Viola 29

Chapter 29 I’Ll Do Anything For You

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 April 28th

 The analysis of Miss Forte’s mana is progressing smoothly. First, I’m examining whether there are any special characteristics in her mana.

 What surprised me at the beginning of the measurement was her potential as a Divine Princess. In the past, I have measured the mana of several Divine Princesses upon request from the church, but Miss Forte’s total mana far surpasses them. The numerical value exceeds twice the average, reaching even three times. Furthermore, this value is nearly on par with Beth. It is entirely possible that it may surpass her depending on her physical condition. While I do not have the values for all Divine Princesses, it is certain that she possesses top-class abilities.

 What is even more surprising is the flexibility of her mana. During the measurement, with her consent, I tried to transfer my mana to her. As soon as it entered her, the mana inside her showed a reaction of assimilating with mine.

 From here, it can be inferred that at that time, Miss Forte was not neutralizing Dragonia’s mana but rather assimilating her own mana with Dragonia’s to prevent any rejection reactions. Whether she was doing it consciously is unknown, but at the very least, being able to manipulate all the ever-changing mana as if it were her own is nothing short of innate talent. Miss Forte is a genius. It’s understandable that she was chosen from the commoner class to be the Divine Princess.

 Regardless of whether she is a Divine Princess, there is no doubt that Miss Forte is an extraordinary talent. Her power not only extends to Viola’s treatment but also demonstrates new possibilities in this world.

* * *

 ”The issuance of the Empress’s special decree is being obstructed.”

 ”…I know.”

 Aria-sama has visited Kanon-sama’s mansion. Although I had a feeling it was about that because of her difficult expression, she still spoke about the Empress’s special decree right from the start.

 ”Where is the interference coming from?”

 ”Why bother asking?”

 ”For negotiations…”

 ”It’s impossible. The ending would be getting rejected without a doubt.”

 ”Then what should we do? At this rate, Kanon-sama’s position will also…”

 Since the mention of the Empress’s special decree, the situation has not progressed at all, so it must have become unbearable. Clearly, there is a sense of urgency.

 Considering Aria-sama’s position, it’s only natural. Pressured by her family to marry Lute-sama, it is a well-known fact that she herself does not entirely dislike Lute-sama.

 Rumors about the official engagement announcement have been circulating for a few years now.

 Although she seems unaware of it.

 ”You don’t need to worry about me. Rather, be careful not to move foolishly and worsen your position.”

 ”That’s… I understand, but…”

 It’s baseless gossip, but it’s perfect for those who love rumors. Fabricated episodes of the nonexistent couple, suggesting that the two are trying to elope and escape from the fate of the Divine Princess.

 ”How much do you know about the situation?”

 ”…There are forces resisting the Empress’s special decree from both the noble and church sides.”

 ”I don’t really understand. Well, it might be wise not to take action after all.”

 ”Well, but…”

 While I don’t want things to stir up unnecessarily, I also want to avoid misguided actions. If someone were to exploit Lute-sama’s weaknesses, such as barging into Kanon-sama’s place without an appointment, it would only add to the troubles. Kanon-sama glanced briefly in my direction, and I stepped forward from behind Kanon-sama, locking eyes with Aria-sama.

 ”Beth, summarize the current situation.”

 ”Yes, there is opposition from about a quarter of the parliament members on the noble side. Maraketh-sama is currently mobilizing her faction for negotiations. About half of the parliament members are observing without taking a side, and we are trying to pull them in as well.”


 ”Again, Archbishop Allegretto expresses opposition from the church side. We are observing the other archbishops, but negotiations have progressed to the point where Archbishop Scherzio, who has long-standing connections with Kanon-sama, is willing to align with us in light of the changing situation on the noble side.”


 ”Do you understand the situation, Aria?”


 Things are starting to move in a favorable direction. It will take time, but if we push through, the Empress’s special decree will be issued.

 To accelerate the situation, there needs to be an event that arouses a sense of crisis for both camps. Conversely, if that doesn’t happen, the likelihood of Kanon-sama losing is low.

 ”If there’s anything I can do…”

 ”To be honest, the best thing you can do is stay quiet and behave.”


 It’s humiliating.

 I can’t help but wonder why she became the Divine Princess. Aria’s feelings, gritting her teeth and enduring, are not hard to imagine.

 ”Forte may be talented, but there are limits when alone. We are also in a hurry. Please understand.”

 ”…Yes. …I apologize for the sudden visit. I am…”

 Aria-sama, who had stood up while looking down, eventually turned around and disappeared from in front of Kanon-sama.

