Viola 22

Chapter 22 You Became The Center Of Attention

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 March 10th

 I never thought that I would end up loving two women. However, my heart remains surprisingly calm and quiet. What resides within me is the desire to make Frau happy.

 I always believed that such things would be irrelevant in my life. Regardless of how my feelings for Viola will be resolved, I never expected to have the opportunity to find happiness with a partner.

 How should I fulfill my responsibilities?

 While pondering over this, Frau laughed and said, “Don’t worry so much.” But I cannot simply ignore it.

 …However, there is nothing shallow about my thoughts. I will keep in mind not to be too eager. I will not act selfishly and will consult Frau first about what is truly important.

* * *

 ”I apologize.”

 Even if I were to be apologized to, I didn’t know what to say. Strangely, I didn’t feel any jealousy upon hearing Frau’s confession to Lite. In fact, I even thought it was a good thing.

 ”…There’s no need for you to apologize.”

 But the words that came out of my mouth were blunt. In the middle of the night, under the same blanket, I looked straight at Frau, who was staring at me, and I couldn’t help but let my gaze wander nervously.

 ”I’m not Lute’s lover or anything. Just because Frau had a relationship with Lute, I’m not in a position to say anything.”

 ”…Even so, I apologize.”

 ”Ah, don’t apologize…”

 There’s a slight hint of jealousy that I can’t ignore. It’s the circulation of mana.

 What flows from Lute passes through Frau and comes to me, and it’s all mixed up with the mana of Lute and Frau. The psychological distance I had towards Frau’s kindness, which I had respected, had become almost nonexistent due to the daily treatments.

 I feel like being best friends is a little different. It’s not like I have a tendency towards being a lesbian or anything.

 But still, maybe I feel a stronger sense of closeness to Frau than even my sister.

 It’s as if we were born into this world at the same time, like connected souls, like twins.

 ”…I betrayed Lady Viola.”

 ”That’s not true… Look, I’m not… Don’t cry, I’m not angry…”

 So when I heard the story of Frau being embraced by Lute, I thought, “That’s good.”

 It’s good that Frau’s feelings were understood.

 It’s good that Frau’s feelings were reciprocated.

 There’s no jealousy there, nor is there any sense of tragedy.

 It was a strange feeling.

 Before I knew it, it seemed like both Frau and I had set a goal to be embraced by Lute.

 I want to be loved by Lute.

 I want to be embraced by Lute.

 I want to live with Lute forever.

 But in that imagination, neither I nor Lute discard Frau.

 I have a strong feeling that Frau feels the same way, even though we’ve never expressed such feelings to each other.

 …I wonder if continuing this cycle of mana transfer will make our minds stick together?

 I’ve never heard of an example where mana transfer has been continued for such a long time. Honestly, it seems possible and that scares me.

 ”Viola-sama… with Lute-sama… quickly…”

 ”W-Well… I’m not in a hurry or anything…”

 I don’t get the feeling that Frau will take Lute. Even if Frau and Lute continue to love each other, I can’t imagine losing my place.

 Maybe this is like a rehearsal for treatment. A rehearsal for both of them to love me at the same time.

 ”Lute-sama… He said he’s really attracted to Viola-sama…”

 ”Oh, really…? It’s the first time he’s said something like that to Frau… That man seems to lack sensitivity… By the way, how much did he say he’s attracted…?”

 ”Even when we’re apart, it seems that Viola-sama remembers… and wants to hold me. Oh, and just to clarify, Lute-sama talked about this because I kept asking about it, okay?”

 ”Hmm, if Frau isn’t bothered by it, then it’s fine… But still, Lute is quite naughty, isn’t he?”

 Lately, it’s been getting bigger even before treatment… I pretend not to notice, but I can’t hide it completely. They say that the strength of mana is proportional to s*xual desire… I think it’s impossible to suppress these instinctual desires with just reason. Both Frau and I get incredibly excited when we see it, so we can’t judge others.

 ”It seems that he remembered Viola-sama and me when he was almost attacked by Marcato-sama.”

 ”What’s that… It’s complicated. I wonder if that’s okay?”

