Viola 32

Chapter 32 I Know You Better Than You Know Me

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 May 7th

 i love you

 (Only one word is written in the handwriting, which gives a clear impression unlike the previous handwriting. On the page next to it…)

* * *

 May 6th, at noon, at the residence of Lute



 Forte-sama, who tried to follow Aria-sama, who had run away beyond the door, rushed out of the room wearing only a gown.

 However, as soon as she rushed out of the room, she showed clearly strange behavior,


 The moment Viola-sama’s scream echoed through the corridor, she fell to the floor with a collision-like force.

 ”What happened!!”


 ”I heard Aria-san’s voice…”

 With a blue face, Viola-sama and Lute-sama ran to Forte-sama together. Despite the rough breath, Forte-sama remained firm.

 However, although it didn’t seem like she hit her head, her face was pale.

 ”Is she unconscious…?”

 ”I don’t know. We need a doctor…”

 ”What about Aria!?”

 ”Ugh…! After we send for a doctor, we’ll go look for her. Frau, take care of Viola…”

 ”Forget about me, Frau should go too! We don’t know what might happen!!”

 While watching Forte-sama’s breathing become more labored, Lute-sama had a pained expression on his face, as if he had just bitten a bitter bug.

 ”Fiine! Protect Lute!”

 ”Huh? Are you sure? Leave the house.”

 ”If you disguise yourself properly, it should be fine! But be careful!”

 ”Frau, do you have any clothes?”

 ”I’ll go get them!”

 ”Lute, depending on the situation, request backup from Kanon-san. Aria-san should have some connection with Kanon-san, right?”


 ”Okay, let’s move quickly! We can’t just leave Forte and Aria-san like this!”

 In times like this, I truly realize that Viola-sama is someone who has overcome death-defying situations and stands above others. While Lute-sama and I can only watch helplessly as Forte-sama looks pale and lost.

 ”Lute! Carry Forte to the bed! I’ll take care of the rest!”

 Doing what you can in moments like these may seem easy, but it’s actually quite difficult.



 May 6th, 2:00 PM, at the Kanon residence

 Despite our efforts to search for Aria-sama, we couldn’t find her. We even went to her accommodation, but to no avail. In the end, the three of us decided to visit Kanon-sama’s mansion to seek help.

 I thought she would be a bother with our sudden visit.

 However, for some reason, Kanon-sama’s butlers were already lined up in front of Kanon-sama’s mansion, waiting for us, and we were promptly escorted to Kanon-sama’s waiting office without a moment’s hesitation.

 ”Kanon… actually…”

 ”No need for explanations. I probably understand the situation better. Right now, Beth is tracking Aria. It seems she has made contact with the Quartet and Quintet.”

 ”Wha…? The Quartet and Quintet…”

 ”They’re pawns of Allegretto. Calm down, Lute. I’ll explain the situation.”


 ”It was the right decision for Beth keep an eye on her. That wild girl really…”

 Pressing her temple and letting out a deep sigh, Kanon-sama looked up at the pale-faced Lute-sama and began explaining the situation with her hands folded on the desk.

 “First of all, the situation is not good. Aria approached Allegretto on her own and probably had negotiations regarding the Empress Special Decree. …The negotiations seem to have broken down. After a while, Aria flew out of Allegretto’s mansion.”

 ”…I see.”

 ”After Aria flew out, Quartet and Quintet also left the mansion and followed her. On the other hand, Allegretto contacted the Divine Princess Guard. He intends to bring her back. It seems that Allegretto is also getting angry, judging by his immediate action. I have no idea what he intends to do.”


 ”Lute, did you notice anyone following you from your house to here?”

 ”I don’t know…”



 ”Did you see anyone watching you guys closely from the time you left Lute’s house until you arrived here?”

 ”Yes, there were.”

 ”Do you know who they were?”

 ”Three people.”

 ”It might be Nocturne… Well done, Fiine.”


 ”Anyway, Lute, it’s better for you to stay here. You might be attacked if you leave this place.”


