-No… I didn’t mean it like that…”


 Isn’t that wrong?

 Lute-sama never seemed interested in women before.

 ”Anyway, there’s no competition between me and Frau. There’s no other girl as cute and good as her. I’m not cute, I have a bad look, a bad personality, I can’t do anything. So why would I be jealous of Frau? It’s impossible, right? I know my place.”


 ”And even Lute… You think I’m not cute, right?”



 That’s cheating.

 ”That’s not true!!”



 I knew it. Lute-sama will answer so.

 ”Viola… is… beautiful…”


 ”I like your strong personality, and above all, you are a beautiful person inside. Even your eyes… they’re… so…”



 Didn’t Lute-sama just say he like her? Did I mishear? Ah, no, it means that he likes her as a person, right?

 It means he respect her.

 By the way, “cute…” what is that?

 That’s a word I’ve never heard before.

 ”N-never mind it… I understand…”

 ”I, I see…”

 Why are they staring at each other blushing?


 I thought I had a good atmosphere just now.

 But now I feel like I’m being left out.

 ”What about the room?”

 ”…It’s fine, I’ll stay here.”

 Viola-sama was about to go back to the room, and Lute-sama went behind her to support her wheelchair.

 Viola-sama kept looking up at Lute-sama the whole time, and Lute-sama couldn’t take his eyes off Viola-sama…

 Is it too late when I realize it…? Does that really happen?

 I was careless to think that something like that wouldn’t happen to Lute-sama.

 Is there still time?

 Or is it already impossible?

 I feel my blood draining… this is ridiculous.

 ”L… Lute-sama…”


 His eyes looking at me are as warm as always.

 Warm and gentle, just like…

 Just like…

 ”What’s wrong?”


* * *

 Frau’s attitude is strange. Anyway, she sticks to Lute and doesn’t leave his side.

 …No, that’s not different from before, is it?

 But before, there was a certain distance… there wasn’t obvious contact.

 But these past few days…


 She always pressed her body close, entwining her hand with Lute’s arm.

 ”Lute-samaa♡ Hmm…♡”

 And while hugging him from behind, she blew her breath into his ear, very proactive in every way.

 ”Good job~♡ Here… I made a warm drink… please?”

 ”Hmm? Oh… yeah, it’s delicious… what is this?”

 ”It’s effective for fatigue~♡”

 ”I see, it’s good. Teach me the recipe next time.”

 ”Of course~♡”

 Watching Lute indulge Frau like this, I felt somehow upset and irritated, but… it wasn’t unbearable. She continued to devote herself to me as always, and I couldn’t afford to be harsh with Frau.



 ”Hmm…? Ah, sorry… I was spacing out for a bit.”

 ”You must be tired.”

 ”Do you think so? I don’t think that’s the case… Anyway, Frau, can I have another drink?”

 However, Frau seemed a bit different this evening.

 ”No, you shouldn’t drink too much…”

 As Frau approached Lute, who was sitting on a chair, she smiled at him and smoothly sat on his knee, looking at him.


 ”Don’t struggle…♡”

 ”W-What are you… get off…!!”

 ”I heard that being hugged like this can relieve fatigue. Relax and be a good boy…♡”

 ”Hey, s-stop… doing something like this…!!”

 ”Be a good boy…♡”

 Today, Frau was wearing a soft fabric dress.

 The light blue dress had a deep neckline and a short skirt that exposed her thighs.

 As Frau straddled Lute’s lap, her upper legs were naturally exposed, and as she sensually moved her hips, glimpses of her underwear-covered buttocks could be seen.

 Even that alone is shameful, but Frau pressed her chest against Lute’s face.


 Over the past few days, Frau has become more efficient in taking care of me. As a result, there is now some free time between dinner and bath time, and I’ve been spending that time reading using the assistive devices Lute made for me.

 However, on this day, I felt a sense of crisis in Frau’s recent behavior, and when I crawled to the kitchen in my wheelchair, I was met with this scene.

 I couldn’t help but hold my breath, is this peeping?

 Should I speak up or not, should I intervene or not, as my heartbeat quickened with anxiety, Frau’s actions became more and more extreme.

 ”Hehe~♡ Lute-sama, you look so cute when you blush~♡”


 ”Don’t resist~♡”

 She firmly pressed Lute’s face between her breasts and wouldn’t let go, despite Lute’s struggling.

