Viola 8

Chapter 8 The True You

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 December 5th

 Today, I was scolded by Frau for how I treated Viola.

 It was exactly like feeling completely helpless.

 What she said was absolutely right, and I felt the wretchedness of my actions and was devastated.


 However, my gloomy feelings were saved by Viola herself.

 Believe it or not, she tried to protect me from Frau’s opinion.


 But I have no intention of determining whether Frau’s opinion or Viola’s opinion is correct.

 Both opinions are equally important to me, and I am truly grateful to both of them.


 So, I cannot afford to stop.

 It is clear that I am a foolish person, and I understand that my actions are full of mistakes.

 …Still, I want to see Viola stand up on her own two feet again and seize something with her own hands.

 Not for Viola’s sake.

 Because I want to see that sight, for my sake, I will serve Viola. Even if I unknowingly hurt Viola… I won’t even dream of being liked.

* * *

 ”Yes, Viola-sama, ahhh!”

 ”Ah, ahhh…”

 ”Hehe!~♡ Please chew and eat well, okay?”

 ”Uh, okay…”

 ”Is it delicious?”

 ”Oh, it’s delicious…”

 ”That’s good!~♡”

 It’s been a week since Frau came. Whether asleep or awake, Frau is by my side.

 ”Let’s change your clothes, okay?”


 But it’s a fact that life has become much less stressful, having a woman close to my age taking care of me. Of course, it’s embarrassing, but at least I don’t have to show my embarrassing side to conscious men, which is a relief.

 Moreover, when it comes to changing clothes, I can now freely choose even the clothes Lute didn’t know how to put on. Every time I put on the old clothes that Beth brought in bulk, Lute blushes and looks at me. To put it modestly, it makes me very happy.

 ”Whaa… It’s beautiful…”

 ”T-That’s not true…”

 ”No, really! I’ve never seen such a beautiful woman before!”

 ”You’re exaggerating…”

 Anyway, Frau was a thoughtful child, always preparing things before I even had a problem. Whether it was meals, changing clothes, going to the bathroom, or taking a bath.

 Truly stress-free.

 A life with no complaints except for the fact that I can’t move my limbs.

 Or so it should be…

 ”Lute, just a moment…”

 ”Is this it? Viola-sama.”

 Whenever I tried to speak to Lute, Frau would always interject.

 ”Lute, come over here…”

 ”What’s the matter? Viola-sama, I’m here to listen.”

 And again…

 ”Tonight, Lute…”

 ”Viola-sama! Can I sleep with you tonight!~♡”

 It seemed that every time I wanted to say something to Lute, she would interrupt.


 ”What’s wrong, Viola-sama? Why are you so sullen…”

 ”I-It’s nothing… I’m not sullen or anything…”


 For some reason, I feel more stressed than when I was being taken care of by Lute.

 I can’t enjoy being lovey-dovey with Lute at all.

 Because Frau is too attentive, Lute, who was originally not good at household chores, has no chance to appear.

 As a result, not only me but even Lute ends up being taken care of by Frau, and it irritates me to see Lute with a happy smile on his face while eating Frau’s cooking.

 ”Lute-sama, here, aah~♡”

 ”No… I can eat by myself.”

 ”Well, don’t say that! Think of it as experiencing Viola-sama’s feelings!”

 ”Hmm…I see…”

 I see, huh? And why are you making such a difficult face while saying “aah~”?



 ”…Is it to your liking, Lute-sama?”

 ”Delicious. As expected of Frau.”

 ”…hehe …hehehe~♡”

 Even Frau, when she says “aah~” to me, her voice is much cuter. And she blushes and becomes fidgety…

 Well, I suppose it’s natural to be happy when praised by Lute. But for me, who is witnessing that, it’s a very complex feeling.

 ”Lute-sama, the bath is ready. As always, your bath at home is amazing. What’s the mechanism behind it?”

 ”If you’re interested, I’ll teach you next time. For now, Frau can go in first. I’ll go later.”