 Kanon-sama said that, opened a drawer, took out a piece of paper, and began writing something with a pen. She continued to write in front of us, who were silently watching. Eventually, Kanon-sama folded the paper, put it in an envelope, sealed it with wax, and handed it to me.

 ”Do you know Maraketh-sama’s mansion, Frau?”


 ”As soon as Aria’s destination is confirmed, Beth will return for a report. When that happens, the two of you, please deliver this letter.”


 As I moved forward to receive the sealed letter from Kanon-sama, Lute-sama turned on his heel and headed for the exit of the room.

 ”Wait a moment.”


 ”Where are you going?”

 ”…To Archbishop Allegretto’s mansion.”


 With a clatter, Kanon-sama stood up, anger evident on hrt face. She walked briskly towards Lute-sama, placing a hand on his shoulder.

 ”I told you to stay here.”


 ”Don’t make things worse. What do you think will happen if you go? You’ll just be entangled in trouble and end up restrained, is that what you want?”


 ”Just wait here.”

 Both Lute-sama and Kanon-sama are furious. …It’s the first time I’ve seen them in such a tense atmosphere.

 ”What do you plan to achieve by going?”

 ”…Retrieve Aria.”

 ”It’s impossible.”

 ”I won’t know until I try.”

 ”I understand. That girl chose to go to Allegretto on her own. Even if you go, not only Allegretto, but Aria herself might reject you. Understand?”


 Kanon-sama looked at Lute-sama, who froze at those words, and sighed deeply, furrowing her brow. Kanon-sama pulled Lute-sama’s body closer and held his arm, peering into his eyes.

 ”What do you think of Aria?”


 ”Answer me. I hope you don’t still see her as the same person you did when you were little.”

 ”…Aria is——”

 After saying that, Lute-sama made a pained expression and clenched his teeth. What Kanon-sama said must have hit the mark. It’s just like me a little while ago. It’s highly likely that Aria-sama’s presence has become even more rare for Lute-sama because I managed to break free from that position on my own.

 ”What are you to Aria?”


 ”Guardian?… Ah, Maraketh-sama. Lover? Not the case, right?”


 ”What face do you have to come and meet me? Most likely, she saw the mana analysis of Forte mentioned in the report, didn’t she?”


 ”Because it’s Aria, she probably thought your actions were impure. It’s just a matter of differing values. It can’t be helped. If you were lovers, you could cling to each other sentimentally, but that’s not the case, so it’s not desirable for you to meddle any further.”

 …If she has that much understanding, she probably know about me and Lute-sama as well. And Beth too.

 ”I told you to wait, didn’t I?”

 ”…Sorry, but I don’t have a choice but to go.”


 As Lute-sama tried to free himself from Kanon-sama’s restraints, Kanon-sama almost embraced him, glaring at him.

 ……Well, Lute-sama is quite stubborn. Once he has made up his mind, he never waver in his opinion.

 Even though he doesn’t really care about himself, he can’t stand it when people are hurt or in trouble. Both Beth and I have been saved by his stubbornness, so we understand it well.

 Every time he engages in dangerous or reckless actions, Kanon-sama has tried to stop him like this.

 That’s why Kanon-sama seems to already know that he won’t listen to her.

 ”If you really insist on going to help… I’ll give you one piece of advice.”


 ”Yes, you’ll have to make a sacrifice too.”

 ”Tell me.”

 Looking at Lute-sama who spoke without hesitation, Kanon-sama’s gaze seemed to waver for a moment. However, Kanon-sama ultimately gave up and distanced herself from Lute-sama. This exchange between the two of them must have repeated many times.

 ”If you were Aria’s fiancé, Allegretto’s actions would be significantly disrespectful, I think.”


 ”Lover won’t do. Ideally, it would be a wife, but it’s too late now.”



 In response to Lute-sama’s words, I handed the sealed letter I held in my chest to Kanon-sama. The contents of the letter to be sent to Maraketh-sama would probably be changed.