 On the contrary, Lute buried his nose in Frau’s hair, sniffing and making his face melt with delight, occasionally trembling.

 Frau, who always had an innocent expression, narrowed her eyes slightly, and her unbelievably glossy lips formed a bewitching smile.

 ”Lute-sama… I want to heal you…♡”

 ”I’ve been healed!! I’ve been completely healed!!”

 ”Not yet~♡ If you don’t behave, I won’t let go, you know?”

 ”Frau!! I-I understand! I understand, so…”

 Even though Lute was confused and tried to resist, Frau did not get off his body.

 She gently moved her hips and pressed her crotch against Lute’s lower abdomen.

 ”Muah… Lick…”


 She attached herself to Lute’s neck, starting to let her tongue crawl.

 What on earth happened?

 It was a bewildering act that I couldn’t imagine from Frau a few days ago, and it made my mind go blank.

 ”It feels good… It relieves fatigue, you know…♡”


 ”See?♡ Relax and let go…♡”

 A sweet voice like soothing a baby said by Frau.

 At the same time, the sound of kisses echoed as she gently sucks on Lute’s neck.

 The emotions I’m feeling, I can’t express them well in words.

 It feels a little different from jealousy.

 It’s not anger either.

 If I had to say,

 I’m scared.

 ”Lute-sama… Look…”

 From my position, I can’t see what Frau is hiding on her body.

 ”No… Look…?”

 Frau gently lifts her short skirt, revealing it to Lute.

 ”Do you understand…?”

 I have to stop this. It’s strange. This is definitely strange.

 ”When I think about Lute-sama, I always end up like this…”

 What should I say? How can I not hurt Frau? No, but in this situation…

 ”Do you think I’m a naughty girl…? But… it’s all because of Lute-sama…”

 ”No, Frau… You shouldn’t do things like that…”

 ”Why not?”

 ”Why…! You, you have to take care of yourself…”

 ”I have taken care of myself.”

 I have to talk…

 My voice…


 ”I’ll never do such a thing with anyone other than Lute-sama. Because for me… Lute-sama is…”

 Do I have the right to stop them?

 ”…I realized that just cherishing you isn’t enough.”

 I don’t know how long Frau has been thinking about Lute.

 I don’t know how long Frau has been serving Lute.

 ”If not, Lute-sama won’t see me as a woman…”

 ”F-Frau, I…”

 Suddenly invaded by a thief cat and subjected to a dubious treatment called mana transfer,

 ”I’m aware of Lute-sama as a man.”


 ”No, the word ‘aware’ is not enough.”

 If a woman appeared trying to steal my beloved person in front of me, I might approach Lute like Frau.

 ”I’ve liked you for a long time. Since I was a child… I want to be Lute-sama’s bride.”


 Gently pressing the mouth of Lute, who was about to say something, with a hand,

 ”I know, you know? Lute-sama’s feelings. You don’t have to say it.”

 Frau’s face had no trace of desperation as she smiled.

 ”But, so what? Is it wrong for me to like Lute-sama?”

 ”Frau… there’s man more suitable for you than someone like me—”

 ”There isn’t. It’s impossible. If I were to find a man more important than Lute-sama, I would have to go back in time to avoid meeting Lute-sama.”


 ”How much do you think I’ve longed for Lute-sama?”


 ”Only Lute-sama. I don’t want anyone else.”


 ”I would give everything. My body and soul…”

 Her gently extended hand seemed to disappear into the lower half of Lute.


 With each of Frau’s delighted movements and her arm that made Lute’s face turn bright red, he stiffened.

 ”I’ve always… imagined it…”

 The whispered words by Lute’s ear, for some reason, reached my ears clearly.

 ”We… doing this kind of thing… always…”

 Even though I don’t want to see it, I can’t look away.

 Even though I should stop it, my voice won’t come out.

 Skillfully, Frau used one hand to unhook the collar of the dress, without hesitation, she pulled her arm out from the shoulder of the clothes.

 Beautiful skin.

 A well-shaped chest much larger than mine.

 ”Don’t look away…”

 Lute, whose hand was taken and pressed against her chest, seemed completely paralyzed in thought.

 ”Mmm… Lute-sama’s touch feels good…♡”

 Based on the conversation so far, Lute probably has very little resistance towards women.

 He’s naturally shy, so forcefully attacking him like Frau is probably the right approach.

