Viola 23

Chapter 23 You’Re So Bold, I’M Always Being Swayed By You

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 March 15th

 I received a message from Kanon stating that Miss Forte will be stationed at my house.

 I had taken the incident with Marcato quite seriously, so I knew some measures would be taken… but honestly, I’m puzzled by the unexpected action.

 It’s not about Forte causing any inconvenience by coming here. I was surprised that Kanon judged the situation I’m in to be so dangerous. Apparently, she even sent a notice to all the Divine Princesses to stay away from me.

 There shouldn’t be many people who are more familiar with the situation inside the church than Kanon. If she made that judgment, there’s no doubt about it. Still, I’ve never heard of the busy Divine Princesses being assigned a personal bodyguard… but perhaps it’s a sign that there are a certain number of forces within the church who are wary of Marcato’s Oratorio.

 Also, Kanon must still be in the process of carefully assessing the enemy’s intentions, as there is still no detailed information available. I, too, must choose my actions carefully to avoid playing into the hands of the enemy. However, with Viola’s treatment entering a new stage, it is clear that I must rely on Forte’s assistance.

 Forte has shown great enthusiasm for the escort mission, but I must also prepare means of self-defense to avoid causing her any trouble.

* * *

 I received a report from Lute-sama that preparations have been made to move Viola’s hand.

 I cannot thank him enough.

 Not only did he rescue Viola from her status as a slave, but he also serves her devotedly and makes her happy.

 Furthermore, he is trying to restore her to her original form.

 He was a person with a faint impression during the pre-war social gathering, but I regret not having a closer connection with him at that time. No, it would have been enough for Viola alone, not just me.

 That exchange. Perhaps the moment he fell in love with Viola was when they danced together. When I reflect on it, I do remember him looking at Viola with a red face.

 There were countless men who tried to woo Viola, so I shouldn’t have thought of him as anything special at that time, but I should have paid more attention to his title as the Grand Magician of the Imperial Kingdom.

 It was my mistake.

 Perhaps, even without the special circumstances of taking care of Viola, the two of them would have been drawn to each other and could have been happy.

 How many people truly understood the significance of the gathering that Kanon-sama organized?

 Instead of underestimating the threat of the Imperial Kingdom’s magic weapons, we should have desperately tried to establish a connection with them… I realized for the first time after losing my homeland that I was also someone who didn’t understand.

 It wasn’t swords or magic that would save the kingdom.

 It was the love between him and Viola.

 If Viola and Lute-sama had a close connection, there would have been a high possibility that the Imperial Kingdom, fearing the leakage of information about the magic weapons, would not have initiated the war. As a result, it is certain that Kanon-sama’s diplomatic efforts would have had enough time to bear fruit.

 …If only I had paid more attention to Lute-sama.

 …If only.

 Still, it’s ironic that I only realize the turning point towards the kingdom’s downfall after losing everything.

 …And now, the only hope left is the third Princess, Andante-sama of the Holy Kingdom, who escaped the destruction of the kingdom by studying abroad.

 It is said that Andante-sama also shows a positive will for the kingdom’s reconstruction.

 Although she is moving for the uprising, I wonder how much military power has been gathered…

 In any case, I don’t think we can possibly match the current Imperial Kingdom.

 It is clear that we will be crushed as soon as the uprising begins.

 We need to do something…

 We need to somehow deal a blow that would prevent Imperial Kingdom from focusing solely on Andante-sama’s uprising.

 For that, we need Draconia…

* * *

 ”Aria and Forte, can you switch positions for me?”

 ”I can’t.”

 ”Why not?”

 ”There are reasons, Maraketh-sama.”

 In the evening of a day when I took a day off for maintenance of Beth’s mana circuit, Maraketh-sama came to the reception room without any appointment. I focused all my efforts on making a face that looked as troublesome as possible.

 This meddlesome old man… Can’t he just leave me alone? Not only does he suddenly barge into my house, but he’s always making a fuss about Aria and Aria.

 ”Well then, can you assign Aria to guard Lute-sama together with Forte?”

 ”Um… you see, Aria also has an important role. She is the Divine Princess, you know? It’s not like I can just casually assign the Divine Princess to Lute alone, right?”