 Kanon-sama accepted the letter I handed over in silence.


 Letting out a small sigh, Kanon-sama turned on her heel towards the desk.



 May 6th, 4:00 PM, near the Allegretto residence owned by Kanon-sama.

 ”Are you listening?”

 ”…I’m listening.”

 ”Do you think you can do it?”

 ”…I don’t know. I won’t know until I try.”

 ”You’ll do it, won’t you?”

 ”…Why don’t you do it, Beth?”

 ”I said… I have to go and report to Kanon-sama.”

 ”…I see.”

 Yes… that’s not it, though. This child still doesn’t make sense when talking.

 Kanon-sama’s temporary base overlooking the Allegretto residence, where Divine Princess Troimerai joined.

 She stood still, occasionally swaying her black hair that reached her waist, and stared blankly at the Allegretto residence. Her eyes, which seemed somewhat lethargic, were always half-closed, giving the impression that she might be sick.

 There aren’t enough people to capture Aria-san.

 Currently, even if I were to jump in alone, there is a high possibility that I would be defeated by the Quartet and Quintet, and there should also be multiple guards of Allegretto inside the mansion. Moreover, Lute-sama is probably not just sitting still at home, and Kanon-sama was considering requesting reinforcements from Maraketh-sama as a plan in case of emergency.

 If Forte had come, things would have been resolved quickly, but after contacting Kanon-sama, it took one hour for Troimerai to appear. Something irregular might have happened to Forte. At that time, I should have properly observed what happened inside the house without keeping a strange distance, but it’s too late now.

 ”Let me confirm once again. Troimerai.”


 ”Do you know what you should do?”




 ”Don’t eliminate Allegretto, but eliminate Allegretto’s guards.”


 As soon as she nodded, her presence faded away. Troimerai started walking as if going to the bathroom. But I realized that Troimerai intended to start the operation a moment later, and I hurriedly grabbed Troimerai’s shoulder.

 ”W-Wait… What are you planning to do by going now?”


 ”Not ‘huh.’ Kanon-sama said to wait for some action before taking action.”


 ”Like when Maraketh-sama arrives or someone else is dispatched… Anything will do. If you go now, you’ll just be seen as a terrorist, right? What you should do is clear the path so that the can reach Allegretto without any problems using the means provided.”

 I have a headache.

 Even though her power is evident, it’s difficult to control it like this…

 I think Fiine-chan might be able to communicate better.

 ”For now, let’s wait for some kind of contact, until something happens that clearly seems to be related to Kanon-sama. Please don’t move from this room.”

 ”…Even if you say that…”

 ”I know it’s difficult, but please. It’s a delicate matter. You would be affected too if Aria-san were taken away by Allegretto.”

 ”…Is that so?”

 ”Yes. If Divine Princess, who is close to Kanon-sama, starts going in and out of Allegretto’s place, there will be defectors among the nobles in Maraketh-sama’s faction. If the power balance changes, it will be harder for Kanon-sama to protect you, and you will lose your support.”

 ”…I don’t really understand.”

 As I felt the presence of Troimerai returning to normal, I let out a sigh of relief.

 ”I know it’s an unreasonable request, but I have no choice but to ask. Please forgive me. The reward will be paid by Kanon-sama… but besides that, I’ll thank you later.”

 ”…Thank you?”

 ”Yes, a thank you. Do you have a request?”


 ”Anything is fine… shall I come and cook something again?”


 ”You’re probably eating terrible things again, right?”

 ”…I can’t cook for myself.”

 ”…I see.”

 Come to think of it, I wonder if Troimerai knows that Lute-sama can cook. I’m somewhat curious about Troimerai’s reaction to eating the food Lute-sama makes.

 ”Well then… with food…”

 ”Yes, understood. I might prepare a little surprise.”


 Troimerai, whose expression is usually emotionless, looks slightly cute.

 While I leave the room, she remains frozen in that expression. She seems like a clumsy cat or something… I think such disrespectful thoughts as I rush towards Kanon-sama’s mansion.



