Viola 9

Chapter 9 Are You Stupid

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 December 15th

 It has been 10 days since Frau came to our house.

 Viola and Frau get along very well and always live happily, holding hands.

 Frau was originally a thoughtful girl, but living together with her made me realize it even more, and I am grateful to her.

 If Viola has something on her mind, Frau flies over and responds to her requests, taking over everything that she has been embarrassed about to leave to me.

 I feel a slight loneliness because there is nothing for me to do for Viola anymore, but the most important thing is for her to live without stress.

 What I think about the current situation is not something that should be considered.

 …However, the only concern is that Viola’s treatment is not progressing at all.

 I can’t force her to undergo treatment that would expose her in a way that she doesn’t want to show and who is on the verge of making a friend.

 …When I reported this to Kanon, she just laughed it off.

 ”In the end, don’t you just want Frau to think well of you?”

 …Is that so?

 Certainly, when I perform that treatment in front of Frau, I know she will look at me with contempt.

 I don’t have the confidence to maintain composure under that gaze.

 Frau is like a daughter to me.

 If I were to receive that contemptuous look from Frau, I would surely feel gloomy.

 …However, it is true that at my core, there is no mistake that I am the kind of person Frau would hold in contempt.

 Somewhere deep in my heart, there is the belief that Frau should leave people like me and spread her wings far and wide.

 …Isn’t this a good opportunity?

 I will carry out Viola’s treatment.

 Frau will sever her ties with me and walk through life on her own two feet.

 Even if nothing remains with me in the end.

* * *

 ”M-Mana transfer?”

 ”Yeah, Frau can do it too, right? You know it’s part of the training for the Sisters?”

 ”W-why do you know about that…”

 ”You, the church guys from the organization of the Divine Princess Bodyguards. Why do you think I, who belonged to that organization, wouldn’t know such a thing?”

 On that day, Lute, myself, Frau, and Beth were gathered together at the house where I was staying at Lute’s.

 We gathered under the pretense of having important reports from Kanon-san regarding my treatment, but I wonder if things will really go according to Beth’s plan.

 Lute seems to have heard the details from Kanon beforehand, but we couldn’t have a direct meeting until today, the day of execution.

 Frau is constantly by my side, and the scarce moments when she’s not there, I use for treatment. I’m still anxious, but there’s no choice but to do it.

 …Only for the sake of treatment.

 ”So, what’s the purpose of mana transfer?”

 In front of the puzzled Frau, Beth briefly glanced at me before immediately turning to Frau and snorting angrily. Hang in there, Beth. I’m counting on you.

 ”There’s a high possibility that it will have an effect on healing Viola-sama’s arm. It’s Kanon-sama’s analysis, so there’s no doubt about it.”

 ”Treatment? … Does that mean Viola-sama’s arm might be able to move again?”

 ”That’s right.”

 ”Let’s do it!!”

 As soon as Frau heard those words, she suddenly stood up with a bang, her eyes sparkling, and raised her voice.

 There was no doubt in her eyes, and it could be seen that she genuinely cared about me.


 This is… quite a strong feeling of guilt.

 No… I can’t let myself be defeated by something like this. The situation is already in motion. It’s too late to turn back now.

 ”So basically, I just need to transfer mana to Viola-sama, right?”

 ”No, that’s not it.”

 Beth shook her head, and Frau raised an eyebrow suspiciously.

 ”What do you mean? If it’s not me who should do it in this situation… Could it be…”

 As soon as she said that, Frau’s expression became anxious, and she looked at Lute, who was silently gripping her hands in front of her chest.

 This is a predictable reaction up to this point. Most likely, after this…

 ”Lute-sama will do it for Viola-sama.”

 ”No, that’s not possible!!!”

 There it is. This is also the expected reaction.

 ”What’s wrong?”

 ”W-What’s wrong… You understand, right!? If he transfers… his mana…”

 ”If he do that? This is just a treatment. There’s nothing to feel guilty about.”