 ”Before being a Divine Princess, she is my daughter. And Lute-sama is a treasure of the Imperial Kingdom. In the long run, placing Lute-sama at the center of national policy would be a much better foundation for future generations than a single Draconia. If we are serious about protecting him, we should assign three Divine Princesses and have them take turns guarding Lute-sama 24/7. Forte and Aria… maybe we can immediately assign them to protect him, just like Troymerai, under Kanon-dono’s orders. Besides, Kanon-dono probably has a girl who was a final candidate for the Divine Princess.”

 ”Don’t be ridiculous. The Divine Princess is not my possession, you know? Besides, Beth is not suitable. I have entrusted her with various things too.”

 ”…In any case, I would like Aria to be assigned as Lute-sama’s guard. It shouldn’t be a bad idea. It’s too half-hearted to have Forte alone protect Lute-sama.”

 Saying that, Maraketh-sama stroke his beard, “Hmph,” and snorted, glaring at me.

 He should be turning sixty this year, but his gaze remains fierce, undiminished by the passage of time. The sense of intimidation that comes from his self-proclaimed ability to manage this country is enough to make anyone who confronts him recoil in fear.

 When Lute and I first met him, he still had a lot of black hair, but now his hair has turned completely white, slicked back, emphasizing his stern demeanor.

 ”You’re saying it can’t be done.”

 ”I’ll take responsibility for Allegretto’s matter. Leave it to me.”

 ”…Where did you hear that from Aria?”

 ”No way. That child didn’t say anything. If she were capable of such skillful maneuvering, she wouldn’t have had to go through such hardships.”

 …Hardships, huh.

 ”The biggest hardship for that child is her parents meddling in her love life, isn’t it? It’s excessive protection.”

 ”…There’s nothing to say in return. But Aria is so shy that she didn’t even realize her own feelings. If I don’t push her forward, she won’t be able to get closer to Lute-sama.”

 ”That’s none of your business. That child is doing just fine. She doesn’t need any more help from her parents. At this point, whatever her parents do will only get in the way.”

 ”…It would be nice if that’s the case.”

 Sighing, Maraketh-sama slumped on the sofa, but quickly lifted his face and took out a letter from his pocket.

 ”…What is it?”

 ”It’s a letter pleading with the Empress to issue a warning to the nobles similar to the one Kanon-dono issued to the Divine Princess. The letter is also signed by the nobles from my faction. I don’t want to make a big fuss…but if the Church alone can’t influence the Divine Princess, then there’s no other choice.”


 ”However, I will entrust the execution of this letter to the designated Divine Princess, Aria.”

 ”…That’s difficult to accept.”

 ”I don’t care what you say. In any case, if we add Aria to Forte, it will be impossible to expose Lute-sama from the outside. Kanon-dono…obtained a position in the Church to protect Lute-sama, didn’t she?”


 ”Aria is the same.”


 ”That’s why I allowed her to become the Divine Princess.”


 ”To protect Lute-sama’s safety and help fulfill my daughter’s wish.”


 ”Can’t just let this opportunity slip away, can we?”

 With a weak smile, Maraketh-sama said that and gently placed the letter on the table.

* * *

 ”Um…so, about the treatment…uh…”


 ”Well…in short, it’s the rehabilitation of Viola’s mana circuit in her arm…uh…because it was experiencing mana circulation failure, the circuit itself has weakened…”

 ”Yes, I understand.”

 ”So…we’ll restore the circuit and ultimately transform it to regain the lost functionality of the arm…”

 ”Yes, I comprehend.”


 Sitting on the chair, Forte nodded earnestly with a serious expression, while Lute-sama sat there, sweating profusely with a troubled look on his face.

 In Viola-sama’s bedroom at Lute-sama’s residence.

 Viola-sama sat on the bed, with me standing beside her, Lute-sama and Forte-sama sitting on the chairs placed on the room’s table, and Fiine-chan jumping back and forth to sniff their scents.

 The heavy atmosphere continued to fill the room, and only Fiine-chan could manage to make a happy snorting sound. Despite this, we were able to maintain our sanity.

 The reason behind this was because Forte-sama said, “Please don’t hesitate to go. I have the duty to protect Lute-sama, so I will be waiting in the corner of the room.” Forte-sama was fully dressed in Divine Princess armor, even with a sword at her side.

