Viola 31

Chapter 31 I Can Only Show It To You

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 May 6th

 I hurt Aria.

 She must have been shocked to see such a scene all of a sudden.

 Right now, she is―――――――

 (A trace of characters crumbling as if pulled by something remains, and the diary entry abruptly ends there for the day.)

* * *


 “Oh, you’re awake. Hey… are you okay?”

 When I woke up on Lute-sama’s bed, Viola-chan was peering at me with a worried expression. I tried to sit up in a panic, unable to grasp the situation, but Viola-chan gently pressed my shoulder and pushed me back.

 “Eh…? Uh, what… I, I…”

 “Forte, you fainted. Aria-san suddenly came and witnessed the mana analysis. You tried to chase after Aria-san, but collapsed on the way… I went out into the corridor, and that’s when I saw that scene, so I was completely shocked and didn’t understand what was happening.”

 That was right.

 What kind of scene did I show?

 She must have been quite shocked.

 This is not the time to lose consciousness.

 Where is Aria-chan?

 ”W-where is Aria-chan!?”

 ”Calm down. Lute, Frau, and Fiine are searching together now.”

 The moment I heard those words, I felt the blood drain from my entire body.

 I hastily looked out the window, and the sun had already set.

 ”I-I… how many hours did I sleep…?”

 ”Hm? About five hours…?”

 ”Five…!? I overslept…”

 ”You were tired. I asked Lute to let you rest.”

 ”Why didn’t you wake me up!!”

 ”Huh? That’s because of your condition…”

 ”I don’t care about myself!! Why did you let Lute-sama go!!”

 As I unjustly lashed out at Viola-chan, who had done nothing wrong, she looked at me with a somewhat exasperated expression and sighed.

 ”Settle down, it’s going to be okay. I’ve made sure to prepare means of self-defense.”


 It’s no use. Viola-chan doesn’t know.

 She doesn’t know how cunning and deceitful Divine Princess is.

 Unlike Viola-chan and her former Kingdom Knights, we are not hesitant to use underhanded tactics.

 Even if we’ve prepared means of self-defense, the likelihood of Divine Princess attacking head-on is not low.

 ”I’ll go search!”

 ”Wait, calm down. We don’t even know where she is. Blindly searching is a waste of time. You’ll end up consuming the energy you just recovered.”

 ”E-even so! Let go!”

 ”No. You stay here with me.”

 And having Fiine-chan with him is the worst scenario imaginable…

 If Lute-sama is captured and Fiine-chan falls into someone else’s hands, the balance of power in the Imperial Kingdom will shift.

 With Kanon-sama’s fall from power, there’s a possibility that hostilities may erupt with the Empire or Holy Kingdom.

 If that happens, the hellish days might return.

 The two individuals I had to protect at all costs are, for some reason, not by my side. Why am I so inept?

 ”Look at this.”

 ”…What is this?”

 ”It’s a prototype made by Lute. Supposedly, it allows you to sense the other person’s condition even if you’re apart.”

 Suddenly, I was shown something I didn’t quite understand, leaving me feeling let down. Viola-chan presented a palm-sized thin panel. On its surface, faintly glowing characters that seemed to emanate mana were floating.

 The characters indicated:

 [Lute/Ability Green/Vitality Green]

 ”Even if you’re apart… something like that…”

 ”It seems like it was created based on the mana manipulation of our Royal Knights. Lute said it covers the entire capital city from one end to the other.”

 ”But, even if we know that…”

 ”It seems it can display distress signals here in emergencies. It’s supposed to show immediately if danger approaches. So, Forte should stay here. If the distress signal comes up, I want you to report it to Kanon-san right away.”


 ”I can’t go, and if Lute gets involved in something and runs back here, it wouldn’t make sense if the person he relied on wasn’t here, right?”


 ”Don’t look so down. It can’t be helped. Forte has been working hard all this time.”


 Ever since Viola-chan started calling me ‘Forte’ the same way Lute-sama does, she’s started calling me ‘Forte’ too.

 ’Forte, could you please stop using honorifics when addressing me?’

 When she said that, I felt happy and as if I had been accepted, and I suddenly found myself liking Viola-chan.

 ”It’s okay. Lute said he’s okay.”

 When I noticed that the hand embracing my shoulder was trembling slightly,

 ”Let’s take a break, okay? You’re pushing yourself too hard.”