 I’m sorry.

 I have guilty feelings.

 I’m so stressed because I want Lute to transfer mana for me.

 I want to be close to him so badly, it’s driving me crazy.

 Please, Beth-san. Please do something.

 ”T-That’s… b-but… I can’t just allow that…”

 ”Why not? Does she really need permission from you? Know your place?”

 *Vein pops on Beth’s forehead*…!!

 Seeing that, I trembled and trembled in fear.


 Is that an act?

 It looks like she’s genuinely angry, but it’s an act, right?

 She said she would provoke Frau and lure her in, right?

 ”I have been officially ordered by the church to assist in Lute-sama’s life. I have a duty to determine whether Viola-sama’s actions are right or wrong.”



 What’s wrong? Why do you have such a scary face?

 Beth, has the atmosphere become tense? Are you okay?

 ”Are you going against the judgments of Lute-sama and Kanon-sama? The church is not the only important thing here. They are not concerned about Lute-sama or Viola-sama. Don’t you understand such things?”

 ”I make my own judgments properly. I am not just obeying the church’s orders. Besides, can you say that Lute-sama and Kanon-sama have never made any mistakes in their judgments?”

 Crack!! I heard a sound like teeth breaking from Beth’s mouth, and I turned pale.

 This is not acting.

 Definitely not acting.

 ”If you say this, you’re insulting Lute-sama and Kanon-sama, aren’t you? Don’t get carried away.”

 ”Who is insulting whom? Do you think blindly obeying is beneficial for the other person? Only by correctly pointing out what is wrong, can it truly be service to the other person.”

 As Beth’s eyes filled with an intense killing intent, I unintentionally raised my voice.

 ”B-Beth!! I-I…”

 ”Viola-sama, please wait a moment.”

 ”Huh… yes…”

 ”You’ve always disliked this flower garden girl, haven’t you?”

 It’s personal revenge!!


 This girl is attacking Frau out of personal revenge!!


 ”Well, it’s always like this.”

 Is it always chaotic like this!?

 As Lute and I talk, Beth’s voice held a note of exasperation as she addressed Frau.

 ”You always wave your ideals around like that, but have your ideals ever been fulfilled?”


 ”This applies to myself as well. It applies to Lute-sama as well. Certainly, what you say is logical. But…”

 Beth exhaled deeply through her nose, placed her hand on her hip, and looked down at Frau’s face with a bothered expression.

 ”Logic isn’t always the correct answer.”


 ”Have you ever thought about how much you’ve hurt Lute-sama with your logic?”

 ”N-No… It’s not like I…”

 When Frau panicked and raised her voice in response to Beth’s words, she glanced at her briefly, then shrugged her shoulders and sighed.

 ”What do you want to achieve?”

 ”I… I…”

 ”You want to help Viola-sama? Let me tell you, we don’t need you.”


 ”Viola-sama trusts Lute-sama. She thinks it’s okay to show her embarrassing side. That’s why things have been going well until now. So I didn’t interfere. On the other hand, you’re just being meddlesome. You’re just getting in the way.”


 ”Or is it something else? You want to heal your precious Lute-sama? Even though you’ve never been able to do anything before?”


 ”But your true intentions are different, right? I know, you——”


 In front of a crying and broken Frau, I couldn’t help but scream, and Beth’s body trembled and she covered her mouth with her hand.

 She might have gone too far.

 Beth probably realized it right away.


 Beth’s face turned pale as she rushed over and crouched down, placing her hand on Frau’s shoulder.

 ”I-I’m sorry… I said too much…”

 ”It’s fine… It’s the truth…”

 Beth, who was rubbing Frau’s back while looking flustered, no longer had any trace of her previous anger.

 ”I’m sorry… Frau, I’m sorry…”

 ”No… It’s okay… It’s okay, Beth… I’m the one who should be sorry…”

 I think they must have a close relationship. They said they were childhood friends.