 ”It’s okay for you to do as you please…♡ Because I belong to Lute-sama…♡”

 What comes to mind is not how to hurt Frau, but something else entirely.

 Considering Lute’s personality, it seems difficult for him to clearly reject her once it has come to this.

 Frau probably understands Lute well and may be confident enough to aggressively pursue him to this extent.

 Or does Lute want it too? That’s what I mean.

 ”This one too…♡ Hmm…♡”

 If he wanted it, he should have said so. I wouldn’t refuse or anything.

 Do you think I don’t want to do those things with Lute?


 Am I not exciting you, Lute? Was it all just my misunderstanding that you blushed like that? Or is it that you’re fine with anyone?

 ”Hey… move your fingers?”

 Why are you letting her touch you? Move your hips. Lute, resist a little more.

 ”…Lute-sama, is it painful?~♡ Are you excited…?”

 It’s annoying. What do you mean excited, Frau? Of course, he would react if you engage in such slutty behavior.

 ”Lute-sama… I want it. Your fingers… is it not allowed? Please…”

 And Lute, what are you showing? If it’s so embarrassing for you, then look away.

 ”I want… Lute-sama… I want you… Inside me…”


 I said no.

 Stop it.

 If they continue like this, it won’t stop anymore.

 ”…Well then…”

 For some reason, Frau got impatient with Lute, who still hadn’t moved, and slipped her fingers onto his hand.

 ”Mmm… Nngh… Ah… Haah…”

 After trembling and shaking, she let out a satisfied sigh.

 ”Does it feel good…?”

 Where are you putting what?

 This is the worst.

 It’s over. It won’t stop anymore. If I let this happen, Frau will take Lute away from me. Right before my eyes… This is the worst first love.

 ”…It feels different from Viola-sama, doesn’t it?”



 ”You’ve done it with Viola-sama, right?”


 ”Was it good? How many times did you do it? How did you do it?”


 ”I can make Lute-sama feel good too…”

 ”Frau… I…”


 What’s going on? Is she misunderstanding something? What does she mean I already bonded with Lute?

 ”Do it to me too.”

 Is that why she’s being so aggressive?

 Did she think he was stolen?

 Her beloved person…

 ”I’m glad you’re excited about me too…”

 Let’s stop if that’s the case. It’s still not too late. Because it’s different.

 Enough is enough, right? Lute can’t treat Frau like a child anymore. It’s enough.

 ”It’s fine… Lute-sama… I’ll make you feel good… right?”

 It’s not good. Please spare me. I beg you——

 ”——It’s not good, you idiot.”


 Bang! Standing on the other side of the door that opened with a loud noise was…

 ”What are you doing?”

 Beth, with an expression of fury.

 ”Oh… um… this, uh…”

 Flustered, Frau stood up from Lute’s lap, but her upper body was already completely exposed and her shorts were also shifted, revealing various things.

 While Frau fixed her disheveled clothes with a red face, Beth approached Lute and stared at Frau after peering into Lute’s face, who was sitting in the chair with a vacant look.

 ”You… did you give him something to drink?”

 ”What are you talking about…there’s no way…”

 ”…It smells like Oru leaves.”

 Beth put her nose close to Lute’s mouth, and from the outside it looked like they were kissing, which made her a little nervous.

 Moreover, she focused straight on me, who was hiding in the hallway shadows, so I was doubly surprised.

 ”Viola-sama, this guy was giving Lute-sama something to drink, right?”

 ”Wha… V-Viola-sama?”


 When Beth called out to me, I reluctantly pushed the wheelchair and slowly revealed myself from the hallway shadows. Frau’s expression was shocked, her eyes widened, and I couldn’t bear to meet her gaze.

 ”Si… since when…?”


 I was peeping, and Frau was trying to sneak away, so it was awkward for both of us.


 ”U-un… that… the tea…”


 And with that, it was a declaration from the beginning.

 ”Fatigue recovery effect, stamina enhancement, aphrodisiac effect… Depending on the dosage, it can cause confusion of consciousness, right? It’s also used for the treatment of male impotence, isn’t it? Even a small amount should have a strong effect. How much did you make her drink?”

 ”T-t-t-that’s… no… I… I…”

 ”Frau… You went and did it, didn’t you? You must be prepared, right?”

 When Beth stood up without any hesitation, with a murderous intent on her face, Frau turned pale and took a step back.