 I felt so pathetic and sorry to Viola-chan that I was desperately holding back tears.

* * *

 ”Oh, it suits you. Doesn’t it, Quintet?”

 ”This should please him, Quartet, shouldn’t it?”


 The purple negligee, red lipstick, and red nails.

 Mismatched and tacky, they seemed to reflect my current state of mind perfectly.

 ”It’s okay. Don’t be scared, Allegretto-sama is quite good at that.”

 ”You’ll be fine soon. Allegretto-sama doesn’t do anything rough, after all.”


 ”By the way, Aria, are you a virgin?”

 ”If you are, Allegretto-sama would be delighted. He likes virgins, you know.”


 Why am I even here? At Archbishop Allegretto’s mansion. The hallways and the room where I changed are adorned with luxurious artworks everywhere, yet it feels strangely empty. The spacious interior is chilly, and I can’t help but miss Lute-sama’s home.

 ”So, what’s the answer? I’m curious.”

 ”Tell me. Don’t be shy.”


 When did Forte… when did she stop being a virgin?

 ”I… I’m a virgin.”

 ”Oh, that’s good. You should have told him first, you know?”

 “Yeah, that’s fine. Maybe he’ll end up liking you?”

 Why didn’t I offer my virginity to Lute-sama sooner? I should have taken it forcefully.

 If I had done that…

 …No, it doesn’t really matter. Whether I’m a virgin or not.

 “Allegretto-sama will be waiting for you inside. You can relax since we’re all together.”

 “It’s the first time for the three of us. We’ll lead, so don’t worry.”

 For men, dealing with virgins is troublesome, so it worked out well. If He likes it.

 Just snatch it casually, and once I get used to it, I’ll approach Lute-sama naturally. Like Forte.

 “Are you ready?”

 “You’ve kept us waiting for quite a while.”


 By that time, will I have become skilled at this? I have no idea what to do in these situations.

 …I wonder how Forte handled it.

 Did someone teach her?

 Or did Lute-sama teach her?”

 ”Excuse me. It’s Quintet and Quartet.”

 ”Excuse me. We brought Aria.”


 ”You may enter.”

 With a creaking sound, the heavy door opened, and there, as expected, was a hideous mass of flesh sitting on the bed.


 An ugly gown, foul-smelling breath, and a groin that already seemed tense.

 If all the ugliness in the world were condensed, this old man would be the result.

 ”Come on… You have to bow your head.”

 ”Don’t glare… You came to apologize, didn’t you?”

 Whispered voices from both my right and left ears reached me simultaneously, and I silently bowed my head to Allegretto.

 ”You have to apologize, not stay silent… Come on, quickly.”

 ”You should apologize for earlier… Come on, quickly.”


 What am I supposed to apologize for?

 It was I who was treated rudely.


 But, the lump of flesh in front holds power.

 Money too.

 Connections too.

 Similar to Lute-sama.

 In this Imperial Kingdom, possessing overwhelming influence, there is no punishment for a little impudence.

 ”My apologies…”

 ”Hmph, a little girl…”

 What the Divine Princess needs is not shame or reputation. It’s the cunning to cozy up to power and protect oneself.

 In that regard, these twins are somewhat smarter than me.

 Leading a hellish unit like the Divine Princess Guard, they have now appeared on the Imperial Kingdom’s stage as Divine Princess.

 ”Come here.”


 If that’s the case, then I must do the same.

 Whether I like it or not, I have already become the Divine Princess.

 Behind me are the people of the Imperial Kingdom. I can’t just abandon my own preciousness now.

 ”Hmph… You don’t even know manners, yet your body has developed so splendidly…”


 Forte will go with Lute-sama.

 I wanted to do the same.

 I thought it would happen someday.

 But if my wish doesn’t come true, then I have no choice but to go a different path, right?



 ”Hurry up.”

 I can’t exit from here like this.

 I decided to become the Divine Princess myself.

 Now… I can’t rely on my family…

 ”Raise it higher.”



 I can only rely on myself.

 I can no longer rely on Forte or Lute-sama.

 I will persuade Allegretto and issue the Empress’s special decree.

 And then…

 …….After that.

 ”Stop right there.”


 ”Apologize again in that posture.”


 ”What’s wrong? Hurry up.”

