Viola 26-2

Chapter 26 With You, There’S Nothing To Fear, Part Two

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 Archbishop Allegretto’s mansion is located in the center of the holy city, built with a garish and tacky exterior that intimidates the surrounding space.

 In one room of the mansion now, two sisters with identical black hair are on all fours, naked, and moaning sensually.

 ”Mm… Ah… Ahhh…”

 ”Hehe…♡ Quartet…♡”

 From the crotch of the Quartet, the sister watching with a delighted expression as her twin is violated, already, thick and opaque body fluids are flowing down her thighs. A hoarse man’s fingers reach out from there, stirring the entrance chaotically.

 ”Ah… Ahhh… ♡ Ahhh… ♡ Ugh… ♡”

 ”Ah… ♡ Mmm… ♡”

 As the middle-aged man behind the Quartet, who has plumped up considerably, starts moving his hips faster, the Quartet tightens the grip on the bed sheets, shaking while distorting her refined face.


 That’s my feeling as I glance sideways at Quartet.

 ”Ugh… Ugh… Ugh…!! Ah…!”

 Short, neatly trimmed black hair, a delicate and slender body, almost indistinguishable from me in appearance.

 Quintet, being violated by a man, felt like watching myself in a mirror.

 There was another me there.

 ”No…!! Stop…!! No, no, no!!”

 Watching Quintet desperately shaking her head from side to side, the filthy man behind her seemed to be even more excited, accelerating the dry sound of slapping.

 Quintet’s cute moans leaked out, but the coarse breath from the man sounded disgustingly unbearable.

 Because the noise was annoying, I wanted him not to make too loud of a sound.

 Quintet’s cute voice, disturbed and not audible properly.

 ”I’m going to release it!!”

 ”Ahg!! No… release… release it…!! Please!! A lot!!”

 You’re earnest, Quintet.

 You always try to please men like that.

 I can’t do that. Even though our appearance and actions are identical, the reactions are completely different only when doing such things.

 It’s still strange.


 ”Ah!! ♡♡”

 Are you that happy?

 With such dirty old man’s s*men.

 I dislike it.

 Right now, I wanted to take a bath immediately to wash away the clinging smell of s*men from my bodies.

 ”Ah ♡ Ahh…… ♡ Faa ♡ Aggh…… ♡ Amazing…… ♡ Inside…… ♡”

 Don’t tremble in ecstasy, Quintet, move your mana quickly and kill the offspring?

 Are you going to get pregnant?

 ”Hu…huuu… That’s good… Make it clean…”


 ”Yes, yes.”

 Is there really a need to hurry and suck like that? And asking to make it clean… treating Quintet’s fluids as something dirty? That old man.

 ”Ugh… Oh… Ohh…”

 ”Mmhm ♡ Chu ♡ Slurp ♡ Slurrrp ♡”

 ”Mm… Lick…”

 Both of us burying our faces in his groin, licking up the remaining parts that Quintet hasn’t swallowed. Despite just ejaculating, the man’s part remains unnaturally hard, continuing to be excited by our service.

 Reaching for the buttocks and widening the entrance, making dirty sounds, his appearance seems nothing but like a pig. He happily watched as our insides were stirred and our fluids spilled down our thighs, satisfying his shallow desire for domination.

 But I remained as silent as possible, and Quintet continued to serve the man, exchanging positions repeatedly to heighten his excitement.

 For minutes on end.

 As the man’s lower region began to glisten with our saliva, casting an enchanting glow up to his belly,

 ”Quartet, get on top.”

 ”Huh…? Are we still doing this?”

 ”Hurry up.”

 This time, he demanded that we move our hips.

 If you want to, why don’t you move your hips on your own?


 ”No, Quartet, don’t make it seem like such a bother ♡”

 You too, Quintet, it’s no fun acting so carefree.

 Men like this get conceited.

 Following his instructions, I straddled the man, and without being asked, Quintet began to run her tongue over the man’s nipples.


 As the sensation of the man parting my flesh sent shivers down my spine, I slowly lowered my hips.

 ”Quartet… you’re cute ♡”

 You’re cute too, Quintet.

 Only you are cute.

 Everyone else is just trash.

 ”Oh… ugh…”

 ”Mmm! Ah… ah… ahh…”

 ”Quartet… ♡”

 A strange Quintet.

 I wonder why her body and mind react differently.

 Even though her heart and body have synchronized reactions.

 I don’t really understand.

 After all, engaging in intimate moments with Quintet like this, being embraced by a man together, I’ve never found it enjoyable despite repeating it many times.

 Even this time, we’re just ingratiating ourselves to Allegretto’s old man to make our job easier, and there are no other emotions there.

 ”Good… moan more.”

 ”Aahh! Ahh!! Higi!!”


 I wonder what that girl Frau was thinking when she brought Anima Lute into the inn. Like us, does she have some ulterior motive for doing such things?

 What’s good about a man?

 Getting excited about dominating women, eyes bloodshot at the slightest opening of women’s legs, obsessively acting all high and mighty—everyone is just foolish.

 ”Quartet… nn…”

 ”Nn… nnuh… Qu, Quintet… nn…”

 Rather than being with a man, kissing Quintet like this is much more enjoyable.

 That Frau girl is quite foolish.

 Even if Anima Lute becomes her lover, there’s no way she’ll be happy.

 ”Quintet, straddle my face.”


 Don’t make too much of a mess, okay?

 Talking about my Quintet.

 You’re dirtier than you think, you know.

 Since I’ve gone this far for you, you better work properly.

 Delay the Empress’s special decree, obtain magic tools, and capture Frau and Forte.

 Unfortunately, we alone don’t have enough time and power to achieve that goal.

 There is nothing wrong with relying on Archbishop Allegretto, except for having our body played with as his please in return.


 While watching the filthy tongue dirtying my Quintet, I continued to move my hips with a disgusted expression on my face.

 In the end, the morning after being repeatedly taken throughout the night.

 ”Allegretto-sama, is it alright?”

 ”I don’t mind. Some degree of effort will become necessary. I was thinking we’d have to take some action to get Kanon.”

 The look on the man’s face as he let Quintet suck him was probably disgusting to anyone who saw it. We, including ourselves, were dirtied all over our bodies by that man’s s*men.

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