 ”I was happy. Viola-sama, do you dislike it?”

 ”N-No, it’s not like that!”

 By the way…

 More importantly…

 ”Hey, Frau.”


 When I looked straight at her, Frau blushed and looked down.

 Frau’s golden hair flowed smoothly on her cheeks, concealing her eyes, which made Frau’s redness stand out even more.

 ”…How was it?”


 Tell me.

 How was it?

 How did it go?

 ”Just tell me from the beginning…”

 ”F-from the beginning…”

 ”Are you planning to keep it a secret…?”

 ”N-No, it’s not like that… I-I’m just embarrassed…”

 ”Why are you getting embarrassed now…?”


 Frau must be really embarrassed, as she burrows into the futon and leans her head against my chest.

 If my hands were able to move, I would have hugged her… but unfortunately, I can’t move my limbs right now.

 I won’t gently hug her and let it slide.

 ”So, at first… I… kissed Lute-sama…”

 ”…Where did you kiss him?”

 ”Ugh… On the lips…”

 ”Tell me in detail… there’s no point in being vague.”


 Don’t act spoiled.

 Since you were embraced by Lute, hold your head high.

 Did you make that stubborn guy move?

 You should be proud enough to receive praise.

 ”And the tongue…? Did it intertwine…?”

 ”Ah, we intertwined…”

 ”Who started it…”

 ”I-It was me…”


 I started imagining and my heart started pounding.

 ”What happened after that?”


 ”Spit it out quickly.”

 ”I… I embraced Lute-sama’s face against my chest…”


 ”H-He… he sucked on my… chest…”



 ”Did it… feel good…?”

 ”…Really good.”



 ”H-How did…?”

 ”~~~~~ Ah, um…”

 ”Tell me… You better not think you can escape…”


 ”Hurry up…”

 How did it feel?!

 Hurry up!!

 ”He… he used his tongue… and teased me…”

 ”…And then?”

 ”He… he kissed me…”

 ”…That’s all?”


 ”So, what happen next…?”

 ”He… he gently bit my nipple… while… he licked it…”


 ”How… how much… did he do to you…”

 ”I… I don’t know…”

 ”You don’t know how much he did to you!?”

 ”Uuu… My chest… Probably… for about 20 minutes…”

 ”Twenty minutes!?”

 ”W-Well!! B-Because it feels good!! Lute-sama keeps changing his methods one after another!!”

 ”…Just the chest?”

 ”Yes, just the chest…”

 …If I were to be attacked for 20 minutes just on my chest, it would be quite troublesome.

 ”And, what happened after that!?”



 ”~~~~~ D-Down there… With his fingers…”

 ”In what way?”


 ”Just that…?”

 ”Well… I also had him insert it…”


 ”…It felt amazing… and I came…”


 ”…Three times…”


 ”While receiving kisses…”

 ”Fu… Ah…”

 ”While having my chest… groped…”


 A full course…

 Frau, aren’t you being a bit too greedy? Wasn’t it your first time? And isn’t Lute also pushing himself too hard?

 Even though he’s acting all cool as Forte, this is his first time being conscious, right? Lute is way too fired up.

 ”Huh? What about Frau…? You didn’t do anything…?”


 ”You did it, didn’t you?!”

 ”With my mouth…”


 ”And with my chest…”


 ”It got all heated up… My chest became sensitive…”


 Well, if it’s Frau’s size, I guess it’s possible… But this won’t be a reference for me…

 N-No… Maybe I can do it if I try my best?

 ”I was planning to stop… But Lute-sama seemed to be feeling really good…”


 ”I-I also felt good… And went a bit too far… Once… With my chest…”

 ”Ugh… Ughhh…”

 ”A lot… More than during treatment…”


 ”Twice as much, maybe?”


 ”M-My chest… It was all sticky and… Lute-sama’s had a lot of force… So it got on my face too…”

 ”Wh-what… Then?”



 ”…I licked it.”

 Once, Frau covered her face with her hands.

 Geez… I want to see… What kind of face are you making, Frau…?”