 After that…. What should I do?

 With this dirty body… Can I protect Lute-sama?

 Am I even necessary?

 It’s not like it has to be me… Besides, Kanon-sama has a close relationship with Divine Princess Troymerai….

 ”I… I apologize…”

 ”It doesn’t sound sincere.”


 ”Apologize again.”

 ”….! I-I apologize!”

 ”Bend your head and say it. One more time.”

 I should request to remove the Divine Princess designation.

 Father will be angry, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

 If I can get Allegretto to listen to me, it shouldn’t be impossible.

 If I’m removed, Troymerai will most likely be promoted.

 ”Um… I’m sorry… I’m sorry…”

 ”Hmph… Come over here.”

 I wonder if she will accept.

 To be Lute-sama’s escort.

 In any case, I can no longer visit Kanon-sama.

 From now on, the only person I can rely on is Allegretto.

 If she doesn’t accept, I will be assigned a random Divine Princess.

 ”Hmm, not bad. Your body is truly capable.”


 It’s disgusting.

 ”Get on the bed.”

 ”Ugh… Huhuhu…”

 ”Hurry up, do you want to make me angry?”

 It’s disgusting, disgusting, disgusting.

 It’s disgusting, disgusting, disgusting, disgusting, disgusting.


 I don’t want to.

 I really don’t want this.

 ”Spread your legs.”

 ”Ugh… Ugh…”

 ”Cut it out. Why are you crying? Don’t you like it?”

 I don’t want to.

 I don’t want to, I don’t want to, I don’t want to.

 I don’t want to……


 ”Hmm……hey, lift your clothes higher, your chest is still hidden.”


 ”Um……Allegretto-sama? Aria……seems like a virgin.”

 ”Um……Allegretto-sama? Aria……seems inexperienced.”

 ”…Oh, flaunting such a lewd body, huh?”


 Lute-sama……I want Lute-sama……

 I don’t want anyone but Lute-sama……

 I don’t want anyone other than Lute-sama……

 I don’t want…… I don’t want……

 ”Hey, don’t hide. Hm, hey, Quartet, Quintet, restrain the hands and feet.”


 ”It can’t be helped.”

 ”Ugh…! No… I don’t want to…”

 ”Please behave, Aria.”

 ”It’s rude if you resist, Aria.”


 Lute-sama! Lute-sama! Lute-sama!!!

 ”No, I don’t want to! I don’t want to!! Nooo!!!”

 ”Tch! Can’t you behave! This is why dealing with young girls… Hey! Behave properly!”

 ”…I’m sorry, Aria.”

 ”It can’t be helped, Aria.”

 ”Ugh…! Ah…! Gah…”

 Why am I like this?

 It’s always the same.

 I’m stupid, thoughtless, and always making the same mistakes.

 ”Hey, don’t cause any injuries. Especially avoid the face. It’ll ruin everything.”

 ”It’s alright, Allegretto-sama.”

 ”I understand, Allegretto-sama.”

 ”Agh… ughh… ahh…”

 Even though I can’t do anything alone.

 Even though I can’t reach the right answer alone.

 Always rushing ahead and making mistakes… causing trouble for those around me.

 ”Aria, behave, okay? I don’t want to hurt you too much.”

 ”Aria, if you just listen, everything will be fine, right? I said that earlier, didn’t I?”


 Forte… we promised to do our best together, didn’t we?

 ”Quartet, Quintet, undress her.”

 ”… Yes.”

 What was the explanation for…?

 I should have listened properly.

 ”Allegretto-sama, you might get bitten.”

 ”It’s still dangerous, you might get bitten.”


 ”Then, we’ll make her wet… right?”

 ”We’ll do it with our mouths… right?”

 ”I see, then hurry up.”

 ”Then, I’ll take care of Aria.”

 ”Then, Allegretto-sama…”

 Did that satisfy them?

 Did these two also think that they would do their best?

 Did they not think it was dirty?


 ”Should you relax? Aria. I will make you feel good.”

 …Or I am the dirty one.


 ”Mmm… Nngh…”

 ”Nnngh… Oh…”

 ”Lick… It’s bigger than usual, isn’t it?”

 ”Shut up and suck. Don’t talk unnecessarily.”


 I can’t show this appearance. It’s too ugly, obscene, dirty, and indecent.