 For the past two days, Forte-sama had been stationed here for security purposes and never once left Lute-sama’s side. However, she also refrained from touching him or speaking to him more than necessary. Even when she slept, she sat in the corner of Lute-sama’s room, fully armed.

 When she earnestly said, “I have no ulterior motives, so I would appreciate it if you would allow me to guard the bath as well,” I didn’t know what to do. But when Lute-sama insisted that it was unnecessary, she reluctantly agreed, and everything was settled.

 Forte-sama, who usually gives off a flustered impression, always has a firm expression. It’s quite intimidating, to the point where I can’t help but think, “Is Forte-sama really a Divine Princess?” How rude of me.

 It seems that Forte-sama is constantly deploying a mana canopy around the house, and I can feel the constant pressure of mana overflowing from Forte-sama. It’s a bit suffocating for me.

 Viola-sama and Fiine-chan seem fine, but when I think about it, I’m the only ordinary person inside this house. Lute-sama, who has Incubus Syndrome, should also have a significantly high mana pressure.

 These past two days have been filled with such tremendous mana fluctuations that I can’t help but wonder if I would be intoxicated by Forte-sama if I were a man. How rude of me to think such a thing.

 ”I can do it, but… um… I might show Forte-sama a shocking sight… I’m a little worried…”

 ”It’s okay. There’s no problem. I know what to do.”

 With those words, Forte-sama confidently sharpens her gaze and looks directly into Lute-sama’s eyes.

 …Normally, if it was Forte-sama, I would panic, but when Forte-sama says that, I can’t help but feel like it might actually be okay. It’s kind of reassuring… I can really feel that she’s someone in a position to move a lot of people. I wonder if this is how she always is when she’s working.

 …Or maybe she just have a rough idea of what we’re doing because of mana transfer.

 ”Please don’t mind me and start.”

 Saying that, Forte-sama stood up from the chair and stood upright by the side of the room’s door.




 ”Why is everyone frozen? Hurry up. If we don’t finish, Fiine won’t be able to play with Lute.”

 Wait a moment, Fiine-chan.

 Right now, something really troublesome is happening.

 ”Frau, aren’t you undressing? We can’t do it unless you undress, right? You’re always the first to undress.”

 Please be quiet for a moment, Fiine-chan.

 Right now, I’m preparing my heart.

 ”You’re going to perform Viola’s surgery next week, right? You said we have to do it, right?”

 I know, Fiine-chan.

 Now, it’s the perfect timing.



 ”Well then, Viola-sama, your garment…”


 Suddenly, as I betray Viola-sama, she gazes at me with an intense expression. I can feel a tremendous amount of killing intent. To be honest, it’s incredibly scary to be stared at by Viola-sama, who is as beautiful as a work of art.

 ”Frau… you…”


 Please don’t make such a scary face. I just hesitated for a moment, that’s all.

 After all, it’s embarrassing to be standing there, being stared at by someone I’m not that close to.

 Certainly, I used to undress myself, then undress Viola-sama’s garment… and in the meantime, Lute-sama would undress as well…


 I’ll undress…

 I’ll undress, okay…

 I should just undress…

 Since I’ll be seen in even more embarrassing situations later, I shouldn’t mind. I shouldn’t care!!

 And just as I firmly placed my hand on the clasp of my clothes…


 Forte-sama turned around at the slight movement, only to find Lute-sama standing there, blushing and wearing nothing but his underwear.


 ”Get ready.”


 From that moment on, it was a desperate situation.

 I couldn’t let Lute-sama be embarrassed alone, so I hurriedly took off my maid uniform. In my haste, I started taking off even the unnecessary underwear, but Viola-sama stopped me and I ended up falling and accidentally headbutting her stomach.


 A not-so-ladylike moan escaped Viola-sama’s lips, but there was no time to apologize.

 Taking advantage of Viola-sama’s trembling form as she lay face down, I quickly untied the string at the back of her neck and pulled out the tight string that was tied around her back.

 ”Ouch! It’s hot! Frau, it’s hot!”

 It seemed that her skin had been burned due to friction, but I couldn’t afford to pay attention to that right now.