 ”Beth, I’m sorry, but…”


 With this, the search for Alto-sama will become difficult. Kanon-sama probably has given up on Alto-sama by now.

 What is important is Lute-sama.

 He is fixated on Viola-sama, not Alto-sama.

 ”I’ll thank you later.”

 ”That’s something to look forward to.”

 ”Is there any hope?”

 With a tired expression, Kanon-sama said to me,

 ”Well, let’s invite Lute-sama to a tea party.”


 Saying that with a wink, Kanon-sama sighed, holding her head.

 Despite being happy.

 Even if you use me more, I don’t mind, you know?

 I’ll do anything for you.


* * *

 Forte-sama’s analysis reached its sixth day.

 ”Ah…! Uuuhh…”

 ”Are you okay?”

 ”Haa… uhhaaa…”

 As the analysis progressed, Forte-sama’s assertiveness was gaining momentum.

 The initial request was to remove even her underwear. Indeed, even underwear causes fluctuations in Mana’s transfer measurements, but with repeated attempts, it shouldn’t deviate significantly from the margin of error.

 If it were a proposal from Lute-sama’s side, it would be somewhat understandable, but the fact that it was suggested by Forte-sama herself… probably indicates a desire to expedite the relationship with Lute-sama, I presume.

 Nevertheless, in front of me now, Forte-sama, completely naked, desperately pressed her skin against Lute-sama, making her supple body squirm each time it convulsed.


 Lute-sama’s reaction to this was quite intense as well,

 ”Ah…! ♡ Hiuu…”

 Whenever Forte-sama’s cute buttocks rubbed against it, Lute-sama let out a muffled groan.

 During some analyses, there were times when a single analysis session lasted over two hours. During that time, Lute-sama, repeatedly subjected to weak stimuli in a state of constant anticipation, must have been quite distressed. Even I might go insane if I were teased for two whole hours without being allowed to climax.

 But that’s not the only challenging part.

 ”Mmm… chu… haah…”

 What Forte-sama demanded was mucous membrane contact.

 ”Nnn… chu… chu… chu…”

 In other words, a kiss.

 Initially, Lute-sama refused, but upon seeing Viola-sama and me consenting, albeit in shock, he accepted it. Perhaps, right now, Lute-sama would accept almost anything as long as Viola-sama and I don’t oppose it, even if it goes against his own pride.

 So currently, their actions seem almost like the real thing. Embracing each other, their tongues intertwined fiercely, while Lute-sama, whose sensitive area was moistened with Forte-sama’s secretions, trembles, emitting a bewitching, slippery shine.

 Honestly, it feels like they’re just not engaging in penetration.

 ”Gu… uu…”


 In response to Lute-sama’s moans, Forte-sama reacts with evident delight each time. Initially, Forte-sama would sneak glances at me, but by the second day of their naked entwining, any interest seemed to have waned.

 ”Does it feel good…? ♡”

 Forte-sama’s hips, emitting a sweet, submissive voice, wriggle like a different creature, teasing the entrance of the important area against Lute-sama’s tip, creating a wet and lascivious sound. How many times have it come close to entering? Or rather, it must be an illusion that it seemed like the tip entered a few times.

 Forte-sama… I’m a bit impressed by your ability to endure. It would be better to just pretend it was a mistake and let it in…

 After all, Viola-sama and I are both prepared at this point.

 ”Lute-sama… Ha… Ugh… Ah…”

 Currently, Viola-sama and I have no way to protect Lute-sama.

 Beth seems busy carrying out Kanon-sama’s work and can’t come here easily, so we have no choice but to rely on Forte-sama to protect Lute-sama.

 ”Ah… uh… ah… ♡”

 For that to happen, Forte-sama must fall madly in love with Lute-sama. Even if it means defying the Imperial Kingdom, it’s essential to prioritize Lute-sama without hesitation.

 ”Fuah! ♡ Ah… no… no, no…!”

 Besides Forte-sama, there’s a plan to dispatch the Divine Princess, but it seems uncertain when it’ll happen. Relying on such uncertainty is too unsettling considering the current situation where Lute-sama might be kidnapped or his life targeted at any moment.

 In that case, it’s definitely better for Forte-sama to embrace Lute-sama as one of the women surrounding him.

 ”~~~~~~~~~… uh… ah…”

 Both Viola-sama and I believe we’ve come to understand Forte-sama’s personality quite well over these past few days.

 In short, she’s like a bundle of complexes.

 She was so beautiful, probably foolishly strong.

 From casual conversations, it was evident that she had gone through considerable struggles. While there were other commoner Divine Princesses, Forte-sama, who became a Divine Princess unrelated to the noble class, was an irregular among irregulars.