 ”Ah…! No…!! Stop…!!”

 ”It’s okay… You’ll feel better soon… Come on, relax.”

 Forte at that time was beautiful.

 Obscene and indecent, yet beautiful.


 Why is that?

 Why is it, Forte?

 Even though I’m so ugly now…

 ”How is it?”

 ”…It’s enough already.”

 ”It’s enough.”

 Why was she so beautiful back then?

 Why did she has such a happy expression back then?


 ”Alright, open your legs.”


 ”Um… Allegretto-sama? It’s Aria’s first time, so…”

 ”Stop, Quartet… already…”

 I’m scared.

 I’m scared, Lute-sama.

 I’m scared, Forte.

 I’m scared.

 ”Touch your own chest and show me.”



 ”Um, um…”


 Help me.

 Help me, Lute-sama.

 Please help me.

 Help me…

 ”Sob… Sniff… Ugh… Huhuhu…”

 ”Lift your hips and show me.”


 ”That’s it, keep moving your hips”


 ”Quartet, just shut up……!”

 Help me……..

 ”Plead. Say you want me to insert it”


 ”Hurry up”

 ”*Gasp*…… Insert……”


 I’m sorry.

 Even though you saved me.

 Even though you treated me so well.

 Why couldn’t I trust Lute-sama.

 Why did I rush out without listening to anyone.

 And in the end, impulsively offering myself.

 ”I…… insert…… please……”

 I want to apologize.

 If I apologize…… he’ll surely forgive me.


 ”Say it”

 He looks at me with kind eyes.

 He patted me on the head, hugged me, and told me it would be okay…

 While calling my name.

 ”Put it in… please——”

 “——Excuse me, may I have a moment?”


 The moment I saw the figure that suddenly appeared and opened the door, my whole body froze, and the blood drained from my body in an instant.

 Unconsciously, a scream escaped my throat.

 With a strength I didn’t know I had, I broke free from the Quintet and Quartet that were restraining my limbs, and I fled to the corner of the bed.

 ”No… noooooo!!!! Nooooooo!!!!!!”


 ”……….Anima Lute-sama?”

 ”What the hell are you doing here!!!!”

 I’ve been seen.

 I’ve been seen…………!

 ”No….. nooooo……”

 I didn’t want to be seen.

 I especially didn’t want to be seen by Lute-sama.

 By the person in the world I least wanted to be seen by, I was seen.

 ”Ugh… Ughhh… No… I don’t want to… No…”


 Why did this happen?

 Why did he come?

 How did he know?

 Why… Why did this happen?

 ”How did you even get here!!!! Do you understand what you’re doing, you idiot!!!!!”


 ”Allegretto-sama, please step back. It’s dangerous.”

 ”Allegretto-sama, I feel that the small one in the robe over there is more dangerous than Lute-sama.”

 Don’t look…

 Don’t look…

 Please don’t look…

 ”Lute, should I kill these guys?”

 ”No, it’s not necessary. As long as they don’t resist, let them be quiet.”

 ”Aww… it’s so boring with just Lute since earlier.”

 ”I’ll thank you later.”

 Aria’s body trembled as she fell from the bed, crawling desperately to the corner of the room with shaking hands and feet. With nothing to conceal herself, she huddled, using her arms and legs to shield her body.



 Don’t come.

 Don’t come over here.

 ”You!! What are you doing, Quartet!!! Quintet!!! What the hell are you doing!!!”



 ”If you move, I’ll kill you.”

 ”……Quintet, you must not move.”

 ”……Allegretto-sama, you must not move.”

 ”Aria… You’re late.”

 Don’t look… Please.

 ”It’s okay now.”


 Lute-sama’s hand gently touched my hair, and I shivered.

 ”You… What are you doing?”

 ”Do you know what you’re doing?”


 When I looked up in fear, I saw Lute-sama glaring at Allegretto with an incredibly angry expression. I had never seen such a face before, so I was scared.

 ”Aria is my fiancée.”


 But the moment I heard those words, I was struck dumbfounded, as if struck by lightning.

 ”N-No… You’re lying…!”

 ”I am not lying. What do you mean? Are you questioning my judgment? Are you sure of your sanity, making someone’s fiancée go through such things?”

 ”B-But… That woman…”

 ”Has she done something disrespectful? What kind? Why didn’t you formally complain to me? Why did you resort to threatening her?”