 ”It can’t be like that! It’s unfair for Frau to take a bath before Lute-sama!”


 ”No, it’s not allowed! Right, Viola-sama?”

 To be honest, it doesn’t matter to me.

 It doesn’t matter either way, but if possible, I’d like Frau to take a long bath as much as possible.

 ”Frau is saying the same thing, so why not go first, Lute?”

 ”Hmm… I see… then, I’ll go…”

 ”Have a good time! …Lute-sama, why do you always listen to Viola-sama?”

 …Is that so?

 …Hmm, maybe.


 ”Viola-sama, you seem happy about something?”

 ”Wha… What!? N-No way!! It’s not like that!!! It’s normal, just normal!!”

 After seeing Lute off, I hurriedly shook my head at Frau, who was pursing his lips at me, and then Frau let out a exaggerated sigh and immediately put on a smile before sitting down in the chair next to me.

 ”I think Viola-sama is amazing.”


 What is she talking about? If this is amazing, Frau is much more amazing.

 Even if my limbs move, I’m not good at housework like Frau, and I’m not even this attentive.

 When she thought something was strange, she would get angry with Lute straight away, and I was amazed by her proactive behavior of even going to the church. By the way, I want to know how a sister of the church can come with a decree from Her Majesty the Empress.

 ”Yes… kind, patient, considerate of others’ feelings…”


 I wonder whose story it is.

 It seems like a completely opposite person from me.

 ”And… I’ve never seen Lute-sama so happy.”


 Saying that, Frau had a slightly lonely smile on her face.

 ”Lute-sama is a kind person, so he always felt sorry for his inventions being used for military purposes…”


 I know from experience.

 How Lute’s various inventions have hunted people down.

 Mana amplification device.

 Conversion into weapons.

 Magic tanks.

 The decisive factor was the use of weapons with the rebound effect of mana.

 Although his magic tools were brought to the battlefield long after the war had started, right after that, our kingdom’s mages immediately unleashed uncontrollable magic, leading the Holy Empire to almost annihilate our kingdom with minimal human casualties.

 It was not just an invasion.

 It was a massacre.

 ”…Originally, Lute-sama’s inventions were all created for the purpose of treating injuries and illnesses.”


 ”Have you already met Beth and Kanon-sama?”


 ”Most of the military adaptations were developed in collaboration with Kanon-sama. In order to save Beth, who had a decisive flaw in her mana circuit, both of them dedicated themselves to research.”

 ”…Was Beth a special person to the two of them?”

 ”…Kanon-sama had a big sister who was a lot older than her, and Beth was the last remnant of her loyal followers.”


 ”Am I… perhaps talking too much?”

 Frau, who tilted her head and laughed, seemed to have very teary eyes.

 But, what should I say to her?

 Frau, I’m definitely not a person with a good character. I can’t say the right words at times like this.

 ”I still can’t heal the emotional wounds of Lute-sama.”

 Instead of being grateful to Frau, I feel jealous first. I’m not kind. Just because I can’t sleep with Lute for only a week, I get irritated and I’m not patient. Right now, I can’t even think of comforting words for Frau, so I really can’t understand other people’s feelings.

 ”But, while spending time with Viola-sama, it seems like Lute-sama has changed a little.”


 ”He smiles more than before, enjoys cooking so much, and is eager to take care of Viola-sama.”


 ”I… I’m quite jealous.”


 While covering the lower half of her face with both hands, Frau had a smile on her face that seemed like she was about to cry.

 ”B-because… what I… what I couldn’t do in years… Viola-sama can do it in no time.”

 ”But I haven’t been able to repay Lute with anything… I haven’t been able to do anything.”


 Is this a sarcasm for Frau?

 It’s the truth though.


 I haven’t done anything for Lute.

 I still don’t fully understand Lute.

 How much sadness he has endured.

 How much pain he has suffered.


 How much guilt he feels for my injuries.

 Lute hasn’t done anything wrong.

 ”…But still, I respect Viola-sama.”


 ”Thank you very much for healing Lute-sama.”