 ”How was it?”

 ”I… I love it.”

 ”The taste?”


 What kind of face did you make doing that?!

 Show me!

 Your face!

 Damn it!

 My limbs are…!

 ”And then… What’s next!?”

 ”W-Well, it’s not really the next thing… It’s because it became a little softer… So, for a while, I serve him orally…”

 ”For how long!?”

 ”For… About twenty minutes…”

 ”Another twenty minutes!?”


 ”What do you mean because?!”

 ”I… I love serving him… It makes me happy…”

 ”You’re overdoing it!”

 ”But I…”

 During treatment, she only licked… But serving… It feels obscene…

 How did she do it…?

 It must be a technique… I need to ask about the technique next time…

 ”And after that… S-Surely… Viola-sama already… know it, right…?”


 Is there something else?!

 ”W-Well, I… I…”

 ”Don’t hide your face! I’m really angry!”

 ”Lute-sama, on top of my face… overlapping… upside down…”


 ”We… lick each other’s…”


 ”It felt… too good… I thought I was going to die…”

 It’s Lute’s first time, right…

 It must be?!

 Still, don’t get too carried away just because your long-held desires have been fulfilled, Lute!

 ”You went too far!”

 ”But it wasn’t enough at all…”

 ”Have some shame!”

 ”Still, I couldn’t think of anything other than Lute-sama at that time…”


 ”I wanted to make him feel good… And it felt so good…”


 Frau… you’re too proactive…

 ”Haa… haaa…”

 It’s painful… It’s so painful…

 My heart is about to explode.

 I can feel my body tingling, knowing I’m getting excited by Frau’s words.

 ”A-Are you okay, Viola-sama?”

 ”I’m not okay!”


 ”Hurry up, tell me the next thing!”

 ”U-Umm… I-I did it!! I did it afterwards!!”

 ”Gahaha!! Cough! Ugh….!”

 ”Ahh!! V-Viola-sama!!”

 I… I want to… too…

 But more than that, I wanted to see…

 L-Lute… What kind of expression did you have when you did that…

 Were you embarrassed…?

 Or… were you excited?

 ”Cough… How… how was it…?”

 ”…What, how…”

 ”…When you did it”

 ”Ugh… Th-That is…”

 ”Did it hurt…?”



 ”It… It didn’t hurt…”


 ”Not at all… It didn’t hurt at all…”


 ”It… felt so good… I was happy… I didn’t understand anything… And then… Then I realized it was… too late… And I want it more…”



 Frau turned bright red.

 Covering her face with her hands.

 But… Frau knows my circumstances well.

 Embarrassed, so embarrassed, I was so embarrassed that I felt like fainting.

 I mean, there’s no need to say that at all.

 You don’t have to say such things.

 She apologize for saying that it’s embarrassing,

 But she raised her face with a determined look,

 Her face still red,

 ”I…I couldn’t hold it in…”

 Saying that,

 After enduring for a while,


 She covered her face with her hands.

* * *


 It’s boring.

 ”Really…what should I do…”

 It’s really boring when things don’t go as planned.

 The identity of the person who abducted Lute-sama is unknown.

 Since I was trying to create a false narrative, when I requested a meeting with Lute-sama, it was immediately rejected.

 And as expected, a warning message from Kanon-sama was sent to all Divine Princess members.

 Although the content was vague, it seems that rumors have spread, and people around me are avoiding me.

 It’s a sign that she is trying to exclude me, the Divine Princess.

 ”Oratorio will be taken away if I continue to stagnate…”

 If things continue like this, Oratorio will be taken away.

 Since Oratorio is in a state of intoxication with my mana, in theory, other Divine Princesses should be able to tame Oratorio as well.

 ”If only that intruder didn’t exist…”

 If I find them, I want to tear them apart.

 All that remains in my possession is a short video of me and Lute-sama staring at each other naked on the screen.

 But I was crushed by Kanon-sama’s warning in the first move.

 Should I make an effort to conceive a child with Oratorio without the mana control device?

 However, that would come with too much risk…

 ”Oh my…”


 The salon of the Orthodox Church.