 Forgetting that I was naked, I let my hands, which had been covering my body, fall.

 ”…Do you have any evidence?”


 ”Do you have any evidence that proves that woman is your fiancée?”

 ”Do you need evidence?”

 ”Of course there is! If it’s a lie, even if it’s you, it would be a crime of insulting the Archbishop——”

 ”————If you need evidence”

 That’s what Allegreto said when I saw the person who entered the room, and my mind was finally in chaos, blank.

 ”I am the witness. Archbishop Allegretto. You did something outrageous to the daughter of a person before her marriage.”


 ”Hmph, for now, can you put away that filthy thing?”

 ”Ugh…T-th-this is… you daughter enticed me…”

 ”Are you trying to make such a pathetic excuse? Do you think I would let you get away with it?”


 Beth-san, with a look of contempt, stood quietly next to my father, glaring at Allegretto.



 Lute-sama’s face, looking up with an open mouth, was… in a panic, I hadn’t noticed, but it was covered in wounds.

 What happened?

 ”I’m sorry.”


 ”I’ve put you through something frightening.”


 I tried to say it’s okay, but my throat trembled, and no words came out.

 ”…Can you stand?”

 As Lute-sama took off his robe and put it over my head, Lute-sama’s scent instantly enveloped me. I tried to stand, held by Lute-sama, but my knees gave way repeatedly, and I couldn’t stand.

 ”…Sorry, I’ll carry you.”


 My body floated up, and Lute-sama’s face was right beside me. His gentle black eyes stared at me, and soon, tears started to flow, embarrassing me.


 I don’t want to be seen, my makeup is a mess,


 Still, I cling to Lute-sama with trembling hands, and Lute-sama hugs me tightly with strength in his arms.

 ”Take the appropriate measures. There’s no escaping it, Allegretto.”

 ”W-Wait…!!! Th-There’s a reason for this…!!”

 Why is it so warm?

 Why do I feel so safe?

 Just a moment ago, the world was gray, cold, and I was all alone.

 ”My son-in-law is also angry, you know? Right?”

 ”………Yes, you’re right.”

 ”Because he’s my son-in-law… I won’t forgive you, Allegretto. My son-in-law cares about Aria. Isn’t that right?”

 ”………Yes, as you say.”

 To the person I least wanted to be seen by in the world,

 To be encountered at the worst possible moment in my life,

 I wanted to die from embarrassment,

 ”Aria, let’s go.”


 But no matter what, I won’t let go anymore.

 ”Forte is waiting.”


 Holding Lute-sama tightly,

 In my chest, only those feelings had somehow become everything.

* * *


 I’ve hurt Aria.


 She must have been shocked by suddenly witnessing such a scene.

 What have I done?

 There’s no way she wouldn’t be shocked to see Forte, her best friend, being played with by a man.


 No excuses.

 I can’t justify it.

 Just measuring the circulation of mana, that’s all.

 Certainly, I was aroused by Forte’s body and indulged in unnecessary acts.

 While I said that I loved Viola and Frau, I also felt deep love for Forte, and was absorbed in the pleasure that came from her body.


 She is now sleeping in one of the rooms in my house with Forte.

 …I wonder if she fell asleep?

 Surely, Forte will be able to heal Aria’s wounded heart.



 Not only am I a piece of garbage, but it is also pathetic that I continue to hurt those around me because of it.

 Selfish, arrogant, and ugly.

 Why did I become such a person?


 I am far from being someone deserving of Viola, Frau, and Forte.


 Yet, all that resides in my heart is a desire for them.

 The thought of them leaving my side… It scares me more than anything.




 Startled by the sudden whisper of my name from behind, I twisted my body to look back.


 My face was forcefully pulled, and soft lips pressed against mine.


 In the dim light of my room, Aria’s face was illuminated as she passionately kissed me, her hands cradling my head.


 “A… Aria…?”

 She was wrapped in nightwear, her cheeks flushed and her eyes glistening as she stared at me intently.

 Mesmerized by her beauty, I stood frozen for a moment, still in the same position, silently locking eyes with Aria.

 “Lute-sama… Take me…”

 She whispered sweetly, kissing me softly once again.

 ”Hold me…”

 Saying that, she pulled me down from the chair,

 and collapsed onto the bed right next to the desk.

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