 I still don’t know what kind of words to say to Frau, who bows deeply with a tear streaming down her cheek.

 It hurts my heart when I think about what it would be like if our positions were reversed.

 After years and years of holding onto these feelings and trying her best to support, someone else suddenly appears and accomplishes what she wanted to do.


 If I were her, I couldn’t say “thank you” and bow my head to someone like that.

 ”So, this is my way of showing gratitude.”


 ”Yes, as a way to heal Lute-sama, I will repay Viola-sama.”

 Even if the other person doesn’t see me, I hope they live a happy life… Such thoughts are impossible for me.

 ”Really, I think I talked too much.”

 As tears rolled down Frau’s cheek, all I could do was look away.

 ”…That’s not true.”

 ”Hehe, thank you.”


 ”Well, Anyway, since that’s the case, please feel free to ask me anything, okay, Viola-sama?”


 ”…Even someone like me… Will you be friends with me?”


 This child is really bright, I can’t look at her directly.

 Lute, you’re okay with having someone like this by your side, aren’t you?

 This child is truly an angel.

 ”I’m glad… Hehe~♡ Talking about various things has made me feel a little better. Well then… I’ll go wash Lute-sama’s back.”


 She’s cute, has a good figure, is kind, and good at housework.

 She really seems like a good wife.

 ”I’ll leave the doorbell here. If anything happens, please call.”

 ”Huh? … Huh? … Wait, wait?”

 She is straightforward, capable of getting angry seriously for someone, and thoughtful.

 She must be a perfect mother as well.

 ”I’ll be right back. Please wait a moment.”

 ”Wait a minute!?”

 Smiling lightly, Frau nodded with satisfaction and hurriedly ran towards the bathroom.

 ”What do you mean by washing his back!?”

 As a wife and a mother, I am far from being satisfactory.

 ”Wait, Frau!”

 After all, I don’t think she is a person of character at all.

 ”Just wait, I saiddddd!”

* * *

 ”Well… that’s a serious problem, isn’t it?”

 ”Isn’t it?! The only time Lute touches me is when Frau is out shopping and when I’m taking a bath!”

 ”What?! Is that all?! Isn’t it too short?!”

 ”I know, right?! And even then, he doesn’t do much!”

 At my words, Beth thought about something and then asked,

 ”So, you want to be more affectionate…?”

 ”Well… uh… no… um…”

 She continued,

 ”Getting petted, hugged tightly, sleeping together under the same blanket… maybe even a kiss, wouldn’t you want that…?”

 ”No…I, I mean, it’s different…”

 She then asks,

 ”Oh really?”

 ”I’m just talking about how the treatment isn’t progressing.”

 ”Oh…? You…don’t like kisses?”

 ”W-What!? I-I don’t like it…it’s not like that!”

 …You shouldn’t treat people like toys, you know?

 I’m actually quite serious about this problem, you know?

 ”Well, joking aside…”


 You’re really good at changing the subject so quickly without feeling guilty.

 I’m scared of Frau, but I’m also quite scared of you, Beth.

 ”Let’s organize the issues.”

 It has been 10 days since Frau came to Lute’s house.

 On that day, unusually, Beth and I went for our usual walk together.

 Neither Lute nor Frau were nearby.

 Frau reported on the progress of work to the church, and Lute reported on the progress of my treatment to Kanon. As a result of overlapping appointments, Beth was dispatched as my caretaker.

 It’s been so long since I’ve been away from Lute, since I ran away from home with a pout. I can’t help but feel unsettled when Lute isn’t nearby.

 ”Currently, Frau does not approve of Lute-sama causing embarrassment to Viola-sama.”

 ”Well… I see.”

 ”Not to mention taking care of the bathroom, let alone bathing. If it’s known that he’s doing such things, Frau will go mad with anger, and both Lute-sama and Viola-sama were frightened by Frau sermon. As a result, the treatment was… I can’t bring myself to say it.”