 May 6th, 4:30 PM, in a shortcut alley heading to Allegretto’s residence in the Holy Capital.

 ”Lute… Are you angry?”

 ”…I’m not angry.”

 ”…You’re angry.”

 How can I keep him from getting angry? Should Fiine have stopped Aria?


 ”…It’s okay, Fiine. I’m not angry.”

 Because Fiine was told to check on Forte first, Aria saw it. Lute probably wanted to keep it a secret. It was Fiine’s fault that it got exposed.


 ”Come here. You can sit on my shoulder as usual, okay?”


 I felt a little relieved when I rested on Lute’s shoulder and cradled my head. But there’s a scent of Mana’s anger coming from Lute, which is scary.

 It’s scarier than when Mom gets mad, and it feels weird somehow.

 ”I guess you’re mad after all…”

 ”…I’m not mad at Fiine.”

 ”…At Allegretto then?”

 ”Yeah… no… I don’t really know. Maybe at myself.”


 Kanon said Allegretto was going to do something bad to Aria. Until now, I didn’t really understand, but when Frau asked, “Does that mean Fiine wants to be with another man before Lute-sama?” I felt like I understood a bit.

 Aria also wanted to be with Lute.

 And I didn’t like that Lute chose someone else before Fiine.

 Fiine doesn’t mind what Lute does with other females, but Fiine understands Frau’s feelings a little. Frau talks a lot about her feelings.

 ”…Should Fiine kill Allegretto?”

 ”…No, you mustn’t kill him.”

 ”What should we do?”

 ”Well… if it comes to a situation where there’s a fight, leave it to me. I want you to protect Aria and my acquaintances, make sure they’re safe.”

 ”…What if Lute is in danger?”

 ”In that case, forget about me, go home, and protect Viola. Take her to Kanon’s place. Can I ask you that?”


 Surely Aria sulked. When Mom scolds Fiine, Fiine often sulks too. The Oratorio guy may be amazed at Fiine’s sulking, but Fiine never gets amazed at Aria.

 Why don’t you understand? It makes me feel really bad. If Aria feels the same way, it’s pitiful for Aria. At times like this, I want him to be gentle.

 ”But… if Lute is in danger, Fiine will fight too, right?”

 ”…No, I’d prefer if you could avoid that. At least, I don’t want you to fight in a way that affects those around you or reveals Fiine’s true identity…”

 As soon as Lute said that…


 Fiine used her tail to knock down the thin needle that flew towards her, and Lute, who was watching it fall to the ground with a surprised expression, stiffened.


 ”They came closer.”

 ”Are they the ones Kanon mentioned earlier?”

 Lute didn’t receive a response to his question.

 It wasn’t that Fiine was ignoring him.

 It’s just that Fiine didn’t like the three people who were trying to approach Lute rudely, so Fiine started to intimidate them and forgot to answer Lute.


 On both sides of the alley appeared two males and one female.

 Wearing robes that covered their entire bodies, their faces were hard to discern, but their mana formations were remarkably strong.

 The strongest of them approached from the front.

 Much stronger than the two males coming from behind.

 ”Anima Lute-sama.”


 ”Please accompany us.”

 ”…Not even an introduction? You’re the Divine Princess’s guards, aren’t you?”


 At the slight curl of the female’s lips, Fiine leaped from Lute’s shoulder and attacked the woman.

 ”What…!? What’s wrong with you!”

 The sudden assault seemed to surprise her. Careless of you to attack first, isn’t it?



 Not to kill… Not to reveal Fiine’s true identity…


 When I try not to use mana, it’s difficult to control my strength, and if I use mana, I might be found out… Counting Lute’s hair with my fingers the other day was easier.

 If I hold back too much, she’ll easily dodge. She’s a strong female, after all.

 But she seems weaker than Forte…

 ”Fiine! Don’t kill her!!”

 It’s difficult, but I’ll do my best.

 Fiine will do anything if it’s Lute’s request.


