Viola 26

Chapter 26 With You, There’S Nothing To Fear, Part One

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 April 10th

 Today, I was informed of a shocking fact by Miss Forte. The revelation that she possesses a unique constitution capable of neutralizing or rendering harmless the mana of Draconia within her body.

 The probability of obtaining such a constitution is unclear, but the fact that someone so crucial to my current circumstances exists nearby seems nothing short of a miracle.

 However, is it truly for the best?

 Miss Forte insists on a positive outlook, but I previously rejected her desires for me. It would be too selfish to suddenly seek her out just because she has become necessary.

 At the very least, it would be better if she sought something in return…

* * *

 When that sensation filled the vicinity of Lute-sama’s residence, for a moment, I thought my mana circuit had broken.

 ”…Wh-what is this… is this… the Oratorio’s…”

 I cannot comprehend what has happened. Why would mana waves, seemingly connected to the Oratorio, emanate from Lute-sama’s residence?


 And what could be felt was a momentary lapse of time.

 Forte’s detection net, set up near Lute-sama’s residence, ruptured from the inside as if exploding, and a sensation resembling the mana of Draconia diffused in the surroundings.

 The moment I thought it had diffused, the presence of that mana vanished at once, and when I noticed again, Forte’s detection net had been laid out anew.

 ”What is going on…?”

 The first thing that came to mind was whether Lute-sama had secretly created a device to generate Draconia’s mana. The idea crossed my mind that he had taken a sample when I injected Oratorio’s mana into his body before, and perhaps he had already completed the analysis…


 In any case, the risk of being detected by Forte is high, and I can’t approach near the house. In the silence that now fills the house, just like a while ago, what on earth is happening?

 For the past few days, I’ve been seeing twins looking at Lute-sama’s house just like me, so I don’t want to be too late in the information war…

 At the top floor of the town’s clock tower, while pondering such things, I glared at Lute-sama’s house. Sensing something rapidly approaching from above, I looked up.


 ”Oh? Oratorio, it’s not proper to come out of the mansion on your own.”

 Descending from the sky with a force that seemed to cut through the wind was my Oratorio, dressed in a girl’s outfit. The calm-toned crimson dress suited the charming appearance of Oratorio, with a large ribbon making him look unmistakably like an innocent young girl from any angle.

 I completely dressed him up according to my preferences, but I quite like it. It’s also convenient for hiding the tail with the skirt.

 ”But it’s just right. There’s something I want to ask.”

 ”Yes, me too.”

 Saying that, Oratorio landed at my feet, wearing a puzzled expression as he began to gaze at Lute-sama’s house. Did he fly over here unable to stand still after sensing the abnormal mana from earlier?

 Oratorio showed no signs of caution on his face… Could it be that it’s not a big deal?

 ”A short while ago, I sensed mana that seemed to be yours from Lute-sama’s residence. Do you understand what that means?”

 ”It’s not my mana. It’s very similar, but much stronger than mine.”

 ”…Is that so? I don’t really understand, though.”

 By the way, if this child were to get serious, how much mana pressure could he exert? When Lute-sama was kidnapped by that intruder, it felt like a considerable amount of mana was released…

 ”Probably that’s my sister.”


 ”Her name is Fiine. She’s a little older than me, and much stronger than I am.”


 ”I’m better at human language, though. But I don’t think there’s a problem with communication. Should I call her?”

 ”Wa-wait a moment, Oratorio. Just wait a bit…”


 …Oh, a big sister? That’s news to me.

 Certainly, I’ve avoided asking Oratorio about his family composition…

 This is to avoid a situation where Oratorio, seemingly intoxicated with my mana, decides to turn away from the longing for the Divine Princess’s mana. I feared being called by the mother dragon, but when it’s said so casually, ‘It’s my sister,’ it’s challenging to comprehend.

 ”I-is it true that there’s another Draconia in Lute-sama’s house?”

 ”Yes, probably. I’m not entirely sure now, but I did sense my sister’s presence earlier.”

 ”…Did she come to retrieve you?”

 ”Well, I’m not sure… But considering my sister’s personality, if she came to retrieve me, I don’t think she would stay here forever.”