 Since becoming a Divine Princess, every day was a continuous series of betrayals and harassment. The only support in her heart was Aria-sama, who became a Divine Princess at the same time. Even Aria-sama was a count’s daughter.

 From Forte-sama’s perspective, there was a feeling of self-deprecation, thinking that she was “being accompanied.”

 “Forte-sama… Lute-sama…?”



 Therefore, Forte-sama’s strong attraction to Lute-sama might be because of this. Lute-sama originally came from the family of butlers serving Kanon family.

 There is still some doubt as to whether they are commoner, but there is no doubt that they have tremendous influence in the Imperial Kingdom without even having a title, and Forte-sama is well aware that for the commoners, he is a beacon of their hope.

 ”May I be of assistance?”


 ”Oh, um…”

 Now, she must felt a sense of closeness.

 That this man should understand her. With him, he should be able to embrace her weaknesses. With him, she can spend peaceful days.

 She has finally found it.

 Such feelings are swirling within Forte-sama.


 ”F-Frau-san… Why are you… touching the clothes…?”

 Now, I feel like it’ll be okay with this person. At least for these few days, even though she has witnessed Lute-sama and me meeting many times, she hasn’t shown jealousy. Instead, she seems only apologetic, blaming herself for not being able to distance herself from Lute-sama.

 ”Feel free to continue transfer mana. Just be careful not to direct it towards me by mistake, okay? It affects the measurements.”


 In that case, it’s better to pull it in quickly.

 Viola-sama has also approved.

 There’s no point in hesitating or getting stuck in unnecessary jealousy.

 ”Lute-sama, excuse me.”

 ”F-Frau!! Ahh…!”

 I am beneath Lute-sama and Forte-sama. Positioned to have a clear view of Forte-sama’s buttocks, I crawl on all fours, beginning to run my tongue along Lute-sama’s.

 …It’s really firm.

 And, an incredible scent.

 The aroma mixed with Lute-sama’s essence and Forte-sama’s sweet and sour love juices.

 ”Come on… the mana, please?”



 Forte-sama is undoubtedly quite assertive, but there is a sense of guilt for assaulting Lute-sama. In addition, with me and Viola-sama so close, taking that final step becomes quite challenging.

 And yet, I think she’s working very hard.

 ”Chu… chu pu… nn… ha…”

 ”Ugh… ku…”


 I have to push her back.

 If we wait, it takes too long.


 ”Huh…!? Ah… ugh… hyaaa… ♡”



 While licking Lute-sama’s with my tongue,

 ”Fah…!!!! ♡”


 I pushed it into Forte-sama’s mouth below.

 ”What’s wrong? Mana, are you transfering it properly?”

 ”Uggh…fahhh…fahhh…! ♡”

 As I lick the place where the two are connected many times, Forte-sama’s hips gradually lower.

 It seems to have been conveyed.

 It’s okay, I said.

 ”No, it’s not okay, right? Don’t stop the mana… come on, focus?”

 ”Aggh… ugh… fah…fahhh… ♡”

 It’s an amazing sight when I see it in front of me.

 Forte-sama’s p**sy, like a real mouth, opening and closing, and the expression of swallowing Lute-sama’s is perfect.

 Lute-sama, you’ve been eaten.


 A particularly delighted voice echoed from Forte-sama, and it was evident that Lute-sama’s had reached the deepest part of Forte-sama.

 Could it be that Forte-sama’s anal opening is contracting tightly because it’s squeezing Lute-sama’s?

 ”Lute-sama? …You need to move.”

 ”F-Frau… I…”

 ”No good? If you don’t move properly… we can’t measure it.”


 There’s no need to measure.

 Sure, doing that might provide new data, but it shouldn’t be absolutely necessary.

 However, as I continued to noisily lick the place where the two of them were connected,


 Eventually, Forte-sama’s hips, which had been trembling in pleasure, began to slowly rise.



 It sucks like this.

 The lips of the lower mouth are pulled out, as if trying to keep Lute-sama from leaving.

 Going out feels good too. The tip of Lute-sama gets caught inside, and there’s a sensation of being scraped from the inside.

 ”Ah, ahh, ahhh… Ugh, ahh, ♡”

 Soon, Forte-sama rises her hips high, and this time, the hips slowly descend from there. Are you savoring it, Forte-sama?

 I… prefer it more intense.

 ”Ugh, ah, ahh… ♡”

 Leaning on my elbows and watching, Forte-sama’s hip movements gradually become smoother. The love juices overflowing from Forte-sama are increasing rapidly.