 Next, Lute-sama quickly grabbed Viola-sama’s dress hem that was wriggling, and swiftly took off her blouse. As the blouse got caught around her neck, Viola-sama let out a voice that sounded like she squashed a frog, saying, “Uh!” But still, there was no time to apologize.

 ”Fr-Frau, you don’t have to rush like that… And Viola…”

 ”L-Lute-sama, please wait a moment!”

 Lute-sama is so kind…

 I can’t keep Lute-sama waiting while I’m only in my underwear.

 Viola-sama, please stop squirming and stay still.

 ”F-Frau! Calm down!”

 ”I am calm, so please don’t move, Viola-sama!”


 I removed the futon, pulled off Viola-sama’s skirt, and finally jumped onto the bed, covering Viola-sama who had a pained expression on her face. The preparations were complete.

 ”I-It’s ready!”

 ”It’s not ‘It’s ready’! Please calm down, Frau!”

 As I turned around in response to Viola-sama’s voice, I saw her blushing and wearing an angry expression.

 …Well, I may have been a bit rough, but there’s no need to get so angry. I was just trying my best not to embarrass Lute-sama. Isn’t that the same for you too, Viola-sama?

 ”Underwear!! Frau!! Put my underwear back on!!”

 When I looked down in response to that voice, Viola-sama’s perfectly smooth private parts were fully exposed, spread wide open without a single hair in sight… It seems I accidentally pulled her panties down along with her skirt.

 In a panic, I turned to look at Lute-sama, who had turned bright red and was looking in the opposite direction. Even Forte-sama seemed to be avoiding eye contact awkwardly… Perhaps, from the angle, I had unintentionally made them see everything. Although we shared the same feelings, the situation seemed quite different for me and Viola-sama.

 ”I-I’m sorry, Viola-sama…”

 ”Just hurry up!”

 In a rush, I tried to retrieve Viola-sama’s underwear, which was probably hidden among the mess under the bed, but…



 In an instant, the one who caught me was Lute-sama, wearing only his underwear.


 ”A-Are you okay, Frau?”

 His skin…

 Lute-sama’s bare skin…

 Ever since that day, when Lute-sama embraced me for the first time, I haven’t been able to touch him all that much, but just a slight touch of his skin brings back the scene from that day to my mind.



 Just being in each other’s arms like this feels pleasant.

 No… I can’t help but remember that pleasure.

 I can feel my body getting hotter and hotter in response to Lute-sama’s intense scent.

 I’m preparing myself.

 My body is getting ready to accept Lute-sama.

 It’s painful.

 It’s so painful, Lute-sama.

 I want to be with you again soon.

 I want to see your face, Lute-sama, as you enjoy yourself with my body.



 It’s fine anytime.


 Even while cooking, hiding, or taking a bath, I would fly over without hesitation if called upon at night.

 Even without a proper occasion, I would serve for hours…

 Or perhaps, is it because he is concerned about me, refraining himself?

 …Should I just attack from here?

 After forcefully bringing me to the inn, it’s foolish to be confused by indecent acts at this point.

 While thinking such things,


 As I tempt Lute-sama with an upward glance,

 ”It might not matter, but could you put them on quickly…?”

 Viola-sama, who is still in a wide stance, trembled with an expression filled with tremendous anger.

* * *










 Th-this… have they been doing this all along?

 This kind of thing…

 ”Ah…wait…ease up…no, no, no…!”



 This is almost as if they’re really doing it.

 How long have they been doing this?

 I don’t even know how many times Viola-san and Frau-san’s bodies have been trembling, and even Lute-sama is in a crazy state…

 ”Hau…!! Auu…!! W-wait…! Seriously…wait…! It’s impossible…impossible, impossible…!!”


 Their arms and legs are tangled…a nd Frau-san has been obsessed with Lute-sama’s body, repeatedly kissing him…

 She won’t let go of his hand from Viola-san’s arm, but squeezing Lute-sama’s private part with her leg, that’s not unconsciously done, right?

 ”Forte, are you just enjoying watching?”

 ”F-Fi, Fiine-chan…”

 As Fiine-chan sat on my shoulder, she sniffed the scent of my hair and asked me that, causing me to involuntarily lower my face due to the overwhelming embarrassment.

 I thought I would be okay.

 I thought I had prepared myself.