 When I looked up at Lute’s face standing beside me, Lute also noticed my gaze and shrugged his shoulders. …I guess this is just the usual, including making up?

 As Frau hugged Beth tightly, I finally let out a big sigh and leaned back against the wheelchair’s backrest.

 Give me a break.

 Lute might be used to it, but I don’t feel comfortable at all with this.

 In the end, it took over thirty minutes for Frau to calm down.

 It was quite a burden for me, but it seemed like it wasn’t a big deal for these three. The tense atmosphere from earlier had disappeared, and watching Beth and Frau start talking again as if nothing happened, I couldn’t help but feel indescribable.

 Being on good terms is truly beautiful.

 Well, I do think it should be easier to understand.




 ”So basically, I don’t have enough total mana or output to perform this treatment.”

 ”Yeah, Frau.”

 That’s true.

 ”On the other hand, Lute-sama’s total mana and output are too large, and there is a high possibility that Viola-sama won’t be able to endure it.”


 This is half true and half false.

 It’s true that I won’t be able to endure it, but the possibility is a lie.

 Because we’ve already tried it many times.

 ”It’s the aftereffect of when Lute-sama treated her. Honestly, it would be bad if the church found out about Lute-sama’s total mana. Keep it a secret, okay?”

 ”I’ve been keeping it a secret from the beginning… There’s no way I can say it.”

 Ah, so there’s that kind of background.

 I thought something was strange.

 Even though I used to be a member of the Kingdom Knights not too long ago.

 No matter how important Lute is, I felt uneasy about disregarding the mana poured into me by a mage.

 …I wonder if Lute will tell me how he treated Beth next time? I might be a little interested.

 ”So that’s why I’m using you.”


 When Frau tilted her head, puzzled by Beth’s words, Beth gave her a wicked smile and glanced at me sideways.

 Fine, Beth, fine.

 I have made up my mind.

 ”Frau, I want you to have Lute-sama transfer some mana to you.”


 Frau’s eyes widened, and she stared at Beth in shock, her mouth agape.

 ”…Are you listening?”


 After a blank moment, Frau’s face quickly turned red, and sweat started pouring down her forehead.

 ”W-Wait a minute!! I don’t… understand… wait!!”

 ”Ideally, I wanted to directly channel it to Viola-sama through you, but I think it would overload and cause a short circuit with your output.”

 ”Wait a minute, seriously!!”

 ”So for now, I want you to supply mana to your limits, and then you can supply mana to Viola-sama. If the mana in your body increases, your mana output will increase proportionally. You will become a mana pool.”

 ”Beth!! Stop it!!”

 ”It’s okay even if you faint. At least if your mana being poured to the limit, Lute-sama’s mana output should calm down a bit, so then you can directly pour mana to Viola-sama. It’s a two-step approach. It’s highly likely that raw mana would transform without passing through the skin, so I want to avoid intentionally using cloth or space as a barrier. So, your presence is essential to pour a large amount of mana to Viola-sama without transforming Lute-sama’s mana.”


 Frau, sweating profusely with a bright red face,

 ”M-Mana transfer…”

 Glancing at Lute and then covering her face with her hands in agony.

 ”S-Something like that…”

 ”Do you dislike it?”

 ”I-It’s not that I dislike it, but…”

 ”If you don’t want to, you can stop, you know?”

 ”T-That’s not… But…”

 ”Why are you feeling embarrassed all of a sudden?”

 ”A-All of a sudden…”

 ”I mean, You’ve been calling Lute-sama countless times…”


 Frau, standing up with a shout, her face turning red up to her neck and panting heavily.

 Why do I get excited when I see Frau flailing around?

 ”I’ll do it!!! Is that alright, Lute-sama?!”

 ”I’m fine with it… But Frau, you don’t have to push yourself, you know?”

 ”I’m not pushing myself! I want to do it! Please let me do it!”

