Viola 30

Chapter 30 I Don’T Understand You

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 May 5th

 I received a message from Kanon asking for attention to MIss Aria’s movements. It seems that there is blatant interference with the preparation for the upcoming Empress Special Decree, and she is determined to resist it. She advised me to refrain from careless actions as there is a possibility she might show her face here.

 Currently, Forte is handling my security, but honestly, I’m worried about her health. Urged by Fiine, I have been analyzing her mana daily and, on top of that, carrying out my security duties. Her sleep time is fragmented, often sleeping while sitting. She only lies down completely when Beth arrives.

 ”I can only boast about my physical strength, so I’m fine!”

 She reassures me, but even the Divine Princess has physical limits. As a last resort, I have reduced the proportion of mana transfer and increased the time for me to infuse mana from my side.

 In spite of that, I can’t thank her enough for the valuable data that can be obtained by exploring the mechanism of conversion within Forte. For Forte’s sake, I desperately want Aria’s help as soon as possible. To achieve that, I must make sure to alert Aria and prevent her from getting involved in any danger.

* * *

 I walked through the streets of the holy city, holding my body tightly.


 I get goosebumps. Even though no one touched me, a sense of disgust overflowed in my chest, and a chilling sensation crawled up my spine.

 It felt as if my soul had been tarnished just by a gaze.

 Indeed, as Kanon-sama said, it would have been better not to do anything unnecessary.


 I want to meet Lute-sama as soon as possible. I want him to purify the lecherous old man’s gaze that clung to my body with those gentle black eyes of his.

 I haven’t even applied for a meeting, but just a little bit of time will do. Surely, Lute-sama will forgive me.


 Even now, the memory sends shivers down my spine. Archbishop Allegretto.

 Why does a man like a lump of carnal desire reign as the Archbishop of the sacred church? Kanon-sama, who is also an Archbishop, is a noble person, yet the embodiment of desire, like the opposite, holds the position of Archbishop.

 ”May divine punishment befall…!!”

 When I went to confront him to stop the interference of the special order, he demanded my body of all things. He appraised my body and face as if licking them, saying things like, “Do you understand what you should do?”

 Should I have just cut him down?

 There have always been rumors, but I never thought he would be such trash. Rumor has it that many Divine Princesses and sisters have fallen victim to his poisonous fangs.

 ”Lute-sama… Lute-sama…”

 It was good that I managed to escape. Overwhelmed by fear, my legs momentarily stiffened, but as soon as Allegretto stood up, I dashed away, escaping.

 The latch from the outside had somehow been placed on the door, but it was fortunate that I was a Divine Princess.

 Allegretto’s pale face when I blew away the door with the pressure of mana is my achievement for today.


 So pathetic.

 I feel like crying.

 Now Forte is not by my side. I realize how much Forte has been my emotional support.


 If I go to Lute-sama’s house, both of them will be there. I might really cry if they were here now, but can I endure it?

 I knew. Within the Divine Princess, there are those who offer their bodies to archbishops and bishops to solidify their power. Even in the previous war, Divine Princesses with such rumors were often not sent to the front lines.

 People like me and Forte were always sent to the front lines, and we often complained about the unfair placement.


 How many Divine Princesses died, worn out by such unreasonable placements?

 We are treated like tools… To be used as an outlet for desires…

 ”How filthy…”

 It’s dirty.

 How dirty is it?

 Just sharing the same air makes me want to exchange my lungs.


 Turning several corners, when Lute-sama’s home, further into the chaotic commoner’s district, came into view, my body suddenly lost its strength, and I stood there motionless.


 My knees touched the ground, trembling.

 My hair hanging on the cheeks disheveled, definitely can’t show Lute-sama such a figure.


 But, it’s impossible.

 Right now, I can’t feel at ease without meeting Lute-sama.

 Just a little time is fine.

 It’s okay if he just says, “It was tough.”


 I mustn’t look disheveled.

 No matter how shaken I am, if I suddenly burst into tears, I’ll startle him.

 At least calmly explain the situation and let Lute-sama comfort me.

 Forte will surely sympathize.

 It’s regrettable that I can’t share the progress of the Special Decree, but knowing that Kanon-sama is taking action, there will eventually be a declaration of the Special Decree.


 I can talk about what happens after the Special Decree is issued. Like which room to rent, what to do about meals, and what Forte is doing. If Forte is renting a room somewhere, it might be a good idea to rent a room together.

 ”Hello… um, it’s Aria… Is anyone there?”

 I also need to coordinate with Forte on the schedule. She’s probably working on missions, possibly cutting down on sleep.

 Come to think of it, there’s no mana barrier deployed around the house…

 I wonder what’s going on… During the day, visibility is assured, so maybe it’s okay not to have a constant barrier.

 ”Um, is anyone there? I’m Aria.”

 Maybe they’re out. If so, it makes sense that there’s no barrier.

 Probably out shopping?

 Or perhaps visiting Kanon-sama?

 …But if that’s the case, I won’t be able to meet them.

 …Should I wait here until they return?


 ”Yes? Who is it? I’m sorry! I’ll open it now!”

 …It’s Frau’s voice.

 The sound of hurried footsteps coming from the back of the house draws closer.



 The door creaks open slightly, revealing Frau, her cheeks slightly flushed and breathless.

 Did I rush her?

 ”W-What brings you here so suddenly?”