 But when I laid my eyes on it, it was impossible not to react, even though it wasn’t anything extraordinary. The determination I had gathered crumbled in an instant, and I found myself unsure if this twisted scene was even reality.

 ”Do you feel your heart racing?”


 ”Does Forte also want to do something secret with Lute?”

 ”A-a secret?”

 ”Hmm? Hmm… mating.”

 ”Th-this… mating…”

 The expression is too vivid. Fiine-chan, who appears to be the same age as me but looks about ten years old, blurts out such words, and I have no idea how to respond.

 Certainly, it can be called mating, but… it’s not just an act done for the sole purpose of having children, right? Perhaps it’s just my maidenly delusion.

 …Well, I do… want Lute-sama’s baby.

 ”Don’t you want to?”

 ”S-stop it…”


 Of course, I want to. Until I came here, I had been comforting myself every night, remembering that night.

 These past two days, I’ve been desperately telling myself that this is work, a mission, but cracks are starting to show.

 Staying under the same roof as Lute-sama, it’s unexpectedly challenging to restrain my desires. My imagination was too limited.

 ”Would you like to join in the treatment, Forte?”


 If it were allowed, Fiine-chan… if it were allowed, of course, I would want to join. Even if I can’t do what I truly desire with Lute-sama, how fulfilled would I be if we could exchange mana?

 Yesterday… the day before yesterday… at night, after Lute-sama began breathing quietly, I ended up doing it alone. When I went to see his sleeping face without making a sound and gazed at him up close, my heart felt like it was going to burst with excitement.

 I wanted to kiss him but couldn’t… it was painful, and I couldn’t feel fulfilled at all.


 ”Lute-sama!! ♡”

 The sound of Lute-sama’s moans and Frau-san’s joyful voice caught my attention. Lute-sama’s face was contorted in pleasure, indicating that he was nearing climax.

 That pained expression… It reminds me of the face I saw that night. Covered in sweat, with a flushed face… I was incredibly excited when I saw that expression.

 …Even now, I still feel excited.

 ”Lute-sama… Does it feel good? Lute-sama…”

 Frau-san, with a melted expression on her face, seemed to have completely forgotten about my presence. With eager eyes, she gazed at Lute-sama’s face and the bulge pushing against his underwear. Viola-san, too, had a flushed and excited expression… I am completely left out.

 I’m sure that Lute-sama’s body will soon spring up… And then… that scent… The scent that lingers in my nose, refusing to fade away.

 Somehow, it felt pathetic that I seemed to be aiming for the leftovers, but even so, my mind was at its limit, thinking it was fine.

 ”Don’t hold back… Lute-sama… okay? ♡ I’m fine, so…”

 But Frau’s actions went beyond my expectations. Just when I wondered what was okay,


 Frau let go of Viola’s arm that she had been holding onto tightly,

 ”Haa… ♡”

 She smoothly shifted her body and reached for Lute-sama’s underwear,


 She took Lute-sama’s out and let out a delighted sigh before immediately putting it in her mouth.


 Ah, it’s… visible like that…

 Like that, I can see from the side…

 I, I… I want to do it like that too…

 ”Mmm… Mmm… Lute-hyama… ♡”

 T-The sound… The sound is amazing…

 When I was there, I’m so desperate that I don’t have the luxury to be conscious of sounds…

 If I keep hearing this… I’ll go crazy…

 ”Guh… F, Frau… stop…”

 ”Mmm… nnnmm…”

 Moreover, the more Lute-sama struggles, the more Frau intensifies her head movements. Despite her cute face, she pays no heed to appearances.


 Viola, watching this, forgets to breathe, her face turning crimson. At this point, it seems none of us, including myself, have any rational thoughts left. Or is Viola okay, witnessing Lute-sama being freely enjoyed by other girls right in front of her?


 Lute-sama’s face, jumping up with a twitch, shouldn’t have been seen. Although I thought I shouldn’t look, and tried to cover my eyes with my hands, my fingers left a gap, rendering my attempt meaningless.

 ”Mmmmm… nguh… mmm…”

 ”Aggh… Frau…u…”



 In front of my bewildered eyes, Frau continues to make lewd sounds. For me, it was nothing short of shocking. I learned for the first time how much a person’s expression changes when in disarray. The way I look at Frau might change.