 ”You’re quite enthusiastic, Frau.”

 ”What’s that supposed to mean, Beth!?”

 ”You really want to be with Lute-sama that much?”


 Upon hearing Beth’s words, Frauh’s knees gave way, and she trembled, tears streaming down her face.

 Today, this girl was certainly having a tough day.

 Though I initiated this from my end, it’s still too pitiful.

 ”I… I want to do it…”

 Frau mumbled in a fragile voice, and I couldn’t hold back my tears at her sight.

* * *

 ”Is it… here?”

 ”Where else should we do it?”

 ”I, I don’t mean that… I mean, in front of everyone?”

 ”I’m the one who proposed it, so I have to observe the progress and see if it works. Viola-sama either needs to receive mana from you later or directly from Lute-sama, right? So, it’s only natural for me to be here.”


 Frau, who was sitting on the bed, looked restless as she looked at Lute sitting behind her, and then at Beth and me.

 Well, that’s understandable. She’s about to do mana transfer, which is said to be a spiritual intercourse, from Lute, while being watched by others. I might faint too if I were in her position.

 ”U-um, why is it like this…?”

 There’s a reason why Frau looks embarrassed and fidgety.

 ”If there is any substance between your skins, it will hinder of the mana transfer, which is a well-known fact, right?”

 ”Well, that may be true but…”

 ”I already explained earlier, didn’t I? You need to increase the contact between each other skins and receive mana in a short time, otherwise, the loss will be significant. Since your total mana is not large to begin with, the excess will dissipate quickly. I even wish you could do it naked.”

 ”Ugh… but does it have to be like this…?”

 Frau is wearing a negligee with a large opening in the back.

 It is a cute pink one with a small ribbon on the chest, and although it’s not transparent or provocative, it has quite a seductive design.

 Instead of wearing something see-through and making a one-on-one commitment in the darkness of the night, it’s more embarrassing to wear something that appears invisible in a bright room in front of everyone.

 ”You’re so noisy. Lute-sama is waiting for you. Hurry up and make up your mind.”

 ”Uh… I’m sorry.”

 ”No… You don’t need to apologize because I’m the one who’s getting help, Frau…”

 Nevertheless, it’s surprising how calm Lute is.

 When it was me, he was extremely flustered, but there doesn’t seem to be any particular agitation even with Frau in her negligee right in front of him.

 Instead of blushing, he looks straight at Frau and doesn’t even avert his gaze.

 Could it be that he’s used to me?

 …But, even last night, when Frau was taking a bath for a short time, he looked embarrassed.


 Lute has known Frau since they were little, right?


 I can’t believe it, but does Lute feels… about Frau?

 ”Don’t worry and don’t rush. You don’t need to worry about me.”


 Or is he watching with a feeling like it’s his daughter or something? I shouldn’t really say anything, but isn’t that a bit pitiful?

 Frau is already 18, right?

 ”Well, I guess it’s okay now… Please, um, please…”

 See, she’s blushing so much and tightly closing her eyes.

 ”Alright, I understand. If it gets too tough, don’t hesitate to tell me.”

 The arm sandwiched between her legs trembles like a young deer, and tears well up at the corners of her eyes.

 It really looks like she’s made up her mind to be with a man for the first time.


 Lute’s hand gently wraps around Frau from behind.

 ”Ah! ♡”

 Frau’s face, enveloped by Lute, looked like she was completely in heat.

 Feeling Lute’s skin against her back, her eyes briefly glaze over, and her tightly sealed lips open slightly.

 Instantly, Frau’s fair skin begins to blush a faint peach color here and there, and even to an onlooker, it’s clear that some sort of switch has been flipped for Frau.

 ”Well then… I’m going to do it.”


 I can’t help but feel uneasy seeing this. Well, it was a mutual agreement, after all.


 But I wonder why.

 When I see Lute still with a calm expression, it’s strange how I feel like cheering for Frau a little.