 Certainly… It has been quite some time since Oratorio came to me. If this Draconia is stronger than Oratorio, even if I try to protect him, I shouldn’t be able to match up…

 It’s unlikely that she’s just been observing me so closely while being nearby. There shouldn’t be any attachments, unlike humans.

 So, is there another reason for staying at Lute-sama’s house?

 ”…Can you call her?”

 ”If Marcato-sama desires.”

 ”Then… please call her.”

 It might be risky, but if Oratorio is not on high alert, it could mean she’s not overly aggressive. At least when Lute-sama was kidnapped, Oratorio acted to protect me. As long as Oratorio is an ally, the immediate risk of a dangerous situation is likely low.

 If I could make contact, what should I talk about? The purpose of coming here? What I’m doing at Lute-sama’s house? Does Oratorio intend to come with me?

 As these thoughts began to float through my mind one after another,

 ”Oh, Oratorio!”


 That Draconia was floating in front of me, fluffy and light.


 I didn’t notice at all until I uttered the words. It’s as if she has almost no presence even though she’s right in front of me. If she can conceal her presence to this extent, it makes sense that I haven’t sensed her existence at all until now.

 As I stood there dumbfounded, the Draconia, despite having just seen her brother after a long time, casually wagged her tail in what seemed like an ordinary manner before shifting her gaze toward me.

 ”Golden-haired vertical curls… this one’s Marcato, right?”

 ”You know me?”

 ”I do, you were mean to Lute. I heard it from Lute.”


 Suddenly, a hostile aura emanated from her, making me feel a fear akin to having my heart firmly grasped, despite not releasing any mana and not having my arm swung at… an overwhelming pressure emitted from this young-looking girl.

 ”She didn’t mean to be mean. Marcato-sama just asked a favor from Lute-sama.”

 ”Is that so? But…”

 ”I didn’t quite understand how much mana he was pouring in. Marcato-sama never intended to harm Lute-sama.”

 ”Is that right?”

 As the Draconia looked away from me and ceased glaring, I realized I had forgotten to breathe during the time I was being glared at.

 Huff… as air flowed into the lungs, there, at last, my entire body unconsciously felt the fear it had been harboring.

 …So, this is what it feels like for a small creature caught by a predator. In this state, it’s impossible to have a calm conversation with this Draconia. Was it a mistake to call her?

 ”By the way, what was sis doing over there?”

 ”Huh? At first, Mom told me to go find you.”

 Is Oratorio considering my feelings and asking questions? In any case, Draconia just said something quite remarkable. Does that mean there’s an intention to reclaim Oratorio?

 ”At first?”

 ”Yeah! While I was looking for you, I found an amazing male on the way! I’m asking him to become my mate.”


 ”That’s right!! So, I’m putting you on hold for now.”

 …What a nice smile. It’s as if the hair-raising pressure from earlier has disappeared somewhere. Or rather, making Lute-sama a mate for Draconia? Why?

 Certainly, Lute-sama might be amazing, but are the Draconians a race that values magic engineers?

 ”Is he really that amazing? I didn’t feel that way the other day…”

 ”He’s amazing! Even more amazing than Dad!”

 ”Oh… is that so? Then, if I’m not feeling anything right now, does that mean Lute-sama is controlling his mana?”

 ”Hmm? Hmm…”


 Why are you staring at me?

 …Are you being cautious?

 Well, I must admit I’m eagerly listening too.

 The conversation we’ve had so far is already at the level of national secrets. Oratorio said that the Draconians aren’t that proficient in language, and maybe they’re not individuals with such high intelligence either…

 ”Anyway, Lute is amazing. I definitely want to be his mate!”

 ”That’s amazing, getting Sister to say something like that.”


 ”Have you become his mate?”

 ”Not really…”

 ”Oh… even though Dad said Sister is beautiful among humans.”

 ”Isn’t it!?”

 ”Do you think you’ll give it some thought?”

 ”Not really…”

 …Somehow, the younger brother’s Oratorio seems more composed. Innocent, or rather, childlike… Having extraordinary power despite being pure, isn’t that dangerous?