 ”Frau!! Also to Fiine!! To Fiine too!!”


 As Frau’s focus seems distant, Fiine-chan, flying from my shoulder, shakes her shoulders. With a trance-like gaze, Frau places her hand on Fiine-chan’s cheek.

 ”Give it to me!”


 Fiine-chan, flying from my shoulder, shakes her shoulders vigorously as Frau, still in a trance, places her hand on Fiine-chan’s cheek.

 ”Mmm… hah…”

 In front of Fiine-chan, eagerly waiting with her mouth open, Frau begins to let saliva mixed with Lute-sama’s bodily fluids drip down.

 ”Hauu♡ Mmmmm♡ Nnku♡”


 Frau, who is cute like a doll, makes Fiine-chan, who looks like a little girl, drink Lute-sama’s bodily fluids….

 No, no matter how much you want to ….


 ”No more?”


 ”Aahhh!!!? You drank it!!! Frau, you just drank it!!!”

 No matter what… it’s too obscene…


 ”That’s not fair!! Frau, that’s not fair!!”

 Frau-san, who licked her lips, grabbed Viola-sama’s arm, who was just as dumbfounded as me, and said,


 She leaned against Lute-sama, who was hiding his face with his arm and breathing heavily, and begged for the treatment to continue with a sweet voice.



 In the end, that night, Frau-san drank Lute-sama’s body fluids three times and finished the treatment.

 I forgot to blink and continued to gaze at their obscene behavior, trembling so much that I could no longer stand.


 Lute-sama fell asleep, completely exhausted. Frau-san and Viola-san were the same, and when I went to check on them earlier, both of them were sleeping peacefully, breathing quietly.

 Now, wiping Lute-sama’s body dampened with Frau-san and Viola-san’s secretions and dressing him in sleepwear pushed my restraint to its limit. I had been sitting beside the bed for quite a while, gazing at Lute-sama’s sleeping face, but emotions I couldn’t contain stirred deep within.


 Now, perhaps…


 Now, wouldn’t it go unnoticed?

 As surprising as the thought was to myself, it lingered in my mind.




 Before I realized it, my hand had touched Lute-sama’s cheek.

 Why does touching the skin of someone you love feel so remarkably pleasant?

 My chest tightens, my head throbs, and happiness overwhelms me, making it impossible to think of anything else.


 If asked whether tonight’s scene was shocking, it indeed was. Naturally, I felt shocked. It’s only obvious that others besides myself can bring pleasure to Lute-sama… I felt intense jealousy.

 Even though I’m just a woman who pounced on Lute-sama.

 Frau-san and Viola-san are people desired by Lute-sama.


 Should I attack him like this again?

 Surely, now… I can do it without Frau-san or Viola-san noticing.




 But, perhaps there is a possibility that I am needed by Lute-sama.

 Should I confide in him about what happened the other day?

 It might be a misunderstanding.


 If it’s not a misunderstanding, then I can become a woman desired by Lute-sama, just like Frau-san and Viola-san.


 There is a possibility that I have the constitution to neutralize the mana of Draconia too.

 At least at that time, I was completely immersed in the act without worrying about the influence of Oratorio’s mana that should have been in Lute-sama’s body.


 So, will I be needed?

 Will he find a way to make use of my constitution?

 As if it were fate, Lute-sama has obtained a Draconia named Fiine-chan.

 As if by fate, I am devoted to Lute-sama, offering my very being.

 Even if it is just as a research subject… I can’t help but think that way.


 I want to be within Lute-sama’s field of vision.

 Inside Lute-sama’s gaze.


 It’s fine if I’m not the most important person,

 It’s fine if it’s not as a lover,

 But even just a little… Otherwise, I won’t find my path.


 Sitting down from the chair onto the floor, leaning my arm on the bed, I can see Lute-sama’s face right there.

 …he has a quiet sleeping breath.

 For some reason, when I listen to Lute-sama’s sleeping breath, my heart feels incredibly peaceful.


 If I sleep like this, would Lute-sama be surprised when he wakes up tomorrow morning?


 And lost in such thoughts while gazing at Lute-sama,


 Unbeknownst to me, I gradually slipped into a light slumber.

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