 ”Oh… ugh…!!”

 The trembling face of Frau, isn’t it really seductive?

 Lute, stop closing your eyes and look at Frau.

 She’s doing her best.

 ”Ah… ah…!”

 Yes, yes, at first she still had some composure.

 Her body isn’t used to the stimulation yet, it surprises her but her mind can’t catch up.

 If the sensation Frau is feeling right now is the same as mine, it should be closer to a ticklish feeling.

 But well, after about 10 minutes…



 ”Oh… Fu… ♡ Ya… ♡.”

 Frau moaned in ecstasy, unable to contain herself any longer.

 Her strength abandoned her, and strange sounds escaped her lips involuntarily.

 ”Ah… ♡♡♡♡ Mmm…! Hi…! L-Lute-sama…!”

 She panted as she found herself unable to support her own body, Lute’s firm embrace drawing their skin closer.

 ”Ah… Nn… ♡ I, ugh… ♡

 ”Are you okay?”

 Lute inquired, concern etched on his face.

 ”…I’m… fine!”

 Frau managed to reply, though her desires were written across her face.

 ”I see, don’t push yourself.”

 Lute advised, his captivating black eyes capturing her gaze.

 But Frau’s desires overcame her, and she clutched Lute’s arm wrapped around her stomach.

 ”Ah… ah… ah…!~♡”

 Seeing this, Beth, who had silently crept onto the bed unnoticed, whispered into Frau’s ear,

 ”By the way, Frau, did you know that mana absorption rate is high through the oral mucosa?”

 Leaving Frau’s thoughts in disarray, she could only react in one way.



 Of course, his face turns red. If he doesn’t feel anything, I’ll have to complain to Lute. …Although at this point, things are getting really confusing.

 ”Mmm… muah…”

 ”F-Frau!! You don’t need to go that far…!!”

 ”Hush!! Please calm down, Lute-sama!!”


 ”Enough already!!”

 Beth, why do you have such a wicked expression on your face?

 I was thinking this while watching their argument earlier, but this girl has a tendency to be thoroughly committed once she decides to do something. She’s the type you really don’t want to turn into an enemy.

 ”Muah… Lick… Nuu… Lute-sama… Slurp… Puhha… Lute-samaa…”

 Isn’t she being a little too forward? Lute’s hands are getting all sticky.

 I mean, I’ve never done something like that before, though?

 Isn’t that a bit unfair?

 ”Amu… Muah… Ehe, Ehee…♡”

 Oh dear. She looks so happy…

 Frau, who gazes at Lute over her shoulder while having his finger in her mouth, has completely turned into a seductive woman.

 Her face, with a coquettish look and raised eyes, exudes a captivating sensuality that makes my heart race just by looking at it.

 If I were in Lute’s position, I would definitely be pushing her down.


 Anyway, is this how I feel when I’m with Lute as well? To be honest, I was confused in the middle of it, and I didn’t have time to pay attention to how I was feeling.

 ”Haa… au… ah… no…”

 Frau, who looks like her whole body has relaxed, leans on Lute, who supports her from behind while trembling.


 While resting her head on Lute’s shoulder, she gazes at his face with a dreamy expression.


 Because she makes such a request, Lute stops moving with a surprised expression.

 ”Lute-sama… Kiss me…”

 ”Calm down, Frau. It’s me.”

 ”….? Yeah. That’s why… Kiss.”

 ”….Beth, Frau is acting strange.”

 No, it’s Lute who’s strange.

 Why are you looking at Beth with such a genuinely curious expression?

 Beth has a peaceful expression on her face, while Frau starts wrapping her arm around Lute and murmuring “Kiss… me…”

 ”It’s strange about Frau from the beginning.”

 ”No, I think this is due to the mana transfer causing confusion in the memories. Saying things like when she was little…”

 Was she asking for kisses since she were little?

 Specifically, until when?