 The female in front of me jumps towards me this time, but when I brace myself, she passes by Fiine and goes towards Lute.


 I tried to extend my tail and grab her leg… but I can’t let my true identity be revealed.

 I hurriedly retract my tail, but my reaction was delayed.

 When I turn around, I see the female trying to pounce on Lute along with two males coming from the opposite side.



 At that moment, Lute was sent flying sideways and crashed into the wall of a house in the alley.

 ”You bast*rd!!!”

 Launching myself at the female who seemed to have wielded something, I instinctively swung my leg with the force to kick her to death, but she evaded it cleanly. Quick on her feet.

 Feeling a bit irritated, I ended up doing another somersault and jammed my foot into the stomach of the man who was coming from the opposite side.


 One down.

 Chasing the man who was blown away with just my eyes, Fiine bounced off the wall and approached Lute, who had collided with it.


 ”I’m fine!”

 Looking at Lute, who stood up with a strong sense of caution in front of the male and female, Fiine noticed a faint glow in the area of Lute’s robe that took the hit. Did it get hit there?

 ”…Is the robe also a magical tool? Annoying…”

 The female in front of me said that with a bitter expression, drawing two short swords from her hips and holding them in both hands. Is this female’s way of fighting to hop and skip in a rhythm?


 In such a moment, the female disappeared from the spot with a swift movement.

 ”As long as there are no robes, right?”

 In the next moment, she appeared behind Lute, aiming for the back of his neck.


 Lute seemed really surprised, but it was just a bluff.


 Moving simultaneously with the female, I wedged my body between Lute and her, glaring. The female, apparently startled, turned pale and jumped back. While intimidating her, I stared, and suddenly, Lute’s hand was placed on Fiine’s head.

 ”Fiine!! I’m saved!!”



 It’s fine♡

 Fiine will protect Lute.

 Feel safe being protected by Fiine?

 And when you come to love Fiine, let’s share… secret things.

 ”What, who is this kid…!”

 ”It’s Fiine!!”

 ”I don’t care!!”

 …I instinctively started to introduce myself.

 Sorry, Lute.

 Even though it’s a secret.

 Fiine forgets things easily…

 Oratorio is smart, but what I just did, it hasn’t gone to waste, right?

 ”Darn it…!”

 ”W-What should we do…?”

 ”Annoying! We can’t just let them go! I’ll handle it!”

 The female and male who distanced themselves from Fiine and approached us without any tricks now closed in on us, almost as if sandwiching us.


 What should I do?

 Should I use my tail or use mana? Both can be done simultaneously, but if I do it from the female’s side, maybe it’ll work?

 ”Fiine, I’ll leave the female to you.”


 ”She’s strong, right? That woman.”

 ”Yeah, but she’s weaker than Forte.”

 ”Then it should be easy.”


 While Fiine was hesitating, Lute drew the magic tool he had hanging from his waist.

 A cylindrical object adorned with intricate mechanisms. In Lute’s hand, there was a trigger, as he explained.

 ”I’m sorry… but I’m weak. Please forgive me.”

 ”It’s okay ♡ Fiine will protect you ♡”


 As Lute aimed the cylinder at the male figure with both hands, a surge of mana, even surprising Fiine, was shot out from the cylinder.


 Boom!! As the vortex of mana tore through the ground and disappeared on the other side, the man, even after taking evasive action, had his robe’s hem blown away. He then rolled on the ground and froze, his face filled with bewilderment.

 Or so it should have been…


 ”Hehe ♡ It’s impossible. Fiine will never lose to you ♡”

 As if synchronized with Lute’s attack, the female figure charged towards Lute.

 Chance, huh, but impossible.


 Even swinging the dagger recklessly is impossible.

 ”Quickly!!! Ah…ugh!!”

 Even using illusions to shift the attack, impossible. I can see everything, and in return, you can’t even see Fiine’s simple leg sweep.

 With a clang!!, when I turned around, Lute was intercepting the male’s attack with that tube.