 ”I’m sorry… I just wanted to see Lute-sama.”

 Frau… What’s wrong? Her hair seems disheveled.

 ”Um… Is Lute-sama…?”


 “Oh, yeah!!! Um… he was out…”

 Her clothes are wrinkled too… Was she planning to take a bath? But it’s still daylight.

 ”Then… Is Forte around?”

 ”Um… F-Forte-sama is… uh…”

 ”…? Is she following Lute-sama as his escort?”

 ”Yes!!! That’s right!!!! Right now, Lute-sama and Forte-sama are shopping!!!”


 What’s going on? Something seems off.


 ”W-What’s wrong?”

 ”Oh… no… well… Could you wait for a bit?”



 ”Ah, n-no, it’s not that it’s… not possible, but…”

 Her gaze momentarily drifted towards the depths of the house.

 Why is she clearly trying to hide something?

 ”…Could I wait inside?”

 ”I-Inside… well, um… it’s just that… it’s a bit… messy, you see?”

 ”It’s okay. You don’t have to serve tea. Just letting me wait inside would be enough.”

 ”Uh… no… but…”

 As Frau stumbled nervously and broke into a cold sweat, her gaze darting around,


 From the back of the room, a voice that sounded like a small scream was heard.

 ”What was that?”

 ”Ah… uh… n-no, I-I didn’t… I mean, did you hear something?”


 ”Excuse me…”

 ”Hey!! Wait, Aria-sama!! This is troubling!! Wait!! Aria-sama, wait!!!!”

 I have a bad feeling. Pushing aside Frau, who tries to stop me with a pale face, and dragging Frau, who still clings to the hem of my clothes, I enter Lute-sama’s house.



 ”Wait!! No!! Aria-sama, it’s no good!!!”

 ”Ugh…ah…fuahhhh…!! ♡”


 What can be heard is Forte’s muffled voice, which I’ve never heard before.


 It’s a lie, right? It’s impossible, isn’t it? Because she’s his guard. It can’t be true. No matter how much she fell in love at first sight, no matter how much of an opportunity it is.

 Only a few days have passed……



 While suppressing my trembling body, what I saw inside the room was…

 The ecstatic expression on my best friend’s face as she straddles Lute-sama, twisting her hips, her body twitching, with her indigo hair undone.


 ”Hawawawa… A, Aria-sama… this… um, this is…”

 …Is it a lie?

 I… in the end, couldn’t even hand him the coat. But, Forte.

 ”A, Aria-chan!!!??”

 Is it a lie, Lute-sama?

 I… I’m troubled… this is…

 ”No, it’s not like you think!! A, Aria-chan…! This is… different…”

 ”A, Aria…?”

 What are you doing with that?

 Isn’t there even a cycle of mana?


 Isn’t it s*x? That.

 Inserting… doing it normally, right?


 What happens for it to be like that?

 What does it mean?

 Oh… are you like that too? Forte.

 Trying to get close to Lute-sama?

 ”Why is that…? Forte”

 It’s a lie.

 There’s no way this could happen.

 You said we’d do our best together.

 That we’d always be together, no matter what.

 ”A, Aria, this is… I asked Forte to… “

 ”T-That’s not it, Aria-chan… I, I’m the one who… Lute-sama, please, listen calmly, I’ll… explain properly…”

 Lute-sama, you used to call Forte ‘Forte-sama,’ right?

 Why are you using informal terms?

 Why are both of you panicking as if you’re covering for each other?

 What’s the explanation?

 I don’t… want to hear that.


 ”W-Wait, Aria-chan… please… listen to what I have to say… Aria-chan…”

 As I stood up, I think I screamed when I saw it slipping out from Forte’s groin.

 I don’t remember it well.


 Seeing drops of white liquid trickling down Forte’s thighs as she tried to approach me, I covered my face and ran away.

 I’m foolish.

 Truly foolish.

 ”Wait!!!! Wait, Aria-chan!!!!”

 It was the Queen’s special decree, or being designated as the Divine Princess, and I was elated. All by myself, like a fool.


 It was only me. I was the only fool. Everyone understood, even Forte.

 ”Higu……!!! Uaa……uaaa……!!!!”

 The Divine Princess is a tool. A tool of war, a tool of politics, and a source of comfort.

 ”Uaaaah……!!! Uaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!”

 It has no value. Not for me. Not for the Divine Princess. I was the only one who didn’t understand. There are plenty of replacements for the Divine Princess.

 ”Ugu……!!! Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!”



 ”Oh, you were here in such a place, Aria, not good at all.”

 ”Oh, really, you were here. Not good, Aria.”

 It’s vulgar. Being the symbol of the Imperial Kingdom is a lie.

 I am just a mere gear.

 ”Allegretto-sama is looking for you? Have you committed a discourtesy? Aria.”

 ”Is Allegretto-sama angry? But, perhaps, he might forgive, so let’s go and apologize? Aria.”

 No matter how hard I tried, I never felt rewarded. Because I was wrong.

 The Divine Princess, who was wrong, make everyone died.

 ”We’ll apologize together, don’t worry, okay, Quintet?”

 ”If we apologize together, he might forgive you. Leave it to me. Right, Quartet?”

 So… what should I do?

 Kill my emotions… is it enough to simply fulfill the mission imposed on myself?

 I don’t know.



 Forte, tell me.

 ”Don’t worry, Aria.”

 Tell me, Lute-sama.

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