 ”Sorry for interrupting while you were deep in thought, but may I come in soon?”

 Upon hearing that voice from outside the entrance, I felt a chilling sensation all over my body.

 ”Viola… It’s been a while, hasn’t it?”

 Through the entrance door, came a person with silver hair like mine, red eyes, and a height one head taller than me. The person was not clad in a pure white knight’s armor, but rather a dirty robe with a hood.

 ”I never thought I would see you alive again.”

 ”A-Alto… Onee-sama…”

 Although we have the same face, their eyes were incredibly gentle. But, in that one eye, there was an unfamiliar eyepatch.

 ”U-my arm… could it be your eye too?”

 ”Can you speak about me? I heard that you can’t move your limbs.”

 Alto-oneesama said with a wry smile, her left arm completely gone without a trace.

 ”So this is Lute-san?… He seem unwell.”

 ”It’s because of this idiot. I will treat him immediately after this.”

 ”Ouch… hey, wait… let go…”

 Could it be… Beth… brought her here? In the midst of such casual conversation, Beth talked to me.

 ”What’s the matter, Viola-sama? Shall we execute Frau now?”

 However, as I was looking at Beth, she had a bewildered expression and began to say scary things.


 ”Why are you panicking, Frau? Didn’t you drug Lute-sama? You know how important he is to this country, right? If I hand you over to the guards, you will be tortured and executed.”


 ”What are you waiting for? Viola-sama is also witnessing this. There’s no escaping from this.”

 Beth looked at Frau with a serious expression, causing Frau’s face to turn pale.


 Surely you’re not serious, Beth?

 ”Beth… Please… Leave Frau alone.”

 ”…I can’t. She committed a crime, and against Lute-sama. I cannot overlook it.”

 Wait, are you serious, Beth?

 Are you kidding?

 ”B-Beth… Please. Even Lute will forgive her, you know?”

 Even when I pleaded, Beth’s serious expression didn’t change at all.

 ”Well, it seems that Lute-san is the cause of this.”

 Upon hearing Alto-oneesama say that, Beth trembled slightly and looked up at Alto-oneesama’s face.

 ”…Do you think Lute-sama seduced Frau?”

 ”Is that not the case?”

 Seeing Beth’s intense hostility, Alto-oneesama showed a wry smile.

 ”All of you are the same. Can’t you tell? This scent.”


 Even if you say scent… I can only smell Lute’s sweet fragrance…

 ”If we talk about aphrodisiac, this scent of Lute-san is much more poisonous to us women. It’s a woman’s nature to be attracted to strong individuals.”


 ”Beth… Is Lute-san suffering from mana hypertrophy or something?”

 ”No, that’s not it.”

 ”Then, is it natural? That’s terrifying. It’s no wonder someone without resistance would go crazy if they were near.”


 With Alto-oneesama saying that, she touched Frau’s cheeks, her face pale, and gently stroked her skin with kind eyes.

 ”When constantly exposed to a large amount of mana from the opposite sex, one loses control over their actions. It’s mana addiction. Especially when one experiences symptoms of addiction due to mana naturally leaking from the human body, it’s commonly referred to as Incubus Syndrome, or if the gender is reversed, Succubus Syndrome. Isn’t that what researchers in the Empire call it?”


 ”I don’t know the circumstances in the Empire, but are they hiding this? Or is it a recent phenomenon? Either way, I think it’s something that shouldn’t be known. Am I just overly concerned?”


 ”If this girl… If Frau is caught, they may also suspect Lute-san.”


 Sighing, Beth released Frau’s twisted arm.


 ”Huh… Ah…”

 Smack! After giving her a slap on the cheek, Beth stared at Frau.

 ”When Lute-sama can make sound judgments, please tell everything without hiding anything.”


 ”And, Alto-sama.”


 ”Please keep Lute-sama’s matters confidential.”

 ”Of course. He’s my sister’s benefactor. I won’t do anything to betray him.”


 Beth, who nodded silently beside Alto-oneesama, stood still, shoulders trembling, and head down.


 If I were in her position now, what would I think?


 If I were confronted with the reality that my actions, driven by my love for Lute, were not my own will…


 In any case, it’s undeniable that I was the trigger for Frau’s actions. I want to apologize, but would that only hurt her more?


 If I could just hug her… it seems like it would be an easy solution.

 Words are difficult.


 I can’t handle it.

 Such things.

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