 ”Speaking of which, what is Oratorio doing in a place like this? Is that female, is it worth it?”


 …She grunts while looking at me, it’s a bit scary. The eyes are somewhat intimidating. Despite having a similar face to Oratorio, it’s a bit elusive… Maybe I’m just used to Oratorio?

 ”Yeah, I’m thinking of becoming Marcato-sama’s mate.”

 …Mate…? That sounds a bit vivid, doesn’t it? That expression. I have no objection to bearing Oratorio’s child, but the term ‘mate’ feels a bit resistant. Perhaps Lute-sama feels the same?”

 ”Is this person really worth it?”

 …Is this person really worth it?

 ”Such wording is disrespectful to Marcato-sama.”



 ”What…? P-Please don’t come too close.”

 I’m not really good with this kid.

 Just coming over so boldly.

 Come to think of it, I don’t have anyone like this around me.

 Most people just keep trying to read my expression.

 ”…Is it really that great? This person.”


 Again with this person…

 If it weren’t for Draconia, I’d have snapped her neck by now… I thought Oratorio was polite, but I guess they’re a race living deep in the mountains.

 Barbaric or ignorant… let’s not appreciate their innocence. Just rude.

 Maybe getting Oratorio was lucky after all.

 ”There are probably better females than this one, right?”




 I heard a dry sound, and for a moment, I didn’t understand what had happened.

 When I realized, Oratorio’s right hand was drawn back, and Fiine was holding her red cheek.



 I was struck by the moment when a dark, mana-like miasma gushed from Fiine with a swoosh. My cells shriveled, and cold sweat erupted all over my body.

 ”Oratorio… You… Intend to oppose Fiine?”


 Realizing I couldn’t breathe, sheer fear engulfed me.


 I could be killed by the pressure of mana alone. Even as I desperately tried to breathe, no air entered my lungs. It felt as if the surrounding air’s weight had multiplied, plunging me into a whirlwind of confusion in an instant.

 You can’t tame such a monster.

 The moment such thoughts crossed my mind,



 The moment Oratorio touched me, the curses binding my body loosened, and I could finally breathe properly. But, there was no way I could stand. Despite getting on all fours with trembling limbs, dizziness persisted, and the world spun around me.

 Overwhelmed by nausea rising to my throat, I involuntarily pressed my mouth and let out a sob. Oratorio, as if embracing my shoulders, hugged me.

 ”Sister, control your mana. Marcato-sama seems to be in pain.”

 ”…You’re the one who criticized Fiine. It’s Oratorio’s fault.”

 ”No, it’s different. Sister is at fault. You said disrespectful things to Marcato-sama.”


 ”Control your mana.”


 In that moment, as if a weight disappeared from the surrounding air, I felt my entire body’s cells revive. …Indeed, Oratorio is trying to protect me. Even in front of his real sister, the fact that Oratorio protected me is a significant gain in itself. But how will it turn out?

 ”Oratorio, remember this.”

 …I think lines like that are more suited for underlings to say. When a monster like you says it, it’s just intimidating.

 ”Sister is at fault.”

 Oratorio, please don’t provoke her. If I get exposed to that kind of mana again, I might really lose consciousness this time.

 ”…Go home.”

 ”No, I’ll do as I please.”


 ”Oratorio, you, go back to Mom and Dad’s place. Fiine doesn’t acknowledge that woman.”

 ”I don’t need approval from my sister. I’ve decided to be with Marcato-sama, so don’t order me around.”


 I feel like this is something humans can’t control, whether it’s Oratorio or Fiine, both seem to possess equal power.

 In the first place, is Oratorio really intoxicated with my mana? I’m starting to lose confidence.

 ”Oratorio doesn’t understand anything. He’s naive.”

 ”You’re the one who doesn’t. Don’t say presumptuous things about Marcato-sama without understanding her.”

 Well, judging by how highly he speaks of me, maybe he really is intoxicated with mana?

 As I watch the Draconia’s figure floating away with a snort, I say,

 ”Hey, you.”


 ”Don’t bully Lute anymore, okay?”

 For the first time in my life, I felt like I understood the feelings of the weak.

* * *

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