 ”Viola-sama, what do you think?”

 Why are you asking me, Beth?

 I don’t have the right to stop Lute and Frau from kissing or anything.

 If you say she has been doing it since she was little, then just do it.

 I mean? Kisses? Go ahead if you like. I don’t really care.

 ”Can they do it? Frau and Lute-sama.”


 What is a kiss in the first place?

 Isn’t it an act of putting lips together?

 So what’s the big deal?

 What does it matter if they kiss?

 It doesn’t have any significant impact on the body, nor does it change one life.

 Once you separate your lips, it’s done.

 Even if other people see it, they won’t know what happened.



 Mucous membranes make it easier to transfer mana, right? This is an act they’re doing to connect it to my treatment, and I don’t have any guilty feelings towards Lute or Frau.

 Well, Frau’s face was bright red, her eyes were watery, and she was moving her hand between her legs, making small splashing sounds. It definitely looked like she was trying to push Lute down.

 This is a treatment procedure. They should do it. Rather, I’m sorry for my sake. So, please, go ahead.



 But it’s no good.

 ”…kissing is not allowed”

 It’s not allowed and I don’t want to. Absolutely not.

 Really, I don’t want to. No matter what, I don’t want to. Even if Lute wants to kiss Frau, I don’t want to.

 ”Don’t do it.”

 ”Of course not.”

 If he’s going to do it, do it to me.





 Why do I have to feel so embarrassed and turn red like this?

 ”She’s sleeping, huh…”

 ”I see… I guess I made her endure it.”

 Shouldn’t Frau feel embarrassed and unable to back out, and cooperate with the treatment procedure?

 ”I will take Frau to her bedroom.”

 ”No, I will…”

 Nevertheless, Frau exits peacefully, with a look of happiness on her face.

 ”Oh, no. Lute-sama… Look…”


 Beth is looking at me with a smirk on her face.

 ”Your beloved princess… It seems like she has reached her limit… ♡”

 ”B-Beth… Don’t say rude things about me…”

 For some reason, I don’t know why, but as soon as Lute saw my face, his face instantly turned bright red.


 But what kind of face am I making?

 ”Take me to the bed.”

 ”I-I understand…”

 I noticed that I was getting incredibly frustrated, and my head was about to boil.

 ”Take off my clothes.”

 ”Beth, I apologize but before we go…”

 ”Lute, you will the one who take them off.”

 I just couldn’t help but overwrite the color that Lute had been stained with by Frau earlier.

 ”And my underwear too.”

 ”Eh… I understood.”

 ”…And the lower ones.”


 ”Take them off!!”

 I became so embarrassed afterwards that I could die, but I just couldn’t stop demanding things from Lute.

 I asked him to take off all my clothes, including my underwear.

 Even though I couldn’t cover it with my arms.


 ”Lute-sama…? Viola-sama is… beautiful, isn’t she?~♡”


 ”Isn’t it rude to look away?~♡ Or do you mean you can’t bear to look directly at her?~♡”

 ”T-That’s not true!!!!”

 ”Then please look at her…♡”

 It was the first time.

 Since coming to this house, it was the first time Lute’s gaze pierced straight into my body.

 ”Hold me.”

 ”U… U-Understood…”

 ”No, I want it from the front.”

 ”Huh!? Well then, I apologize——”

 ”——Ugh… Lute-sama… kiss…♡”

 But before he could finish, Frau, in her sleep, interrupted with a plea. Because of this, I was irritated, and I kept demanding things from Lute more and more.

 And so, that night, I left behind only one line I couldn’t say and threw all the words that came to mind at Lute.

 ”I want to see Lute’s eyes”

 ”U… Guu…”

 The line I couldn’t say?

 ”Support me.”


 ”And kis…”


 ”Ki… Ki…”


 ”…It’s nothing. Do it now.”

 ”I… I understand…”

 Lute, you idiot! Ahhh!!! Enough!!!!

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