 …What, Lute is strong after all ♡

 You were being modest, huh? ♡

 Of course, right? ♡

 No one understands. He can’t use mana skillfully.

 Fiine is skilled, but Lute is also quite skilled.

 There’s a bit of waste, but Fiine will teach him later.

 Lute is very smart, so he will quickly become skilled.

 ”Damn!! It’s different from what we talked about!!!”

 That male tries to desperately land one attack after another, but it’s impossible.

 In the first place, the amount of mana is just too different.

 ”The battle is impossible…!!!”

 Can’t you see? Where Mana is gathering in Lute, how it’s flowing.

 You can see it on Fiine too, right?

 It’s gathering in my eyes, legs, and arms.

 Each part is filled with as much as everything combined.

 And Fiine keeps flowing it faster than you can think, her body moving ahead of her thoughts.


 But it’s not over yet.

 Sometimes, even a male attack like that would graze me


 Ah, don’t worry.

 I’m fine here.


 After blowing away the charging female opponent, I observe Lute’s fighting style again.


 Hang in there, Lute…

 But it’s amazing.

 Lute is really smart.

 He’s figuring out where Mana is hooked, how much Mana to put in, grasping the tricks more and more.


 Progress is much faster than Fiine.

 When Fiine first started practicing with Mom, she would fail multiple times, but by the second or third try, she was able to do it. At first, Fiine felt a bit overwhelmed, but now Lute is taking the lead even without any magic tools.

 ”!!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡”

 It sends shivers down my spine.

 When I look at Lute, the base of my tail starts tingling, and I can’t help but feel like I should hide it.

 Mom told me.

 Mom said she felt the same tingling sensation when she saw Dad.

 She couldn’t help but desire Papa, and she couldn’t resist anymore, so she asked him to be her mate.

 …But she apparently got angry after being rejected.


 Now, I’ll become stronger and stronger.

 Maybe in another year, Oratorio won’t stand a chance anymore with Lute.

 In two years, Fiine might not stand a chance either.


 It’s the best…

 It’s absolutely the best!! ♡

 Targeting Lute was definitely the right choice. ♡

 Fiine, your sense of smell is sharp!

 Surely, Mom will be surprised.

 Dad might collapse and pee his pants.

 ”Ugh…! N-No, it’s impossible…this guy…!!”

 ”Darn it!!! Darn it all!!!”

 Aah…I want to mate with him…

 I thought about just having offspring, but no… I want Lute no matter what…

 Frau explained that Lute has the Incubus Syndrome, but no, it’s not that boring.

 ”Retreat!!! I can’t hold back any longer!!!”

 ”~~~~Darn it!!!”


 ”Hey, shut up!!!”

 Probably, Lute is the same as the ancestral pair of Fiine and the others.

 Having the power that surpassed dragons while having a human body.

 An individual from the past, a dragon fell in love with, bowed its head, showed its belly, and begged for offspring.

 In order to infiltrate that individual, Fiine’s ancestors acquired the ability to take on human form.


 ”Lute…♡♡♡ Lute… you looked cool ♡♡♡”

 ”Eh…? Me? Rather, Fiine wasn’t my opponent…”

 ”You looked cool… ♡♡♡ Lute ♡♡♡”

 My crotch is getting wet…


 I want to mate with Lute.

 Right now.

 I want to conceive Lute’s child immediately and raise it together with Lute.

 ”Hey… F-Fiine?”

 Ahh… but not yet…

 Lute doesn’t love Fiine yet…


 I have to serve Lute more…

 Lute prefers Viola and Frau over Fiine.

 What about Forte? Does Fiine surpass Forte?


 Let’s quickly make the mana neutralization device.

 Kiss, do it with your mouth; Fiine serves Lute every day, like Frau.

 The more Frau serves, the more Lute comes to like her.

 If Fiine serves, Lute will love her too.

 I wonder if I’ll get scolded if I say I want to experiment with Fiine before Forte?

 …But, I can’t wait anymore.


 Fiine can’t hold back.

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