 The insides of her thighs are already all slippery, and several streams of love juices are flowing down to the knees on the bed.

 ”Forte-sama… Does it feel good? ♡”

 I don’t know why, but it somehow… became a little enjoyable…

 At first, there was a resistance as if Lute-sama was being stolen, but watching Forte-sama go crazy for Lute-sama like this makes it thrilling.

 At the core of it is the sense of superiority that Viola-sama and I are the best.

 ”Ugh, ugh… fuu, ♡”

 When I got up and crawled, I peered into their face. Forte-sama seemed to have a distracted look in her eyes. Enduring pleasure with gritted teeth, drool dripped from the corner of her mouth, presenting an indecent expression.

 ”Forte-sama… so adorable♡”

 As I sniffed the fragrance of her beautiful indigo hair and licked her ear, Forte-sama seemed to reach a moment of climax, letting out a small scream and clinging to Lute-sama.

 As I stared, thinking I might have been mean, Forte-sama, however, soon began to sway her hips gently once more.


 This… Forte-sama has probably been addicted since the moment she attacked Lute-sama, hasn’t she?

 ”Forte-sama… You want Lute-sama’s essence… don’t you?”


 ”You want it, don’t you?”

 ”Ugh… Uhh…”

 Whispering repeatedly while peering into her face, Forte-sama shook her head reluctantly, tears welling up at the corners of her eyes, feeling ashamed of her lascivious self.

 But she’s still not out of her senses.

 ”If you don’t ask, Lute-sama will hold back, okay? Is it fine? If you don’t say you want it, you won’t get a lot.”

 ”Ugh… ughhh…”

 Even if she dislike it, I won’t stop. I am dedicated to being Lute-sama with Viola-sama. I can’t afford for her to just feel good with half-hearted emotions.

 ”Shall you beg?”

 It’s necessary to have her obedience. It’s to be placed by our side. Otherwise, I can’t keep Forte-sama by Viola-sama’s side.

 ”Please… right?”

 Even with the slave mark engraved, Viola-sama is the only one equal to Lute-sama. If Forte-sama wants to live by Lute-sama’s side, she must be subordinate to both of us like me.


 Despite shedding tears, Forte-sama did not stop moving her hips.

 ”Please, I beg you…”

 While smiling, I was watching Forte-sama like that.

 ”Please call me Forte…”

 As Forte-sama began to cry, her smile faded away, tears streaming down her face.

 ”Please… don’t call me Forte-sama… please… I beg you…”

 Forte-sama’s hips moved faster and faster. Perhaps that night, she was also crying like this while straddling Lute-sama.

 ”I beg you… don’t call me Forte… don’t do this to me…”

 The first act with the person she loved turned out to be a betrayal.

 ”Ugh… ah…! ♡”

 Before her feelings could truly connect, she gave in to her desires.

 ”Lute-sama… Lute-sama…”

 Despite knowing that Lute-sama had a lover, she still tried to get closer.

 ”I love you… I love you so much, Lute-sama…”

 All of these actions must have been eating away at the earnest Forte-sama.

 ”Please… please, release your… essence…”

 So perhaps Forte-sama could no longer betray Lute-sama.

 ”Pour it… please…”

 The sound of their hips colliding grew louder and louder.

 Forte’s body was covered in sweat and love juices.

 ”Ah… fuuuaa…!! ♡”

 While watching Forte in that state, still leaning on my elbows,

 ”Ah… ♡”

 Lute-sama, grabbing Forte’s buttocks and moaning, I couldn’t resist any longer and thrust my tongue into Lute-sama’s mouth.

 ”Ugh… ah… ♡”

 The sticky mana also flowed into me. Surely, an incredible amount must be poured into the deepest part of Forte.

 The lines of Forte-sama’s body, arching and convulsing, are truly beautiful.

 The way she rotates her hips to stir the semen inside is also extremely erotic.


 But what I found most erotic was that expression of gratitude, saying,

 ”Thank you… very much…”

 With a blissful expression, she expresses her gratitude for being filled inside. But…

 ”Isn’t this bad?”

 Did I help a little, Lute-sama?

 ”I can feel the mana flowing into me too. At this rate…”

 I endure not saying directly, but I will do anything for Lute-sama. Truly, anything, even a crime. If he wishes, I can find another woman for him.

 It’s not so bad… I realized that.

 ”Once again, we need to measure. In the same way.”

 Saying that, when I smiled, Forte-sama opened her eyes, took a sharp breath, and…

 As if she couldn’t bear it, she had a faint smile.

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