 ”Uh… well… that’s true, but…”

 ”In conclusion, Viola-sama wants to be lovey-dovey with Lute-sama but can’t and is troubled.”

 ”It’s about the treatment!”

 ”Excuse me, I made a mistake. Viola-sama is troubled because she can’t properly receive treatment with Lute-sama. She wants to overcome this situation, but at the same time, she wants to avoid angering Frau.”

 ”…That’s right.”

 …Because Frau, when she gets angry, she’s scary. And Lute is about to get yelled at too… It’s not like that treatment was Lute’s suggestion or anything… It’s really unfair.


 Beth had a serious look on her face, crossed her arms, and pursed her lips while thinking.

 She’s cute.

 I wonder why this child is so cute.

 With her purple hair, sideways ponytail, sparkling and dignified big eyes… Of course, her appearance is cute, but her gestures are also cute.

 It’s like she’s the epitome of a girl!

 Sexy yet cute.

 ”Frau… Frau, um…”

 Every time Beth twisted her neck to the right or left, the ponytail on the side of her head would sway softly.

 To be honest, if I were a man, I wouldn’t be able to take my eyes off her.

 ”Do you know how perverted that girl is?”

 Beth suddenly said that, causing me to cough vigorously.

 ”Cough! Cough! Ugh, cough!”

 ”Despite having such a pure face, she does ‘it’ alone every night, you know?”

 ”T-that Beth!!! Stop it!!! Cough…!!”

 ”And she’s doing this while calling out Lute-sama’s name too? Isn’t that too much?”

 ”Why do you know about that?!!!”

 ”Well, we’ve been childhood friends… so I didn’t really want to know, but it just happened accidentally…”

 ”…I see.”

 As I looked at Beth, who spoke with a distant look in her eyes, I couldn’t help but feel uneasy. I had inadvertently heard something I shouldn’t have. I had suspected that Frau had a crush on Lute, but I hadn’t imagined it would go that far.

 ”And also, you know, once that girl turned fifteen and it became possible to get married, she tried sneaking into Lute-sama’s room multiple times at night.”


 ”But Lute-sama is quite vigilant, so it seems she never succeeded. There were instances where she was mistaken for being half-asleep, picked up, and placed back in her bed, or where she was offered the bed and ended up sleeping on the floor…”


 How pitiable…

 ”By the way, just before Viola-sama came to Lute-sama’s house, she tried sneaking in again. Wearing some very transparent and provocative attire.”

 ”Hey, why do you know about that kind of thing?”

 ”I used to occasionally go to Lute-sama’s house to help out even before Viola-sama arrived. When it was time to sleep, I would lay a futon next to Lute-sama and sleep~♡ Ahh, I love Lute-sama so much~♡”

 Beth’s attitude, stating that shamelessly, is refreshing.

 It’s strange that I don’t feel any jealousy when she’s so confident.

 …After all, she must really like him like a father figure.


 ”By the way, if Lute-sama were to make advances on me, I would be fine with being embraced… No, I’m sorry, I lied. I want to be embraced. If I have the chance, I’ll embrace him instead.”


 ”Well, leaving me aside, that person appeared so casually over there. And at first, Lute-sama didn’t realize it all. It was dangerous, in many ways.”

 Retracting my previous statement.

 Both situations are dangerous… no, both are dangerous.

 ”I mean, after that, the panic when Lute-sama realized it was absolutely hilarious. He panicked so much that he fell over, and because of the sheer eroticism, he ended up seeing things he shouldn’t have seen. You know, that girl has a ferocious body, right? Even I blushed.”


 I don’t know… I feel like I’m about to cry.

 ”In short, she’s quite a pervert, and here’s the solution to the problem.”

 Seeing me frown and hold my head in pain, Beth had a mysterious glimmer in her eyes.

 ”You can’t change what’s already done. So, let’s just bring that pervert in…~♡”

 …Bring her in? How?

 I have a bad feeling about this…

 I really want to bury my head and wonder if it’s really okay.

 Seeing Beth burst into laughter, I sincerely wished my hands could move faster.

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