 When I opened the door to the empty room and saw the person who entered, I removed my elbow from the desk.

 ”Oh, Forte. It’s rare to see you here alone like this.”


 What is this?

 Unlike the usual timid Forte, the person standing in front of me straightened her back and stared straight at me.

 Despite Aria’s goldfish poop, she’s cheeky.

 ”What are you thinking?”


 ”Why did you expose Lute-sama to danger?”

 Who is this girl?

 Why is she so worked up?

 She must have heard the warnings and rumors from Kanon-sama that were sent to Divine Princess, but even so, I don’t understand why Forte would be angry.

 She used to always be submissive to me, so is she coming to take advantage of my weakness?

 She’s really underestimating me.

 ”How does this concern you? I did what was necessary.”


 ”For the Imperial Kingdom, Oratorio is the top priority. Even though Lute-sama doesn’t belong to the church and is not a subject of the royal family, it is inevitable for him to cooperate as a citizen of the Imperial Kingdom. I am even trying to give him that opportunity, so he should be grateful.”

 ”Why are you saying such things! Lute-sama doesn’t have that obligation!!”

 ”Why not?”

 ”Why… Lute-sama is receiving special protection from Kanon-sama!! Even this warning is because of your involvement!”

 ”Special protection? The right to refuse even orders from the royal family? The right to not be bound by any rules of the Imperial Kingdom, despite being an Imperial Kingdom citizen? The right to not let anyone threaten their safety? So what?”


 It’s truly frustrating. If only I didn’t need to resort to such measures because of that protection.

 ”Forte, this war… Many of us, including Divine Princess, lost our lives as citizens of the Imperial Kingdom.”


 ”We protected Lute-sama. So, what’s wrong with asking for a little something in return?”

 ”H-How dare you! We owe everything to Lute-sama… You should know how much he contributed to the war!”

 ”Yes, of course, I know. But it was us who shed blood and lost comrades. You experienced the same, didn’t you, Forte?”


 ”The invention of a great magic tool? It is truly appreciated. However, in order to install it, many soldiers have tragically lost their lives. It’s not as if Lute-sama is directly responsible for their deaths, right?”

 ”W-What are you saying?!”

 ”Please refrain from raising your voice. It’s hard to listen to.”


 I feel frustrated too.

 I have an intense urge to strike the foolish woman in front of me.

 Just the fact that such a woman stands on an equal footing with me makes me feel tainted.

 ”It’s not like I exposed only Lute-sama to danger. Pouring Oratorio’s mana was just an attempt to make Lute-sama understand Draconia correctly. And after that, even I took risks to extract Draconia’s mana. Don’t you understand? If we don’t extract it from bodily fluids, the symptoms of poisoning will progress, right?”

 ”Ugh… But that doesn’t mean you should take risks…”

 ”Hey? Are you serious? It’s the bodily fluid of someone experiencing symptoms of Draconia’s mana poisoning. Even if he doesn’t ingest it, just being exposed to it would cause him to experience the symptoms as well.”



 What’s with this reaction?

 It’s more like she’s surprised to be taught something she didn’t know…

 ”So, what exactly are you here for?”

 Anything is fine, but could you just disappear already? It’s irritating to breathe the same air.

 ”…It’s a warning.”

 That lackey of Aria’s.

 Should I just take advantage of the chaos and kill her?

 ”Under the authority of Divine Princess, I declare that if you attempt to approach Lute-sama in the future, I will attack you unconditionally.”

 ”…If you can, go ahead and try.”

 ”Yes. I will attack without any warning.”


 ”By the way…”


 ”Already, my family back home has come under the protection of Kanon-sama.”


 ”That’s the only reason I came to tell you.”

 ”…If you’re done here, please leave.”

 ”Yes, then, excuse me.”





 ”… Such a commoner…”




 ”… Such a commoner!!!!”


 As the sound echoed and the shattered desk crumbled into pieces,


 What bothered me was why Kanon-sama specifically chose Forte.


 I wonder if the credit is being stolen by Quintet and Quartet.

 ….I need to investigate.

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